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As one of the largest countries in the world it is not surprising that there are many airports in China. China is situated in the East and is bordered by Mongolia, Pakistan, Burma, Nepal and Kazakhstan plus a number of other countries that touch it marginally. It has a lot of coastline in the North China Sea and East China Sea.

History of China

China has a recorded history longer than many nations. Until recently it was a leader in arts, crafts and education but since the 19th century it has fallen behind a lot of the Western world. Having missed out on the industrial revolution China was no longer a great power and its return was hampered by imperialism and civil war. Communism arrived early and since the 1920?s China has been known as The Peoples Republic of China. It is now becoming a rising nation for production of both copies and fakes.

Things to Do in China

It is hard to know where to start when deciding what to do in China. Due to its scale most travelers pick one or two places and stay there. There is the Forbidden City in Beijing plus Tiananmen Square which is the largest square in the world and from here it is possible to visit the Museum of the People?s Revolution. The Terracotta Warriors and much of the Great Wall in Xian are also immensely popular sites. Shanghai has reminders of the past and the old buildings fit well with the new. The Bund is always full and the memories of the past are kept with the museum to the start of Communism and the French Quarter.

Car Hire in China

Due to its size not many people would choose to drive across China but once in the cities there are many cars and it is the easiest way to get around. Many signs are in English so language will not be a problem. Cars can be hired at the airports or in many of the cities. To arrange in advance there are sites such as who will arrange the car you want and will be able to tell you where to pick it up and drop it off before you leave.