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Guatemala is the original home of the Mayan civilization and has become increasingly popular with tourists since the recent rise in documentaries and theories around the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy. Guatemala has a rich and interesting history and culture that spans art, music, literature, religion, language, education, laureates, journalism and medical anthropology and pluralism.

Guatemala de la Asuncion, more commonly known as Guatemala City, is the capital of Guatemala. Guatemala City is divided into 25 zones, three of which do not yet exist. However, due to the rapid growth of the city, it is already known that the three zones that do not currently exist will soon be created. Some zones have been declared as unsafe due to high levels of crime and gang activity, but each zone does offer interesting sights.

Zone 1 is the central zone and offers many historical centers and places of culture, including the National Palace of Culture. Zone 2 offers the Mapa en Relieve, which is a giant map of Guatemala. Zone 3 houses the central cemetery. Zone 4 holds the visa immigration office for foreigners and is also home to a regenerated pedestrian area and cultural district.

The main entertainment in Guatemala City is found in Zone 10, where you will also be able to find the Mayan Dress Museum, botanical gardens and malls. Zone 13 is where the airport is located, as well as the zoo, many different museums (including a children?s museum, art museum and natural history museum), a large arts and crafts market, a stadium and several monuments.

Guatemala has recently seen a surge of tourism, thought to be related to the increase in interest in the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy for December 2012. However, one needs to remember that Guatemala, and in particular Guatemala City, can be very unsafe. It is therefore advised to always hire a car if you choose to visit Guatemala City, rather than relying on public transport or taxis. would be very happy to search all available options for you, allowing you to view cars and prices in just a few seconds.