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History of Genoa City

Genoa is a historical city and important for its historical details. Genoa is a northern Italian city. It is a seaport and the birth place of Christopher Columbus.

It is the capital of the province Genoa. Genoa is a region of Liguria. The name Genoa is originated from the two-headed Giano. Genoa faces inland as well as sea so, it is also known as a city of two faces.

It behaves as a cross road between the Mediterranean Sea and continental Europe. After the fall of Roman Empire, Genoa was considered as the small town or fishing centre. Before 11 century, Genoa grew up as an independent city.

In 1284, Genoa defeated Pisa and emerged as a strong city. After this, Genoa got the control of Tyrrhenian Sea. Genoa became a valued city after taking participation in Eastern Crusades.

Genoa got economic success due to the business in east and turned into a valued importer. In the second half of Sixt eenth century, Ligurian coast got a number of pirate attacks and loss many Mediterranean colonies. The period of Andrea Doria gave a great economic prosperity and stability to Genoa. During these 30 years, Genoa became a satellite of the Spanish Empire. In 19th and 20thy century, Genoa developed into a cultural centre and a city of art. Today Genoa has become the best tourist destination.

Arrival to Genoa

Genoa is near to many important cities of the world, so you get in the city through various ways. The three major modes of transportation to get into Genoa are air, land and sea.

The main mode of transportation for Internationaltourists is air. The Aeroporto di Genova Cristoforo Colombo is used for both Internationaland domestic flights. It is 6 kilometres away from the main centre of Genoa.

You can also visit to Genoa by train. Railway connects different cities like Milan, Tuscany, Turin and Rome to Genoa. There are two main stations of Genoa including Brignole and Principe. Principe is used as a local as well as long distance train but Brignole is only served for local routes.

You can also be reached Genoa via buses. The best coach services in Genoa are Eurolines coach. Genoa is an important seaport, so you can also use ferry services to arrive the city. These services are cheap and are easily affordable for all tourists. Some people do not feel convenient in crowded transports like buses, trains and ferries. So, private cars or taxis are the best options for those people who can bear high expenses. If you want a comfortable and safe journey, you can hire you own car.

City Transport

Genoa has a well developed infrastructure and it provides cheap and affordable transportation. In recent years, more work has been done to provide extra facilities to the tourists. The two main modes of transportations are buses and taxis.

Buses are cheaper as compared to taxis. The routes of the buses in Genoa connect the different parts of the city. These buses stop on their specific Terminal s and follow their strict timetable. One ticket of the bus costs you about 0.75 Euro.

You can also get the tickets according to the days, weeks and months, you want to travel. You can get the tickets from the bus stops. These buses are crowded with local people, so travelling through buses can be hectic for you.

If you want a comfortable journey and can afford more expenses then it is better for you to hire a taxi. Only those drivers are permitted to drive taxis in Genoa whose ages are more than 22 and have driving licence. If you want to see the peripheral districts on the coastline, you should go for train services. Train travels through the whole city in very less rates. Some people also do not feel convenient in public transport and it is not an easy task to find personal cars.


Genoa is the Sixt h largest city in Italy and it is also one of the largest seaports in Italy and the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea. There are many sites to visit when it comes to Genoa. It has many historical places to visit. It has all types of sight-seeing opportunities to offer from Historic Sights, Churches, Buildings and Park, Walls and Fortress and many other places.

Via Garibaldi a street designed in the 16th Century and also considered as one of the most beautiful streets in Italy, along with the beautiful imagery on the walls it also has large sitting room in the hallway. Cathedral St. Lorenzo is another place which is worth visiting. It has a Gothic facade which has a strange aesthetic sense when looked at closely, and the French influence can be easily seen in it if you are a history lover. There is the treasure displayed; Sacro Catino which is a hexagonal and emerald coloured chalice, which according to the legend is the Holy Grail.

Galleria nazionale di Palazzo Spinola is a collection of galleries where you can see the paintings from the Italian and Flemish Renaissance era. Other places of interest in Genoa are:

Museo di Strada Nuova

Palazzo del Principe

The Port of Genova


Genoa is a city which whose locals are proud of its legends and history, it is really a hilly terrain and there is no place you will see which is not on a slope. It is full of brightly coloured buildings such as red, yellow and orange. Besides this, it is full of churches and hanging gardens old walls of the past and many remains from the previous centuries.

It also has beautiful streets filled with shops and cafes, and on the coast you will see fishing boats, yachts, Cruise liners and other water vehicles crowding the shore elegantly.

If you are a history enthusiast then this is a great place for you to visit the museums and the historical remains of the past centuries, and the museums may take most of your time. It will surely give you a panoramic view of Italy's history, though your legs may feel really tired at the end of touring the whole of Genova.


It is guaranteed that when you visit Genoa there will be some foods that you will recognise and some that you will not, this city houses variety of restaurants which serves all different types of cuisines. Lupo is an Italian restaurant which is specialised in cuttlefish in tomato sauce. They are also efficient in making sweet dishes, not only this; their staff is very welcoming as well. Other Italian places to visit are Antica Trattoria del Porto Maria and I Tre Merli.

Besides Italian restaurants there are other restaurants which serve contemporary food and specific to different types. One such place is Chandra Bar, which is based on a sea-front, with a beautiful view and serves pasta with the fresh fish caught, though they experiment and mix the pastas with different types of other foods such as Brazilian and Thai dishes. Mentelocale, is also another restaurant which serves good food, they categorise in Fusion.


Genoa is considered to have a very lively night-life, which is due to the fact that thousands of students come here to study at the city university, though the normal times for the bars are from 6pm to 1pm, though during the weekends it is 2pm. Some interesting places to visit are Trattoria da Franca, Louisana Jazz Club, which has live music every Thursday and Saturday till midnight, here you will find a bit older crowd. Barbarossa, which has generally a good atmosphere with plenty of seating outdoor. Mako Discotheque is a located in the east of the city and age group of all types can be found here, this place is considered a bit fat therefore it is recommended to take a taxi.


Piazza De Ferraris is the shopping central in Genoa; it is well-known for its high-end shopping boutiques and designer showrooms. These shops are found on XX Settembre and the Galleria. You can get very good shopping material like clothing and shoes at Via Orefici and Via San Luca, these are the places which attract serious buyers, it not only has clothing and shoes, but it also has a variety of artists studio and antique shops.

Besides clothing there is a famous pastry shop which is called Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano which is must-visit when you are shopping in Genoa. There is an oriental market as well which you can visit, it goes by the name of Mercato Orientale, and here you can find goods from clothes to oils to herbs anything you want.

Disabled Visitors

Italy does take the responsibility of mobility impaired visitors and try their best to make the visit as pleasant as possible. Majority of hotels in this city are accessible for wheelchair users or any person with mobility related disability. Besides hotels there are the other places of which some of them have the facilities for the disabled and some do not, but generally most of the places do have various options, the Italian government itself encourages this and also rent equipment for disabled people if they want to visit some place. Different shows like the boat show in Genoa and museums all are equipped with facilities for disabled people.

Accommodation in Genoa

There are many hotels, apartments and hostels available in Genoa so, to find accommodation in the city is not a big deal. The expenses of the accommodation depend on various factors for example, if you want to stay in the main city hotels, then they cost high as compared to the hotels present outside the city.

Similarly, the rates of the hotels are high in peak season as compared to the rates in normal days. Hotel Cairoli is considered as the best hotel of Genoa. It is a five star hotel and situated at a walking distance from museum Aquarium in Cairoli.

Hotel Astoria is another four star hotel of Genoa. It is located at Piazza Brignole. The names of some more hotels of Genoa are Hotel Bristol Palace, Best Western City, Hotel Savoia Majestic, AC Hotel Genova, Romantic Pagoda and Sheraton Genova.

Hotel Alexander and Continetal are two mid range three stars hotels. Apartments at very reasonable rates are available in the centre of historical Genoa. The two main apartments areSanta Maria di Castello and Manana. A hostel, named as youth hostel, is also present in the main city. If you want to get more information about the accommodation in Genoa, you should contact to tourist’s information office present at Genoa airport.

The City of Genoa

Genoa is a village of Kenosha and Walworth which are the counties in the United States. Genoa is the state of Wisconsin and located 43 miles south-southwest of Milwaukee. The coordinates of the city are 42 degrees, 30 minutes and 13 seconds towards north and 88 degrees, 19 minutes and 34 seconds towards west. It is situated at North West coast of Italy. The total area of Genoa is 1.9 square miles which is equivalent to 4.9 kilometres square. The total area of the city is covered with land. The elevation of the city is 830 feet or 253 meters. The population of Genoa city, according to the population estimation of 2000, is 1,949. The population density of the village is 875.1 per square mile or 337.9 per kilometre square.

Genoa is the one of the favourite destinations of Italy for tourists. Genoa is a historical place and has Italy?s largest port. The mixture of old and new Genoa gives an extraordinary place to spend holidays. Genoa offers a diverse range of attractions to its tourists. Tourists are attracted towards the city because of its beautiful places, museums, parks and a rich heritage. They want to spend their holidays in Genoa because of its attractive and lively nightlife and beautiful countryside. To move around the city, tourists face some difficulties in transportation.

Useful Contact numbers

Genoa is the most popular city of Italy. It provides a lot of facilities to its Tourists. There are many tourists? information offices in Genoa which show a great concern towards the tourists. In the case of any emergency, you can contact these information offices. You should note the emergency contact numbers when you are going on a tour to Genoa. Some important emergency contact numbers are:

Emergency contact number

Genoa police: 112

General emergency: 113

Fire brigade: 115

Ambulance and medical emergencies: 118

Pan-European emergencies: 112

Car Breakdown Assistance: 116

Police in Genoa

Via Sardonella: 010 723 91

Via del Lagaccio: 010 246 23 40

Emergency Service Police: 010 354 052

<">Sea police: 010 254 881

Via S. Pier D'Arena : 010 460 737

Piazza Giacinto Rizzolio 19: 010 648 001

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi: 010 562 237

Ambulance services

Medical Guard: 010 782 292

ER Piazza Vittorio Veneto : 010 963 6192

Croce Bianca Rapallese: 0185 230 000

Via Colombo: 0185 438 35

Other contact numbers

Customs: 117

Directory inquiries: 12

Women services: 800 001 122

Internationaloperators: 176

Emergency rooms in Genoa: 010 745 0300

Sea rescue: 39 010 241 52 37

To find transportation in Genoa is not a big task. Taxis and buses are easily available but if you want more comfort and safety you can go for a car hire Genoa.