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Gibraltar is a small peninsula that is part of the British Overseas Territory. It borders Andalusia in Spain. The major landmark of Gibraltar is the Rock of Gibraltar and at its foot is Gibraltar?s populated area, where 30,000 people of many different nationalities live.

The Rock of Gibraltar is best known for its flora and fauna, which are protected by law. The Barbary Macaques, a species of monkey, are what most people think of when they think of Gibraltar. It is thought that the monkeys escaped from a transport of animals from North Africa to Spain. The alternative idea is that they are the remnants of a species of monkeys that lived in Europe many millions of years ago. Protecting the monkeys has sometimes been an issue, as many people try to come too close to them, or feed them by hand. Stringent laws are in place to try and protect both the monkeys and Gibraltar?s other wildlife and nature.

The plant life on the Rock of Gibraltar is also beautiful and truly worth watching and photographing. There is chickweed and thyme, as well as the Gibraltar Candytuft. Migratory birds can be seen in the rights seasons and they are attracted specifically by the flora of the rock.

The expression is that something is ?as strong as the rock of Gibraltar?, because of its perceived invincibility. Long sieges have taken place in Gibraltar, but nothing has been able to destroy it or its people.

Gibraltar is but a small island, but if you are hoping to visit it, it can be advisable to hire a car, not in the least because it will enable you to visit some of Spain?s Andalusia, which is known for its high levels of tourism, beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. would be very happy to check available vehicles for you at the click of a button. They search hundreds of deals for you within seconds and will check availability from such companies as Car Hire 3000, Budget Rent A Car, Avis Rent A Car, Alamo, Budget , Europcar, Hertz, Thrifty and many more.

History Gibraltar

Gibraltar has a history that is more than four thousand years old and there have been many different kinds of influences on Gibraltar, hence leaving their mark in the architecture and culture of Gibraltar. Before gaining the name Gibraltar, it was called Jabal Tariq meaning the Rock of the Path. It was after this that the name was transformed to be called as Gibraltar. Gibraltar has always held an important position from the point of view of defence and warship.

You can take advantage of the cheap car hire in Gibraltar and visit many places in Gibraltar that have historical significance. Another aspect of the historic significance of Gibraltar is that before the discovery of America, it was considered to be the ending point of the earth and it was believed that anyone going beyond Gibraltar would very likely fall over the edge of the earth. You should avail the cheap car rental in Gibraltar and visit the landmarks that have deep roots in history.

Weather Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a completely fascinating place to visit and has a temperate climate. The summers in Gibraltar are relatively hot and the weather is moderate during winters. The climate of Gibraltar is typically Mediterranean. The winters are mild while the summers are hot and dry. In winters, there is more rainfall as compared to summers. During spring, the weather is moderate and the sun shines for about seven to eight hours a day. With Car rental in Gibraltar, you can visit the places and you will be affected less by the weather. You will not have to follow the schedule of the bus or wait for a taxi and you can use car hire in Gibraltar to spend an enjoyable and memorable holiday in Gibraltar , without being affected directly by external conditions in any way. The weather at this time of the year is not very hot and the sun feels warm and good with the heat not being too intense.

Transport Gibraltar

The transport system in Gibraltar is pretty organised and increases the convenience of the people a great deal. You can avail the facility of cheap car rental Gibraltar. Renting a car in Gibraltar has the great advantage as you have the car at your own disposal and you do not have to depend on other modes of transport. This is an opportunity that can come in handy specially if you don't have a lot of time at hands. Whether you hire a self-driven or chauffeur-driven car, it is up to you. The bus service in Gibraltar is a good one and different buses are there for different routes, which travel at regular intervals. Other than that, the taxi service is also good. Considering that, there are many great historic places to see in Gibraltar , the best alternative is to hire a car at your arrival so that you can look around the city according to your own suitability and wish.

Best Gibraltar

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve in Gibraltar is one of its greatest attractions and gets a lot of visitors from different parts of the world. It is positioned about fourteen hundred feet above the sea level. The main reason for the appeal of this spot is its natural beauty besides the fact that it has some of the rarest species of plants. The Mediterranean Steps are yet another of the many attractions of Gibraltar. To make your life easier during your holiday in Gibraltar , you always have the great option of using car rental in Gibraltar. Renting a car would immensely improve the way you get around and will also save you a lot of time by making you independent.

If you have a time constraint during your holiday in Gibraltar, you can use Cheap car hire Gibraltar and make the best of the time that you do have by going around and sightseeing without having to depend on anyone else's schedule.

Eating and drinking Gibraltar

You can have some great dinning experiences in Gibraltar, ranging from simple to the grandest, depending upon your preferences and mood. You can rent a car in Gibraltar and experience few of the many great eating-places, and try out some of the famous local flavours as well as those of the other cuisines that the restaurants have to offer.

For some great British cuisine, you should go to the rooftop restaurant at the O' Callaghan Elliot Hotel . Whether you are in the mood for a drink, casual snack or festive meal, the restaurants in Gibraltar have it all. You can find great pubs and also pavement cafes. There are also fast-food restaurants. You can make use of the car hire in Gibraltar and visit all the places you have always wanted to go. Other than British cuisine, there are also restaurants that have Chinese, Moroccan, Indian, French and Italian cuisine.

Nightlife Gibraltar

The most popular places in Gibraltar that offer some great entertainment accompanied with great food and drink are Casemates Square, Marina Bay and also the Queensway Quay. Other than these spots, there is also a casino in Gibraltar for those who want to play occasionally. The Ladbroke InternationalCasino Club does not only offer very good gaming opportunities, but also has a restaurant on the terrace, hence enabling the people to look out at a spectacular view while dinning. With Cheap car rental in Gibraltar, you get the chance to enjoy all the great things that the town has to offer. Many places offer live music, hence making the nights livelier and energetic, with the music that has a Spanish touch in it. By using the Car hire in Gibraltar, you can enjoy your nights out in Gibraltar without worrying about the transport.

The Royal Oak and The Clipper are considered to be amongst the liveliest bars in Gibraltar . Other great pubs in the town include All's Well and also The Star Bar. For some folks who enjoy gambling, there are places like the Ocean Village to visit. You can choose the nightlife enjoyment as per your taste and Budget .

Shopping Gibraltar

Gibraltar has the reputation for being a duty free paradise where you can get some great things at very good rates. Some of the things are available at amazingly low prices. In Gibraltar , you can find everything from electrical gadgets, clothes, and jewellery to perfumes and cigarettes. To make the best of your shopping experience, you can use Gibraltar Car hire and have a car all for yourself the whole time. You can also get some great designer sunglasses in Gibraltar besides some fascinating things from the local shops as well. There are shops where there is Chinese linen, which is very popular among the shoppers.

Disabled visitors Gibraltar

The restaurants, hotels, shops and other tourist attractions offer facilities so that the disabled can get around easily and do not have to face difficulties. In parking lots, there are separate spaces for the disabled, so that they don't have to go through the tiring process of looking for a parking space. There are also public toilets in Gibraltar that have been especially designed for the disabled.

Options for the disabled to rent a car in Gibraltar can be found easily. This makes getting around the city a whole lot easier and one doesn't have to depend on someone to go to different places. There is the facility of Car hire in Gibraltar and a car can be hired when you arrive and you can keep the car during the rime of your holiday. For those who do not prefer to drive, there is the facility of hiring a chauffer driven car. This is very advantageous for the people who cannot drive due to their disability. Especially designed cars for hire are also available in Gibraltar for the disabled.

Gibraltar City

There is interesting history to nearly every sight of Gibraltar and this is what leaves lot of room for exploration and makes Gibraltar a present for people interested in discovering the secrets, which are rooted deep in history. Catalan Bay, Sandy Bay and Europa Point are some of the most popular and most visited sites in Gibraltar. If you want to look at the evidence of the strategic importance of Gibraltar in the region in the past, you should see the Southport Gates, which can undoubtedly be called as the most impressive fortifications of Gibraltar.

These gates are a part of the walls that were once built. You can get cheap car hire Gibraltar so that you can freely go around and see all the beautiful and impressive sights that make Gibraltar what it is today. With car rental Gibraltar, it becomes a whole lot easier for you to get around the city.

Useful contact numbers Gibraltar

For the tourists, it is important that they should have the contact details of the Gibraltar Tourist Board, whose number is +350 74950. This can come in very handy if you have any questions regarding any details that the tourists ought to know. For any inquiry from the Gibraltar Customs Department, the contact number is +350 78879. In case of a police emergency, you can get direct access at 199. In case of a situation that requires assistance or inquiry from the police, this is the number that can be used +350 72500 and this is for the Royal Gibraltar Police. The number that you can use for the Gibraltar Visa inquiries is +350 51725 and that for the Tourist office is +350 74950. It is also important for the tourists to know the contact numbers for their embassies in Gibraltar . The number for the Gibraltar Directory inquiry is 195.

You can go for car hire in Gibraltar as soon as you get there and you can enjoy the rest of your stay by having a car at your disposal and doing all the sightseeing you have bee wanting to do, all at your own will.