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Germany is turning into an increasingly popular family holiday destination. A lot of families travelling abroad now hire cars because if you get the right deal it can be inexpensive, and it is by far the easiest way to travel around. On the other hand, you need to understand how everything related to the roads works in Germany. In this guide, we will explore this in more detail.

Things worth Noting in Germany

Germany has various low emission zones in specific areas. While they are well sign posted, if you are caught driving in one without the relevant sticker to prove your car is low emission then you will be produced with an on the spot fine. Other on the spot fines will also be issued for speeding or other traffic offences.

German motorways (autobahns) do not have a speed limit, even though it is suggested you stay under 130 KPH (80 MPH). Their autobahns also do not have any tolls or tax for using them.

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Speed Limits in Germany

While there may not be a speed limit on the German autobahns, there is a high police presence, and they will pull you over if they think you are driving dangerously.

Open roads and towns still have speed limits at 100 KPH (62 MPH) and 50 KPH (31 MPH) respectively.

Alcohol Limits in Germany

Limits in Germany are in line with other European countries but are stricter than the United Kingdom. You may be arrested or issued with a heavy fine if you are found to have more than 0.05 ml per 100 ml of alcohol in your blood content.