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History Knock

As visitors of Knock enter the quiet Catholic town in justified anticipation to enter the Pilgrimage area and bow before the Shrine, Ireland’s history comes to mind as a reminiscent prelude of the experience some of the inhabitants of this beautiful town had on an August night some 130 years ago. It was in the 5th century AD when St Patrick came to Ireland and along with a group of Christian missionaries spread Christianity through Ireland and replaced the Celtic religion. The people on the island embraced the new religion and held on to it as consolation for the hard times ahead. During the 9th century AD continuous Viking raids disturb the almost monastic life of the Irish people. Early in the 12th century, Richard de Care marks the beginning of around seven centuries of involvement of the English in Ireland.

In 1879, Knock was a small village of self-sufficient, hardworking farmers with a deep religious feeling and strong family values. On the night of August 21st, two women from the village were walking near the local church when they noticed three luminous figures moving around the church. As they got closer it seemed to them that one of the figures looked like Virgin Mary. They immediately made for their homes and notified their families and neighbours. Soon, a group of 15 people, men, women and children ranging in ages between six and seventy five watched under the pouring rain. For more than three hours as the night was getting darker, the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared. St Joseph was on her right while St John the Evangelist was on her left. Besides the Holy figures stood an Altar with a large cross and on the Altar stood a lamb. A young boy also witnessed adoring angels around the cross.

Weather Knock

Weather in Knock can be same as that of Ireland, it is cold in winters, and it is best to visit the place in summers when the weather is mild. Check the weather chart for more information about the weather that suits you the most.


Arrival to Knock

You can come to Knock by plane, train, bus or car. People from nearby cities usually come by bus because bus fare is very cheap and low. However, the major chunk of the tourists enters into the city by air. The Knock airport mainly serves the city, which is located 18 km north of the city.

Flights from different destinations in the United Kingdom, daily come to Knock and airport is the ideal gateway for the western tourists in the Island of Ireland. After your arrival to Knock, you must tell the tourist information office. It is not only necessary for your own security and safety but it is also important to get discount shopping cards and free maps of Knock.

You will get access to all banking facilities on the airport, after your arrival to Knock city. Therefore, you are not supposed to carry huge cash with you. Moreover, after your arrival on Knock airport, you will get an access to internet, phones and postal services. Public transportation in Knock is well developed and you will analyze that after your arrival to Knock.

City Transport

Knock attracts millions of tourists very year, therefore, for providing maximum facilities to the tourists, various developments have been made in the city. It is well evident from the transportation system of the city that tourists can enjoy cheap conveyance in Knock. The major mode of transportation in Knock is bus and bus services are available in all major locations of the city.

However, one very odd thing was that there was no public transportation available from airport to the centre of the city. However, extensive system of shuttles have been providing transportation services from airport to Knock, but this system still needs improvements.

The best idea for the tourists is that they should make an early booking for car rental.

Best Knock

Since the Apparition in 1879, everything has changed in Knock. It was then a small village when two local women, Mary McLaughlin and Mary Byrne witnessed the appearance of Virgin Mary, St Joseph and St John the Evangelist near the village church. The mirage was so divine that Mary Byrne notified her family and soon 15 people were present. In the middle of a summer night, under the rain, holding their rosaries in their hands, the villagers gazed in amazement at a shrine with a cross and a lamb near the Holly Mother. Their descriptions were very detailed as the phenomenon lasted for at least three hours. The Blessed Sacrament Chapel is a place of contemplation and prayer before the Shrine of the blessed Virgin. Knock town and the Pilgrimage was visited by Pope John Paul in 1979, 100 years after the Apparition, to honour The Holy Virgin and the whole area looks nothing like the small, modest church that is shown only in black and white photos, where the Holy Virgin chose to bless the people of Knock with her presence. The names and ages of the 15 witnesses, the portraits of some of them, marvellous statues and elaborate secular buildings, all add to the reverence a visitor feels in this holy place. Theological books are a good suggestion for further reading and there are many sites available to draw more information from.

Nearby Airports

163 km: Shannon Airport - Shannon, Ireland (SNN / EINN)190 km: Donegal Airport - Carrickfinn, Ireland (CFN / EIDL)203 km: City of Derry Airport - Londonderry, United Kingdom (LDY / EGAE)

Exploring Knock

The wonderful town of Knock is truly a remarkable place. A place of natural beauty and religious spirit, it is the site of a Marian Shrine, a Catholic Pilgrimage, a temple of prayer and recovery, a cradle of reverence and salvation. Visitors to Knock will find that together with the prayers, the anticipation of relief from physical or spiritual pain, the softening of the heart and the healing of the soul, they can explore the village and its surroundings and find that there is more to Knock than meets the eye. If you are not fasting, you can start your day with a typical Irish breakfast full of Irish sausages and master quality Irish butter. You might want to prepare some sandwiches for the road as Irish bakery products are really wholesome. There are many facilities for exploring Knock, including local transportation services. You can take the bus or, if you have the energy, you can walk all the way. Remember to bring a canteen you can fill with holy water as plastic bottles are a �no no� if you want to fight pollution and keep the planet clean.

Once you have arrived at the Pilgrimage, the first place to visit is the Basilica of Our Lady, Queen of Ireland. More than 14,000 people can attend mass here, but more than one mass is held on days of high attendance. A divine crucifix invites you to contemplate and the pediment depicting the Apparition is wonderfully presented. The atmosphere is full of reverence and one could not have expected less from the Irish and British people as this is the holiest place in the Isles. Make sure you read the story of the Apparition. Whatever your personal beliefs may be, it is an astounding story and every detail counts. Whatever souvenirs or spiritual objects you chose to buy for yourself and your loved ones, remember to bring home a packet of Irish cookies to keep the sweet taste of Knock in your heart.

Eating drinking Knock

The town of Knock is a rather quiet town, much like others in the heart of the county of Mayo. It is close to the ocean facing westwards, towards the destination of many Irish people who, at the end of the 19th century, desperate with poverty and hunger, decided to leave their homeland seeking their fortune on the other side of the Big Pond. With their determination and courage and perhaps with the blessings of their beloved Virgin Mary, many of them succeeded and made a new home in America keeping Ireland dear in their Catholic hearts. Knock sees many visitors every year. As many as 1.5 million people come to the small Irish town. But there is no wild (or even quiet) nightlife to attract visitors as one would expect to find in a highly visited place.

Visitors come to Knock for other reasons and they are well known and obvious. Some people refer to them as pilgrims but the term religious tourist is more accurate and to the point. Naturally, these visitors still have to be accommodated; they still have to eat and are in need of transportation and security. Religious tourism is not a new trend. Since the beginning of the 20th century, local communities around the world have decided that pilgrims should not have to sleep outdoors or carry their own food. Visitors of Knock will find an adequate choice of restaurants offering traditional Irish food and Internationalspecialties. There are no registered pubs or bars in Knock, but visitors may check the area for fast food restaurants, pubs with traditional music and places offering ethnic cuisine. The Irish do know how to make a party out of anything, so none of this means that Knock is a boring place to be. Just be ready to experience a more demure eating and dining experience.

Night-life Knock

Knock in Ireland is mainly known for the Apparition of the Virgin Mary. Because, it is a place of pilgrimage, only very few pubs and clubs exist, however, this does not mean that if you are in Knock, there is nothing for you to do at night. After all, Knock is in Ireland and Ireland is a country of music and get-togethers. When you are in Knock, there are a number of good pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Irish food. You could consider, for instance, Burkers Corner House, Coleman’s Bar and Restaurant, McNulty John, J Ronan, Gurren’s, Kitty McGreals, the Jug of Punch, John Breslin, Bonners Bar or Langan Taverns Ltd (a franchise that can be found all over Ireland. There is also the Rea Geo and Winnie Lane.

Knock is a place where religion and Christianity take centre stage. Because of this, the nightlife isn�t vibrant, nor is it geared at the younger generations. It is also important to remember that Knock is a very small village and that most people who live here would prefer to make the trip to Dublin if they do want to enjoy a spectacular night out. However, you are in Ireland. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised if you here a fiddler playing, accompanied by the sound of laughter, from one of Knock’s little houses. There may even be some live music in one of the taverns or pubs. This is truly Ireland at its best. Spontaneous music is what made the country great and traditional Irish music tells of the turbulent history that the country has enjoyed. If you are in Knock on a pilgrimage, you may have arrived there in time for a religious holiday. In this case, it is likely that you will be able to attend one of the late night masses, before returning to your hotel or bed; breakfast. In the morning, you will be able to enjoy a traditional hearty Irish breakfast before continuing on to the next mass.

Shopping Knock

The entire community of Knock is dedicated to accommodating the numerous visitors of the Pilgrimage, one of Europe’s main Marian shrines. The large number of people visiting the small town (630,000 thousand people used Knock Airport in 2008) is a sign of the effort Knock community members need to make to accommodate the visitors. Virtually half the town of Knock is shops selling all kinds of products, from souvenirs to food and from religious books to spiritual arts and craft. Naturally, this area of shopping is the most popular in Knock.

Visitors can start their shopping at Ireland West Airport Knock, if they are flying in. There is a duty free shop, a tax refund shop and various other vendors that might interest incoming passengers. When in town, visitors may taste some of Ireland’s food produce. Ireland, and especially the Mayo region, is so natural and pollution free that Irish food products are famous and exported to all EU countries and the US. Dairy products, smoked salmon and sausages are excellent choses either for consumption during your visit or to buy in gift baskets or hampers and take back home. Do check whether you are allowed to take fresh produce across the border.

Knock’s great attraction is Ireland’s National Marian Shrine. Visitors who are shopping for souvenirs, gifts, spiritual objects or books will find many shops both in the village and in the Pilgrimage area where all sites have individual, official gift shops. Large companies based in the wider Knock area supply vendors and pilgrims with a wide selection of spiritual objects. Lists of products are available in various sites. Other than the essentials such as little prayer books, small, simple crosses to wear around your neck, rosaries and Bibles, you can also find nice post cards and books with the story of the Apparition and other details concerning the Catholic faith.

Disabled visitors Knock

Knock, in County Mayo, Ireland, became an important place for the Catholic faith in the late 19th century. Pilgrims visit Knock in reverence asking for the help of the Virgin Mary in times of need, since she allegedly appeared here. The Virgin Mary being said to have healing powers, it is no surprise that many disabled visitors come to Knock. Starting from their arrival at Knock Airport, travellers with special needs will find all that they require for a safe transport to their accommodation. Special toilet facilities, ramps and pathways, wheelchairs and special carts along with front desk ground staff will assist them for as long as they are in the airport area.

Knock Airport is a relatively small airport but local hospitality is great. And if descriptions are not enough, disabled visitors should also keep in mind that there are strict Internationalregulations concerning the matter and any airport in the world cannot be licensed without abiding by them. The hotels in Knock are well aware of the fact that a lot of people who face special problems come to their town with the hope of finding healing and they are hence prepared by providing great arrangements for these visitors. Lists of such hotels and provided amenities can easily be obtained at central spots or through relevant internet sites. In the city of Knock there are special provisions for the disabled and many facilities are offered. Not just in hotels but also in parks and specific sites, special preparations have been made so that people who are physically impaired or are disabled can also visit the beautiful town and enjoy all its pleasures like every other visitor. The Pilgrimage itself is obviously well organized to meet the needs of the handicapped visitors. Naturally, important touristic areas are included on a loop, so that those who are hard of hearing can also pick up any relevant information.

Accommodation in Knock

A trip to Knock can be a great fun for you however, before planning a trip, it is very important to plan your transportation and accommodation in the city. There are many hotels, apartments, private homes on rent, hostels, bread & breakfasts and private rooms in Knock.

The best thing about these accommodations is that they are really inexpensive and affordable. However, you have to make an early booking of the hotel before your arrival in the city. One of the best guest houses in Knock is Divine Mercy B&B. This guest house is popular among the tourists because it is located on the main road from Knock International Airport.

In addition, it is located at a very short distance from the major attraction of Knock, Lady’s Shrine. The rooms of this guest house are bright, clean and cheerful. You can also stay in private homes available on rent in Knock. One of these houses Eden home on N17 provides you best accommodation facilities with private parking and dining facilities. There are many other such places where you can stay at Knock however, during the peak season; you must ensure the early booking of the accommodation.

After deciding your accommodation, you must consider your mode of transportation in Knock.

The city of Knock

Knock is the most famous town in Irish. It is a small town in County Mayo in Ireland. Knock is the city of province Connacht. It is considered as the one of the important Roman Catholic Marian shrines in Europe. Every year more than one and a half million pilgrims visit Knock Shrine present in the city.

The location of the Knock is 53 degrees, 46 minutes and 59.88 seconds towards north and 8 degrees, 55 minutes and 0.01 seconds towards west. In other words, the coordinates of the Knock are 53.7833, -8.91667. The elevation of the city is 78 meters. According to the population estimation of 2002, the population of the town is 595 and the population of Environs is 1,404.

The most appealing factor about the city is its beautiful scenic view. Tourists from all over the world are attracted towards the city because of its attractions. There are many things to do in Knock; therefore, it is the best place to spend vacations. Facilities like accommodation and transportation are easily accessible in the city at very reasonable rates.

Public transportation can be used to visit different places of the city. But there are some spots in the city which are not served by the public transports.

Useful numbers in Knock

In better for you to get information about the city, you are planning to visit. You can get any kind of information about the city from Tourist Information Offices. It is recommended to you to note down the useful numbers of the city, if you are planning to spend you vacations in Knock. These contact numbers are very useful in the case of any accident. Some of the useful numbers are given below:

Emergency contact numbers

For any kind of emergency services such as police, medical and fire, dial 999 from any telephone.

Medical services

City hospital: 028 90 32 92 41

Health Centre: <!--[if gte vml 1]> 028 90 56 32 00 / 028 90 92 40 01 / 028 90 65 40 18

24 hour services: 028 90 41 05 03<!--[if gte vml 1]>

Hospital: 028 90 48 45 11

Police Services:

Police Headquarters at Knock: 0 28 90 65 02 22

Non Emergency Number: <!--[if gte vml 1]><!--[if gte vml 1]><!--[if gte vml 1]>08 45 60 08 000

Emergency services: 999

Other facilities:

Gas facilities: 084 54 55 55 55

Water emergency number: <!--[if gte vml 1]><!--[if gte vml 1]>084 57 44 00 88 Flooding helpline: 028 92 60 61 00 Airport enquiry: 028 90 93 90 93<!--[if gte vml 1]><!--[if gte vml 1]>/ 028 94 48 48 48 Finding reliable and safe mode of transportation in the city is not a big task. Public transport is very cheap but over crowded with local passengers.

Knock Festivals

Knock Lady Shrine is very popular among the locals and tourists therefore; the major festivals and the events are usually related with the memories of the story of Lady Shrine. However, like other cities on the Ireland, you can enjoy many events and festivals in Knock as well.

One of the major festivals of Knock is Youth Knock Festival which usually starts in the end of July and lasts for four to five days. This festival has been organized every years four eight years. Youth of nearby cities come to Knock to attend this festival. If you have been attending the festivals of other cities of the world, you will really find this festival very different to any other festival.

This festival specially targets the youth of 18 to 35 years of age. In order to encourage youth, different themes have been introduced in this festival. In 2009, the theme of youth festival was “you are the light of the world”. Knock is not famous for its festivals because very few festivals are organized in the city in the whole year, however, still the limited number of Knock Festivals are very popular among the tourists. There are some season events which are also organized in the city.

For attending a festival in Knock, you must buy its tickets online.

Museums & Monuments In Knock

Knock offers many museums and monuments to the visitors. Travelers from all over the world visit the historical monuments to explore the history of the city. The most popular museum in Knock is Knock Folk museum which features the permanent displays of fishing, farming, housing, transport and housing.

The purpose of this museum is to promote culture of Knock. This museum also documents the story of the Knock Apparition of 1879. For exploring the collections of Knock Shrine and times oflate Msgr. James Horan, you should visit Msgr James Horan – the collection includes the development of Knock Shrine and life and times of the, the builder of Knock.

Knock has become the major hub for National and Internationalpilgrimage group and you should visit the first pilgrimage of 1980 in Knock. Another major attraction for the tourists in Knock isKnock Basilica which was completed in 1976. It extends to one acre of land and 10,000 people accommodate on this land. There are many other spots which you can visit in Knock to explore the history and culture of the city.

Although the transportation network of the city is well developed however, direct bus services are not provided for the tourists attractions.

Kid's Amusements In Knock

Knock is a small town in County Mayo, therefore, major attractions of County Mayo, Ireland are enjoyed by the tourists visiting this town. Kids can have great fun on this heaven-like place in Ireland. It is interesting to note that the ratings of kid’s amusement places in Knock shows that Marlene Chocolate Heaven is one of the best rated places of kids.

Although it is a specialty store of kids however, kids can get their best hot chocolate in the town from this shop. Mayo Memorial Peace Park is another major attraction for the kids and you must take your kids to this Garden to show them the natural beauty of the area.

Although kids will not find many entertaining places in Knock however, there are many nearby towns where you can take your kids to provide them full time entertainment. One of the Ireland’s most historical park near Knock is WestPort& Pirate Adventure park. For telling your kids the historical culture of the city, you must take them to Lady’s Shrine in Knock.

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