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History of Brindisi

Brindisi is an ancient city of Italy. Brindisi was a very important city of Italy at Roman Empire. The city was the crown of legendary in jewels at roman times. The name of the city was derived from brunda which means the head of the deer. It was inspired by the shape of Brindisi natural harbor. The roman conquered the city of Brindisi in 267 BC. The colony was created with leading to the port which later forms the principalities of Italy.

The Romans constructed temples, baths and an amphitheatre. After the fall of Roman Empire in 19 BC and the city was dominated by Goths. Brindisi was bombed by enemy forces around 30 times during the First World War. In Second World War captured by aerial attacks and faced a great housing and structural damage by the attacks from its enemies. After the world wars the city identified itself again with the ports. After the world wars the city started to rebuilt and new buildings started to be constructed. In 1943 the king Vitoria disembarked and the city became the capital of Italy. The city is noteworthy because the city hosted king Vitoria. The city serves as the home base of San Marco Regiment.

The city was founded by the legendary heroes and many traditions are concerned to its founders. Now the city has an important place of trade and thousand of business travelers travel the city during the year.

Weather of Brindisi

Weather plays an important role if any one plans to visit the cities. Weather conditions are essential to know in order to keep the necessary things with them. The city has many attractions to see for tourist, every year thousand of tourist visits the city and climatic conditions are necessary to know for every one. Brindisi enjoys the pleasant climate almost the whole year. The summers are very hot with sunny days and hot winds. Spring and autumn enjoys the pleasant weather with low scale rainfalls.

The spring season is considered as the best one to visit the city. The northern mountainous region of the city faces cold temperatures, snowfalls and heavy rainfalls. The southern region of Brindisi faces drier and warmer conditions. The city is surrounded by Adriatic Sea in the north and Ionian Sea in the south. It is a mountainous and hilly region. The hilly band in the south of the city defends the weather from sirocco winds, coming from the south. It makes the climate very pleasant. The summer in the city are quite long and starts from the first day of May up till September.

The temperature varies with the changes in climate, it is best to keep all necessary things to protect from unexpected situations of climate.

Arrival to Brindisi

The city is the power plant of electric. It has a good production of electricity. Thousands of people visit the city every year. Its very easy for every one to reach the city through train, car or by plane. Brindisi airport is around 7 kilo meters from Brindisi. The Puglia region is connected by trains and tickets can be bought at bus stations. Many trains runs from south of Lecce. The airport has two run ways. It runs from north east to south west.

The airport is located in the heart of the city. The airport serves thousands of passengers on daily basis. Ti arrive the city it is very convenient to get maps, route planners that simplifies the problem to arrive city. Different bus services connect the airport to passenger?s desired destinations. The city has a broad bus network that links the city to other parts. The bus covers large distances in few minutes and connects to certain areas. The trains go to different places like Lecce and Bari. Lecce is around 45 kilometers to the south from Brindisi.

The local buses also travel to the airport and the city center. It connects to the timings of arrival and departing.

City transport

The city of Brindisi has a strong bus network. The bus connects many destinations in fewer minutes. The train serves the nearest areas of the city but it has no connection to the airport.SS16 is a bus that travels to the airport right by Brindisi. SS613 travels to the south where Lecce is located. In connection to the arriving and departing flights the local bus travels between the airport and the city center.

Car Ferrovie look after the services of trains and buses within the region. The city has water based routes to travel in which ferries travels to the Greek destinations of the city. Most of the ferries travel only during the summers. The STP operates the bus system serves the local town. The buses travel after every 90 minutes from the Terminal of the airport at different places. Bus tickets can easily be purchased through electronic machines located in the buses. The transport system is based on buses and trains which provides quality services in cheap prices. STP provides the luxurious travelling facility to its citizens in a comfortable way and runs after every 10 minutes in emergency cases.

The transportation system of the city also cares for its disable visitors and provides wheelchairs and ramps.

Top attractions in Brindisi

The city has many attractive places for every one. T has many historic buildings and new constructions as well. People love the sightseeing of Brindisi. Every year couple of people visits the city in order to see the attractive things of the city. Santa Maria de castle is the fascinating tourist sight. The building has dramatic structure facades. The last judgment with vivid color and scene shows the Madonna with attendant knights. Archeological museum is situated a t the end of the roman Appian Way.

The most famous historic place of the city is twin roman columns. It is a fascinating town with beautiful harbor and with majestically sweeps around the town. Fredrick Swabia and Araganese castle around located at the harbor entrance. The city is engages in busy fishing and ferry port. The city offers its visitors the valuable insight without put it into large lines. The Swabia castle near the harbor which dates back to the 13th century is the most famous historic building in the city.

Franzano zoo safari is a place to have fun packed day for young and an old which is located at short drive to the north of Brindisi. The zoo has many species and giant size animals from all around the world.

Eating in Brindisi

The region provides plenty of places to move around and enjoy the delicious dishes. The restaurants provide a great range of dishes and a friendly atmosphere to dine in and for social gatherings. The growing percentage of restaurants shows that the eating out trend is increasing very rapidly.

The restaurants provide the great dining experiences to families and business persons. The environment of restaurants is friendly with great music and quality food. Giardino serves the classical region cooking and consider as the best one in Brindisi. Porta nova offers the classical menu with great wine combination. Picton serves the Puglia specialty and a great selection of wines. Tratoria pentagruille is the historic food center of the city. It serves good seafood and grills. Big Ben is the good place for light lunch with yummy salads, snacks and sandwiches. Glubilo is the family run restaurant which serves pizza, past and other traditional dishes. Menhir offers traditional foods with modern influences in opulent surroundings.

Brindisi is generally famous for seafood center. The hotel provides an innovative menu with a great variety of drinks in a fun environment. The hygienic food and quality service make thee hotels more popular among eaters. Eating in Brindisi is a treat for every palate and Budget .

Brindisi nightlife

Brindisi has many things to see and helps to explore the great things. The city has many things to do for every age group. Anyone in the city can enjoy the night life and have many things to do. It serves every age group from kids to adults.

The major places of the city are:

1. Calidonea Tavern: is a Scottish pub which serves live music and DJ performances.

2. Big Ben is an English style pub and a most popular place in the town. The pub serves the great variety of wine with little jazz music.

3. Pub aragonese: is a pub with dim lights and dark woods. The worth of the pub is its cheap drinks and water side location.

4. Caf? madrif: offers an American style cocktail bar and a disco bar by night. It serves as the tea saloon and lounge caf? during the whole day.

5. Pink caf?: caters the young crowd with a live music and DJ?s

6. Le negra tomasa: offers the good choice of brews and a caf? bar.

7. Jekyll and Hyde: is a disco night pub which play salsa and karaoke

8. Panoramio: a beautiful arch and a big theatre that displays movies of different languages.

9. Michael Brindisi theatre: plays an artistic movie and provides the calm and quite atmosphere.

10. Elisabetta bar: is a bar that serves the best wines in town.

Shopping in Brindisi

Shopping in Brindisi is a great charm for tourist who arrives to visit the city. The city has plenty of shops and a wide range of products to buy pottery, fabric, leather, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes. The shopping centers have branded shoes. Coleman courts are a shopping center for residential and provide a wide range of collection in different leather products and also have a grocery supermarket.

Jamison center is a theme based market names in Mac quire who is a surgeon who arrives in the first fleet into the city. Kippax fair halt is an open air market having many merchants selling goods and food items. The Adriatic harbor is the busiest ferry and fishing port. Spidizieoniri Doganali Brindisi provide sauna and bath items having snack bars. Many entrepreneurs have started their business through this mall. Synthetic resins have a wide range of shops and excellent bars that serves the great variety of wines and pizzas.

The busy fishing and ferry port is boasting a significant value of industrial activities especially pharmaceuticals, plastic and food products. It has a pleasant array of good shops and boutiques. The city has many places and shopping centers to visit.

Disable visitors

The city ahs many places to see and explore. The city cares for its visitors and many organizations in the city on routine basis to improve the facilities for disable visitors. Brindisi provides wheelchairs, ramps, lifts, guide dogs and rental cars for its disable visitors. These things make the trip easier and comfortable to enjoy their trip. Financial institutions and non profit organizations works to make the city accessible for every kind of a person.

In restaurants, airport, and roads or anywhere in the city, people can easily find many value added service for disable visitors. These services give the freedom to disable visitors to enjoy their trip. Transport associations are also working by providing ramps and wheelchairs to disable visitors. Many airlines provide assistance on free carriage on ground and on flight. Train stations provide receptions for disable people for their guidance. Public and private sectors are equipped to provide care and assistance to disable. Ferries and ships also provide access to disabled in order to travel from one place to another.

Accommodation in Brindisi

Brindisi is a capital of Italy and it consists of several things for tourist to visit. Brindisi attracts the tourist towards the city because of its cheap accommodation and great places in the city. Many people are scared of heavy expenditures of a trip and stops plan to visit certain areas. The city offer economical Packages of accommodation for tourist according to their Budget s. Many hotels in the city offer different packages including complementary bed and breakfast.

Hotel majestic Brindisi is a three floors hotel is an ideal place to stay for business and leisure travelers. The hotel has many well furnished guest rooms with modern amenities. The hotel has banquet facilities, free parking, and fitness room and air shuttle. Hotel barsotti Brindisi is an ideal hotel located at the center of the town. The hotel offer many facilities according to customer?s Budget . Hotel Minerva Brindisi provides all comforts with pleasant and relaxing stay. It has 122 rooms with air condition, bar and a restaurant with meeting rooms, swimming pools and a car parking. Hotel Regina Brindisi, hotel villagio nemo and villa Eva hotel .The hotel provides comfort, luxurious things and relaxes to its visitors.

The hotel prices vary according to luxuries, classification and customer?s Budget . These hotels provide flexible meeting places for business travelers in luxurious lounges with calm and quite atmosphere. The city has many places to see.

The city of Brindisi

The city of Brindisi is located in Italy. The city is famous for its door to the east because of the operations of maritime call on its way to Greece. The city is the leader in production of electric power in Italy. Eni group of Enel, Eni power and Edi power are three power plants that produce around 660 mega watt output. The city is planning to rebuild the link between the sea and the city through its port. The Brindisi has a freedom to enjoy its natural harbor. The mass of the harbor that tightly wedges itself embarrassing the heart of its inhabitation to the coast

The city has a meeting place for Middle East and an Italian peninsular. It serves as a cultural and commercial exchange. The famous project of waterfront is the good sign of collaboration of many sectors that operates within the life cycle of port activity. The creation of an industrial port creates the biggest marketing operations to nearby cities. This makes the city destined to become the hub of exchange for the development of its economy.

The city is famous for fishing and ferry port. The city is engage in boasting in industrial sector. The city is expanding its petro chemical, food products and in plastic with other countries. To visit the city there is no better way than car hire Brindisi that is very accessible and an affordable way.

Emergency contact number

Brindisi is the city of power. People and business travelers are always interested to visit the city. Useful contact numbers are essential to keep while anyone plans for trip. These contact numbers help to safe you from unexpected situations. It always helps to prevent from unexpected conditions of the city and emergencies. It is the proactive method to keep all the essential numbers with you while travelling.

Tourist info and contact details

Provide information regarding availability of rooms and price. It provides 24 hours customer service help line



24/7 service and availability of doctors in emergencies.24 hours pharmacy is available at the hospital for assistance



Taxis are available in cheap prices on various taxi stands. It helps to arrive anywhere in a comfortable way. Prices are charged according to meter reading.



Online assistance and customer service is always open for online booking including the information of arrival and departure times. Airport serves thousands of flights on daily basis and provides quality service

+39(0)831 412141

Car parking in Brindisi

It is the easiest way of car parking in an economical way. It gives the tourist a chance to move freely after parking their cars in safe area.

0845 050 7080

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