Best Car Rental Hong Kong

Hong Kong, one of the most heavily populated cities in the world, is located in the southern coast of China, and is encircled by a sea and the Pearl River delta. It is widely known for its open skyline and very deep natural harbor. The city has a population of close to 7 million people and is one of the leading financial centers in the world. It is also the most vertical city in the world.

Hong Kong means ?fragrant harbor? and it began as a coastal island on the south coast of China. The first settlements are dated to thousands of years ago approximated to be around 30,000 years. You can get to Hong Kong by use of planes and a visa is required although for the citizens of certain countries, this is not necessary. Car hire in Hong Kong would be a viable option for those intending to stay there for a while and wish to enjoy their sightseeing. There are so many companies that provide these services and to find out more, you can log on to sites such as to compare companies and book before you travel.

Hong Kong offers some of the most memorable attraction sites within its area with the Peak, the Giant Buddha and the Victoria Harbor being the most amazing and fascinating. The Peak offers a great view of the city, mountains and areas far beyond the city. The city also has a varied collection of museums that provide remarkable insights into the wonderful history and development of China and Hong Kong as well. Some of these museums include the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Science Museum, the Space Museum, the Heritage Museum, the Museum of Coastal Defense and the Museum of History.

The city?s wealth of culture and heritage has managed to set it apart from the rest of the world and mostly Asia, and this fact is also due to its fusion of cultures and extraordinary colonial buildings. The city has a number of very old Chinese temples spread throughout the city such as the Lo Pan Temple and the Yuen Yuen Institute to name but a few.