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Kuwait is an Arab country in the Middle East, bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq, its capital is Kuwait City. The country covers nearly 7,000 square miles and has a small population of less than four million. The native language is Arabic and the local currency is the Kuwaiti dinar. The country’s economy is high powered and is mostly driven by the vast oil reserves in the country, Kuwait has the 5th largest oil reserves in the world and petroleum products account for 95% of the country’s exports. This is the primary reason for Kuwait being the 11th richest country in the world.

The land that Kuwait is on was first settled on in 1613, when the tribe of Nejd from Bani Khalid came and established the state of Kuwait. In the late 18th century the people elected Sabah I bin Jaber as the first Emir of Kuwait and his bloodline lives on, as the current ruling family of Kuwait descend from him. During his rule the country became a centre for trade and commerce due to its location between Indian, the Horn of Africa and Mesopotamia.

Just before the start of the 20th century the country entered into an agreement with the United Kingdom that gave the British control over Kuwaiti foreign policy, in exchange for protection and money. However, after the start of World War I this agreement was torn up by the British, who declared Kuwait as a principality under the protection of the British Empire. In June 1961 Kuwait declared independence from the United Kingdom.

The climate in the country is hot and dry for the most part, with the highest temperatures occurring between June and September, with an average of 43C being the highest in the summer months. The average temperature across the year is 25C, which is expected for a country dominated by desert.

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