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History Bologna

Bologna first became a city of such when in the 6th Century BC, it developed from an ancient Iberian-Liguarian settlement into an Eurostra town with the name Felsina. It was then about 200 BC when the Roman's took it over, as was their way at that time, and renamed it Bonomia. After the following fortunes of the Ravenna Army in the medieval period, the country became free to the people in about 1000 AD. It was around this time that the university was founded too, making it the first University city in Europe, although this was unknown until much later as much of Europe was separate from the rest. However it didn't take too long before lots of people knew about it, and it's location near the Mediterranean sea bought in lots of students from abroad and it become the learning capital of the world for a short time. It was also the cultural capital during the medieval times, sharing this fame with Paris. Because of this, the town was given the special privilege of having autonomous rights and independent magistrates. The campus was extended to host 10,000 students and became the University of Bologna, as it is known today, and the Law of Roma was reinstated. After a flourishing development in the 10th and 11th Centuries, the 13th and 14th Centuries saw large governing by the church state, and it was at t this time that a lot of the church buildings sprung up as religion really became an important part of the lives of the people. This sacred ruling lasted right up until the 19th Century, when the revival of independence took over the congress of Vienna in favour of receiving Napoleonic Dominion. It became the centre for all liberal sects such as Romanga and there was an uprising after it became the capital of the United Provinces with Italy in 1848 and it became what it stands as today.

When to go Bologna

In the summer, the weather is warm and humid and there is a relaxing and peaceful quality to this which you can't find at any other time of the year. However, Bologna is prone to large storms with heavy rain and thunder and lightning. However there is no need to worry, as these will be the most spectacular you have ever experienced. The rain is warm, like a free flowing shower, and the lightning appears in many colours of electric blue, neon red, and rich violet and is truly an incredible natural lighting display. The temperature still never drops below the low 20s, with a chance of temperatures above 30 degrees cellist high for the majority of the summer. In the winter, the temperatures drop right down to below zero and there is a high chance of snow and ice in the mid winter months of January and February. There is also a large amount of fog and mist around at this time which doesn't clear until after midday. However, this is a really eerie and atmospheric feeling and makes you feel like you are in a fairytale. This is still an incredibly beautiful time to visit Bologna, as the long shadows and unusual sunlight adds to the effect and atmosphere created by the amazing architecture. The best thing in Bologna is that the mountains which lie to the north of the city act as a shield for the worst of the North European weather. For this reason the weather in the autumn and spring is often mild and very calm, making these also very good times to visit. This mildness allows you to stay outside for the large part of the day into the evening, as the time gets closer to the summer, which makes the city accessible and enjoyable all year round.


Weather Bologna

Because of the nature of the shape of the Italy Boot, it covers a very large range in latitude, which means that the country shows extremities in climate, from the snowy and chilly north which in winter is cold enough for skiing, and in the south where the temperatures mimic that of north African climates with baking sun and clear skies throughout the summer, with the temperature staying warm and muggy throughout the evenings and into the night. The northern part of Italy, even away from the mountain slopes, is very cold and wet, especially in January. However the weather soon perks up towards the summer with July and August seeing very little rainfall and a lot of sunny skies. This makes the area of Bologna a very appetising place to visit, with the sun baking the earth and the red brick architecture, basking the city in warmth and light right until sunset. In the high summer months, you can sit out of the hotel balcony or the restaurant terrace in short sleeves, without feeling the evening chill and letting the energetic and interesting events of the day rewind and relax into the beautiful sunset. By August, most businesses are closed as everybody goes on their holidays, which leaves the place a lot more peaceful and relaxing if that is the kind of holiday you are looking for. This creates an atmosphere of unencumbered serenity and tranquillity which you can enjoy for the day and evenings, with the best restaurants and bars staying open to accommodate you. This is the most relaxing time of year in Bologna, and certainly a time which you should take advantage of if you like to be alone and in peace on your holiday.

Arrival Bologna

Bologna is located in the centre of Italy and Guglielmo Marconi International Airport ensures a rapid connection with the rest of Italy, along with most European centres via local flights. Many chartered airways have weekly connections with cities all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East, operating on a regular weekly frequency. These make Bologna a really accessible and easily connected city to visit, at very little time and cost, making it a very feasible location for anything from a small break to a fortnight holiday in the sun. Because of Bologna's central location, the country is also very accessible by road too, with the main highways running in and out of the city with well maintained and safe roadways. With connections to Milan and France via the A1 and Austria and Germany via the A22 as well as Trieste, Venice, Udine and Ferrara, it is very easy to navigate to via car or coach and this also makes journey time very quick too. Thanks to the mainland European highway network, it is very well connect and very easy to get to from all parts of the continent via motor vehicle. As well as air and car, the train network operating in Italy and surrounding countries is extremely reliable and speedy too. Bologna is Italy's most important nexus, providing the high speed train and also the new improved Intercity and Eurostar services which are services that operate right across Europe. Daily connections link Bologna to Italy and then Italy to the rest of the continent.

City transport

Bologna is defined as the fairly compact city that makes easier to get around. Bologna has an efficient bus and railway network. The city has a good public transport system. The city is pedestrianists that why the city has an ideal infrastructure for pedestrians. Every sight is just on walking distance which is an impressive and a great thing of the city. Plenty of taxis are available for you to driven around bologna. If you want to explore the city of Italy then you must have to bring your car.

The city highways are well networked that makes the city accessible to nearby areas. A1 route is also called the highway of the sun links the city to the surrounding cities of Italy. A13 and A14 are the other highways that connect the city to Florence, Ancona and Bari. One of the most popular way for getting around into the city arte taxis. Taxis are normally found at lined up at stands. The main transportation method of city is buses. The buses run after every hour depending on the number of passengers.

The tickets are easily purchased at tobacconists and from booths. Bologna has a FS rail network and provides fast speed trains. The train station is situated on the north of the city center.

Best Locations Bologna

With Bologna's complicated and highly interesting historical past, passing through the hands of many leaders and rulers and tribes over the time, a large scale urban reconstruction was commissioned until the end of the 19th Century, so that Bologna could preserve the tag of the Best Medieval City in Europe, and to this present day it holds this unique title, with its original and delicately interwoven history. This background makes the city incredibly invigorating and in many ways inspiring to wander round and absorb the atmosphere on many victorious battles, defeats, sieges and marches that took place on it baked earth. There is a triangular piazza to the south east of the with a highly ornate basilica and monument of Santo Stefano. While this demonstrated highly elaborate Italian Renaissance architecture at its finest, the best church building in Bologna must go to Basilica Santo Pretinio, which is named after the patron saint of the city. The corner stone for the building was laid in 1932 and was planned to be made bigger that the basilica of St. Peter in The Vatican City, Rome. Alongside this, Basilica Santurario Della Madonna di San Luca, is the most beautiful hill top sanctuary to the Madonna and on a clear day looks over the extant of the city from its eagle eye viewing point. It is connected to the walls by a series of walkways. Other sites of beauty and wondrous architecture include Fontana del Nettuno (Fountain of Neptune) along with the Palazzo Comunale and the Palazzo Re Enzo. This fountain was commissioned by Pope Pious IV following the urban renovation project in the 19th Century. Despite suffering considerable damage from bombing raid in 1944, Bologna historic centre still contains a wealth of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture and history of considerable admiration and importance.

Top attractions of Bologna

Bologna is a home to numerous wonderful sites that offers the historic and cultural scenes. The city is known for its interesting medieval centers, cuisine and due to fine historic buildings. No body has to look far the city contains many excitements and thrills including historic scenes and places. Piazza maggiore is a huge square of pedestrians in the center of the city. The place is surrounded by immense medieval and with beautiful architecture. It provides the full day exploring, drinking, dining and relaxing.

Many street musicians play different music and perform great shows. Sen. Patron is the city?s largest church that is interrupted due to some political reasons. Fountain of Neptune located between the piazza negiore and piazza nelttuno. It is the immense statue of Neptune. It lords over fishes and angels and a popular meeting point in the heart of the city. University quarter offers an array of bars and cafes. It is the oldest university that was founded over 900 years ago. It is the Internationalcenter for study which attracts many students from all over the world.

The pinacoteca is the best gallery with great work of arts. Archeological museum treasures from the region of past and contain lots of attractive historic things. The city is the home of largest collections and has many things for everyone to see and enjoy.

Eating in Bologna

Bologna is famous for its cuisine. The city has local food specialty and an expression of region?s identity. The city is well known as the home of the best food. The city has many6 eating places from high class quality food to the normal range. It is the gastronomical city of Italy with the delicious food in the world. The city is famous for its Italian food and many culinary innovations.

Hotel Diana is the 1920?s restaurant serves the best quality food that includes pasta and pizzas. Gilaterias serves the best hand made ice creams. The restaurant is famous for its friendly environment and a great atmosphere. Le stanze is the best Italian restaurant that serves a wide range of wines and Italian pastas. San Domenici is another Italian restaurant that provides the friendly environment to its customers and also provides the facility of dining and takes away. Osteria dell orsa is an Italian restaurant situated at the center of the city and serves the nearby areas. The hotel offers great dining experience and great cuisine.

The people of bologna are food lovers and it can easily be determined by the growing percentage of restaurants. Some hotels provide innovative dishes and a wide range of Italian cuisine. The hotels in the city provide dining place plus the lounge areas for social gatherings.


Because of the large University base within the city, Bologna has a really vibrant and invigorating night-life, whilst also being incredibly diverse. There are lots of caf?s and bars packed with a young crowd. The usual haunts for a party are located towards the university campus, and as you get further away, the evening recreation becomes calmer and more sophisticated. Party venues include Del Pratello, ia Zomboni and Via Delle, as well as Belle Arte. Wherever you go in the city however, you can usually find a place for a drink, a coffee or a late meal as late as 2am.Via Poeti is Bologna';s oldest osteria and has been in operation since the 16th Century. With beautiful brick vaulted ceilings, stone walls and ancient wine barrels, the ambience and atmosphere is one of uniqueness within the city, as is somewhere where you need to visit if you fancy dining and drinking in a beautiful example of Bologna's history and architecture. During the summer months, the river banks and parks transform into the Italian version of a beer garden, complete with disco music and coloured lights, making the place look completely surreal and fairytale like. Stall selling beers and wines from local sources line the streets and pathways, as well as stalls selling souvenirs and food. Another major venue for cultural experiences in the evening is the Teatro Comunale, including performances of opera, ballet and orchestral presentations. Whatever you requirements there is plenty for you to do in the evenings and you will always be able to finish off your day with traditional culture right the way through to an energetic party lifeFor those who would like an exciting and thrilling night out, Cassera via Don Minzoni 18, is Bologna's most popular gay bar, which a noisy and disco like atmosphere, complete with a top quality DJ and show floors. This is also the headquarter of Arcigay and Arclisbiche, the homosexual centre operating and organizing cultural meetings and entertainment within Bologna.

Shopping in Bologna

Bologna provides the wide range of shops including each and every item. The city has many small and large stores and provides user friendly shopping. The city has an array of shops that helps people to buy the desired items. Via rizzolli is the main shopping center of fashion industry. The area has many chic outlets including an arcade of top designers shop in the area. The city has an array of dazzling mouth watering foods including heavy loafs, fruit cakes, snacks and drink shops.

Mercato coperto is the busiest food market and provides an opportunity to purchase the best food and the freshest produce in bologna. Orefici market is a popular food market in the city. La piazzola is a famous cloth market which captures the large number of people. It provides the quality products so the people can easily rely on it.mamanca market offer an antique old books and home items. It is located in ols ghetto area. Mercato di antiquariato is one the largest market of antiques. The shop contains the interesting items and attractive things. Santo Stefano is an old store that contains great items and some fashion jewelry.

The city has an abundance of food places and has a bustling food market.

Disabled visitors

Bologna has many attractions and considered as the busiest city of an Italy. The city is the trade center so it attracts the great attention of tourist towards it. Disabled visitors need the attention from every field and department of the city. So the city cares about its disabled visitors and provides couple of facilities to those kinds of people. It provides great accommodation with wheelchairs, car parking and ramps. Train stations are wheel chair friendly and have ramps to enable wheel chair users to access the station. Buses and trains provide special seats to its disabled visitors. Hotels, museums and transport networks are working to improve the facilities for disabled visitors. The organizations are working on daily basis to enhance the facilities and provide guidance to those kinds of visitors. The city provides wheelchair, ramps, elevators, guide dogs and special assistance to those visitors.

Useful contact details for disabled visitors

The Jewish museum of bologna organizes seminars and workshops for the guidance of disabled visitors. It educated the handicapped persons for moving around into the city. It provides guidance to enhance the facilities to those people who are not physically fit. It provides guide dogs to disabled visitors in order to get the right way of their destination.

Accommodation in bologna

Bologna is a tourist destination. It has many things to see and enjoy. Every year couple of people come and attends different fairs and visit the city. The city provides a great range of accommodation, selection of properties, business, luxury, Budget , bed and breakfast and other facilities. Many accommodations offer comfort, quality, luxury and great value for your money. These accommodations are ideal for leisure and business travelers.

The accommodations provide facilities such as car parking, gem and sports club which helps the tourist to release their tensions. Bologna has many accommodations such as hotel Fiera is just 200 meters away from the city center and 400 meters away from congress center in the business district. Hotel Michelin offers great value modern accommodation and also provides latest amenities. It is just located 200 meters from the main entrance of the exhibition center of the city. Hotel Georcino is located in a peaceful and boasts a strategic position to connect the city?s main attractions.

Hotel Del Porto is an ideal hotel and boasts a warm ambience and provides an ideal base for a relaxing break and also for exploring the sights of the city. Hotel via paradise is a modern and a comfortable apartment located in a new building in the city. The hotel provides self catering accommodations, camp, sides and holiday homes.

City of Destination

Bologna as a holiday destination is very unique and picturesque, with the rarest architecture and its own Italian sub-culture to immerse yourself in. Getting its name from its patron saint. Saint Catherine of Bologna, it is often referred to as the Red City, because of its abundance of red brick architecture. A lot of these buildings belong to the university of Bologna, or Alma Mater Studiorum, where Alma Matar is Latin for nourishing mother of studies. The university is very popular in the North of Italy, with several campuses including Imola, Ravenna, Cesena and Rimini.Bologna is the oldest university town in Europe, dating back to 1088 AD. It is the capital of the Emilia-Romagne region of Italy and is home to a population of 400,000 inhabitants. The city is situated on the south eastern side of the Po Valley and sits on the foothills of the gorgeous peaks of the Apennines. With only an hour by train from Florence and 2 hours from Venice, the city with its amazing history and beautiful surroundings is an incredible place to visit at all times of the year. The blend of picturesque medieval scenery and busy modern life make it a completely unique destination and one which can be exceedingly well visited and astound you every time, because you discover another little quick or piece of history. The assets of the city include the long porticoes and covered walkways, as well as guard towers and medieval buttresses that surround the city. There is also a fine display of monumental churches, both in use and derelict which are fully open to the public. This contrasted with the warm red of the brick buildings, interspersed with old arcade streets bustling with busy shops and modern amenities such as cafes, restaurants and theatres.

Emergency contact numbers

Bologna is famous for its attractive sights and places. Every year thousand of people visits the city and enjoy the pleasant sights of the city. Emergency contact numbers are essential to keep in case of unexpected situations. Hospital, accommodation, taxis and buses telephone numbers help you in case of emergencies.

Tourist info and contact details

It provides 24/7 customer service to passengers in order to get any kind of information. Tourist can get any information in an advance by making a single call.

39 0512095701

Customer service

Ovid customer service provides technical assistance and helps you in case of emergencies.

39 051 4222187

Transport system

Taxis are available on taxi stands or it can also be book by making a single call for information.

39 051 6479615

BLQ shuttle service provides great quality bus service to getting around into the city.

39 051/290290

Ferry services

The phone number provides the information of ferry services. Any one can book their tickets or can avail the opportunity of online assistance.

39 0577 20 82 82

Rail station

Bologna central is the train station of bologna provides hotline services.

(147) 888 088)

Car parking

Below is the number of bologna?s car parking that provides car parking facilities to every type of people in the city.

051) 290 290

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