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Having Tegucigalpa as its capital city, the banana republic nations in the middle area of Central America is the home of Honduras. It was abandoned in a weird occurrence in the early 9th century AD after the Mayans settled in this area for over 1000years and derives its name from the deep waters of the Caribbean, after explorer Christopher Columbus landed on its shores. The area around the capital city is dawned with pine trees, whereas it is situated in the midst of a valley, shaped like a bowl. The name Tegucigalpa signifies ?the silver hill?, having derived this name from the surrounding mountainside. Tourism in this region is a major economic earner, although disaster struck in 1998 when a huge hurricane destroyed almost everything in the country.

Some of the top tourist attraction spots in this region include the Copan Ruins which are located in the municipality of Copan Ruinas. The UN have now made this area a National heritage site. Honduras?s main attraction is the 18th century cathedral that had a dome for its roof. Its interior has a range of fine arts. Another attraction site is the Mayan Copan site, where the heritage site is situated. It highlights the Mayan culture in its deepest roots. Yet another attraction is the Rio Platano Biosphere, which is yet another site recognized by the UN. The main reason for this is because the site is said to be the first place where Christopher Columbus stepped at when he got to the continent. The area is surrounded by diverse wildlife, in a forested area.

Anyone interested in visiting this area by car has a good possibility of venturing from points in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. The roads are passable but have not been developed too well. You will nevertheless encounter many traffic police stops, as they are constantly in a bid to stop possibilities of drug trafficking across borders. Buses also ferry people to and from the main locations. Tegucigalpa, Tela and Copan Ruinas have many buses plying their routes. Company buses make transportation easier for both the locals and the tourists. They usually have their own stations situated inside the cities. If you still want to travel by small vehicles, look into car hire in Honduras by accessing before you leave.