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Best Car Rentals Girona

History Girona

Girona is located in the north of Catalonia, Spain and is the Confluence of the Onyar, Ter, Galligants and Guell, with an official population of just under 100,000. Because of its location to the mountains and border of Spain, and its closeness to the sea, it has become and point of invasion and the site of many a battle which shaped the history of Spain. Because of this is has many monuments and sites of significance to visit and explore which depict and document the history if such an amazing and remarkable city.The first inhabitants of the city were the Iberians, who were taken over by the Romans, who built the fortress, or citadel, at the site of Girona. It was invaded by a series of empires and tribes until an army lead by Charlemagne captured it in 785 as one of the 14 courtships of Catalonia.

This then later became the Duchy, under the governance of Peter III of Aragon. In the 1100s, the Jewish community within Girona flourished, and emanated that in the city of Venice. This however ended in 1492. At this point, Catholic kings expelled all the Jews out of Catalonia. This left the entire Jewish quadrant dead, and it went into dereliction. It has been restored now a makes some very interesting visiting. Girona has had to battle its way through over 25 sieges in its time of establishment and out of those has been captured seven times. It was captured by The Royal French Armies, and also Napoleonic Troops. The city walls which were fortified and built up over time stand as an emblem of the city's troubles because of its fruitful positioning near to the French border and the Mediterranean Sea. They are incredibly interesting to visit, and what still stands of them are still walk able. There is lots of information about them in local museums and are a must visit attraction to anybody wanting to find out more about the city.


It is a good place to visit during the summer times, as the weather is mild and beautiful.


Best Girona

Girona is a gorgeous city located in north east of Spain, in between Barcelona and the Piranesi mountains. With its costal orientation, it is the perfect destination for those who love the city bustle, and for those who enjoy to get away from it all and unwind on a sun kissed beach, with the warm waters of the Mediterranean lapping at their feet. The city has some extraordinary architecture for you to take advantage of, and there are some brilliant tourist opportunities to experience. The town has a great Jewish Quarter, with marvellous buildings and shops to really see a different culture. It has some terrific museums and galleries as well, regarding the evolution and suffering of Jews within the city, and how they grew and adapted to the environment they were in and dealt with the challenges, including the World War efforts to get rid of all Jews in Europe. The city is a confluence of many different rivers, creating some very interesting features as far as the river is concerned and makes a spectacular flow to the city. It also has a very interesting and intriguing estuary, because of the amount of water that flows into the sea. The river runs straight through the town and is lined by beautiful architecture.

The architecture is varied and atmospheric and changes as you walk through the city, like walking through a forest changing between seasons. These buildings house many brilliant shops and boutiques and bar and restaurants to enjoy and to explore. The bustling shopping experience within Girona makes the economy thrive, and the shops sell a range of products from designer handbags to tourist souvenirs to hunting and fishing tackle to handmade children's toys. The city's ancient walls make an brilliant view of the city and are great to explore to really experience the amazing culture and history that the city has to offer.

Exploring Girona

Girona has some of the finest architecture in Spain, with traditional Palladian town-houses with a myriad of limestone and sandstone fa?ades, topped off with many museums and galleries depicting the awe of Girona. It is by far the best place in northern Spain to explore to traditional culture and history of Spain. It is also really well combined with places such as Barcelona or the island of Palma, just a short boat trip away from the port of Barcelona, in a tour of the area. Its situation in the foot hills of the Piranesi mountains is a gorgeous backdrop for the passion of the city. The river which flows through the centre of the city to the sea is marvellous and a spectacular geographical feature to explore, following it inland bringing more and more surprises and sites of natural beauty and wonder. The shops and bars are popular and also very traditional and cultural, great if you want to get a taste of flavours and spices of the city. There is so much to do in the city, that a long weekend or a midweek break aren't enough to fit everything in.

There are many different ways to explore the city. The large majority of it is fairly tightly packed into the space, making it in easy range of walking. Also, cycling is a very popular way to get around, and the local council are working on a green scheme for residents and tourists alike. There are plenty of places to leave bicycles, as well as some good cycle hire shops which are very affordable and amicable. There are also frequent buses around the city, as well as some open top tour bus trips where you can get on and off wherever you want to, to visit a monument of a museum or to take closer photographs. There is a large range of ways to get around, all very affordable and all very enjoyable.

Eating drinking Girona

Girona is a brilliant setting to enjoy the traditional northern Spanish culture. With grand lunches and sleepy afternoons, it is the perfect place to enjoy food and drink. Some of the finest wines are produced around to area, with the south facing slopes of the mountains providing a gorgeous backdrop and excellent platform for the vineyards. Some very famous wines come from the Torres vineyard, a wine growing company which has been around since the 19th Century. It still grows one of the largest vineyards in the whole of Europe and produces rough 3 million bottles of wine every year.

There are many great places to go and taste the local, National and Internationalwines preferred by the wine shops in Girona, with plenty of choice, from shops specialising in blended wines, to those of small local co-operative vineyards to those of globally recognised vineyards as outlets. It a really beautiful place to enjoy wine, but this isn't the only liqueur on tap. Spain is also famous for its spirits, such as Madeira, and these are served readily and are great to enjoy in the traditional environment of Girona.

As far as food is concerned, there are many great bars which serve an excellent choice and quality of Tapas, the National food of Spain. The variety of dishes they serve and the way in which they serve it is amazing. You can sit in a bar all afternoon, with a constant supply of freshly cooked dishes packed with flavour and Spanish extravagance to nibble on, whilst enjoying the local wine and the baking sunshine, looking out over the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and watching the world go by. Girona really is a spectacular place to enjoy food and drink, and the atmosphere is really fundamental to this. It is unique and you can't find it anywhere else, making Girona a superb place to come a spend your holiday.

Nightlife Girona

With the bustling and thriving culture of Girona, it is always good to spend time in at whatever time of the day. In the evening, you can absorb the relaxing and chilled air that the city brings in the evening. There is a remarkable feeling of happiness and relaxation in the evening, even more so than during the day. The inhabitants of the city unwind and enjoy the mild climate that lasts past dusk. It is brilliant to experience the way the city flows in the evening as it differs so much to during the day. Because of the traditional culture and history that the city holds, it is always possible to find a traditional Tapas bar to spend the evening in, most of them very close the city centre. These bars often put on extravagant performances of flamenco dancing and Spanish folk music on Friday and Saturday nights, which are a must see in the city. The talent and skill on offer in the bars is incredible. You can really enjoy the brilliant food that the city produces, and the wine from the local area accompanied by some traditional culture and art.

The seafood restaurants are extremely good in the city too, as it is freshly caught in the turquoise waves of the Mediterranean and sold at the local fish market in Girona in the morning, then cooked by the local chefs in the evening. There are many to check out, and they are often busy, so it is often best to book a table, especially in the summer months. Wherever you choose to spend your evening, you will be accompanied by gorgeous moonlight and an astronomical view that doesn't even compare. The beautiful river that flows through the city is marvellous and romantic in the evening as it is lit up and the light shimmers on the ripples as it gently bobs in the breeze. Your evening experience will be extremely sophisticated and fantastic wherever you enjoy it.

Shopping Girona

Girona is one of the most amazing places to shop in the world, outside of places such as New York or Paris. With the beautiful backdrop and gorgeous architecture that encases the shops the experience becomes truly unique. The products available really do range from the kitchen sink to diamond necklaces. You can buy everyday items such as furniture and home furnishings through to ornaments and pottery made at local factories. This booming industry of small businesses and unique boutiques selling items is incredibly large within the city, and there are many good things available from them. There are plenty of places to buy souvenirs and gifts to take home, as well as many boutiques and clothes shops to reel in the ladies. The fashion industry within Girona is very large, and is seen to be something which is a credit to the city. There is a variety of styles, from catwalk to harbour side.

There is even a very well catered for sector for men's fashion. Not only are there clothes for men, but also many coffee shops and bar brassieres serving good coffee, wines and beers from the local area as well as light refreshments such as pastries and the country's own Tapas throughout the day. There is always somewhere to wind down after a hard morning hitting the shops, so you do not have to worry about getting something to refresh you for another busy afternoon. Not only is there a myriad of bars, ice cream shops and patisseries, there are also many interesting and spectacular monuments to explore as you walk round the town. The Jewish quarter makes particular interest, with a real range of buildings and streets, with obscure shaped buildings and lots of interconnecting alleyways, it is easy to get lost in the culture and architecture, whilst enjoying the brilliant shopping experience.

Disabled visitors Girona

Because of Girona's geographical surroundings, with the river and estuary, it is a very flat area and is also very easy to get around, thus making it very good for easy access needed by those who are disabled. The airport is located only 8 km from the city centre, making the transfer time very short and enjoyable. Many people choose to fly to Girona, because of the location of the airport and its accessibility by air, but you can also drive to the city with relative ease by the main European highway network, in a relatively speedy time. Lots of the best hotels are located in and around the city centre, meaning that you do not have to go far to experience the best of Girona. This is especially fortuitous for disabled visitors as the city's finest buildings and architecture and history are available of the doorstep of many hotels and can be easily enjoyed, with minimum effort and hassle.

The main reason why Girona appeals to so many disabled visitors is its disabled friendly atmosphere and its willingness to accommodate disabled visitors in the restaurants, bars and hotels. Hence, many disabled people will come back time and time again. If you do choose to drive to Girona, you will obviously be well equipped with a vehicle to get around in, but if you fly, then there are many different systems that the city have in place for this.

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