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History Geneva

As well as being a place of natural beauty, Geneva also had its roots based in some historical moments. It is shown that in 3000 BC, Celtic tribes had inhabited the area when Julius Caesar had invaded with his Roman armies. By 443, the Roman Empire had declined and the German Burgundians made the area their home. This lasted only about 100 years, though, as they were taken over by the Francs by 534.During the 11th century the Second Burgunduan Kingdom became a lot stronger and made Geneva its capital. This was heavily contested by Burgundy, The Roman Empire and The Francs. The restorative move of the Christian church during the 16th century gained Geneva the nickname The Protestant Rome. Foreign troops attacked Geneva in 1602 under the direction of Duke of Savoy. However, these attacks were repelled by the city�s citizens who prevented soldiers climbing the walls that were built to protect the city and allow their troops through the city gates. It was this action that created Escalade which when translated to English means the scaling of the wall. This marked Geneva's independence. Geneva went on to become part of Switzerland in 1815.Another historical movement was the Geneva Conventions. These were a set of treaties that outlined Internationallaw regarding the treatment of the sick and wounded during wartime. The first of these was established in 1864.Geneva had also enjoyed a history within the metal working industry, this remained a major industry until 1970s. During the mid 1800s, Geneva has claimed more foundries and machine shops than anywhere else. It was the metal industry that accounted for 70% of the jobs within Geneva.

Today there remains one metal fabrication company, which still maintains its focus on what drew business to Geneva during the 19th century and why they had depleted during the 20th century.

When to go Geneva

Knowing when to visit Geneva is simply a case of personal preference. People may want to visit for the weather where others may want to visit for specific events within Geneva. The peak season of Geneva is July and August. These are the months that pull the biggest crowds and also have the best weather. The beginning of August marks Swiss National day, here you will be treated to two weeks of festivities. You will also find the summer filled with events and a number of musical festivals. The off season months are June and September. These remain pleasant periods in which to visit Geneva and you may find the both flights and holiday accommodation is lowered due to the decreased demand. The off season months are October, November, April and May. These months show that Geneva has the lowest crowds not to mention the lowest rates in some instances. Although you may find some hotels to be closed during the quiet period.

There are a number of annual events and festivals occurring in Geneva throughout the year. These include the Fete De La Musique Geneva's largest music festival which features over 100 acts. This normally takes place during 17-19th June. There is also the Fetes De Geneve which is said to be the highlight of the summer period. The fete attracts two million visitors annually and has a collection of concerts, rides and food stalls. The Christmas Festival, which occurs from November through to January, is a time where Geneva hosts its more traditional side by offering a back to roots kind of Christmas. Here you will see a number of stalls as well as a free open air skate park. Fans of cars may be interested in the InternationalMotor Show which is held between the 3 - 11th March. The show hosts many classic cars as well as introducing some new prototypes.


Weather Geneva

Regardless of the climate in Geneva, you can rest assured that you will have a comfortable enjoyable stay, with the weather even adding to the mood of certain locations within Geneva. It is the high altitude of Geneva that allows for weather conditions to be nice rather than extreme. When visiting Geneva you may be subjected to either the Foehn (warm wind) or the Bise (very cold wind). It all depends on during which season you visit Geneva. The winters are known to be mild. These generally consist of light frosts during the evening with thawing conditions during the day. There are plenty of sunny days to be had during the months of July and August, visitors to Geneva during these months should expect to see a lot more fellow tourists visiting in order to embrace the good weather.

The months of June and September still attain the good weather but you may not be subjected to as many crowds as you would be during July and August. When deciding what to wear when visiting Geneva, it would be advisable to pack layers. Although it can be hot during the summer period, especially by the lake, you may also endure the cooler climates. Visits to the mountain can also be extremely hot so a sun hat and sun cream is also advisable. As you can expect it can be difficult to find a definitive outlook on weather conditions in any country, but as a guide Geneva is reported to have rainfall within all months. The hottest months would be from June through to September.

It would not be unusual to see just below freezing temperatures between December and February, with the maximum night temperatures normally occurring from June to September. Anyone visiting soon can check five day forecasts online, you can also receive up to date weather reports online whilst there, or from your mobile phone if you are using them to roam abroad.

Arrival Geneva

When arriving in Geneva, the most popular choice is the Geneva Cointrin International Airport. Geneva has the one runway which is set against the Jura mountains. As you can expect, from any approach you are flying from, Geneva greets it's tourists with a spectacular view every time. Once you land in Geneva arranging a taxi isn't a problem. If you were to fly via Easyjet your will arrive around 150 yards from the Terminal , disembarking through a jet-way, travelators are available and are activated once you step on them, so don't be discouraged if they aren't in operation straight away. If you travel with British Airways, you will arrive at the main Terminal . There will be a short walk to make to get to passport control. Once you have checked through customs you will be in the arrival hall. Once here, you will be able to obtain a free ticket to allow travel via bus or train and will remain valid for 80 minutes. This can be obtained from the dispensing machine left of the exit doors.

Naturally, you can also opt to hire a car. Alternatively, there is a train station attached, which also includes a mall. All trains that depart from the train station go to Geneva's main station. Once you arrive at the main station you can also connect to the bus and tram network, using the same ticket you obtained from the airport. If you plan to use public transport a lot, a worthwhile purchase may be the cartabus. This is a prepaid card which you insert into the fair machine on the bus, you simply choose the appropriate fare. All fares are translated into English for your convenience Taxis are also available for anyone with a heavy load of luggage.

City transport

Geneva has very efficient and well-organized public transport system. There are many modes of transportation including tram, bus, suburban train and mouette (boat) to move different locations in the city.

The visitors who are staying in hostels and hotels of Geneva receive free daily travel pass for the local Transport TPG from hotel. You will get a Unireso Geneva Transport Card from the hotel at the time of check-in. Bus services are the most common mode of public transportation in Geneva. The cost of ticket for three stops or less (short hop) is 2CHF.

These tickets are also valid for trams but you must buy tickets from ticket machines before boarding a bus or tram. The ticket machines are located at every stop of transport. Some tickets are for one hour and costs 3CHF. You can travel on any public transport such a tram bus, boat and rail during this period. Some cards offer 15 hours in 7CHF and 24 hours in 10CHF. Train services are also commonly used to move around the city.

The regional trains are operated every half hour during the day and every hour after 8pm to suburban areas. You can also use tram service to visit the beautiful locations of the city. Public transport is reliable but some people feel comfort in private cars.

Best locations Geneva

Lake GenevaLake Geneva is a scenic mountain lake which is situated along the city of Geneva. The lake empties into the Rhone River. You can obtain an audio walk so you can learn more about the lake as you visit. You will also be greeted by different species of birds and people from all walks of life. A beautiful location, if only for a walk. Cathedrale de St-Pierre is a famous cathedral gives historic significance as the church where John Calvin gave his sermons during the 16th century. Although only a cathedral, what you will notice is that the structure is nothing short of breathtaking. The Old Town where the cathedral is based also makes for an interesting walk Signal de Bougy - If you are travelling with children, it's good to have some downtime. Signal de Bougy is an amusement park 21 miles from the centre that offers a number of activities for children of all ages. Lots of play area and the indoor water playground ensures that your children are entertained. You are also treated to more spectacular views. Grand Theatre de Geneve is the main and only opera house in Geneva. They offer a varied programme including dance, classical and opera. You can also marvel at the sheer beauty of the building. Reformation Wall (Mur de la Reformation): This wall, which measures 60 foot, was built in 1909 to commemorate Geneva's role in the Protestant Reformation. The wall is situated in a picturesque park, where the locals play chess with a difference, on a giant chess board. A great location to relax and enjoy a spot of ice skating should the fancy take you. Musee Ariana; this museum offers a display of ceramic creations which span from over several artistic genres. They offer a modern glass blowing exhibition. What makes the museum more appealing is the free entrance, ideal for a visit if you are at a loose end.

Top attractions in Geneva

Geneva is the most famous city of Geneva. There are many historical, religious, cultural and natural attractions in the city. The most favorite Geneva attraction is Lake Geneva. It is the largest lake in the central Europe.

The most appealing factor about the lake is the huge fountain that shoots water 150 meters in the air. It is the tallest fountain in the world and known as Jet d’Eau. It projects water at a speed of 124 miles per hour and pumps 132 gallons of water per seconds. The lake is shared by two countries including France and Switzerland. The InternationalRed Cross and Red Crescent Museum is one of the most creative museums of Europe.

The major aim of the museum is to highlight the importance of the human rights. The museum is entirely funded by outside donors. St Peter’s Cathedral is well known church of Geneva and located at Cour Saint-Pierre. The church is famous because of its architectural style with Gothic, Romanesque and Neoclassical features. Another famous museum of the city is Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The museum remains open from 12 pm to 6 pm, from Friday to Tuesday. The other top attractions Geneva are Palais des Nations, Plaine de Plainpalais Flea market and Barbier-Mueller Museum.

You can use public transport to visit all the places of the city.


As well as hosting a diverse crowd, Geneva also hosts a diverse number of night life locations. Regardless of what mood you're in or what walk of life you're from, you should have no difficulty in finding a spot to suit your niche. The Les Paquis district is nothing more than a short walk from the railway station. The district is set against the lakeside Quays and the Rue De Lausanne going East. It has a multi ethnic population and is renowned for its many bars and restaurants. Among the many bars available, a few to try are Les 5Ports, Le Cafe Des Arts and the Le Scandale. All bars are trendy and prove popular with the locals. Should you have a yearning for a public house then try the Grand Duke Pub, which offers a mix of popular music as well as hosting some major sporting events. The Old Town is also a major hotspot for night-life.

The central square Le Bourg de Four is surrounded by a number of bars and restaurants. Amongst these is the La Clemence, popular with the student community. It is said that every local has visited this venue at least once. There is also the Demi-Lune, a trendy Tapas bar with an comfortable easygoing feel.Just below the old town is the shopping and bank district, you will also find numerous bars and nightclubs. The Sens lounge bar is a trendy affair, as are the Le Baroque and Bi Club. A few blocks further towards Rives you will find Crem Club, a trendy new nightclub.If you want to look after the pennies, then why not try the Plainpalais District. Here you will find a number of bars which whilst less expensive, still offer an enjoyable night out for those on a Budget .

Accommodation in Geneva

Accommodation is easily available in Geneva at reasonable rates. There are many hotels in the city and you can choose any of them that suit your Budget . The top rated hotel of the city is Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva.

It is a five star hotel and located at Quai des Bergues. The rates of the hotel are high but it offers high quality stay. East west Hotel is also a well known hotel of the city. It is nicely decorated and provides highly comfort stay. It is luxurious hotel but less expensive than Four Seasons Hotel. Hotel Kipling is the also a best choice for you. It provides four star services in 3 star prices.

It is located in heart of Geneva and has an easy approach to shopping areas, railway station and Lake Geneva. The hotel also offers free transport coupons for boats and buses. Hotel de la Paix is a four star hotel and located at Quai du Mont Blanc. Binibars are also present in the rooms with free water and drinks. The rooms are amazing and large with attach baths and air conditioner. Some other famous hotels of the city include Hotel d'Angleterre, Jade Hotel, Manotel Edelweiss, Hotel Beau Rivage Geneva and La Cour des Augustins - Boutique Gallery Design Hotel.

City of destination Geneva

The city of Geneva can be found at the location between the Jura Mountains and the Alps at the Rhone Valley in the south-western corner of the Lake Geneva. It is the second smallest canton in the Swiss Confederation and is the capital of the canton of Geneva. In the end of the 19th century when the Mark Twain visited Geneva so often, the American literary began to fear about that he had taken up residence. This second largest city of Switzerland has an Idyllic setting on one of the biggest alpine lakes and within view of the pinnacle of Mont Blanc. The city filled with the parks and promenades have the looks of the virtual garden. This is also the one of the healthiest city of the world. Due to its ethnic and religious tolerance nearly 40% population consist the foreigner. The city can be explored on foot due to its compactness. Staying in city has a demystifying experience. The French territory surrounds Geneva, with connection to Switzerland only by lakes and narrow corridor. The city is influenced by the overwhelming French and is apparent in its mansard roofs, side-walk caf?s, iron balconies, and French signs Geneva's image as a sleepy fondue-clogged destination for Heidi-loving diplomats has long been put to rest. Geneva is the most populated city of the French speaking part of Switzerland, Romandy and the second most populated city in all of Switzerland. The city is set along the banks of Europe's largest lake, Lake Geneva. Geneva is said to be one of the most cultured and beautiful cities in the world. Geneva is surrounded by the Jura mountains and Mont Saleve. To the south and North West and by the Rhone and Arve rivers. These flow through the town before joining together and then flowing towards the Mediterranean.

As well as its beauty, Geneva also has a long history of tolerance and diversity dating back to the Protestant Reformation. The city has since gone on to become a second to none Cultural centre offering world class entertainment, top restaurants and unlimited opportunities in relation to recreation. Geneva offers a mix of historic and architectural offerings, as well as a splendour of natural beauty. Geneva's history dates back more than 4,000 years. It is this history that continues to influence the development of this city to present day. Many museums and monuments capture the history of Geneva for people to see. Geneva is famous for having attracted rich aristocrats who went on to establish grand estates around the city. Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau are just two of the many philosophers and artists who added refinement to the city. The weather in Geneva remains pleasant all year round, due to the tempering effects of the lakes and mountains. The rainiest months are normally September and October, with the coldest being January and February. Summers are long and you are treated with cool winds from the lake. Furthermore, you can see Mont Blanc is visible from Geneva for half of the year.

Useful contact numbers

Geneva is considered as one of the safe cities of the world. The tourists from all around the world want to spend their vacations in Geneva. The crime rate of the city is also very less as compared to the other cities of Switzerland. If you are planning to visit Geneva then it is recommended to note down the useful contact numbers of the city. Some of the contact numbers are mentioned below:

Emergency contact numbers:

In the case of any emergency dial 112 from any cellular telephone. These services are available for 24 hour and call is free of cost.

Police services: 117

Fire brigade: 118

Ambulance services: 114

Emergency call: 143

24 hour information services (doctors, dentists, vets and pharmacies): 111

Medical emergencies:

SOS Doctors: 00 41 (0)22 748 49 50

SOS nurses: 00 41 (0)22 420 24 64

Doctor emergency (home services): 00 41 (0)22 32 220 20

University Hospital: 00 41 (0)22 372 33 11

Emergency Hospital: 00 41 (0)22 719 60 00

Children hospital: 00 41 (0)22 382 68 18 / 00 41 (0)22 382 68 19

Emergency hospital: 00 41 (0)22 719 61 11

Other services:

Child help: 147

Poison emergency: 145

Rescue (Helicopter): 14 14

Traffic information (road/driving conditions): 163

Services for car breakdown: 140

Weather forecast: 162

Geneva Festivals

Geneva is the most famous city of Switzerland. The festivals and events of the city make Geneva a popular city in world. The interesting festivals of Geneva, based on culture and traditions of the city, attract millions of tourists every year. Fete De La Musique is the largest music festival of the Geneva.

It is celebrated at various locations of the city and over 100 acts are displayed at more than 30 different outdoor locations. Most of the concerts of this festival are free of cost. Lake Sailing Regatta is another famous event of the city. It is the largest sailing regatta of Europe and organized at Lake Geneva.

It is the most important sailing competition of Europe with over 500 boats. Fetes de Geneve is also a well known event of Geneva and celebrated at various locations of the city. It attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Musical concerts and variety shows are organized along the shores of Lake Geneva. InternationalMotor Show is considered as the most important motor show of the world. It is ranked as the largest Internationalshow in Europe. The other major festivals or events of Geneva areChristmas Festival, L’Escalade, InternationalExhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products, Montreux Jazz Festival, Festival De La Batie and Geneva Winter Carnival.

Museums & Monuments in Geneva

There are many museums and art galleries present in Geneva which represent the art, local history, crafts, archeology and cultural heritage of the city. The top rated museum of the city is Internationalmuseum of the Reformation. The collection of the museum highlights the Geneva’s ties to the Reformation.

The collection of the museum includes paintings, engravings and rare books. The Patek Philippe Museum is another well known museum of the city. It is located at Rue des Vieux Grenadiers and has a large collection of timepieces from all around the world. It has two type of collection including a collection of antiques Swiss and European watches and a collection of Patek Philippe designed watches.

Many exhibitions are also organized in the museum. InternationalRed Cross and Red Crescent Museum is the one of the most important museums of the world. The museum pays tribute to the heroes of the first humanitarian organization of the world. The famous museums of the city also include Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Olympic Museum. St. Pierre Cathedral is one of the famous buildings of the city. The other famous monuments of the city include Palaceof Nations, Maison Tavel, Lake Geneva and Harbor.

Kid's Amusements in Geneva

There are many attractions in Geneva for kids. The most interesting place for kids in Geneva is Aquaparc. It is located in Route de la Plage, Port Valais. It is one of the biggest water parks of the Europe. It has large pools, many fast water slides and a land of pirates. Geneva Lake is also a big source of entertainment for kids.

Children enjoy a lot at the Geneva beach which is located on the westerly banks of Geneva, in the Colongny area. It is present ten minutes away from the city centre. It provides a great place to relax and you can visit it 24 hours free of cost. Cable car at Le Saleve is another attraction for kids. It is considered as the best outdoor activity in Geneva especially for kids.

Centre de Loisirs de Carouge is also a well place in the city. If offers you many creative activities like sports program, outings, theaters and barbecues. Musée Internationalde la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge is the most appealing factor in the city for younger visitors. Various exhibitions are organized here which tell the history of the Red Cross movement.

You can use public transport to move different location of the city. However, it can be difficult for you to travel through public transport if your family is with you.

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