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Durban History

Today Durban is a city that is known for modern living round the globe, but it must be understood that it has a long history reaching this level. It has been dated that the inhabitants near about 100,000 years ago found the province in which Durban is located. People in the carbon age lived in the caves. Further, it was found that people lived there and with the passage of time came to live on the central plains. In the last century with the spread of Bantu, it was found that it was much flourished.

It is a pre-historic area, and little is known about it, but it has been clearly coated that Vasco da gama was the great man who explored it on his way from Europe to India . He stayed at KwaZulu Natal coast and named this place Natal , which in its own language serves for Christmas. Later the enlightened city of Durban was made. It dates back to 1842, where the people from different walks under one head, made their settlement on the bay of Natal .

As the time passed on, the facilities grew in transport, shopping, architecture, accommodation and eating, which made tilt of people for tourism.

Durban Weather

Durban is a part of South Africa that is most visited by the tourist in their holidays. It has been found that it serves its tourists with great beauty of artificial manmade work along with the natural beauties. It has been found that it is a place where there are many beaches that attract the tourists. It has a lovely climate all over the year. Usually it has been found that it has a hot weather, but in the winter holidays, it allows the best entertaining holidays. It is because of the fact that it has sun kissed beaches with a warm and lovely sun where one can enjoy the holidays.

Other than this, it has been found that for the tourism, the peak time is between December and January. During this time, one can find easy walk in Durban along with sweet breeze blowing all around. Such weather allows everybody to enjoy holidays in best possible ways. There are other factors to which weather contributes, which include the busy nightlife and entertainment at beaches.

Durban Arrival

While longing for Durban, one used to look for the different possible feature that even include the features that what one is going to do while arriving at Durban airport and how the things going to be for him in a different, but enchanting ways. On arrival to the Durban airport, one can find many upgraded facilities that he might not have seen ever before. These particularly include the larger area along with better quality services. One can find the transport facilities in no time along with the fact that there are different eating resorts that one can find at the nearest possible distance.

Further, there can be the enchanting facilities at Durban city as well, which may primarily include accommodation facility according to choice and requirement.

Durban Transport

Durban is one of the most visited places round the globe. It has much to offer to the tourists and visitors. The main enchanting features include the quality services along with different styles in eating, shopping, travelling, architecture, and festivals. Of all these features, the most appreciated one is the transport system of Durban . Over the years, much work has been done on this very reason.

It has been found that there is a variety of transport that Durban offers. It includes the cars, taxies, buses, minibuses, and rickshaws. It has been found that most famous among the inhabitants and the tourists are the minibuses. These are also called as kombi. It allows easy and cheap travelling around Durban . Taxies are also available with charge metres. These taxies are comparatively costly, but they allow safe and in time services. One can find taxies on every spot.

Other than these, rickshaws are also available for the people visiting there. It is one of the loved transports by kids . It is because of the fact that it allows safe, but enchanting and thrilled travel. Car hiring facilities are also available in the Durban .

Durban Attractions

In Durban , there are different attractions that one can find exclusive to other places. It has been found that in the months of December and January, there is a lot of rush due to visitors, and tourists from all over the world. The basic attractions include the Shake Marine world, which is a type of Water Park , and it is equally entertaining for kids as well as elders. Further, one can find the World Aquarium, which is known for the good collection of fish types and different ornamental features associated with them. Transport facilities have helped people in reaching every resort easily. In reviews, visitors always praise the quality city transport, which is affordable as well as always in time to all places and resorts

People who are most attracted by the gardens have also good tilt in Durban that include the Durban Botanical garden . One can find great variety of flowers, and plants over there. Moreover, there is a Fitzsimons snake park, which is known for snake lover tourists. If one wants to have more entertainments, there are museums as well as other parks including Mitchell Park and others as Wet'n Park.

Durban Eating

Durban has been known for a great variety of food. It has been famous, because of the lovely climate, and sun kissed and warm beaches along with matchless eating variety. It has been found that one can get every type of food right here. There are different restaurants that allow the European, Italian as well as the Asian food. One belonging to any part of the world can get the thing of his/her taste.

There are most of the restaurants that remain open all night with which, one can enjoy the full enchanting and cool night life .A few of the renowned meal spots are La Casa Nstra, which is known for the great Italian food including pasta, cold bear, and others. Beanbag Bohemia is another restaurant that serves the vegetarian people. It is best known for the Zulu Sushi. Further, the Eastern Rendezvous is serving people with eastern taste.

It allows people to enjoy the Pakistani and Indian dishes. Other than this, Grillroomcafe is also available to serve the trendy eaters. Many other such resorts are working at their best.

Durban Nightlife

Durban is the city that allows entertainment for all day dong for people belonging to every age. It has also been known for the great nightlife that it offers to its visitors and tourists. The peak time to enjoy the night entertainment is the duration from December to January that allows most hot fashions in Durban . It allows people to enjoy the pleasantest weather at this time along with hot spots working all night long for people. One can find the dinner at the classic restaurant along with his/her favourite drinks. One can find clubs that remain opened until dawn. The famous clubs known here are Hilton Hotel along the Walnut road.

Durban Shopping

South Africa is the country that is famous because of the beauty and enchanting facilities that Durban offers to the every tourist coming there. It has been found that it offers all the possible comforts to the people coming up here along with great and hottest fashion shopping. There are different shopping spots in Durban that allow people with affordable, but quality shopping. On different National festivals, as on the reconciliation day, and youth day, the shopping malls allow the innovative styles that depict the love and quality in dressing and ornaments of the natives.

The most visited shopping spots include the, The Workshop that is known for all types of shopping with a great variety of clothing, footwear as well as accessories including eating items, cosmetics, etc. Other than this, Gateway is another well known mall that allows every possible thing that one requires. It has the luxurious environment for the tourist. One can get the economical shopping at the spot known as the Flea Markets. This is the area where one can get the low priced items at the wholesale rates.

Pavillion is another most visited shopping mall at Durban .

Durban Disabled Visitors

Durban has been a city of great entertainment for years in history , but now the things are upgraded more to facilitate visitors. It is because of the fact that Durban is now being prepared for the football World cup 2010.Everything including transport facilities, eating facilities, entertaining facilities, communication, and etc are made better that had not been seen ever before. The most important thing is that consideration is made towards disabled visitors.

There, one can find the wheel chairs for the people who cannot walk. Other than this, pedestrian is made for the people who will be having disabled relatives. Further, for the colour blind, individual specific colour coding is made on roads. Other than this, it is made particularly important that in the sitting arrangements in different resorts the wheelchairs, and blind sticks are provided. For the visually impaired, particular colours are used to make them conscious on the roads. In the transport facilities, it is ensured that wheelchairs as well as prams can easily be taken in.

Durban Accommodation

Durban is located in South Africa where countless people visit every year to enjoy holidays. One has to face no issue for affordable and better accommodation during his/her tour to Durban , as there are many accommodation sites available online that guide about the accommodation facilities in Durban , and near about Durban .

In Durban , one can find the restaurants, guesthouses as well as separate homes to live in. One of the famous guesthouses is the Durban view guesthouse that allows accommodation according to the modern standards of living along with comfortable features to amuse visitors with the beauty of Durban . One does not have to pay much for it. It charges R 380 per head. Other than this, Ibis lodge is also very famous where one can get the superb facilities all the time along with soothing, and hospitable environment all around. It is located in the north of Durban where most of the visitors come from all over the world. It costs per person sharing as R310.

Further, around Durban , there are guesthouses that are available to facilitate the customers that require sound living. It has been found that Amanzimtoti beach rest house, Hill top haven, Natures backpackers, and others are available with low per head charges.

Durban City

Durban is located in South Africa , and it is known as the place for entertainment round the globe. In South Africa , it is known to be the city, which is highly populated. It is located in the province KwaZulu-Natal . Further, it is the largest city in this province. The port is located in this province due to the nearest possible distance to enchanting natural beauty found in South Africa . People from all over the world come here to spend the holidays with a smooth and lovely climate.

In Durban , the biggest attraction is the beaches. There are different beaches that are found both as family resorts as well as the wild beaches for entertainment, and fun for thrillers. Durban is the city, which is perfect for the tourists, as the facilities here suit to every one. The basic transport facility is appreciated by every tourist visiting here in reviews. Other than this, it has been found that there is every type of eating resorts here to facilitate the visitors.

One can find the cheap and affordable restaurants to the luxury ones.

Durban Useful Contact

Durban is the second largest populated city of South Africa . It has been found that the population of the city is round about 3.5 million right now. Moreover, there are thousands of tourists coming to Durban every year to enjoy the holidays. In such a scenario, it is important that one may have the contacts with others. It can help people to have useful and beneficial trip round the Durban .

Further, the important contact numbers must be kept at first priority, which can allow people to enjoy all the possible features of trip. There are many museums in the city along with different monuments. One should have the useful contact numbers that can guide and help in proper visit to different museums and other resorts. The most commonly used contact links are the numbers that include the numbers of police, fire department, ambulance weather forecast, rescue services and others. These contact numbers are available on the sites that guide you about the Durban tourism. The online contact is also possible, and one can get the easy access to these resources as online travel guiders and agents are always available to facilitate the customers in every possible way.

Durban Festivals

Durban is the city where one can find countless festivals all over the year. It is because of the fact that people from all over the world work, and visit here. However, it does have its own culture along with festivals. There are National festivals that are celebrated according to the christen calendar. One can find shops and streets glowing with lights and people doing shopping all day long and even at night.

The shopping is done according to the particular festival. The most commonly celebrated festival is the Reconciliation day. It is celebrated to highlight, and support the equality among different nation, and join them together for the struggle of success. It is celebrated on 16 th of December. Moreover, there is another very famous festival that is known as the youth day. It is celebrated on the 16 th of June. It is particularly the festival of youth to make them passionate about different fields and walks of life.

Museums & Monuments In Durban

Durban is the city that is long been known for historical places and entertainment. One can find different resorts as parks, beaches, wonderland along with museums. There are many museums that are found in Durban . Bergtheil local history museum is one of such museums found in Durban . It shows the history of the inhabitants and their struggle with Claremont and new Germany .

KwaMuhle Museum is also an African museum that is known for the portrayal of political context of the present time. The monuments and the reserves found are known to be depicting the criticism, and bias that people had in the past. It is furnished with the blend of present and past beauty.

Kid's Amusements In Durban

Durban is a city where in there is amusement for every body that may include children, adults, or even elderly. It has been found that for kids even, it offers the glowing attraction. This is the reason that families from all over the world mostly visit it. The top attractions for kids include different parks and other resorts. These primarily include the Ushaka Marine Park that is known for all ages. It has a great aquarium in it. Other than this, there are snorkel tanks that allow thrill and amusement at the same time.

Different swings are there that make children happy all day dong. Beaches are the basic attraction where they swim, and play woolly ball. Other than these, children do fishing on the deep beaches. It has also been found that there is Sea World Aquarium that is known for the dolphin play that is most loved by kids in every part of the world.

One can also find the water wonderland, which has thrilling rides along with swing boat, kid bumper cars and more.

Durban Beaches

Durban is known for the tourism by all over the world tourists. It has been found that one of the biggest attractions in Durban is its beaches. These are located adjacent to the Indian Ocean . People visit Durban , because of its enchanting, and sun kissed beaches along with the fact that there is pleasant weather all over the year. There are different types of beaches that are available for the recreation of every one round the globe. One can find here the safe beaches that became the basic attraction for families, and on the other hand, there are wild beaches as well that give you the basic natural beauty with the touch of paradise.

The main renowned beaches in Durban are Margarate Main beach, Marina beach, and others. One can also enjoy great modern facilities at South broom, and Willard beach. These beaches are ideal for swimming as well as for fishing. One can find great picnic facilities over there. Other than this, for the disabled individuals, facilities are available with wheel chairs and water belts.