Best Car Rental Hungary

Hungary, officially known as the Republic of Hungary, is a closed-in country in central Europe. It is located at the Pannonian basin, and is bordered by four countries. Budapest is the county?s largest and capital city and Hungarian is the official language. As of 2009 the county?s population was slightly above 10 million people. The country?s capital is regarded as one of the most attractive in the world and receives a large number of tourists in annually.

The Celtics and Romans were the first occupants of the country around 450BC to 430AD after which the Arpad the Hungarian ruler laid the country?s foundation in the 19th century. The current parliamentary republic government was established in 1989. The country is home to the biggest thermal water cave and the 2nd largest thermal lake in the world. It also has a large number of world heritage sites including the largest synagogue in the whole Europe and the third largest church in Europe.

One can get to Hungary by plane through several airports available and also by train since there are direct connections to Hungary from its immediate neighbors and other countries far off. One can also use a car but you must ensure that you have an Internationalmotor insurance card and a power of the attorney from the owner incase it?s not yours. You can also reach the country via bus of ship. Getting around the country you can use a train, bus, or a car. For those considering car hire in Hungary, it?s advisable to get all relevant information on how to drive while there and links such as come in handy for such details. You can also use this site to compare car hire companies and book before you travel.

While in Hungary there is quite a lot that one can do including bird watching, horse riding and taking a bath at the thermal waters with the most famous being the Szechenyi baths in the capital. There are also amazing places one can visit such as the old villages of Holloko and the surrounding areas, Lake Balaton, the caves of Aggtelek and the Hortobagy National Park. Others include the Banks of the Danube, the Tokaj wine Region and the Buda Castle.