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Burgos History

Burgos was found in the 884 as an settlement of this growing Christian border, when Mr. Diego Rodríguez "Porcelos", the count of the Castile, governed the territory with instructions to endorse the augment of the Christian inhabitants; so with this end in vision he started to gather the population of the nearby country in to a single fortified rural community, whose Visigoth name of the Burgos signified consolidated and the walled villages (in Gothic they are the baurgs). The metropolis began to be called as the Caput Castellae (in their language the "Cabeza de Castilla" or the "Head of the Castile"). The region (condado) of the Burgos was managed by the Kings of the Leon, and they continued to be governed by the counts and were gradually extended; and one of the counts, Mr. Fernán González, recognized his independence.

The city was seen as a Catholic bishop’s city in the 11th century. Burgos was the main stop for the pilgrims when they were on their way to the Santiago de Compostela which was a trade center between the Bay of the Biscay and also the south. This place attracted most of the foreigners who settled here then. Burgos was a favorite seat for the Leon kinds and the Castile kings. In 1225 there was a tax free situation given to the horse owners of the Burgos.  The Cathedral chapter was succeeded by the Oligary in the year 1250 when there were major purchasers of the lands and they carried their business along with the municipal. The special court acknowledged the Burgos and the Alcalde Del Rey (post) was mentioned in the year 1281.

There took many wars in Burgos. There were wars between Leon and the Navarre. Also there were wars between the Castile and the Aragon. With this enormous of its history there are many other historical events that took place during the wars and this made the Burgos very popular in the Spain.

Burgos Weather

Burgos is a place located in the Spain. The temperature of Burgos varies according to the season. It is in general a humid place. It has either high temperature during summer or very low (even in minus) temperature during the winter. So the tourists should arrange for the needed things according to the time in which their visit takes place.


The Burgos faces very hot climate during the summer. The temperature goes up to 40C during the day time. The highest recorded temperature in the Burgos is 42C during the year 1987. The temperature in any place is generally characterized by two factors

  • Their distance from sea
  • The higher altitude.

It is much drier in the costal areas during the summer time. This is mostly the year round condition of the costal areas of the Burgos. The sweat is very high since the temperature is high.


The Burgos faces very cold climate during the winter. The temperature is 0C most of the time. The lowest recorded temperature in the Burgos is -21C during the year 1885. The costal regions are always found dry.

Normal Temperature:

The normal or the average temperature of the Burgos is about 26C in a normal day. Thus you should plan well considering the weather well before and make arrangements according the weather. You can always enjoy the Burgos. It is quite a good place to enjoy.

The tourists prefer slightly cooler months to visit the Burgos. The best time to visit is the spring or the autumn as there will be a cooler temperature and you can experience warm times after slight rain. Rain is never high here during any of the seasons.

Burgos Transport

The Burgos has a landing field or an Airport with the flights to the Barcelona International Airport, the Palma de Mallorca, and the Paris Orly. The metropolis has an Internationaltrain station, with the service to the Paris. In near future, the Spanish high – rated speed train services, that are the AVE, will also stop at the Burgos. Also, Burgos has the Internationalbus location or stop situated in the city center.

The Burgos has done a lot of hard work about sustainable mobility, also it has been awared the CiViTAs urban in the year 2007, which is the most significant Award at the European level and it also got the Energy Globe Award in the year 2008 (also called the sustain ability Nobel awards) for the Air group for the similar cause. The city is now the leader of the Spanish city in terms of the sustainable mobility with large efforts in the city center free of the cars, the free bicycle advance system or the public transport hundred percent clean. The Burgos is prime now in the CiViNET Network of the cities that is concerned with the sustainable mobility in the Spain and the Portugal.

Bargos is an awfully big urbanization and the place you are staying in might be some distance that is back from the major street and the bus end. Suppose if you are staying distant from the main road, then you can take hire a car from the airport to the resort that you stay in. you can reach your destination easily then.

Burgos Attractions

There are many tourist spots in the Burgos which is of tourist importance. It is a very important place and it also has high historical importance. This makes it very special. There are many tourist spots but the discussed below are the places of the historic importance. It costs very little because the cars here are cheap.

The Gothic Cathedral:

It was established in the year 1221 and the main renovation took place in the 13th and the 15th century. It is now a World heritage spot. The towers have flanked the west front and it terminates in the octagonal spires with covering the open stone works. The mid part serves as an entrance and contains 3 alabaster pilasters which bears inter columnar spaces and it has the pictures of the saints. There is a fantastic surface decoration made here. The chapel is octagonal in shape and is sculpted highly with the Gothic design and it has a roof that is finished with the balustrade turrets with needle points of the pinnacles. The lower portion, the coats of the arms, the shields and the crouching lions are worked in the ensemble. The flat surface of the sacristy is decorated with the carved traceries, with the angel figures and the armored knights. There are 2 octagonal sections in the Corinthian style.

Cartuja de Miraflores

This Carthusian monastery of the Miraflores is located about 4 kilo meters from the significant city center. Amongst the riches of the Charter house are the wood statue of the St. Bruno; the wood choir stall in the church; also the mausoleum of the King John II and also of his wife Isabel, which is constructed with the mineral and along with their alabaster recumbent effigy. Approximately the top fresco is the statues of the angels in the miniature. The French military in the War of the Independence (in the year 1814) mutilated this gorgeous work, wounding off several of the heads and moving them away to the France.

Burgos Disabled Visitors

Burgos is located in the northern part of Spain. It is also the capital city of the province of Burgos. With over eight hundred thousand years of human habitation this area has evolved to modern day tourism spot. The city of Burgos is located almost nine hundred meters above sea level. The city experiences a typical Mediterranean climate with a continental touch!

The city of Burgos experience extremes of temperature. The Gothic cathedral and Cartuja are some of the noteworthy places of attraction.  You would have to spend a great deal of time in this city before you catch up with the sights and attractions of the city.

Travelling around the city is quite easy. The city boasts of an Internationalrail system. The city has direct rail routes to Paris! The state of the art railway systems also have extensive facilities that could be used by disabled people as well.

The city has no scarcity for accommodation rooms. Hotel rooms, apartments and hostels are available aplenty everywhere in the city.  One must say that the city is not entirely ready for people with disabilities.  One has to be really cautious and make sure that a particular place of service has access to disabled people before they venture out there.

This Spanish city is full of ancient cathedrals and museums. One can be immersed in the glory of the ancient city and find themselves flabbergasted by the beauty of the city and its monuments.  Most of the tourist attractions have some sort of make shift facility that could provide access for people with disabilities!!

Travelling around the city could be real hassle without the comfort of a car.

Burgos Useful Contact

Whenever we visit a new place it is important that we should know the important contact numbers which will be useful to us in the time of need. There might a robbery take place and we will not know whom to contact. Also it is a new place there might a problem with language. Hence it is so important that we collect the important phone numbers which will help us in any situation.
There is a useful tip given by the police to the people as well as the tourists of the Burgos. The people of Burgos do not speak English properly so it is very important to tell them clearly where you are when you call the emergency numbers and keep the phone. You can find some officers approaching you soon and then they will get details about your emergency situation.

Some of the toll free numbers are given here. You will be in need to call police when there is a robbery that has taken place.

The toll free police number is 947 28 23 00.

You will need to have to call the ambulance when you are not well or you are under emergency situations regarding health that needs immediate attention, then call 7894 661 402 which is toll free.

When you are playing in sea there might be a problem then call 904-270-5126 for sea rescue.

When there is a fire you should call 080. Either fire servicemen will attend the call or the police will attend the call and then make the next step.

This is the local phone number 080 942 333888 for the fire brigade.

When you know only English and need to file complaint about a crime then, call 947 102 112 for help or reporting a crime in English.

Sometime you might need the consumer office number, then call 94 758 29 11 for assistance. All these numbers will definitely help you a lot.

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