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Weather of Bristol

Bristol is one of the cities of the UK and located in the Northwest corner. Decision about when to visit this city can help you to make traveling arrangements. There are many cities in UK which are warm and Bristol is one of them. Its average annual temperature is 50-54 F or 10.2-12 C. This temperature is slightly higher than average temperature of UK which is 49 F.

Coldest months are January and February when average temperature can be 7-8 C or 45-46 F. Temperature can go down to a minimum level of 2-3 C or 36-37 F during these months. Warmest months are July and August when temperature can rise up to 23 C or 73 F. Bristol is one of those cities of the UK where sunny days are observed with longest sunny days in June. Average of 1600 ? 1800 hours of sunshine is observed in this city in a single calendar year. Less sunny days or cloudy days are seen during the month of December.

Annual average rainfall in Bristol is 740-1050 mm. Rain is usually observed throughout the year by rainy season starts in autumn and winter. During this period, Bristol is wettest while driest in the late winter and early spring. Weather of Bristol is very much influenced by the Atlantic that is why average temperature does no go below 0 C. Snow fall is rare but can be observed during the months of November to April.

Arrival to Bristol

Three major routes of traveling are used to arrive in Bristol by the tourists. These are by air, road and train. Although many International Airports of UK are within a short driving distance like London and Cardiff from Bristol but this city has its own International Airport. Many National and Internationalflights carry tourists from inside the UK and other European countries.

Low cost flights like Ryan Air and Flybe are also coming to Bristol airport. Bristol airport is 8 miles away from the city. A bus service is available at the airport for passenger transfer. This bus service is operated by the Bristol InternationalFlyer Bus service. This bus takes 30 minutes to reach city center.

City Transport

Major transport system of the Bristol city is bus service. Although many visiting spots are within walking distances but buses are cheap and major source of transportation within the city. A group called ?First group? is major bus service in the Bristol city. There are many stops throughout the city and can be approached with short interval of time by buses.

Main touring areas are covered by bus numbers 8 & 9 of First group bus service. You can get time table of these buses from the bus stops. These buses are available throughout the day and offer services for many parts of the city including suburbs of Clifton where many hotels are located. These buses are not available for 24 hours.

Top attractions in Bristol

Bristol has many award wining attractions which attract people of the World to visit this beautiful city. This city offers many excited activities for the people of all ages. Bristol has many historical places, architecture and cultural heritage. Some other attractions are exciting nightlife, shopping, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Top most attraction is Bristol?s heritage. Old markets & streets well preserved old buildings and old city harbor are still in use. Bristol Cathedral and Llandoger Trow pub are also famous among the tourists. Isambard Kingdom Brunel?s ss Great Britain, Bristol Zoo Gardens, Clifton suspension bridge, Arnolfini museum, and Bristol balloon Fiestas Ltd, are famous. There are many museums and galleries in the Bristol which increase the interest of the art lovers to visit this city. These museums display very old rich treasure of history. Bristol has also produced many artists. Many galleries show unique paintings from the Bristol, U.K and rest of the World.

Bristol has a wonderful & excited nightlife because there are many nightlife spots. Bristol is one of the best cities of U.K which are well known for nightlife. You can visit Whiteladies Road and Park Street for buzzing nightlife. Beside nightlife, there are many sightseeing which increase the interest of the tourists. Shopping in Bristol is another top attraction. Recent addition is Cabot Circus which has many shops and restaurants.

Accommodation in Bristol

If you are in the city of Bristol and looking for accommodation then no need to worry because you can find all types of accommodation in this city. There are more than 35000 places to live in Bristol. These accommodations are of high quality and Accommodation includes Hotels, guesthouse, apartments, farmhouses, hostels, self catering, etc.

You can also have option of having family accommodation, luxury accommodation and also accommodation for disabled persons. You can select your accommodation of your choice according to your Budget . Advance booking will keep you away from troubles on visit. Many hotels offer online booking.

There are is a large variety of hotels in Bristol. This includes from one star to five stars. You can also have bed and breakfast hotels. Hotels are located in different parts of the city and offer different facilities. So, you can book your accommodation according to your Budget and needs. There are also present well established guesthouses in the city and in the surroundings. These guesthouses are of high standards and offer many facilities.

Hiring an apartment is becoming popular in the world. If you are traveling with family then hire an apartment with spacious rooms and fully equipped kitchen. Self catered house or cottage is another option which offer many advantages. If you are on Budget tour then you can also enjoy a camp site. Yu can also get rural retreat outside the Bristol city.

City of Bristol

Bristol is a beautiful city in the south west England. It is situated at a distance of 105 miles in the west of London. Bristol lies around the river Avon and has a short coastline. Its population is approximately half a million, so, it is 6th most populous city of England. It is a good touring base if you want to visit Western Britain. This city has been managed politically by Somerset and Gloucestershire at different times because of its location. But now Bristol is a county with its own rights since 1373.

Bristol is famous for its culture, educational facilities and employments. This city is prosperous right from the start due to its port. Later its economy became stronger due to aerospace industry.

History of Bristol city is old since Stone Age and there are some evidences of Roman occupation. Much of the development was done in the late 18th century and early 19th century when floating harbor was constructed and shipbuilding industry flourished. Many other industries like chemical, paper and glass started to develop and city of Bristol started to become a prosperous city. Due to Aircraft industry, Bristol became important financial center during 20th century. Currently, Bristol is high technology hub.

Bristol is gifted with many attractions which make this city as touring paradise. There are many attractions in the city like SS Great Britain, Clifton hanging bridge, the Bristol harbor, Arnolfini (museum) and Bristol Zoo. There are many awarded restaurants, cafes, bars, parks, and other attractions for the tourists.

Useful contact numbers

Before traveling to Bristol, practical information should be noted to avoid any problem during your visit. This practical information include addresses and telephone numbers of important places, emergency phone number of police, fire brigade, ambulance and hospitals. In case of emergency (related with fire, to call police or ambulance) dial 999. You can also call Bristol Fire department by dialing (401) 253-6912. Telephone number of Fire Chief?s office is (401) 253-2410. Bristol Police department can also be called by dialing (401) 253-6900. Telephone number of Sheriff Department is (401) 253-3880.

Telephone number of Bristol International Airport (Information) is 870 121 2747. To call National railways dial 08457 48 49 50. Telephone number of first group bus service is 0870 608 2 608 and 08705 808080 of National Express bus service. You can call Bristol Royal and infirmary dial 0117 923 0000 for accidents and emergencies. Telephone number of Bristol children Hospital is 0117 93428460. Dial 0117 950 6383 for Southmead hospital. Frenchay Hospital can be contacted by dialing 0117 970 1212. Dial 0117 9230050 to call dental hospital. For eye problems dial 0117 9284613.

All famous prayers centers of different religions also have telephone numbers. Bristol Cathedral can be contacted by dialing 0117 926 4879. Telephone number of Clifton cathedral is 0117 973 8411. Telephone numbers of Hindu and Sikh temples are 0117 935 1007 and 0117 902 0104 respectively. Bristol mosque can be called by dialing 0117 977 0944.

Bristol Festivals

People of Bristol celebrate many festivals and events at different times of the year. These festivals include food and wine tasting, family entertainments, fund rising, and many art exhibitions. Most of these events and festivals take place during spring and summer seasons.

Some festivals which take place every year are Southmead Celebration, Lockleaze Festival and Lawrence Weston Carnival. Features of Southmead celebration are food, entertainment, games and different events. Lockleaze Festival offer many entertainments for the entire family. There are floats and entertainers who give lot of amusements.

Lawrence Weston Carnival is a family event in which jugglers and magicians entertain all the day. Homemade floats are also important part of this festival. Bristol bath cycle ride is another event which is arranged annually during the month of October. Fund rising for Marie Curie Cancer Care is min feature of this event.

Another annual event is Bristol door open day which is arranged in the September. During this event, some of the buildings of the city are opened for visitors which normally remain close in other days of the year. You can also enjoy Bristol poetry festival at Arnolfinin harbor side. Slow food market is another event which is arranged on the first Sunday of every month.

Museums and monuments in Bristol

There are many museums and monuments in the Bristol which increase the interest of tourists. City museum and art gallery is located in west Bristol. This museum gives comprehensive information on history of Bristol.

Fleet air arm museum is another must visit museum which gives information about aviation and flight deck. The Edward Jenner Museum is located near the Berkeley Castle and portrays on Edward Jenner who invented vaccine for smallpox. Blaise Castle House museum is another top rated museums in the city of Bristol.

In the west Bristol you can also visit ?The Red Lodge? which is historic Elizabethan house. The Georgian house is another attraction which is a preserved historic townhouse and tells about the life of Georgian era. You can also witness wonderfully restored ship called Brunel?s ss Great Britain. Close to this ship is ?maritime heritage center? which gives information about Bristol maritime history. Bristol Industrial museum at prince?s wharf is another attraction.

Among famous monuments, Clifton suspension bridge is must visit place. This bridge was built in 1864. You can also visit John Wisely Chapel which is World?s first Methodist chapel. You can wetness a 12th century cathedral called Bristol cathedral.

Some galleries are also top rated by the tourists. The Arnolfini is a Victorian warehouse with a good collection of art. Other art centers are Paintworks, Spike Iceland, he Royal west of England Academy. One of the ancient monuments in Bristol is Theater Royal which was opened in 1760.

Kids? amusement in Bristol

City of Bristol provides entertainment not only for the adults but also for their kids. In fact, Bristol is a good place for families to visit. There are lot of amusements for the children along with many sightseeing and monuments for adults. One of the top amusements for kids in the city of Bristol is Bristol Zoo. This zoo is on 12 acres and located at Clifton houses. There are more than 1000 species of animals which attract not only kids but also adults.

Most favorite area of the zoo is a place where seal and penguins are kept. Children like this area because of amazing underwater views. Kids also enjoy Wallace Aviary where you can see birds flying over you. This zoo is wheelchair friendly and also offer many facilities regarding baby changing. You can also purchase gifts from this zoo. Take your kids to ?Explore at Bristol? to look at the world of science & technology. Noah?s Ark zoo farm is another place where you can see many animal species. You can also visit Horse World, Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park, WWT slimbridge and botanical garden of University of Bristol.

You can also take your family to Lundy Island located at Bristol Channel. Wildlife is main feature of this island. Grand Pier is another family spot where your children will enjoy. Finally, in the departure lounge of the Bristol airport, your kids can enjoy game zone by playing video games.

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