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Car Hire Innsbruck

History of Innsbruck


The most important thing for the visitors to keep in mind before traveling is to know the history about the destination. So if you want to go Innsbruck then you should know about it very well so you can enjoy each and every place of it. Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol region of Austria and it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The name of Innsbruck is based on the Inn River, which flows through the city and Innsbruck means ‘bridge over the Inn’. It has been an important centre of commerce and traffic for about a millennium. Placing it right in the middle of southern Europe then Innsbruck is just about 30 minutes drive from the Italian border and 45 minutes from Germany.

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol from 1429 and the two centuries that followed were Innsbruck’s golden years. The Hapsburg Holy Roman Emperor Maximilion turned the whole city into a booming cultural and economic centre. The achievement of that time was the construction of Goldene Dachl (Golden Roof). It is also the most famous landmark of Innsbruck today. Tourist love to visit Innsbruck because of its glorious history which includes Napoleons’ conquest. With the arrival of the industrial revolution in the latter part of the 19th century Innsbruck regained its economic importance which helped in spurred mass transport and communications. In 1964 and 1976 Innsbruck hosted the winter Olympics which gave it another enormous boost. It got global recognition as a world’s leading winter sports centers.

Today it is the major destinations for the athletes in training, culture seekers and many others. The jewel of the Alps in Innsbruck made it as a premier travel destination. So to visit all historical places in Innsbruck it is necessary to have your own transportation. But if you don’t have then not to worry the freedom of a rental car in Innsbruck allows you to visit the Imperial Palace, The Golden Roof and Ambras Castle - some of the city’s most remarkable historic sites. You just have to hire a car from car rental Innsbruck and visit your favorite places of interest. There are many car rental companies which offer best deal of hiring a car in Innsbruck. Also, you can go for hiring a car from car rental Innsbruck airport. So search the best one and go for it to have the best vacations in Innsbruck.


Innsbruck can be visit in summers and as well as in the long winter months. Winter being the haven for winter sports one can enjoy these at a cheaper rate than other skiing destinations. Summer brings its own charm in going through the city.

Arrival at Innsbruck

A beautiful city located in the middle of a valley named as Innsbruck, is the most important and scenic city of Austria. Most of the people who travel Tyrol, which is a province of Austria, prefer to go to Innsbruck.  Most of the universities are located here and students from all over the world come and study over here. This city has many ancient stories of Romans as they have ruled this area for many years. Innsbruck is the richest city regarding its culture and traditions. People who come only to visit Innsbruck in Austria can easily get to know about the whole culture of Tyrol as it is like a summary of western Austria.

Innsbruck is the most popular city of western Austria as it was the host city of European football championships and was 8th in ranking. People prefer to stay at Innsbruck because of its beautiful scenery and it is has the largest ski resort in the area. Living in Innsbruck or visiting this area is not that difficult if you plan your trip properly and have a travel guide for you and your family. Before you visit Innsbruck it is necessary that you should search for the place you want to live in. Resorts are of all the types with different prices. You can get the most expensive resort with all the facilities, the guides, and transport facility in the package, the hassle of car hiring independently would not be the issue. But for the cheap resorts you have to take a guide map for your own convenience and there are many companies who can provide you cars for traveling the long distances and enjoy your trip.

Transport in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a provincial capital city of the state Tyrol of western Austria. It is the fifth largest city in Austria. Located in the centre of Tyrol, it is a paradise for any mountain lover. It has hosted the Winter Olympics twice and would be hosting the first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012 and has made the city the most interesting and striking place to visit. It is the largest ski resorts in alps. It has become the most famous tourists place with lots of historic buildings, museums, churches, parks and gardens, castles and palaces, etc to visit. It also has widespread sports facilities in winter as well as in summer.

Transport in Innsbruck is not a big problem as it is a small city. Tourists in Innsbruck can roam around in buses, trams, taxis, bikes, trains, sightseer, etc.


Centuries of colorful history the imperial splendor bestowed on Innsbruck by Habsburg rulers having penchant for architecture and arts. Monuments dating back to 15th century marking early era of Austrian monarchy visitors are taken back to a time of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Classical Period. Historical landmarks dotted across the city showing the greatness of the Habsburg Empire. But with present day modern architecture giving the present touch.

Being in the spot light for hosting the major Internationalsports events in the heart of Alps such as the Olympic Winter games or the Youth Olympic Games Innsbruck is keeping the finger on the pulse of the times.


The Alpine city of Innsbruck, Austria visitors can expect to see Goldenes Dachl which is the center of the Altstadt and the center of Innsbruck.

Using 2657 gilded copper shingles which have been adorned on the top of this structure to derive its name back in the 1500. The radiant effect created by this upon the roof still impresses the visitors till this day.

Emperor Maximilian greatly expanded the House of Habsburg by tactically waging wars and through marriage to insure that this becomes the most important houses in Europe and influencing the European history for years to come even after his death.

At present times visitors only take a photo and move on to the next sight but they don’t know the history of the Goldenes Dachl as they don’t go in the museum. Its recommended to go in and learn more about maxmilian I. When visiting this museum a person will be amazed to see the history of Innsbruck before and after the World War II.

During war Innsbruck suffered a lot during the times of axis powers and aerial bombing by allied planes. People of Innsbruck encased the building of Goldenes Dachl into a bunker and protecting it.


Lichtblick Gastro

The slick restaurant Lichtblick creates a memorable experience by offering freshest ingredients on the menu which makes the dining a pleasure.

Schwarzer Adler Restaurant

The restaurant located in the cellar of Schwarzer Adler Hotel offers soups, fish and other mouth watering treats.

Restaurant Goldener Adler

Having a traditional atmosphere and having a diversified menu it?s a beautiful place to dine out.


This place being the best in Innsbruck, the Duck, the Salads and other appetizers are some of the specialties of this restaurant.


A traveler if not fulfilled with the fun filled activities of the day Innsbruck nightlife also offers options such clubs and restaurants.

Blue Chip dance club a well knows hotspot for group of young snowboarding enthusiasts from the local university hit place from Thursday to Saturday night.

Bacchus is a gay / lesbian dance club that opens at nine in the evening and is open till wee hours of the morning.

Casino Innsbruck is a local casino a place where travelers can try their luck in winning some local currency.

Couch Club is a dance club a place well known for live music every night of the weekHofgarten cafe is a local bar having seating arrangements having both indoor and outdoor is popular with the young adults who can enjoy occasional live music and number of drinks to choose fromLimerick Bill?s is an Irish pub having a modern dance floor and having live music on the weekends.

Nacht is one of those places which is open all night and party till the sun comes up.

Krahvogel is a pub-like place where small amount of cocktails are on offer with some food and during summers you have a cozy sitting outside.


Being busy with all the tourist Innsbruck has grown into an excellent place to shop. Souvenirs like Wolpertinger rabbits, chocolate covered gingerbread are some of the things to buy. This is a good place to look for Swarovski crystal that made from Tyrol region.

These things can be found in all the shops and malls of the city. Innsbruck houses big shopping malls but for good shopping experience the old Town is the best.

Disabled Visitors

Innsbruck and its neighboring villages having facilities those help with the needs of the people having disabilities to enjoy their time and make them feel at home.

The airports being all wheelchairs accessible hence there is no worrying about having problems while traveling with people having disability. Hiring a car to get you from the airport and drop you at your hotel is a better option to consider. Hotels can be located easily having facility for the disabled people. Some even have rooms on the ground floor for the disable people.

People In Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the most popular destination among tourists because of the Innsbruck's beautiful town centre with its historic buildings, the friendly ambience and the extensive sport facilities both in winter and in summer. It is famed for its magnificent alpine scenery and architectural heritage. The charming Austrian town of Innsbruck is a relaxing and refreshing holiday destination.

Different type of people visits Innsbruck ever year. The athletes, culture seekers and recreational skiers are always fond to visit Innsbruck in winter.

Innsbruck Accommodation

Welcome to the abode of exclusiveness. Innsbruck is an awesome place. It is one of the best locations in the world and the accommodation is the beyond of our expectation. There are different types of people and it is up to you that how are you going to spend and what is the status of your financial situation. Generally most of the people prefer inexpensive places to live because when you leave your nation and staying in another nation then it is necessary to save money. So if you are also including one of them then it is must to know the standard of living in Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is the one of the best place of Austria and it is considered as the most beautiful city of Austria. If you have a methodical plan then it is not difficult to stay in Innsbruck. Bachelors and working class people can stay here safely and also in an inexpensive way. Before you heading for Innsbruck you should know the proper information about the place. Generally Innsbruck accommodation is medium because it is not too expensive or too cheap but it is affordable for anyone.

Innsbruck is a very enchanting place and once you visit the place you will understand its essence and the allure that will toward it and the excellent climate of Innsbruck never let you remember about any other place. The atmosphere of Innsbruck is really calm and pleasant and it has a romantic essence. There are lots of amusements and entertainments activities so you won’t feel monotonous here. There are many recreational activities such as recreational activities, parks, discos, museums, water sports, and much more. The 1964 and 1976 Olympic was held here. It is the gateway of Brenner Pass. Innsbruck is hot favorite for both summer and winter location. There are huge numbers of hotels, hostels and lodging accommodations so it is the best option for accommodation purpose also. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the city then you should hire a car. To hire a car in Innsbruck, is really a good option for travelers.

Innsbruck City

Innsbruck is one of the famous destinations in Western Austria. With a population of around 110,000, it is one of the best places for spending a Vacation. Innsbruck has a historical importance as it has hosted the 2008 European Football championships along with 8 other cities. Innsbruck hosted has the Winter Olympics twice and that not only makes it an interesting and beautiful situated city but the "largest ski resort in the alps". One can spend a nice vacation in this place and to make their stay a memorable one it is advisable to pre-pan everything right from hiring a car to making a list of the places you to want to visit and so on.

Located close to Munich and northern Italy, it makes itself a must see alpine destination and one of the best places for spending a good vacation. Innsbruck also has a good number of parks and museums which are spread all over the city which have very historical importance. 

One interesting thing about Innsbruck is hiking. If anyone likes hiking, mountain biking or climbing, Innsbruck offers facilities for everyone’s taste. One can enjoy the breathtaking views over the city of Innsbruck and the Tyrolean Mountains during a hike to one of the numerous mountain pastures in the Nordpark Innsbruck. They can also explore the various mountain bike trails or discover the highlights of the Innsbruck Klettersteig (fixed rope route). 

Museums and Parks are also some of the places which are likely to be visited in Innsbruck. Some of the museums which are of phenomenal importance are the Swarovski Kristallwelten, Schloss Ambras. These museums have great historical value and one can enjoy visiting these museums. There are several parks around the city out of which some parks like The Innsbruck university Botanic garden, Alpenzoo (Alpine Zoo), Hofgarten, Rapoldipark, Schlosspark Ambras which are one of the best places to visit. One can enjoy the climate in these parks. Especially in the Innsbruck Botanic garden, one can see a huge collection of plants. If you are a plant lover, then this is the best place to watch. Cheap car hire Innsbruck ensures maximum facility of transportation at considerably lower rates.

Coming to Innsbrucks Holiday Villages, these are nestling amid beautiful landscapes between 590m and 2020m above sea level, the towns offer an inviting mix of outdoor activities, culture and rest and relaxation. One can gofor Innsbruck car rental facility , visit these villages and have a thrilling vacation around. 

Useful contacts in Innsbruck

Innsbruck being the hub of the city; it would not be wrong to call it the second capital of Austria. Tourism is at its peak and is one of the major sources of currency influx through tourism. It has a lot of historical importance, natural scenery and very warm welcoming sport activities throughout the year- let it be winters or summers. When you are traveling anywhere in the world, it is almost mandatory to know the important phone numbers, as they are sources of great help in times of trouble. The Austrian code is 0049. While the area code for Innsbruck is 0512.  
For your convenience here are a few numbers of importance to help you in your trip:

  1. Emergency call    112
  2. Fire Brigade    122
  3. Police     133
  4. Ambulance    144
  5. Austrian mountain rescue service 140
  6. Medical emergency service  141
  7. Taxi     0512 5311

Knowing numbers of importance when visiting another country or city is essential especially when you are traveling alone or are with your kids and you do not know anyone in that particular city. Problems can occur to mankind at all places but pre planning to solve them always is a good and successful measure that helps you from getting into any unexpected or uncertain situation. The numbers are kept short for the user’s convenience, so they can be learned quickly and taken advantage of. Usually these numbers can be dialed from a cell phone; while in the case of Innsbruck you can dial the “emergency call- 112” from your cell phone without knowing the area code or any other codes for that matter. It is an intelligent idea to copy these numbers on a piece of parchment and carry along with you where ever you travel as it can be of great help whenever required. Innsbruck has grey colored phone booths and can be found all around the city, if you do not own a cell phone then you can rush to one of these booths in case of any emergency or incase you need any assistance. If you are thinking to bring along your phone it is important to know that only A1, T-mobile, Connect Austria and Telering operate in the city.

Costs, Money and Bank

Whenever you are visiting a new city you have to make arrangements for your transport for your connivance as you don’t know about that new area. Local public transport is not a good option for a new person because of its timings and stops that you are unaware of.

Festivals in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is the capital of federal state Tyrol in western Austria. It is one of the best and attractive places for tourism. Being the fifth largest city in Western Austria, Innsbruck had the privilege to be one of the eight cities that had hosted 2008 European Football championships. It is known for its famous museums, parks, cultural events in Austria. It is an outstanding place for concerts and music events as well as festivals. One can visit this wonderful place and go through the city and if you hire a car in Innsbruck you will really enjoy the place. 

It has twice hosted the Winter Olympics making it not only an interesting and beautiful situated city but also the "largest ski resort in the alps". It is located both close to Munich and northern Italy making it a must see alpine destination and one of the best places for spending a good vacation. Innsbruck is also famous for parks and museums which are spread all over the city. These places have phenomenal importance and during the festival seasons, we can see people gathering together and enjoying in these places. 

The festival of early music visits Innsbruck each August. Innsbruck is a place where we can find plenty of things to do, place to visit as well as many festivals to enjoy. Likely, the summer months we can see many visitors who turn out to this place of scenic beauty to attend the events such as Tirol Speed Marathon. In late May, the Tanzsommer InternationalDance Festival in mid-June, and also the Festwochen der Alten Musik (Innsbruck Festival) in August, the city's premier event, held at both the Ambras Palace and Landestheater. In winter, we can see the people enjoying the winter sports as well as attending the winter sports festivals. The most popular event includes the Hahnnenkamm Race (Alpine Skiing World Cup) in mid-January, and the Igls Bobsleigh Rides in January and February. Overall the celebrations in Innsbruck are very memorable and one enjoys a ride during the festival season by going for car hire Innsbruck in airport and enjoy the beautiful vacations.

Museums in Innsbruck

If you are thinking about a beautiful vacation, one city that comes into our mind is Innsbruck. Innsbruck is the capital of the federal state Tyrol in western Austria and with a population of 110,000 residents; it is the fifth largest city in Austria.  

Innsbruck city is also famous for the number of museums it has several around the city. One such museum is Swarovski Kristallwelten which is also called as a crystal world.
One can see beautiful crystal ware including some artistic creations of Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.    

At Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum some quite dramatic Gothic-style sculptures and grand altarpieces are displayed over there. Alpine art and relief maps are the subjects explored at Innsbruck Alpenvereinsmuseum (Alpine Club Museum), while the Wunderkammer (Gallery of Wonders) at the Schloss Ambras exhibits pieces created by unusual means, along with an inspiring portrait gallery, housed on the upper floor of the actual palace.    

Of all the above museums Schloss Ambras is the most important sight in Innsbruck. It is situated in the hills above the Innsbruck. The Castle of Ambras is one of the most important sights to visit in Innsbruck. Its culture and historical importance is closely connected with Archduke Ferdinand II and was his residence from 1563 to 1595. Ferdinand II was the important person among the habsburg family. He founded the magnificent collections of Ambras and had a museum built for them in the "Lower Castle".     

The chamber of Art and curiosities is the one which can be still seen in its original place. The natural and artistic objects which are present in the Castle represent the late Renaissance encyclopedic collections. We can still see the corals arranged in cabinet-boxes, turnery made of wood or ivory, glass figures, or porcelain and silk paintings which belong to the oldest European collections of Asian art. There are also the artistic European works, like the carved "little death" made of wood by Hans leinberger, goblets made of rhinoceros horns, animals made of bronze, music and measuring instruments, automats and clocks. The most important things to see are the portraits of curious people like the hairy people, Vlad Dracula and others.

Kids amusement in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a place of tourism. No matter whatever the age may be, any person can enjoy visiting Innsbruck. It is a place of enjoyment with enthusiasm and joy. Kids really enjoy seeing different types of museums in Innsbruck. They will learn more from the botanical garden as they will get a chance to know different plants. Hence the tour will help them to learn something along with enjoyment. Kids really enjoy Swarovski crystal world and unique underground museum and second topmost tourist place in Austria after Vienna's Schonbrunn palace. Kids will love the dancing pants and the man's body that comes apart with crystal inside!  To Poseidon's Puzzle, which changes based on your movements, and the giant kaleidoscope, flower angels and dancing suns.   
Kids cannot be bored in Innsbruck because it has a different culture and history .They can enjoy by dressing up as royals when they go for visiting Schonbrunn palace or the imperial zoo. So they can enjoy in this way and feel happy and proud being dressed up like king or queen in the palace.     
The ski jump in the middle of the Innsbruck, the chance to skate at the rink built for the Olympic Games, take a toboggan ride or hitch a ride on a gondola that will get you up to the mountains with in a half an hour will not only be enjoyed by the kids but even the adults can enjoy all these games along with its scenic beauties. You can rent a car in Innsbruck for enjoying to the full.   
When we talk about kids place of enjoyment, the one place that cant be forgotten is Aqua Dome it is a place in town of Langenfed which takes a time of one hour to travel  from Innsbruck where it offers an expansive kids area with water slide, kids restaurant, climbing wall, arts and crafts through which kids really love and enjoy these activities. Even adults can enjoy as there are several saunas and steam rooms, an ice grotto and relaxation areas. Hence this place is really enjoyed by kids as well as by adults.     

Innsbruck is having a moderate weather in comparison to the other parts of the world. This is the place where everyone can have a great time through out the year irrespective of the season. Each season is unique and has its specialty. When compared to other parts of Austria, summer often begins very early in Innsbruck due to its windy conditions which are unique.  Here we can experience both dry and warm winds, rather than cool breezes. This is a nice change in season and it is the best time to plan a vacation for Innsbruck. Late summer might be a time of heavy rains hence it is better to avoid at that time of the year. Traveler’s interested in winter sports can really enjoy the Innsbruck for snowfall of the winter months.

Parks in Innsbruck

Innsbruck, capital city of the federal state Tyrol in western Austria is famous as a tourism attraction. One can love to spend a vacation here. One can enjoy the trip with great enthusiasm and can learn many things in this trip. Innsbruck is one of places with historical importance. This can be revealed by the different types of museums that are in the city. Few Examples are Schloss Ambras, Tiroler Landesmuseum etc. 

Not only for the museums, this city has a large number of parks around the city and one would love to visit all these parks. Transport facilities are also very flexible and one can easily go for car hire in Innsbruck to go around the city. One of the most important parks in Innsbruck is the Innsbruck university Botanic garden. There are also some other good parks like Alpenzoo (Alpine Zoo), Hofgarten, Rapoldipark, Schlosspark Ambras. 
 The Innsbruck university Botanic garden had received more importance with regards to other parks as one can see a huge collection of plants. The people who love the environment of plants will really enjoy this place and one of the best tourist places in Innsbruck. Located in Hötting at Sternwartestrabe 15, this 2 hectare botanical garden consists of collection of different groups of 5000 species of plants like Alpine garden, Arboretum woody plants including gymnosperms, angiosperms and perennial plants, Fernhouse, Cactus houses there are about 500 species of cactus. Fernhouse includes ferns of epiphytes, climbing ferns and water ferns. Medicinal, poisonous and spice plants known for there alkaloids, tannins, ethereal oils, vitamins etc are about 300 species are there. There is also an Orchid house.  
One other park which is to be given importance is the first touch garden in Austria where all the plants are labeled in Braille. One should visit this systematic garden which was rebuilt in 1993.There are six green houses in this garden. In the Tropical green house flowering and useful tropical plants are there. This garden is being operated by the University of Innsbruck. These gardens are open on all days and there is no entry fee to visit this garden its free of cost. The Green houses will be open only on Thursdays’ but with an amount of admission fee. Its first green house was constructed in 1909, three green houses between 1977-1979, a succulent house in 1993 and Sixt h green house was constructed in 1997. So hire a cab, visit this place as it gives a very great experience and it will be like a study tour along with enthusiasm and joy.

Innsbruck> Real Estate

Innsbruck is a very famous and profitable location for investments. It is widely and globally known for its massive revenue generation per annum which increases each year. It is the heart of the country with millions of tourists being attracted to the beauty and historical buildings. Each year the value of Innsbruck real estate rises up due to greater opportunities of studies and employments there are many migrations taking place and so shelter becomes necessary for which visitors tend to contact real estate advisors for their accommodation.

Generally hotels are expensive in Innsbruck and even short-term visitors tend to rent a house for their convenience as it becomes far more economical for visitors who plan their vacation with a small Budget .

Presently real estate business is very popular and profitable and many people have started their own organization/firm within the same market.

Real estate at present is the only business which is soaring high up in the skies, unlike all other business’s which are targeted strongly by the economical recession; many people have changed their family businesses to real estate work just to earn more and have productive investments. Alpine property is one of the most luxurious firms in Innsbruck; they have houses and accommodations of almost all types of requirements. Though they are a bit expensive but the quality they provide and the structures they lay down are worth the price paid.

The real estate firms have risen up as technology has swelled up and have provided websites for their users to show them what they have to offer. Pictures of the model houses, area, price and all such details are provided on the web site through which the clients can search the exact house they want to get.  Another great advantage to this facility is that they can compare prices and locations of the project site while sitting at home and choose from the best economical package they can avail.

Agents have affiliated themselves with real estates, take commission from both clients and owner, and bring together both of them negotiating to the best price possible. Innsbruck has become one of the major hubs for the rise of such agents and firms now.

When you are traveling to Innsbruck, it is necessary to have a car with you to make traveling easier. As a matter of fact cheap car hire in Innsbruck airport is far easier and affordable than availing any private transport. There are many companies that offer the facility of getting cheap car hire Innsbruck at the lowest Budget possible. The drivers that drive such cars know of all the important real estate sites and can guide you accordingly as per your interest. Make the best use of the services available and have a safe and happy stay in the beautiful city of Innsbruck.