Best Car Rental Holland

The kingdom of Holland was formed in the year 1806 to 1810 by Napoleon Bonaparte as a marionette kingdom for his younger brother so as to control the Netherlands properly. The kingdom was however dissolved in the year 1810 to form the present Netherlands excluding some areas such as Limburg, Zeeland and East Frisia which is currently Germany. The kingdom of Holland is a founding member of the EU and borders Germany, Belgium and the North Sea.

The people of Holland are commonly referred as the Dutch including the language they speak and their culture. Holland is a monarchy and is divided into 12 provinces, and even though it?s quite a small country, there is a vast diversity in these provinces and also plenty of language and cultural differences. The country has nine major cities and several others that are great tourist sites. As of 2009 the state had a population of slightly above 16.5 million people, with Amsterdam as its capital city. Holland was among the first countries that had an elected parliament.

Being an affiliate of the Schengen Agreement, the country exercises no border controls for all the other countries that have signed and implemented this agreement. One can get to the state by use of a plane through the Schiphol Airport that is close to Amsterdam, the train, car or bus. Holland has very good road conditions and it would be valuable to hire a vehicle to enable you to enjoy your stay in the country. There are a great number of companies that render these services, and like in most countries, there are rules while driving and it would prove to do a quantity of research on this before choosing car hire in Holland. There are some websites that make this information easily accessible, amongst which will also help you get a price comparison and book before you travel.

While there, you can enjoy the crazy football that is held after each two years as well as make a stopover at several places such as the Vodka museum where you are given a private director to walk you all the way through the museum and explain more about Vodka. There is also the Delta works in South Holland, the theater from the World War II, the Ann Frank Haus and the Van Gogh Museum.