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Weather & When to Go Egypt

When we talk about Egyptian climate, we should know that the climate of Egypt is hot and dry in almost all parts of the country while along the Mediterranean coast, it is humid. This however is not the case at all times; the humidity has now spread up to even Cairo city. This piece of writing will talk about the brief details that a tourist should know about the weather of Egypt and when is the best time to go to Egypt.

Egypt has different climatic variations across the city and the desert shows two extremes in day and night also. During the summer season, the temperature might soar up to 38 °C in the city in daytime while in the desert, it may show up itself to over 40°C in the day while in winter the city shows moderately cold temperatures of around 14-16 °C.

In the Mediterranean side, the climate remains as mild but humid. The average rainfall at this place is around 200 mm and this explains the reason for the humidity of the coastal region. As we move on to the city centre, the rainfall precipitation decreases rapidly until we come to Cairo city where the rainfall precipitation is only 28 mm.

The winter season is colder than it is usually thought by the people. This is because in winter, cold winds blow from the desert areas in sunrise and sunset. However, when you move into the city regions, such as in mid city of Cairo, you might find the effect of cold weather being broken up.

The above mentioned reason makes the city of Cairo quite exciting during the winter nights. This is because the temperature falls till 10°C in the city centre at night which gives it cold climate as compared to the extremely hot summer. This explains why people like to visit Egypt in November and December time.

The month from March to April is not considered to be favourable for tourism because there are five days in this month which are known as ‘Khamsin’. These days present with extreme sandstorms which might get uncomfortable to the tourists.

If a tourist is keen in determining the alternations of weather in Egypt, he can ask Car Hire in Cairo Airport Egypt to provide him an experienced driver and a car and he can then ultimately compare the city, Mediterranean and desert area temperatures together.

Transport in Egypt

This is an unknown fact to most of the people around the world that Egypt is considered to be one of the famous tourist spots globally. For that, an efficient transport system is the key factor that Egypt provides to its tourists. This piece of writing will focus upon Egypt by different routes, in particular by Air, Train, waterways and Roads.

Egypt by Airport

Cairo International Airport is considered to be Egypt’s most important airport and their National airline is ‘Egypt Air’. The airport is extremely popular and most of the passengers are dependent on it. This is proved by the statistics of 2003 which reveal that 4.2 million passengers travelled through domestic and Internationalflights. Apart from Cairo International Airport, there are 89 other airports, 70 with paved runways and 19 with unpaved runways.

Egypt by Railways

The Railway system of Egypt is considered to be the most oldest of Middle East and Africa. The total railway strip is of 5,063 Km in length and the main organization operating them is Egyptian National Railways. The railways operate domestically only.

Egypt by Waterways

The Suez Canal is considered to be a major waterway which links the Mediterranean and Red Sea together. The major ports linking the Egypt to other countries are the Mediterranean Port Alexandria, Port Said and Port Damietta and the Red Sea’s port Safaga. There are slow and fast ferry services that also operate and link Hurgada with Sharm-Al-Sheikh. Egypt by Roads:

Buses are considered to be a famous transport method because they can take you to the specific and remote places in Egypt while asking you for a low cost. If you have a map of the city you are currently situated in, the bus can take you according to the routes specified. Another advantage is that by public bus services, you will come to interact with local people who can further advice you that which places you should visit.

You can also travel by hiring a car for yourself if you want. Hire Car Cairo Airport Egypt can give you the most affordable prices of renting a car but you need to keep the following details in mind:


Speed limit on Motorway: 90kph/56mph Speed limit

Desert Motorway: 100kph/62mph


The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.5 mg/ml and random breath testing is carried out.

Useful Contacts of Egypt

When it comes to Egypt; the beauty, the attraction, tourist spots, beaches, museums are virtually the best. It is surely one of the most exotic places that one would have ever dreamed of visiting. May it be for enjoying holidays or for business purposes, Egypt is one of the choices people have always made. The historical beauty of the country, the pyramids of Giza, the beaches and ports and the country itself are simple excellent. Having said this, it must also be mentioned that while you are staying in Egypt, you should have a contact number of every major organization over there. This is because any major or minor emergency can take place at any time so you need to be prepared for it. Below is a list of the major numbers that you need to have with you while you are on your stay in Egypt.


Egypt Ambulance number inquiry Tel: 123

Ambulance service in Cairo: 045-551309

Ambulance service in Heliopolis: 634-4327

Ambulance Service in Giza: 561-5551.

Ambulance Service in Tahrir: 577-0230.

Ambulance Service in Maadi: 525-3873

Ambulance Service in Ramsis: 577-0406/577-0365/577-0123

Egypt Fire Brigade Numbers

Egypt Fire Brigade Number Inquiry Tel: 180

Fire Brigade service in Giza: 391-5289/391-0115/391-1727 Ext.: 271

Fire Brigade service in Maadi: 3761-0259/3761-0258/3761-0257

Ambulance Service in Tahrir: 633-0954.

Ambulance Service in Heliopolis: 525-3873.

Egypt Police

Emergency Police: 122

Tourist Police: 126

Traffic Police: 128

Public Services and Miscellaneous Numbers

Cairo Airport Tel: 265-2029/265-2222/265-2436

Railway Information Tel: 575-3555

Cairo Air Information Tel: 635-0270 and 635-0260

West Delta Bus services: 576-5582/414-1318

East Delta Bus services: 574-2814/576-2293

Telephone number assistance Tel: 140/141

Speaking Clock Tel: 150

Electricity Emergency: 121

Natural Gas: 129

Water: 575-0059/575-7416

Western Union Money Transfer Tel: 796-2151

Credit Cards information: 146

Telephone complaints: 16

These are the basic numbers that you should always have with you during your stay in Egypt. While your stay in Egypt, you might even get a brochure which has most of the important Egyptian numbers written on it. Keep it and these numbers safe; they might be one of your most important assets in Egypt. You can use Car Rental Cairo Airport Egypt to see the city all by your own.

Festivals in Egypt

Egypt is a place well known for its beaches, beautiful tourist attractions and festivities. One of the main reasons why Egypt is considered to be a very famous tourist spot is because of the grandeur of festivals shown over here. The celebrations are beautiful and the people are enthusiastic. The energy level seems to have no limits. This article will focus upon the selected celebrations of Egypt and the days through which they are celebrated. Let us have a look at them.

Egyptian Christmas

The Egyptians have a community of Christians which are from the Orthodox Coptic Church. They celebrate Christmas on 7th January. The Christmas season for them starts from 25th November and then carries on till the night of January 6th. During all this time, they observe fasting and meat and milk are not allowed to be eaten until 7th of January.


Since the major Egyptian population are Muslims, they celebrate the month of Ramadan by observing fasting for continuous 30 days. For them, this month is a month of forgiveness so special prayers are performed and through their prayers, they ask Allah for forgiveness. Ramadan does not have any specific day to begin or end because it depends upon the Ramadan moon according to Islamic Calendar.

Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha

Thirty days after Ramadan, to celebrate the new month of Shawwal (according to Islamic Calendar), Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated. There are three days for the celebration of this event and during these three days, parades and parties are held and sweets are distributed. Eid-ul-Adha is a similar event celebrated 70 days after Eid-ul-Fitr and this month is dedicated in the name of Abraham who sacrificed a sheep in place of his son.

The Art Festival

This is considered to be the most famous and the biggest festival of the entire Arab World. Starting from 24th August, this Festival goes on for a week ending at 31st August when people from all over the world have successfully displayed their art pieces at exhibitions held at various places of Egypt.

To conclude, these are few of the festivals celebrated in Egypt. If you are in Egypt and want to have a visit to all these festivals, you don’t need to worry about the transport problem. Car Hire Cairo Airport can provide you with the best cars and drivers at the cheapest rates.

Museums of Egypt:

When Egypt is the subject of conversation, one of the things that we should never forget to mention is about the Museums of Egypt. This piece of writing will focus upon few of the Museums of Egypt with respect to their contact numbers, opening and closing times. These museums are considered to be the most famous museums in the Egyptian land and also have the maximum tourist count visiting them.

Abdeen Palace Museum :

This museum is located in Central Cairo and is a representative of the descendents of the Royal Family of Mohamed Ali. The construction of this museum started in 1863 and it took 10 years to build it. It is located in the old Cairo district of Abdeen and the catchiest thing about this palace is that it has 500 rooms. The museum consists of the gifts and the monuments that were presented to the royal family and it was the residence and workplace of Egyptian President at one time.

Visiting hours: Saturday to Thursday: 10.00 a.m. to 15.00 Hours Telephone: +20-2-857938

Alexandria National Museum

Located in Alexandria, this museum is a hotspot tourist attraction in Egypt. There are 3 levels in the museum; the first level which is the ground level displays the Graeco-Roman Treasures. The second level which is on the first floor contains monuments from the Egypt’s Coptic Christians and the Muslims.

Visiting hours: Tuesday closed

Monday-Friday: 09:00 – 14:00,

Same on weekends and holidays

Telephone: +20 3 483 5519

Luxor Museum

Standing on the Cornish which overlooks the River Nile, this museum is centrally situated in the Egyptian City of Luxor. It was inaugurated in 1975 and houses the collection from local temples and Theban Necropolis. The museum also contains the Royal mummies of Ahmose I and Ramesses I.

Visiting hours: Daily: 09:00 – 13:00,

16:00 to 21:00 in winter and 17:00 to 22:00 hours in winter

Telephone: +20 95 238 0269

To conclude, these were three of the most famous museums of Egypt. The reader is required to visit online and have information of the other famous museums out there in Egypt. Going to these museums is not a big difficulty at all because Rent Car Cairo Airport offers you excellent and affordable cars along with experienced drivers who can accompany you easily to these museums.

Beaches and Lakes in Egypt

It is usually seen that people forget to mention the beauty of Egypt in their conversations. Egypt is a small country but is filled by exotic sight-seeing places including its lakes and beaches. This piece of writing will focus upon a few beaches and lakes of Egypt.

Beaches of EgyptSharm Al Sheikh Beaches

They are considered to be the best beaches in Egypt with the tourist count being the heaviest at these beaches. There are a number of factors that make this beach so popular; firstly, this beach is easily accessible and charter flights also land near these beaches. Secondly, the option of luxury hotels in the vicinity and first class restaurants make this place a very good option. Thirdly and most importantly, water sports such as scuba diving are the claim to fame of these beaches.

Red Sea Beaches

Red Sea beaches are another famous strip of beaches and one of the beaches out of these is Taba. One of the best things that most of the Red Sea beaches have to offer is the calm and quiet environment of these beaches. There are two Red Sea beaches which sea a great mixture of tourists from different races, colour and countries. Those are The Nuweiba and Dahab beaches.

Lakes of EgyptLake Nasser

Lake Nasser is a vast reservoir which is found geographically between Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. Basically, 83% of the portion of this lake belongs to Egypt and is named Nasser. The 17% which belongs to Sudan is named as Lake Nubia. It is an extremely huge lake being 550 Km long and 35 Km wide.

Lake Manzala

This brackish lake is located in North-Eastern Egypt near Nile Delta and is a quite shallow lake ranging only 5 feet in depth. It was separated by Mediterranean Sea by a strip of sand of 300 yards but then Suez Canal separated it permanently.

These were a few names of the most famous beaches and lakes out there in Egypt. If you want to know more about them, you should go and search various websites to increase your knowledge about these lakes and beaches. If you are visiting Egypt for holiday purposes and are worrying about transport problems, well, you can consider your problem solved already; Car Hire Cairo Airport can book drivers who can take you to all of these exotic beaches and lakes on the cheapest rates possible!