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History Hamburg

Hamburg has no evidence of being settled before the 4th century. It is not uncommon to see that any of Hamburg's history dates back to 810 at the very earliest. This was when Karl the Great had erected a fortress named the Hammaburg. This was built to act as a focus point for Christian missionaries. The Hammaburg actually took a number of attacks form the Vikings, but managed to stand its ground despite these attacks. The battle held in 832 against the Slavic Obriots was what led to the fall of the archbishop. The Schauenburg Counts reigned until the 13th Century. Hamburg was allowed to trade freely in 1189, despite Barbarossa Charter not being drawn up until 1265. It was this declaration that allowed Hamburg to see expansion in merchant guilds and trading houses. The city slowly attempted to release itself from the stranglehold of aristocracy in 1190. Although they did go on to lose all that was gained when they were surpassed by the militia. However, the following years allowed Hamburg to slowly mould itself in to city promoting trade and making its name as a merchant city. The city actually formed their own Navy in 1400. This was done as a threat of piracy had been discovered on the North Sea. This threat was eliminated in 1525. Following this the city held onto its rights to trade freely with other nations. Hamburg today has managed to keep much of its architecture in good shape and is able to show its history and culture aesthetically. Hamburg has gone on to become a very important business location, with many businesses choosing Hamburg as their location. Hamburg's history in trading has moulded the city into one of the most important financial cities in the world, whilst its history has made it one of the most interesting.

When to go Hamburg

There is no best time to visit Hamburg if you are purely going for the sights, the winter is period is cold but bearable and the summer is nice and fair, but can be subject to the odd rain shower. Museums and exhibitions in Hamburg operate through the year as do the many pubs and clubs and other aspects of night-life. If you like sitting outside relaxing with a drink, then the summer period may be the best option for you. However the view of Hamburg covered in snow is quite spectacular, and combing this with the Hamburg Winter Beer Festival, you can expect a good old fashioned traditional Christmas.

The tourist season in Hamburg generally runs from May to October. This is when the weather is said to be at its best, bearing in mind that this season can also be privy to rain. That said the tourist season is not necessarily the best time for you to go if you are going to see a certain annual event or attraction. Some of these attractions can be busy during the same time every year or specific to a certain season. For example every June in Hamburg there is a celebration named The Annual Altonale Street Festival that celebrates the arts and literate of Hamburg in a 72 hour weekend. The last weekend in January plays host to the Hamburger Comedy Pokal, a comedy competition featuring 20 comedians.

There is also Hamburg's Dom which is a large carnival held in Hamburg throughout certain periods in the year. To catch this spectacular event you would need to ensure that your trip coincides with the opening times of the event. For the general historical sites or the experience of shopping in Hamburg, this can be done throughout the year, you just need to select your preference of weather, and how busy you would like it to be when you visit.


Weather Hamburg

Hamburg offers pretty much average temperatures throughout the year. Hamburg does experience all the seasons, with the summer period being reasonably hot at its best. However the weather can change unexpectedly. There is no set season that is best to visit Hamburg, the city is a joy to visit regardless of the season. During the winter you may see the temperature drop to freezing but you shouldn't see it drop much lower than this. You should prepare for all the elements when packing for Hamburg, so along with your jeans and t-shirts it would be wise to also pack a winter coat, a rain coat, some gloves and a hat, juts to be on the safe side. You can easily leave any heavy clothing such as cardigans and jackets in your hotel room. However being caught in the rain with just your t-shirt will not be a pleasant experience.

Despite Hamburg's frequent rain, it is very rarely heavy rain that occurs. Most of the time the rain will fluctuate between drizzle and moderate showers. In some instances a fold away raincoat may be more than suitable to keep you dry. It would be advisable to take along a heavy rain coat just in case. Should you not be a fan of being out in the rain, it's worth remembering that Hamburg offers a lot of indoor venues and activities, not to mention the great public transport network the city offers, so you needn't get too wet when sightseeing.

There are also certain festivals scattered through the seasons. During the winter you can visit the Hamburg Winter Beer Festival, which has roots back to the 14th century when tradesman used to shelter during the winter periods in the Marien-Dom Cathedral. There is also the Hamburg Summer Beer Festival which is the summer seasons equivalent.

Arrival Hamburg

There are two airports located in Hamburg. The first airport is called Hamburg Airport and is located north of the city. There are always plenty of taxis around the arrivals section of the airport and a journey via taxi from Hamburg Airport would be around 30 Euros. There is also a Rail Express bus that will transport you to the central station, named Hauptbahnhof. There is also a private bus service that also operates outside the airport. This bus is operated by the company Jasper and has frequent runs throughout the day. Should you be using public transport on a regular basis then you may wish to purchase either a day ticket or a multi day ticket for use on public transport around Hamburg. You can also purchase a Hamburg card which also integrates local discounts into tourist locations and restaurants, ideal if you going to be eating out or visiting a lot of attractions during your stay. Should you wish to stay within close proximity to Hamburg airport, for example a short visit or business trip, then there is also a hotel located near the airport. Ideal for weekend breaks and still close to all public transport routes.If you happen to travel into Luebeck Airport then a taxi to Hamburg centre would be very expensive. There is however a direct bus service at a cost of eight euros. Although a 75 minute journey, this bus keeps in line with flight and departure times the best it can. There is also a regional train which runs at hourly intervals. This stops at both the airport and the central main station. Should you be driving you can easily find your way to the centre. Head onto the motorway along the A1 to A20 exiting at Ludbeck Sud, translated as Luebeck South.

City transport

The main problem which is faced by the tourists, during a tour, is transportation. But getting the cheap transportation in the Hamburg is not a big deal. That is why tourists want to visit Hamburg because of the convenience and ease.

The infrastructure of Hamburg is well developed. Therefore, visitors can easily move around the city because of the efficient and reliable transportation in Hamburg. The rates of the transports depend on the mode of transportation. Buses are the cheapest way of transportation in Hamburg. Five people can travel for a whole day in 7 Euros.

Train is also comfortable and easily accessible. There are two main stations in Hamburg including Hauptbahnhof and Dammtor. Wandelhalle Central Train Station in Hamburg is also considered as suitable for public transport. To visit different restaurants, bars and hotels you can also hire a taxi. It will cost high but you can visit all the places of Hamburg in a taxi. Suburban railways and underground Bahn has been also providing safer and comfortable journey to its passengers within the city.

You can use these transports only for 2 Euro. Special seats are available in public transport for disabled visitors. Therefore, it is not a big problem for the disabled visitors to visit Hamburg. Public transports are usually crowded with local citizen of Hamburg. So, it may cause some problems to the tourists.

Best locations Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany's second largest city, and with one of it's focuses on contemporary life and culture you can rest assured that there will be more than enough sights to see when you arrive, both historical and cultural. Miniatur Wunderland Miniatur Wunderland offers its visitors the biggest train exhibition in the world, and you really don't have to be a train enthusiast to enjoy. As soon as you see the display you will marvel at the sheer wonder of replicated cities of Hamburg, Austria and Scandinavia is reconstructed beautifully. The display is always being updated, so something new can be seen even if you have visited before. More than just a park the Park Planten un Blomen is a slice of paradise for tourists and residents alike. The walks are magnificent regardless of what season you are visiting. Some fantastic landscaping mixed with dedicated gardens really gives the eyes a treat whilst delivering a relaxing feeling throughout. Best of all it's free entry. Hamburger Kunsthalle. As well as hosting some of Europe's many artistic collections, the museum itself is also art in its own right. As well as showing some historic pieces there is also a section dealing with contemporary art, so whatever your artistic taste, you will find some you enjoy here. Hamburg Zoo was first opened back in 1863, and unlike some zoos, Hamburg Zoo offers its animals the luxury of naturalistic open settings. You can also purchase vegetables where you can then hand feed the elephants. If you're visiting Hamburg in the summer with the children, then you really need to visit the Hamburger Dom. Full of carnival rides, bars, roller coasters and merry go rounds, the Hamburger Dom is the place to be during the summer. Well laid out and ideal for the family outing.

Nearby Airports

11 km: Hamburg Airport - Hamburg, Germany (HAM / EDDH)72 km: L?beck Blankensee Airport - Lubeck, Germany (LBC / EDHL)121 km: Bremen Airport - Bremen, Germany (BRE / EDDW)150 km: Hannover-Langenhagen Airport - Langenhagen, Germany (HAJ / EDDV)200 km: Rostock-Laage Airport - Rostock, Germany (RLG / ETNL)

Night-life Hamburg

The night-life in Hamburg is a mixed affair. Once being the host to the Beatles at a variety of locations around Hamburg, it is not unusual to hear the famous four in many a venue. Hamburg also boats a number of clubs and cocktail bars. Amphore has been catered towards those who love watching the sunset, everything is based outside. This venue is great after a hard trekking around Hamburg, of if you're just after a view of the night sky whilst having a drink. There is also a club space downstairs which is filled on a regular basis. The Cotton Club is a well know famous jazz club set within Hamburg. Offering some laid back music and offering new talents in the world of jazz, the club offers a cool laid back vibe. Fans of traditional jazz music should give the Cotton Club a visit. A brilliant clubbing experience is to be had at this venue, whilst still offering a hint of intimacy. Famed for its dealings with alternative tastes the club has reached out and created a vibe of its own. Venue for many a wealthy person, Bar Hamburg is the ultimate in chic. A premier venue for many of the city's rich and famous. Famous visitors to the bar have included Robert De Niro and Claudia Schiffer. There is a menu of over 90 cocktails not to mention a comfortable array of upholstery. An upbeat but cool atmosphere lingers throughout. Bar Rossi has a very independent retro vibe. The venue has tone of the 70s in its decor and the venue is renowned as being hip and hosting something of an it crowd. The venue has a number of top end DJs who play a mix of techno and drum and bass.

Shopping in Hamburg

Hamburg is the most famous city of German. The popularity of Hamburg is due to the specialities of the city. There are many shopping malls in Hamburg. All types of products are available in these shops at very reasonable rates.

The main shopping malls of the Hamburg are present on the main street of Hamburg. This main street is named as Moenckebergstrasse. More than 100 shops are present at Moenckebergstrasse with a variety of products. These shops include jewellery, shoes and garments shop. Antiques jewellery as well as modern design jewellery is available on these shops. Readymade garments are here in a wide variety.

Modern and stylish boutiques are easily accessible in Hamburg. Unstitched clothes are present in beautiful prints and designs. You can also get boutiques style as well as embroidery dresses easily in Hamburg. The shops present in small streets are less expensive as compared to the shops present in the main city.

The main and big shopping malls are situated in Hamburg's city centre. The main shops of the centre are "Bleichenhof", "Alte Post", "G?nsemarkt Passage", "Quarr?e", ?Hanseviertel", "Galeria". Beside these shopping malls, ?Hamburger Hof", Hamburger Stra?e" and "Alstertal Einkaufszentrum" are also considered as the best shopping malls. Cosmetic products are present in high quality and at affordable rates.

Disabled visitors

Tourists are attracted towards Hamburg because of the extra facilities, provided by the city to the disable visitors. It is considered as the most popular destination of the Germany.

Hamburg airport offers many conveniences to the disable visitors. Tourist information offices are present to provide all useful information to the disable visitors. You can contact through the telephone number 040 507 50, in the case of any emergency. Wheel chairs are easily accessible on the Hamburg airport.

Beside this, special designed toilets are present on the airport for the disable passengers. Transport is not a big deal for disabled visitors at Hamburg airport. Buses and taxis are easily available on the exit Terminal of the airport. Special seats are present in the public transport. But buses are usually crowded with people.

Accommodation in Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the wonderful destinations of the world. For providing, the accommodation facilities to the tourists there are a number of hotels, hostels, private apartments and rooms available in the city. You can easily find cheap, mid range and expensive hotels in the city. The ideal business hotel in the city is Crowne Plaza Hotel Hamburg, which offer comfortable quality accommodation and a range of luxury services. There are total 286 rooms on seven floors and all are providing all facilities to the visitors.

City of destination Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany's second largest city and the Sixt h largest city within the European Union. The city has become a major tourist location for both local and overseas visitors. Many of the city's buildings are significant in architecture and the city of Hamburg hosts only a couple of skyscrapers. Looking across Hamburg, you would be more likely to see a collection of spires as opposed to high rise tower blocks. Culture is rooted very deep within Hamburg and as such hosts a number of outlets performing arts and showing artistic work. These include live music venues, museums, theatres, exhibitions and clubs. Being the second largest city in Germany, it makes sense that the public transport should be able to transport you easily. This is certainly the case in Hamburg, with the public transport offering you a choice of train, bus, metro or ferry, you can guarantee that no destination is unobtainable. Hamburg is famed for its seafood, so try and keep a night free when you can experience the traditional fish recipes of the many restaurants available in Hamburg. Most of the seafood is sourced from the famous Fish Market, also located in Hamburg. Another vibrant area of Hamburg is the fascinating night-life. The Beatles echo throughout Hamburg as well as being given their own museum. You will also find a lot of cabaret pubs and venues keen to promote new acts and give their customers some fresh talent.

For people looking for a shopping experience then Hamburg should not disappoint, being home to a famous fish market as well as stores offering all kinds of unique items. There is classic chic right through to African voodoo mask. You will also be treated to modern shopping malls and you can pick ups some great souvenirs for your nearest and dearest.

Emergency contact numbers

It is better for tourists to know the emergency contact numbers before their tour to any place. It helps them to avoid any sort of tension and issue. Well controlled services are available in Hamburg in any case of emergency. These emergency services are accessible for twenty four hours. Tourists are attracted towards Hamburg due to its extraordinary and satisfactory facilities of the city. In case of any emergency, you can contact the numbers given below:

Emergency contact numbers

National police: 110

Fire emergency: 112

Hospitals: 110

Tourist information office

Hamburg office: 300 51 300

Telecom operator: 11 8 33

Transport services

Taxi: 666 666

Taxi: 211 211

Bus Terminal s: 19 419

Train information: 01 805 / 996 633

Medical emergency contacts

Hamburg doctors: 040 22 80 22

Asklepios : 81 91- 0

CardioClinic Hamburg: 468 59-0

Israelitisches Krankenhaus: 511 25- 0

Albertinen Haus : 55 81- 0

Bethesda: 725 54- 0

Altonaer Kinderkrankenhaus : 889 08- 0

Kath. Kinderkrankenhaus: 673 77- 0

Richard-Rem?-Haus: 644 12- 603

Transportation for patient:

Ambulanz Schr?rs: 19 218

Ambulance K?pke GmbH: 669 08 803

ASG Ambulanz OHG: 19 224

Taxis and buses are easily available for tourists to move around the city.

Eating In Hamburg

If you are planning to spend vacations in Hamburg, then you are going to experience the delicious food of the city. There are many places to taste the local and Internationalfood in Hamburg.

For the best eating experience, you should go either to "Univiertel" or in the "Schanzenviertel" around Schulterblatt and Schanzenstrasse. In evening if you are in the mood of taking snacks then you should go to the stalls in front of the Rathaus. These snacks are pricey but delicious. You should visit the Sushi Factory, which is a Japanese restaurant and offers delicious menu.

For Italian and Mexican cooking, you should visit Bolero, which offers Sunday brunch. Another Italian restaurant is Pastalozzi, which is a cosy restaurant but offers tasty food items. Ratsweinkeller is another good restaurant in the city, which offers delicious food but the speciality of the restaurant is herring. If you like vegan dishes then you can go to Gesund Essen, which is very popular for these dishes.

Delicious Mediterranean cuisine with classy ambience is available in Restaurant Odysseus. Vesper offers pie, cake and pasta at very reasonable rates. Some other good options to have best dining experience include Zorba the Buddha, Lufthansa, La Bottega Lentini, Troja, Balutschi, Fernsehturm Hamburg Restaurant, Tibet, Avocado, Brodersen, MEDIRA, EL APERITIV and Bodega Castellana.