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Guam is an organized and unincorporated territory of the United States. Its native people are the Chamorros. It is the largest island in Micronesia and the largest and most southern of the Mariana Islands.

The two main sources of income for Guam are tourism and the United States military. Guam was occupied by Japan just hours before the Pearl Harbor attack, and taken back by the United States two and a half years later. The Chamorros were subjected to terrible acts of torture and violence during the Japanese occupation and the day it was taken back by the United States is hence known as Liberation Day. Interestingly, the majority of tourists visiting Guam are Japanese.

Besides tourism, Guam is known for many ecological issues. The brown tree snake, for example, is believed to have arrived from a United States navy ship. As the brown snake has no natural predators in Guam, it caused an ecological disaster among the bird population. The Koko bird, for example, is now no longer found on the island.

Guam has also had issues with the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle, who destroy coconuts and coconut trees. A task force is in place to try and eradicate the beetle from Guam, thereby also stopping it from infesting other areas.

Some other animals that are not native to Guam are also causing problems, including frogs. Lastly, every year there are serious issues with wild fires, most of them man made either accidentally or by arson.

Guam is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists all over the world and it is advisable to hire a car in order to be able to enjoy the full beauty of the island, being able to visit any sites you may set your eyes on. would be happy to scope the different available cars and prices for you at a simple click of a button. They look at many different rental companies and will show you all the different availabilities in seconds, meaning you can effortlessly chose the car that best suits your needs and Budget .