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History of Hahn

Hahn is the city of Germany with a population of 670.095. The city was the swampy portion of main valley. In 1074 the first mansion was held. The city was considered as the center of power. The city was set as the venue for book fairs in 1240.

The city started to expand and in 1254 it joins the rhenisah city alliance. By golden bull the city has selected as electoral site for German kings. In 1478 the book merchants have entered the first time into the city. The city became the premier center of trade through this fair. In 188 the Frankfurt?s rail station was established. In 1930 the name of the city has changed into new Frankfurt by lord mayor Ludwig landsmen. In allied air strikes in 1943 the old town of Frankfurt was completely destroyed. After the allied air strike the city has started to rebuild.

New buildings like European monitory institutes, European central bank, skyscrapers, main towers Galileo. In 1998 the city has chosen as central European bank. In 2000 the federal audit cord is rebuild to Bonn. Now the city is considered as the central of business activities. Now the city has been restructured and has many things for every kind of person. Every year many tourist visits the city.

Weather of Hahn

Hahn is the city of Germany and considered as the central location of Germany. The city is the center for business travelers and a tourist great destination center. It appeals tourists because of its economic conditions and business activities. It is a great destination of celebrities, lawyers, bankers and sport celebrities. This is advisable for the people to visit the city during summer season when it has sunny days and little rainfall.

The summer season of then city is usually warmer with great sunny days. It faces occasionally rains during summer. July is the hottest month with great humidity. The winter season is very much cloudy faces the great rainfall. The temperature of weather during winter tends to be minus 10 degree cent grade. Spring is considered as the best one with pleasant rains and winds. The autumn season is quite rough with dry winds. Winter season is considered as the best one when many events took place in the city such as trade fair and an exclusive book fair for visitors and citizen.

People are suggested to keep umbrella, sunglasses and different accessories when they plan to visit the city. To keep these things would be beneficial while visiting the city to keep them safe.

Arrival to Frankfurt Hahn

It is very easy to reach the city through an extensive transportation system. The city has many airports and bus connections which links the city to nearby areas. The city is the trade center and its road connections make the task easier for business travelers. The central gateway to enter into the city is Frankfurt Hahn airport. The airport connects the city to inside areas and outside the country too. It is easy to identify the place and distance through maps and internet which helps people to reach the city.

S-bahn train station links the city to other parts. It is the major rail hub with speedy trains that links Germany and European areas easily. U-bahn and tramway are haupbanhaul that makes the arrival easier. The central train station links the Hessen, cologne, Dusseldorf and Dortmund. The buses are double track with a maximum speed of 140 kilometer/hour and can be up to 200 meter long. The buses and trains run after every 15 to 20 minutes in normal hours and they run after every 2 minutes during rush hour. It is fast and cost effective train that provides high usage.

Passengers arrive from different parts of the country from more than 150 places through 45 airlines.

City transport

The city has an extensive transport network. The city has a central location and good connections to surrounding areas. The city is considered as the heart of finance and rich in industrial sector. Every year many tourist visits the city for various trade fairs. The variety of transport is easily available in the city. It provides transport system within and outside the city also.

The gateway to city is its Hahn airport from which many people can easily reach the city. To travel around the great places of the city the person will be able to use trains, taxis, car hires and public transport. The airport provides efficient facilities to its passengers and also provides connection to domestic and Internationalcountries. The airport offer many facilities to its passengers like amenities, ATM?s and restaurants. The system of rail is operated by S-bahn which provides frequent, easy and speedy connections.

Taxis and buses can easily be found at Terminal s of airport. The train system has around 2165 trains and serves 350,000 passengers in a day. A3, A5, A66 and A67 highways serves the passengers to their destinations. Taxis can be hailed from taxi stands or from the side of the roads. The train connects all major cities of Germany by giving reliable services.

Top attractions in Frankfurt Hahn

The city has many attractive places for tourist. It is the tourist destination. The city has many historic buildings, skyscrapers and high rises. The main tower is the highest building of the city that is up to 650 feet high to enjoy the sweeping views. The Goethe house is the birthplace of most important writer of the city. Cider taverns in cobblestone streets are a place where the best and older apple cider taverns take place.

The Romberg is the heart of the city and a home of cioty hall. It is flanked by halftrimbered houses .it is the historic square which is the place for the city?s first trade fair. Paulskirche is a church used for political meetings and the seat for first elected German parliament. It is used for events and exhibitions by the organizations of the city. Museum suffers focuses the oldest masters .many people hunt here for treasures. Museum of natural history shows couple of exhibits like Egyptian mummies and fossil amphibians. It exhibits the large dinosaur?s skeleton. Street Zeil is a premier place to shop that offers everything including domestic and Internationalproducts.

Palmengarten is a botanical garden with exotic plants of rain forest and blooming flower gardens. It has more than 6,000 different botanical species from all over the world. It is based on 50 acres and has very much attraction for tourist. The city has various things to see.

Eating in Frankfurt Hahn

Now days every one loves to eat out in calm and cool places. The percentage of eateries is increasing day by day. The city of Hahn also provides the best places to its citizens and visitors including all kind of dishes. The restaurants offer both domestic and Internationalcuisine with great quality and in fewer prices. The restaurants care for its customers by providing the high quality food and great music. They provide food for every kind of person with any Budget .

Zum wesserweibchin is famous for its quality food. It provides starters and desserts that are not very expensive. Iwase is a Japanese restaurant .it offers take away and delivery the dinner is considered as the expensive one. Da Franco is famous for pizza and pastas. It is located outside the tourist destination. Ms Wodan is an ideal place for drink and ice creams. It also provides fun of boating for families. Exedra is a spacious and a cool place for dining. It is situated across the court house. It offers the best cuisine in the town. Bauer brothers are the nice restaurant which offer variety of dishes in snacks and provides remarkable starters.

Metro pole offers coffes, salads and vegetables especially for vegetarians. It makes the quality cakes and baked items. People really love to eat here.

Nightlife in Frankfurt Hahn

Frankfurt is the busiest city and has many attractions for tourists. It has many places for every age group including adults and kids. Clubs and trendy wine bars are the places to sit and relax with a glass of drink. Through these clubs and bars many people gets new friends and wealthy business partners.

The famous nightlife attractions of the city are:

1 Balalaika: many musicians gather to play piano and with a jazz music which gives relax atmosphere.

2 Cocoon: the main dance floor throbs with music that blasts the floor with an amazing array of light visuals.

3 Cooky?s: usually play the hip hop music and the people surrounds the dance floor.

4 Deelight: is a night club which offers a great variety of drink.

5 Living XXL: largest club with three bars and a dining room. It shows large screen and video music.

6 O25: an extensive club that offers a great array of music.

7 Odeon: is a large bar with DJ music. It is a white building that gives the view of museum.

8 Santa Maria: it has vividly colored blue sloping walls and plays a jazz music with great sounds.

9 Stereo Bar: having funky interior with orange walls with great drinks.

10 the cave: is a dark, smoky and shows the night creatures. It plays the pop music so the people surround the floor with claps

Shopping in Frankfurt Hahn

Frankfurt has many shopping malls which contain variety of goods such as bags, leather, electronic items and many others. Visitors can easily get the wide range of Internationalbrands. The shopkeepers are very friendly to their customers in order to satisfy their needs. The most popular shopping street is Zeil .It serves more than 500,000 clients every day. It has the Europe?s largest beauty store which gathers a great crowd.

The people can easily found leather products, perfumes, handicrafts and clothes. Zeil gallery is another large shopping mall with futuristic interior. It usually gathers the young crowd having numerous trend shops.Fress gass provides an extensive outing having a great number of cafes and shops. Goethestrabe is a luxurious shopping street with an exclusive shop. It contains the most exclusive designer brands and branded luxurious items. It only caters the high class of the town. Berger strabe have small corner shop and cafes. The mall has book shops and restaurant that serves authentic apple wine.

Lizieger strabe have cultural and colorful shops. It has small shops of jeweler and other items. Kaiser strabe famous for erotic shops, expensive jewelry shops and furriers. Land strabe offers an exclusive designer?s interior furniture and antiques. It also has some wholesalers and retailers shop. The mall has two restaurants that serve the best drink and fast food. The city has many malls and places.

Disabled visitors

Frankfurt always welcomes its disabled visitors by providing various facilities. The people found the city very friendly to disabled visitors. The airport provides range of facilities such as elevator, ramp, lift, adapted telephones, washrooms and automatic doors. The airport provides 24 hours online service to its visitors by providing online assistance regarding their flight timings. The shuttle services at the airport provide wheelchair accessibility and at both Terminal s electric buggies are available. Door to door bus service is available especially for disabled visitors. The city allows the access of various things like wheelchairs, guide dogs, hearing loops and wheelchairs. Many social work organizations are working for taking improvement measures to those kinds of people in order to provide great range of facilities. Many organizations are working to develop mobility and gives support to the people which really helps them to move around the city.

Disabled visitors and useful contact details

The contact number helps the handicapped visitors who re not in the position to move. Messes Frankfurt provides the hotline information for handicapped persons.

49 69 75 75-69 99

Accommodation in Frankfurt Hahn

The city of Hahn is full of attractive places and events for its visitors. During summers the city face the mob of people to visit the place. The city has the growing economy and the heart of business persons. Financiers visit the city and finance in the economy of the city. The city arranges different trade events and an Internationalbook fairs every year. Due to its central location the city captures the highest market share.

Comfort hotel is situated at the center of the city provides bed and breakfast in cheap prices and for students also. Hilton Frankfurt has a great staff with pool and fitness club. Hotel scala offers great staff and situated on great location. This is an excellent simple accommodation that easily suits anyone Budget . Victoria hotel is the best one for families with children. Hotel Zeil provides well appointed rooms and play area for children. It is situated on a very good location near zeil shopping street.

The hotel provides the breakfast complementary in its package. Hotel Everest is a very simple one with no luxuries. It is the best place for students to stay in cheap prices. Breakfast is included in its package.

The city of Hahn

Hahn is the most Internationalcity in Germany. It is considered as the largest financial center. The city is the venue for various Internationaltrades. The city shows a vibrant culture and benefits. The city organizes many large Internationalfairs and book fairs also. The city has a huge airport for arrival and departure of flights. The city is the natural hub for everyone in order to explore the surrounding areas. Hahn is the city of architecture with buildings and museums which represents classical paintings to modern area.

The city of Hahn is the financial heart of Germany with highly profitable economy. The city of Germany was once the place of powerful emperors, electors and influential bishops. Frankfurt is the major transport part and a powerful financial and industrial metropolis that makes the city economic powerhouse. The city has a most important stock exchange which has been trading since a long time. The city offers intriguing restaurants, a huge variety of cultural and artistic events. It offers huge opportunities for shoppers with the great sightseeing opportunities.

The city is considered as the venue for major trades which serves around 12 million visitors in a year. People are suggested to visit the city during summer season when the weather is sunny and warm. To enjoy the over looked delights of holiday car hire Hahn would be the best option in exploring the city.

Useful contact numbers

The Frankfurt is a business center and a growing tourist spot. The city has old architectures, modern skyscrapers. While anyone plan to travel the city emergency numbers are essential to keep. It is beneficial to keep all necessary information for emergency cases and unexpected situations. To keep useful numbers while travelling is a proactive approach in order to safe from many unexpected situations.

Tourist info and contact details:

Tourist info helps to know about all necessary information for travelling and to get the knowledge about the places.

1805 372

Library access

Online services are available for everyone in order to get the necessary information

0115 9514595

Transport system

The city has an extensive transportation system .it offer one day pass that provides unlimited travelling

2132 2235

Fax number 069) 2132 2727


(069) 230 001

Emergency contact numbers



Direct inquiries

(069) 230 001



Fire brigade


Health spa

It provides body refresh and keeps the heart healthy and helps to strengthen the mind.

+49 (0) 69-717 121 160

Air ambulance

49 711 - 70 10 70


49 551 - 19 240, + 49 551 - 38 31 80

Lost property

0511) 56 70