Best Car Rental Israel

The state of Israel is located on the eastern shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea and borders Egypt on the west, Lebanon on the north and Syria and Jordan on the east. Israel is a little larger than Massachusetts and is the only state in the world with the majority of inhabitants being Jews. As of June 2011, the population was estimated to be roughly 7.7 million excluding foreigners.

The state of Israel was established in the year 1948 as a Jewish state and as a democratic republic despite the clashes they were having with the British and Arabs states that had declared war against them. The state is also called the Holy Land as it is holy to Christians, Muslims, Jews and all other Abrahamic religions. Tourism in Israel is a major source of income for the country as there are about 3.45 million tourist arrivals annually. For anyone thinking of visiting Israel there are a variety of places to visit such as the old city of Akko also called Acre. This city has a great wall and was the main natural port with an extensive history of conquests and governing empires.

There is also the landlocked Dead Sea that has some of the most salty waters in the world and gets even more salty with increase in depth. Jerusalem is amongst the most vacationed cities and among the oldest in the globe. Aside from being Israel?s capital the city has a myriad of historical, archeological and other religious attractions. Then there is Tel Aviv the 2nd largest city in Israel that has an exciting nightlife and has been ranked one of the top ten beach cities in the world. Safed town is also famous for its artisans. Other cities include Haifa, Tiberius and Nazareth- Jesus?s hometown and one hosting the largest Christian church in the Middle East.

There are also hiking trails, National parks and reserves, museums and several hot springs. There are two International Airports that serve Israel and for transport within the city there are enough buses as well as a train. You can also get services of car hire in Israel offered by over 50 companies and enables you to compare the deals from the various companies and book before you travel.