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Renting a car in France? –Useful tips to guide you when renting a car in France

Have you got plans to visit France this holiday? You just chose a very good location for a holiday. A holiday in France can never go wrong with all the numerous relaxation spots –their food, restaurants, tourist attraction and a whole host of others are sure to help you have the best of times in France.

In order to have a spoil time in France and get all of the juiciest moments, you will want to consider renting a car if you are going to be staying for a while. Renting a car in France is not as stressful as it is painted by some folks. Lots of tourist visit Frances and the numerous spicy spots in order to have fun and go around with the aid of a rental car. There are many questions that might come to your mind about car rentals and the ounce of fear attached to making a wrong move through car rentals –well, we are here to assure you that renting a car can be a hassle-free experience with our guidelines outlined in this informative piece.

All of your questions about renting a car in France in order to have memorable moments while moving from Paris to any other city in France is just a read away. Join me as we give you all of the needed information on your next vacation to France.

Would it be a bad idea to rent a car in France?

Renting a car in France would be a really good idea in the case of a vacation as it will allow you the opportunity not to be dependent on public transport. Public transport can be a little limiting at night especially in cities like Paris. Going around at night will be a whole lot easier if you are renting a car.

Renting a car in France is as good as renting a car in any other European country. If you are going to be visiting the countryside then you would really be appreciative of the car rental option. If you are English, you might find it a little bit difficult due to a large amount of French populace in the country. You would be better off with a GPS to guide you around town so you don’t get stuck. Gas is also another factor you may consider which is quite expensive in Europe and limited parking space. Most European countries have issues of parking space so France is not too different.

Through all the pros and cons of driving to get to your destination through a rental car, for most people, renting a car in France is a good idea if you want to be able to do things at your time and have a memorable vacation

Car rental issues in France.

Renting a car is France can be an easy process but it also comes along with a lot of risks –don’t panic as this is not peculiar to just France but to most nations. The car renting process is pretty easy but most times it is complicated by several issues such as Insurance for liability. Insurance for liability is a must-do before you can rent a car in France. Every driver in France renting a car must be legally insured as this is a primary requirement.

Also collision damage waiver –some rental companies will request you pay for this as it will cover for any damages that might be done to the car in case it is being rented. Some rental companies in France ask for as much as $20 for this waiver. If you have a credit card that already covers collision damage for a year then you don’t need to pay this again to the car rental company in France.

 Best and Worst Car rental companies in France

There are a great number of car rental companies in France but it’s not advisable to use just any unless recommended from a noteworthy site or friend. Below are some of the best and worst car rental companies in France.

Worst car rental companies in France

  • InterRent: Avoid this company at all cost and don’t be lured into using them. They have lots of hidden charges even if they put up this initial rate that makes them look cheaper than other companies.
  • Rhodium car rental: Too many complaints in recent times about not get what you asked for the bad state of their cars.
  • Gold car rentals: Quite a number have issues with this company. They charge excess for the fuel in their car and extort people with their additional costs. They use fraudulent methods to get money from people

Best car rental companies in France

  • Avis car rental company
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Sixt car rentals

 Renting a Car in the France: Manual vs Automatic

France is a right-hand drive country and you might want to consider the type of transmission of the car you are renting. For some people, they are lovers of automatic cars while some love manual cars. France has manual and automatic cars for rent –it happens that the manual cars are cheaper so if you are one for manual cars then you will be saving cost.

Automatic cars are much easier to drive around France due to their topography. Most automatic cars are air-conditioned, so if you are traveling during the warm weather month you might want to use an automatic car. Whatever your choice is, you are sure of getting a car from the rental companies.

Is a credit card compulsory when renting cars in France?

If you go on the booking site of most car rental companies you will find out that using a credit card is mandatory before you can rent a car in France. Most companies insist on credit cards due to the insurance liability fees to be paid. Car rental companies require a surety (car rental insurance) which will protect them in case of damages and this can only be guaranteed when a deposit is made through your credit card.

Whatever amount is held on your card during the duration of the car rentals will be paid back after the car has been returned in top shape and as agreed. If you don’t have a credit card you will need an optional insurance coverage to be provided. Europcar can help you rent a car if you don’t have a credit card to use.

What is Max and Min Age to Rent a Car in France?

If you are planning to rent a car in France you would want to reconsider your age before embarking on this. France has an advantage over many other European countries as their minimum age for car rentals is 18 –some companies will require 21 – 23. If you are under the age of 25 you will need to pay a fee known as the young driver surcharge.

The age requirements differ based on the company which you are renting from and who you are renting with. There is also no maximum age for car rentals and like most other countries it is not given a limit. 75 is not an age benchmark but is regular in most France car rental companies. Make sure you are aware of the age requirements before you rent a car and drive around France.

What is the average cost of renting a car in France?

Renting a car in France comes with lots of price considerations. The basic thing that makes your bill in a car rental on the high are –additional coverage, calculated distance and charges on gases, tolls, road taxes, and parking. With an inclusion of unlimited mileage, sales tax, theft protection, and collision damage coverage, you can be sure to spend an average of $35 per day. Parking charge cost an estimated €5 to €10 per night. Your expenditure on the trip determines what your cost will be like.

A gallon of fuel costs $6.97 in France. Average cost of weekly car rentals in seasons like spring and autumn are within the range of $220 to $246 respectively. You may spend up to $335 to rent a car in summer as this is a peak holiday period. Winter rentals are moderate and go for about $257 a week.

Road Laws domineering France as a tourist when Renting a Car

When driving in France as a tourist, there are several road laws to abide by in order to avoid being embarrassed. Some of such rules include making calls on the wheels –this shouldn’t be told anymore as it is widely prohibited. There a number of speed cameras in France that guarantees you a ticket if you drive above 140km. Tourists are pegged at the 80kn/h for on roads and 110km/h on motorways.

You must always our traveling documents at all times while driving. Persons in the front and rear seats should always fasten their seatbelts.

Documents needed to rent a car in France

There are a number of documents needed in order to rent a car in France from a car rental company. You have to reach the required age requirement before going along with these documents. The documents are listed below.

  • A credit card or a debit card
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Good enough amount to cover the amount of car rental.

Toll gates and other information

As a foreign driver in France, there are a number of toll gates you will pass through and payment is required. Most toll gates in France requires you take a ticket when passing through and pay when you are returning. You can pay using credit or debit cards, euro cash or with the aid of a telepeage.

It is preferable to pay France toll gate fees using euro cash. When you see a green arrow that means you can pay with euro cash and the ‘t’ sign indicates that you can pay with credit cards.

Renting a Car in the France as an American Driver (USA)

If you are an American driver and you are staying beyond a 90 day period then you can drive around using your US license. An international driving permit (IDP) would be required as this helps to translate your license. The American automobile association has a series of rules guiding American drivers in order to make their stay a pleasant one.

What NOT to DO When Returning a Rental Car in France

Try to be safe while driving in France so that the rented car won’t have any scratch or body damage as this can lead to them billing you really high. Another thing cars use to get at people is the fuelling level. In most cases, the tank is filled to the brim when you borrow and you are charged for it.

Depends on your tour route, most people hardly exhaust the fuel in the tank. To be on the safe side, make an upfront payment for the fuel when renting the car as you will be refunded for the unused one when you return. If you have a camera phone then you should take pictures of the car when renting and on return.

Tips to avoid car rental companies RIF-OFFS

-Avoid taking a collision damage waiver from the insurance company no matter how you are pressured.

-Make sure you read the paperwork properly in order to avoid unforeseen billing.

-Make sure you don’t borrow car seats –preferably bring a child car seat along with you.

-Check the car properly for any damage before you rent them.

-Try to use a car that does the fuelling return policy of filling up the tank to full tank level.

Important Contact Numbers

European emergency number – 112

Police – 17

Maritime emergency – 196

Fire service – 18

Missing child – 116

Emergency Shelter – 115

Useful Links

French embassy

 Paris police stations

Brief conclusion.

Renting a car in France can go a long way to make sure you have a pleasurable and memorable vacation. All you need to do is use a good car rental company and avoid rip-offs through our tips.