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History Cagliari

Cagliari's origins are one of wonder, therefore cannot be attributed to one single civilisation. The name of the city, which translates to The Castle enforces how important the central fortress was to the inhabitants of Cagliari. The city's region may have been confirmed by a nomadic tribe around 5,000 BC. A more permanent settlement would have been achieved later by way of a trading colony by the Phoenicians in the 7th century. The island of Sardinia was conquered by the Carthaginians back in the 3rd century BC. Following their defeat at the hands of the Romans it would then become part of both the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. There was a period of peace until the fall of the Roman Empire, when both the Vandals and the Byzantine Empire had taken over control of the island. In the 6th century the island became an independent kingdom which was later deserted due to continuous attacks by pirates.

The rebuilding of the city was undertaken during the Pisan Republic in the 11th century. The Kingdom of Aragon conquered the island in the 14th century where it was held under Spanish control for the next 400 years. It would later come under rule of the Habsburg dynasty of Austria. In 1720 the island was ruled by the House of Savoy. Although The Duke of Savoy maintained a capital in the city of Turin, the dynasty would take the title of Kings of the Sardinian Kingdom. Although the French tried to gain control of the island, the citizens of Cagliari fought against the invasion. Such actions for this loyalty included concession or reward. As a result the city rose against the rules. This is why Sardinian Day is celebrated on the last weekend of April. Visiting Cagliari today shows what an important role the city played within Italy and Europe's history.

Weather Cagliari

The Best time to go to Cagliari can be during April to June, as the weather is warm, during July the weather can be too hot and unbearable. Also during the months of December the weather can be around 15 ? 16 degree Celsius which may contribute to your trip being a pleasant one.


Best Cagliari

Of the four historic neighbourhoods in Cagliari, the Castle District is the oldest. Located one hundred meters above the sea level, the neighbourhood was founded in the thirteenth century and became established headquarters for military, religion and civil. From then up until World War II the Castle District was the premise of the main institution for the Kingdom of Sardinia. The symbol of the city is the medieval quarter of Castello. The castle still has walls that surround the perimeter to this day. Nora Archaeological Parkt Nora is through to be the first town built on Sardinia. The site was more than likely home to the Carthaginians before becoming a Roman town. The Nora Archaeological Park offers plenty of history for enthusiasts. There is one section where there is outline of a house where the pillars have been resurrected giving you a feel for the size. The site also offers spectacular views. There is a mounted watch tower mounted on a small hill which gives a view back across the bay. Torre Dell'ElefantetAlso known as the Tower Of The Elephant, this is the second highest tower in Cagliari. It is also one of the most important symbols within the historical District of Castello.

The Tower Of The Elephant is situated in the area of Bastion of Santa Croce near some of the more popular places based within the quarter. Tourists who walk around the monument are said to be marvelled at the sculpture and cannot help but to look up. The sculpture is not based on top of the tower, it is located to the side of the tower.

Exploring Cagliari

Castello, which when translated means Castle is the old part of the city. Castello is situated on top of a hill which gives a wonderful view of the Gulf of Cagliari, which is also known as the Angels Gulf. The city walls remain intact and feature two 13th century white limestone towers. These are known as the St Pancras Tower and the Elephant Tower. The Roman Amphitheatre of Milan built in the first and second centuries, The Roman Amphitheatre of Milan remains to be one of the most interesting and spectacular buildings based in the old town. As the Amphitheatre was demolished, the stones were used to make other constructions. The remaining concrete foundations support the structure which can be found in the surrounds of the game area.

Poetto Beach is the perfect location to go for a walk. As well as its view you will be able to enjoy the bars and restaurants which run along the beach. Poetto Beach is a popular area where locals like to enjoy breakfast or lunch. The Basilica of San Saturnino is a Palaeo-Christian church based in Cagliari. The church was first mentioned in the 6th century. The church was built near the burial place of local martyr Saint Saturninus, whom was killed at Cagliari by order of governor Barbarus. The church was damaged in 1324 during the siege on Costello by the Argonese. The church was destroyed by the allied bombings in 1943. The church remained closed between 1978 to 1996 for restoration. It was then reconsecrated in 2004.The church is located in a walled area. The western fa?ade is separated into three sectors. The current entrance into the church is the former western arm, whilst incorporating modern additions form the restoration.

Eating drinking Cagliari

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, as well as being a truly fascinating city it is also the best place to embrace the cuisine of the island. Cagliari is known for its distinctive and unique platter, with many dishes being based on fish and sea food as well as consisting of many meats, such as boars and suckling pigs. The bread in Cagliari is also unique, the most common being su cifraxu. Su cifraxu is made with fine flour and naked with small crests. These crests become crisp and brown during the baking process. Starters include sa fregula which is semolina sprinkled with warm water which is then rolled into small balls. These are then served with fish stock. The coarse semolina is also used to make culingionis, which is a ravioli. The meat selection in Cagliari consists of suckling pigs and lambs, normally prepared on skewers. It is also not unusual to find oven baked lamb or sanguinaccio, a sausage prepared using the intestines of a pig.

As previously mentioned Cagliari's main dishes focus around seafood and fish. They prefer to grill their fish in Cagliari whereas encrustations are generally used to make pasta sauces and risotto. You can also find a nice selection of cheeses, fioresardo is a hard cheese prepared form ewe's milk. There is also a soft cheese called dolce sardo which is made from Cow's milk. Popular drinks in Cagliari include that of Mirto, a liquor which is obtained from the myrtle plant. Vermentino, Cagliari's famous white wine and Limoncello, a lemon liqueur. Popular places to eat out in Cagliari include Dr Ampex, situated in the Villanova area, Su Cumbidu, based in Su Cumbido and Ristorante Il Buongustaio, based in Via Concezione.

Night-life Cagliari

Although Cagliari offers some wonderful views and points of interest in relation to its history, it's always good to unwind. And what better than taking in some of Cagliari's nightlife. Most clubs and bars on the city are open from 9pm to 5am. They tend to shut down in the Summer where people tend to head outdoors and towards the beaches. Fiera Campinaria is home to some of the largest rock concerts, this large staging area hosts some of the big Internationalacts throughout the year. Italian bands also take to the stage throughout the year. A great place to absorb some of Cagliari's live music culture. West of the Piazza del Carmine you will find a number of venues to unwind.

Weekends are known to get busy and bars host a mixture of live music, discos and sport. Hancock has a rustic feel and is home to rock and jazz concerts. A popular disco venue is Movida. The Marina District is one of the busiest districts. It is known to be the main district that has an overall party atmosphere. There is a mixture of discos and rock clubs across the water front. There is also the famous Go Fish which is known to be the only openly gay bar in the city. The Dharma Lounge Bar is located at the top of the hill of the Dan Michel Park. The venue offers an outdoor avenue lit by the stars. There is a relaxed atmosphere with comfortable sofas and soft pillows. The venue also gives you an outstanding view of the surrounding Cagliari.

Shopping Cagliari

There are many shopping opportunities in Cagliari. Many are based within the Marina District, not to mention the arcaded Via Roma. Here you will find the famous La Rinascente, not to mention a good selection of boutiques and everyday shops. There are also a number of department stores through Cagliari, Upin on the Piazza Della Repubblica and Standa on Via Jenner Edward 2, which is located just outside the centre. Anyone wishes to purchase souvenirs should note that there are a number of outlets to meet your needs. Most of which can be located in the port area, or the ISOLA shop at Via Bacaredda 176.

For people seeking out local produce, try the food sections of local supermarkets. There is also a popular indoor market, Mercato Coperto di San Benedetto, which is located on the ss125 towards Quartu S.Elena.You will also find that Sunday opens its door to a number of day markets and flea markets. These can be found on the Bastione St.Remy and on the Piazza Trento. If second hand goods don't appeal to you then you could try large market at St Elia Stadium, which hosts a number of goods at bargain prices.

If you're a fan of local sweets and pastries try Durke, a local shop specialising in a large selection of sweets and pastries made to traditional recipes. Fans of books can try Le Librerie della Costa, the central bookshop which whilst selling Italian language books, also offer a good selection of English written material. The store also has internet access. If you're shopping for jewellery try Lorenda Mandas. The store specialise in filigree, an item of jewellery for which Sardinia is famous.

Disabled visitors Cagliari

In recent years, Cagliari has become a popular destination for tourists. Cagliari offers a wealth of beauty and history, and is home to over 160,000 inhabitants. But Cagliari also ensures that their disabled visitors aren't met with a challenge whilst on holiday and are left to take in the beautiful scenery and rich culture. This makes Cagliari a great place to visit for people with disabilities. Many hotels based in Cagliari offer functions for disabled visitors, these include easy access to the building as well as making eating out accessible. Obviously each person is unique in what they require from a hotel, so make some enquiries before you leave. There are, however, a number of great hotels with facilities that will make sure your stay is a pleasant and comfortable one.

Under European law, airports are obliged to provide disabled travellers with assistance, so make sure you notify your airline when flying if you think you should need any assistance when you arrive. The staff at the airport will then be able to assist you accordingly. There will also be local buses and taxis that can transport you to your place of accommodation. If you require a car to meet your mobility needs, there are outlets in Cagliari who can assist you with this. You can even make enquiries before you leave as many vendor's websites can be translated to English so you gain a more informative view on who you should use once in Cagliari

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