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Best Car Hire El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in South America but it is also the most densely populated, covering about 21,000 square kilometers with a population of around 6,200,000 people. El Salvador is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, bordered by Guatemala and Honduras. El Salvador has a long history with its roots dating back to the Spanish conquest of the Pipil people that used to live in the area. San Salvador is the both the capital city as the largest city in El Salvador. The climate in El Salvador is a tropical one with very separate wet and dry seasons. Temperatures are affected more by land elevation and seasons alter them very little. Most tourists visit El Salvador on the two sides of the dry season as this is when the weather is the most consistent. The official language of El Salvador is Spanish.

One of the many things El Salvador is known for is its huge diversity of endangered wildlife. Amongst these are four species of sea turtles that nest of the El Salvador coast. These are the leatherback, hawksbill, green and olive ridley sea turtles. The forest lands in El Salvador are under constant threat of deforestation and to prevent this, the El Salvador government has implemented some laws. Amongst 500 species of birds and 800 species of fish, a local in El Salvador, the Ocelot is only found here.

Tourist attractions popular with visitors to the country are plentiful. An absolutely breath-taking view of San Salvador can be seen from the Los Planes de Renderos. There is a lookout here specifically built for the purpose. While you?re in the area, be sure to visit La Puerta del Diablo, possibly one of the most iconic landmarks of El Salvador. This mountain is 1259m high and the views here are also spectacular.

Getting around El Salvador using the public transport network is not easy and if you don?t have a local tour guide, it is recommended that you travel by car. Visit Tripindicator.com to compare instant quotations from the top car hire companies operating in El Salvador. From here you can make advance bookings for car hire in El Salvador to be guaranteed of getting the car you want when you get there.

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