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Car Hire Corfu

History Corfu

It is nothing less than amazing to find a place which displays life and natural beauty as well as holding historical significance. Corfu is obviously an exception in this case. This heavenly island of Greece has a long history, just like other part of the country. Corfu is just an English version of the island's name. In Greek, it is called Kerkyra. The name is derived from Nymph Korkira, daughter of Aesopos the mythological river god. In ancient age, Corfu was a very important commercial centre and colonial town. So, it became the target of many nations and communities and point of conflict among them. Corfu remained independent until Macedonians conquered it on 338 BC. After that, authority of the island changed hand frequently. Spartans, Illyrians, Romans, Byzantine and later Normans ruled Corfu. After that it went under Venetian domination, which lasted until 1797, when it became part of France. Later, they went under English rule on 1815. However, on 21st of May, 1864 Corfu became part of Greece. The island suffered greatly from two world wars. In Second World War many important architecture and building of it was destroyed by bombarding of Germans. All these make Corfu a great attraction to history lovers and tourists.


The weather in Corfu is pleasant throughout the year, though it can get a little hot, but it is bearable. The tourist season is officially in May till end of July, where the its mild warm.


Best Corfu

Corfu can be considered as a perfect place for tourists to visit. There are so many places to visit, historical spots to witness and natural magnificence to feel. It is hard to point out the best of Corfu. But let us try to do the tough job. Enjoying the natural beauty may be mentioned as the highest priority of visitors in Corfu. There are some outstanding beaches. Arguably the best among them is beach of Agios Gordios. Along with sea beaches, there are forests and mountains for nature lovers. Bars, cafés and nightclubs are great for party-minded travellers. Pink Panther is obviously best place for entertainment. Corfu is adorable to history-lovers as well. There are many archaeological spots. It also has archaeological museum. Enriched library in the island can be a good place to visit. People can travel in Corfu through both land and water. Hired car is best for land travel. Motor boat is the best choice in water. On the other hand, walking is an innovative way to move around. There are so many things for a tourist to do in Corfu or Kerkyra. It does not matter what people call it, this island is a gift of heaven for adventurous and fun-loving individuals.

Exploring Corfu

Exploring in Corfu can become hell of an interesting experience for tourists. There are many different ways of travelling; each has its own characteristics to mesmerise people. Renting a car may be the best way to travel in Corfu. Car rental is cheap there, like 170 Euros a week. Best of all, no license is required. Nice weather and cool air can bring the journey to life. The roads might become challenging to some people, but those are not risky at all. Local bus is a great option for travelling in groups. Those buses can take travellers to all the tourist spots and archaeological sites. But the timetable is not maintained properly there. The journey can get exciting with mopeds, but those can be risky after a couple of drinks. Who says the Emerald Island should be explored by land? Motor boats can be a delightful option for sea-lovers. The boat taxis around Corfu makes an impressive alternative. All these options can be replaced with Corfu Town Walking Tour. This is an unusual way of exploring. This tour avoids common routes and goes through distinctive places. So, tourists should visit Corfu as soon as possible and embrace this diversity of moving through a paradise island in different ways.

Night-life Corfu

One of the reasons Corfu is a famous tourist island is its full throttle night-life and entertainment. Nature furnished the Emerald Island of heaven with its own hands. Sea, beaches and mountainous geography along with hotels, clubs and bars provide a perfect atmosphere for night-long parties. With them many historic sites also take the fun to a whole different level. Cafes of Liston Promenade and north end of Splianada Square are the most crowded place at night time. Bars and pubs can be found in the main roads of entire town. Nightclubs near fortresses can be the perfect spot for spending night. Palladium Night Club is considered one of the best attractions of night. Pink Palace of Corfu has earned a distinctive reputation for making nights in this spectacular island memorable. Its location on beach of Agios Gordios has helped it to secure the legendary status. Toga parties can be an experience to remember. These are not all as ORCHESTRAS BANDS, dancing spots and aqua park of Corfu let people to act spontaneously. Beach parties till sunrise is obvious in such place. Cool foods and drinks make things more interesting. The piece of heaven on earth just gets more blissful at night.

Shopping Corfu

Shopping in Corfu is truly fun for all the tourists. The number of shop is considerably high and diversity in them is simply magnificent. Although, shopping in Corfu is usually capital centre based, many shops can be seen beside the narrow streets. These shops have dynamic products in their store. Clothes, local ceramics, leather goods, objects made from olive woods, jewellery, embroidery, local products, touristy items and souvenirs can be found in those shops. These shops offer good quality and reasonable price to their customers. Many standardized souvenir shops provide with icons, old jewellery, plates and clothing. Ceramics are endless and beautiful products from pottery have great diversity. All the touristy shops remain open all week in summer. These shops are not closed before late night. Other shops are kept open 6 days in a week. They are kept open until 9 PM. There is a break starting from 2 PM, which ends in 5 PM."Lido Moda" and "Ftohomana" are two shops with nice products and cool pricing. Other than shops in the centre, tourists can sneak into Fillelinon Street. Shops are everywhere in Corfu and it is really interesting to loose the way and enjoy shopping in this divine island.