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Finland is a country located in Northern Europe. The official languages spoken there are Finnish and Swedish by the approximately 5,400,000 people living in Finland. By size, it is the 8th biggest country in Europe but conversely it is the least densely populated. The capital of Finland is Helsinki where about one fifth of the total population resides. The currency used in Finland, as with most of continental Europe is the Euro. Finland is known for having a warm summer and icy cold winters. The average temperature in Finland in the winter is less than zero degrees Celsius and in summer can reach as high as 30 degrees Celsius. The economic drive in Finland is based primarily around the services industry, with other major contributors being manufacturing and refining. Global cellular telephone giant, Nokia, is the biggest company in Finland. The primary airport in and out of Finland is the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport in Helsinki.

Finland is a popular tourist destination for history buffs and nature lovers alike. If you want to see a part of Finland?s incredible and long history, take a trip to the City of Helsinki where you?ll find many different sites to visit of great interest and importance to the history of the country. One of the most popular of these destinations is the Fortress of Suomenlinna which is built on an island in the Helsinki Harbor. While you?re there, visiting this fortress isn?t the only thing to do ? the island itself has a great number of museums, art galleries and other entertainment. If castles are your thing then you might also enjoy an outing toe St. Olaf?s Castle in the small town of Olavinlinna. It is more than five hundred years old and many visitors say it looks more like a castle from a Disney movie than from real life.

These two examples are part of many places to visit in Finland. Trips to The Aland Islands, Turku and some of the many different museums and galleries around the country are also highly recommended. For the most efficient way of seeing as much as you can in the time you have available, car hire in Finland is advised. Visit to book a hire car at the best rates for car hire in Finland.

History Finland

Finland has a very interesting history. Finland's traces of human settlement date back to the thaw of the last Ice Age some 10,000 years ago. The Finns' ancestors seem to have dominated half of northern Russia before arriving on the north of the Baltic coast well before the Christian era. Finland was blighted by constant battles with Russia and severe famines. From 1696-97, famine killed a third of all Finns. The 1700s were punctuated by bitter wars against Russia, culminating in the eventual loss of Finland to Russia in 1809. The downfall of the tsar of Russia and the Communist revolution in 1917 made it possible for the Finnish senate to declare independence on 6 December 1917. During 108 days of a bloody civil war, approximately 30,000 Finns were killed by their fellow citizens. Further anticommunist violence broke out in the early 1930s and, despite the signing of a non-aggression pact in 1932, Soviet relations remained uneasy.

The Soviet Union's security concerns in the Finnish Karelian territory led to the Winter War in 1939. Isolated from Western allies, Finland turned to Germany for help and slowly began to resettle Karelia, including some areas that had been in Russian possession since the 18th century. When Soviet forces staged a huge comeback in the summer of 1944, the Finns sued for peace. Finland pursued a bitter war to oust German forces from Lapland until the general peace in the spring of 1945. Finland voted to join the European Union in late 1994 and became a full member in 1995.

When to go Finland

Whole year visit can come and enjoy the weather of Finland. Spring arrives in May and the summers are short. July is the warmest month, with temperatures averaging around 59?F (15?C). The coldest months are January and February, when the Finnish climate has been compared to that of New England. December is the month of snow and snow arrives in southern Finland; it arrives in northern Finland in October. In Lapland, snow generally lasts until late April.


Weather Finland

Finland shows quite interesting characteristics of climate. The weather can change rapidly even within a day- there could be sunshine in the morning and an hour later there could be heavy rainfall. There are four seasons in a year in Finland. This season is warm and fair with ample rainfall. The nature seems beautifully green at this period of the year. Nights are shorter in this season and around the mid-summer Finland has nightless-nights. Winter brings in snowy times in the north. During this season Northern Lights shine through Lapland nights. During the mid-winter the day time becomes exclusively shorter lasting not more than 6 hours. In the far north of Lapland (69-70?N) the sun stays below the horizon for the whole of December and the period of gloom does not end until January 16. At the advent of autumn forests aglow with tinted foliage. The rich colours of this season doesn't last more than one or two weeks, though the lasting period timing varies from year to year. As the tint colours of the leaves start fading away in the north, the southern Lapland start capturing the flavour. Spring brings in the thaw. Both autumn and spring are pretty shorter than the other two seasons. Yet these seasons has their own features to please people with.

Best locations Finland

There are many things to visit in Finland like its cities Helsinki, rauma and Aland. Helsinki retains a small-town feel there are no high-rise buildings and the market square is still surrounded by 19th-century architecture. Helsinki is Finland's capital and the centre of its cultural, financial and economic activity. While it embodies much of the Finnish spirit and its progressive hi-tech push, it is unlike any other Finnish city, due in part to the fascinating combination of Swedish and Russian influences. Although the old town of Rauma was recently placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is not a museum but a living town centre, with many artisans, lace makers and goldsmiths working in small studios, most of which were erected in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Åland province, with its own flag and culture, comprises more than 6400 autonomous islands. It's perfect for bicycle tours, camping and cabin holidays, and for experiencing the islanders' distinctive culture, expressed in folk dancing, maypole decorating and pervasive small-town charm. The most interesting municipality is Sund, at the eastern end of the main island, where you'll find the impressive Kastelholm Castle.

Dissable visitors Finland

There are many facilities for disabled people, caters well for disabled people,wheel chair and many transport facility. Public amenities and transport take relatively good account of people with mobility problems. Helsinki City Planning Department assisted by the Helsinki Disability Board and several disability organisations, has produced a guide book, Accessible Helsinki. Helsinki has a 2011 deadline for maximising accessibility and movement for all citizens throughout the city. Museums, cinemas and other attractions already provide good wheelchair access in Helsinki and elsewhere in the country. The Finnish Association of People with Mobile Disabilities is another useful source of relevant information.

People Finland

People of Finland are very creative. A number of Finnish musicians, artists, and authors have achieved Internationalacclaim. The symphonies of the composer Jean Sibelius are especially well-known. Frans Sillanpa won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1939. Contemporary Finnish architecture and sculpture have won a worldwide reputation. The Finns are particularly noted for their accomplishments in industrial arts, especially ceramics and glass-working. Most of Finland's people live in the southern part of the country, where the climate is mildest, though the entire country is snow covered from December to April. Finns love the outdoors and the arts. They have a high standard of living and receive many welfare benefits from the government. Most of Finland's wealth comes from its huge forests.

The Finnish theatre is represented by some 40 professional companies. Opera, symphonies, and music festivals are popular. The Finnish language belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group, which also includes Hungarian and Estonian.

Red tape visas Finland

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