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History Bonn

The incredible city of Bonn- it is not only one of the most beautiful cities of Germany, but is also one of the most amazing tourist attractions of Europe. Apart from natural beauty the city is also endowed with a rich past. The history of Bonn dates back to the Roman period when this place was used as the seat for a small Roman unit. The word Bonn came from Bonna; a Latin name for a German tribal group who were resettled by the Romans during this period. The fort built by the Romans has been used till the 13th century and still this day they remain one of the most ancient treasures of the city.In 1794, the town was seized by French troops, becoming a part of the First French Empire. In 1815 Bonn was taken by Prussia and remained a Prussian city until German Unification. The city played an important role during the World War II. Though the city was not used as any headquarters yet it did have significant influence on the war. After the war it became the capital of West Germany in 1949. Today Bonn is a hub of Internationalcooperation in environmental and sustainable development issues.


The weather in Bonn can be from good summers to bitter cold as well, the best time to visit the region is during the summers, which is during the months of May June and end of August. This is the best time when most of the tourists are in the place and makes the place more pleasant and enjoyable.


Best Bonn

Bonn truly is a treat to the travellers' eyes. It is endowed with immense natural beauty as it is been blessed with rich cultural and historical treasures. Here is a brief description of what you should not miss out while you are in Bonn. The first must-visit of Bonn is surely to be the birth place of the legendary musician Beethoven. It is located at Bonngasse. Adjacent to the market place stands the Old Town Hall. It built in 1737 in Rococo style, under the rule of Clemens August of Bavaria. The main building of the University of Bonn is also an interesting place to see. This palace was once used as the resident of the prince elector. Today it stands as a landmark in medieval architecture. There are many a churches where you can go even if you don't want to pray. These church buildings are architectural treasures and worth a visit. Old Cemetery Bonn is one of the bests in Germany. The ruins of Godesburg fortress remains the only sign of the Roman Empire in Germany. Travelling any European cities without visiting their museums is utmost foolish. So, don't forget to visit the museums in Bonn- which apparently you will find plenty in number to occupy a big part of your visit.

Exploring Bonn

Bonn- the seat of leading telecommunication industries and the 19th largest city of the world is a city that lures thousands of visitors each year from all around the world. The city has loads to offer to her visitors. The city is mainly popular for being the birthplace of the world famous legendary musician Ludwig Van Beethoven. Only his birthplace in Bonn attracts hundreds of tourists each year. Besides, it is a city where the modern technological wonders stand with the historical monuments with perfect harmony. A trip around the city will prove the authenticity of the words. The place has also been famous for shopping facilities and the dining. In shopping it provides the largest street shops in whole Germany. In such shops one can buy almost all types of goods at bargain price. The culinary world of Bonn has been enriched with a fabulous blend of French and local taste. The French flavour has given the foods subtle essence whereas the local style has complemented the foods with unique features. Bonn also offers where one can get exotic Internationalcuisines. It is very easy to reach Bonn since it is situated almost at the centre of Europe. The transportation services to and from the city has been powered by a strong communication infrastructure.

Eating Drinking Bonn

It is true that one can only sense the true essence of a place when s/he gets into the culinary world of that respective land. In any city the actual culture is always reflected in its foods. So don't miss out the delicacies of this beautiful German city- Bonn. Before we move on to the specifications of the restaurants let me confide in you that in Bonn, giving tips is more like a tradition- so be careful while you are paying your bills. When it comes to dining out- Bonn is rich with choices. Varying from typical local foods to Internationalcuisines- Bonn has it all. Since the city was under the French regime once it has gained a subtle flavour in her local dishes which has amazingly complemented the local style. The city centre is the culinary heart of Bonn, with so many excellent restaurants to choose from. The Salvator pub is the best place for Bavarian dishes. If you want some authentic pub-style eating Em Hottche is just the place for you. The Efes restaurant is said to provide the best Turkish food in the city. The best feature of this very restaurant is its interior which gives you a feeling as good as visiting Istanbul!


Bonn has always been a travellers' pleasure. Being the 19th biggest city of the world and as it is being situated at the centre of Europe; the expectation of proper hospitality has always been higher on the city. However, it has truly pleased her tourists with all the vibrant colours of night-life. Another reason for Bonn's rocking night-life is that the city is famous for universities and a bigger part of the population are the students. As a result, while night might bring serenity to the other parts of the world, in Bonn it is just the start of adrenalin rushing fun!There are loads of pubs, bars, discos and restaurants for the night-lovers. The services in these places are top-class and their price ranges vary from posh to reasonable ones. Most of them are located around the town's centre near the university. The Jazzkeller Bonn might be the best bar in the city. It offers blues and jazz music, sometimes organizes live music too. The Hausbar doesn't have the five-star rating as the Jazzkeller but it offers more variety of music which is why it has been a favourite exclusively among the youngsters. The Shakers is a famous cocktail bar. For people who might prefer a rather calmer yet enjoyable night Bonn has one opera, 12 theatres and 20 cinemas, including the famous art deco Metropol cinema.

Shopping Bonn

Shopping might not be the major preference of travelling but it does have significant role in tourism. Any tourist is always interested in the shopping collections of the place- and hence Bonn has proved herself quite useful. The reputation of Bonn being a great shopping city is especially due to its pedestrian precinct. It is been said that it is one of the biggest ones in Germany. One will find hundreds of stores in the narrow streets and alleys of the market place. These shops are perfect if you are thinking of buying souvenirs as mementos or gifts for your dear ones. Shopping is also a pleasure, whether it is around here or in shopping malls like the Kaiserpassage or the Altstadtcenter (old town centre) in Bad Godesberg. Siegburg with its compact centre also boasts on providing visitor-friendly shopping city. The health resort Bad Neuenahr or the medieval winegrowers' village of Ahrweiler are also mention-worthy shopping places. According to the tour-guide of yahoo travels the mostly rated shopping place is the Hussel Confiserie. It is situated in M'nsterplatz and owns a head-spinning collection of goods. Bonn does offer varieties of boutiques and fashionable Internationalchains. Among them Bonner Ballett Boutique, Nineteen Ninety-Nine and Dream Sports are worth mentioning.

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