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Best Car Hire Kos

Kos is a Greek island situated 3 miles off the Turkish coast, in the Mediterranean Sea. The main port and city on the island is also called Kos. The currency on the island is the Euro and it has a population of around 20,000.

The island dates back to the Romans, when it was visited by son of Zeus, Hercules. After this the island was invaded by The Dorians, in the 11th century BC. They established the island’s historical reputation for wine making and silk manufacturing. Due to the island’s proximity to the East it was able to gain access to imported silk that most of Europe could not acquire, therefore silk garments were manufactured at great quantities, with large factories being built, housing women slaves who made these clothes.

A few centuries later the island was conquered by the Venetians, who then sold it in the 14th century, to the Knights Hospitaller of Rhodes. Two centuries later and the Knights were threatened with a Turkish invasion and abandoned the island, allowing the Ottoman Empire to seize control in 1523. They ruled Kos for 400 years until it was given to Italy in 1912, when it was later taken over by the Axis powers in World War II. After the war it became a protectorate of the United Kingdom, however they didn’t want it and handed it over to Greece in 1947.

One of the main attractions on Kos is the Market Place of Kos, which was one of the biggest in the ancient world. There are still original ruins available to see and the walk through the municipal market is one that’s recommended to all tourists. Another attraction is the entrance to the Kos harbour, which is a 14th century fortress built by the Knights. Kos is well known for its well kept beaches and the Kos town ’barstreet’, which offers a number of nightclubs and restaurants that are popular with tourists.

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