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Best Car Rentals Chamonix

History Chaminox

Regarded as the hot spot for skiing, ice-climbing, rock climbing and other sorts of wild sports- the city of Chamonix is one of the main tourist spots of France and it is the centre for winter tourism in France. Though the city is not as large as the other hot tourist areas in France, but the city boasts on a glorious past. Today what we call the city of Chamonix was mainly a valley when people started dwelling the place. The first ever mention of the valley was probably in 1091. The inhabitants of the place earned their freedom in 1786 from the canons of Sallanches. During that period the city might be visited by the bishops or the civil officers, but the tradition of having tourists didn't even start before 1741. In that very year, Dr. Richard Pococke, Mr. William Windham and other Englishmen visited the Mer de Glace. They accounted their experiences and published it in 1744. In 1742, P. Martel and several other Genevese visited the place, in 1760 H.B. de Saussure, and rather later Marc Th. Bourrit. The tradition of tourism started to flourish by 19th century and 1821 society for controlling the access to the mountain slopes.

In 1892, the French government intervened in the tourism authority of the city and since then, authorized diploma is needed for guiding the tourism business. According to an information obtained from Wikipedia-By the 1960s, agriculture had been reduced to a marginal activity, while the number of tourist beds available rose to around 60,000 by the end of the 20th century, with about 5 million visitors a year. Therefore, are you interested in exploring the historical monuments in Chamonix? Obviously you will love to do that.


The best time tovisit the beautiful Chamonix is during the winters,as the winters are different than the winters in other places. This beautiful place located with the French Alps is a must see during the months of December and January.


Best Chamonix

With spell binding snowy-beauty and lofty glaciers, the town of Chamonix remains the most luring winter holiday spot in eastern France. Ice climbing, rock climbing, extreme skiing, paragliding, rafting, canyon whatever you are looking for- Chamonix is the one-stop solution. Switzerland has always been a dream for the winter lovers and many a people keep on dreaming of enjoying holiday over there. But Switzerland is too expensive to afford for the average people. But they can have their dream winter holiday in Chamonix- situated only 60 miles away from Geneva, this place offers the same scenic beauty, a little more to some extent. The tourist arrangements and the hospitality of the city are also worth mentioning. Bound by the laws of the country they have only the professional diploma holder guides for the aid of the visitors.

Beside winter sports, the place also boasts on their cable-car services. They own the highest cable cars in the world- and the silvery white view of the snow-capped mountains from thousands of feet above the ground can drive anyone crazy.Aiguille du Midi - at 3842m commands an amazing view of Le Mont Blanc. Chamonix is the same appealing to the mountain lovers during the summer too. At this time this place becomes the hot spot for alpine mountaineers.

The most attractive places remain the north face of the Dru and the Frendo Spur on the Aiguille du Midi.Unlike Paris- Chamonix has little historical artifacts to offer, but with its treasure of enchanting nature it offers a very unique type of appeal which has lured human being since their journey on earth.

Exploring Chamonix

Chamonix situated is a town and commune situated at the very foot of Mont. Blanc in eastern France. The presence of Mont. Blanc has given the city snowy-white magnificence- has made it the hottest seat for winter tourism in France. The tourism of France needs no description to prove its prominence. The beauty of Chaminox has added another feather to the glorious tiara the country has been bearing for years as the patron for tourists. The town may lack historical enrichments like Paris or many other cities of France- but it is blessed with immense scenic beauty; to embrace which people are ready to go to any extent. The town was mainly a valley at its advent, but with the rush of tourists the ice-covered valley has slowly turned into a famous cosmopolitan. Today the place is the hottest seat for winter sports. This is why the place was chosen to the venue for Winter Olympics in 1924.The main attractions of the city are ice climbing, rock climbing, extreme skiing, paragliding, rafting and canyoning. It also offers cable car tour to the mountains. It boasts on the highest cable cars in the world.

Such lucrative city is a must to visit. And with the help of airlines, railway services and motor routes, travelling to this place is easy. The flights are affordable, railway services are renowned and the motor drives are enjoyable.

Eating drinking Chamonix

Every place has its own significant style of cuisine and very much differentiated taste. Your journey to a city will remain incomplete if you do not dig in the very roots of the culinary delights of that place. The dishes of the Chamonix have been exclusively refined with the cosmopolitan fragrance mixing the delightful French cuisine. Chamonix though situated in France is not much far from Switzerland, so the diners over here seem to exercise a mixed culture. For the best and yummy dishes head for Atmosphere situated at 123 place Balmat this place boasts on providing lAvish dishes in a cozy surroundings. Affordable yet quality cuisine will also be available at La Calche. The latter place is situated at 18, rue Paccard. Here one will find tasty Savoyard specialities within 17-26 bucks. The place also offers a good deal of cheaper diners, fast food shops and pizzerias. Valentino is such an option situated on the Place Balmat- and is a good choice to hang around with friends. La Pole, 79 av de l'Aiguille-du-Midi is famous for their omelets. Rue Joseph-Vallot houses numbers of gourmet food stores where one will find finest cheeses and other Alpine delicacies. The supermarkets around are also good options for buying foods.

Chamonix offers so many bars and pubs to provide you refreshing drinks that you'll be left perplexed on which place to hit. Most of the people just visit the city because they want to get fun from the delicious cuisine in Chamonix.

Night-life Chamonix

Sited at the foot of the majestic Mont Blanc- the beautiful town of Chamonix is an ultimate tourists' delight. It offers snowy-white enchanting nature and blood rushing excitement of various winter sports spiced up with one of the best tourism services a city could ever offer. Though the place is situated at the distant eastern parts of France, yet it offers almost all the sky-rocking amusements a mega city can offer. After the day's site-seeing and skiing people might prefer a relaxing night equipped with some music and drinks. To some people the night is to be adrenaline rushing and exciting. Keeping in mind such necessities of the people- a good number of bars, pubs, cafes and discotheques have grown up in the place. Argent're- is especially famous among the English speakers. This bar offers specials for everyday in a week as well as arrangement of live music once or twice a week. The Savoy Bar is offers great choice of drinks with French flavour. The Rusticana or better known as Rusty is said to be the heaven for party-lovers. The Jeckyll Bar and Restaurant was remodified in 2004 and now owns a wide-screen plasma television with a new menu, but still retains its touch of Irish influence. It is located between Hotel Des Aiglons and Restaurant Impossible.

There are some other choices too which can provide equal pleasure to all types of tourists. These are: Le Privilege, Le Choucas and Le Cantina Club etc.Now, you must be thinking that to get fun of the nightlife in Chamonix, you should have a private car.

Shopping Chamonix

Chamonix is an ideal place for tourists- especially for people who are interested in exciting mountain sports. For being the heaven for winter sports this place was once chose to be the venue for Olympic Winter Sports. Situated at the foot of the Mont Blanc this place is ideal for skiing and hiking as well as checking out new dishes. But the town has significance for the shopping facilities too. Though most of the people don't travel to tourist heavens just for shopping, but travelling to new places demand tasting the shoppers world at that zone and collect at least some souvenirs. This is why, a good deal of shopping places have flourished in the alpine town of Chamonix. The shops of this place bear the very essence of French peoples' love for style and fashion. Hence the shops vary from groceries to hi-class designer boutiques. Amongst these the most profitable ones are the sports equipment shops. You will get all types of sporting equipments like: skis and snowboards, great outerwear, mountain bikes and more. Peak Performance is the most happening sports equipment store of this place.

The city market streets are the best place for trading the Chamonix specialities like cheese. They are found in wide varieties not to mention at bargain price. Shopping in this town is exclusively enjoyable during the Christmas eve- when numerous street shops take their places with quality products. Therefore, you must have realized that Chamonix is the best place in France to shop but only if you get a chance to travel to each corner of the city.

Disabled visitors Chamonix

Often while reading across I came across terms like beauty worth dying for the town of Chamonix probably holds the practical proof of the term. Integrated with snow-capped mountains, eye-catching glaciers and tongue tucking cuisines- this place is an ultimate tourists' delight. The town is situated at the foot of the majestic Mont Blanc and is only 60 miles away from Geneva. Such natural treasures have made the place the centre for winter sports in eastern France. The most happening events are the skiing, mountain climbing etc. The very core items of enjoyments in this place might seem adverse to disabled people. The events are too risky for them to take part in. though there are trained and educated guides at the aid of the tourists- yet disabled visitors should be prohibited to take part in such sports. So Chamonix might be a bit fader to the disabled people.

But apart from these games and adventures the rest of the town can be as interesting to the disabled people too. Because the tourism of Chamonix has undertaken much care in designing the hotels, parking lots, restaurants and public transportation places so that they can make the trips of the disabled people a convenient one.

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