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Krakow a thousand year old city, the seat of oldest university and former capital of Poland. The city of Krakow was not affected during the Second World War and was included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage site in 1978 for the cities historic buildings and monuments. The center of Krakow is the Main Market Square, which was a medieval era textile bazaar where Polish kings came after their coronation to meet the city’s burghers and receive homage and tribute in the name of the towns of Poland.

Castles and Palaces

The Zamek Krolewski – the castle dates back to 16 th century during the Romanesque residence that stood on the site, which was destroyed in fire.

Royal Wawel Castle – the place from where the kings of Poland governed the country for five centuries and also the royal residence of the kings was built in 1038.

Czartoryski Palace – a museum with collections of the powerful Czartoryski family featuring art and sculptors from the 13 th and through the 16 th century. The displays include Rembrandt’s landscape with the Good Samaritan and Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Lady with an Ermine’.

Monuments and Museums

National Museum – displays collections of 20 th century Polish art, decorative art, Polish arms, army uniforms and collections from the Young Poland period.

Town Hall Tower – built in the 13 th century with stone and brick is a massive Gothic structure, which leans because of strong wind in 1703.

Kopiec Kosciuszki - the monument was built in memory of Tadeusz Kosciuszko in 1820 on the outskirts of Krakow. The material used to build the monument came from the battlefields on which he fought also soil from the United States in 1926.

House of Dom Jana Matejki – the museum a 16 th century building was the house of the 19 th century painter Jan Matejko, who lived and died in this house. The museum has collections of the painters work and also his personal collections vary from Renaissance art to medieval weaponry.

Ethnographic Museum – located in Kazimierz district, the town hall was built in the 15 th century was converted into a Renaissance building in the 16 th century.

Structures, Temples, Churches etc

Main Market Square, Jewish District (Kazimierz), Church of the Virgin Mary (Kosciol Mariacki), Cloth Hall-SUKiennice (World’s oldest shopping Mall), Wawel Cathedral (Katedra Wawelska), Old Town-the medieval city, the Barbican (Barbakan), the Planty, Remuh Synagogue, Jagiellonian University, Old Synagogue, St. Florian’s Gate (Brama Florianska), Church on the Rock (Kosciol na Skalce), Royal Way, Slowacki Theatre, Franciscan Church (Kosciol Franciszkanow), Ulica Kanonicza, Corpus Christi Church, Church of St. Andrew, Reformed Tempel Synagogue, Alchemia, Rokowicki Cemetery, Isaac Synagogue, high Synagogue, Coffee shop Farewell to Africa and Miasto Krakoff.

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