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Best Car Rentals Lagos

Lagos is the largest port and city in the West African country of Nigeria. Despite having a population of over eight million in the whole Lagos conurbation, it‘s not the capital of the country. It’s the 3rd most populous city in Africa and is thought to be the 2nd fastest growing city in Africa.

Due to the city’s location on the Atlantic coast of Africa it was always used as a colony or an exploration point for the rest of the continent. In 1472 Portuguese explorer Rui de Sequeira visited the area and named it Lago de Curamo, due to the nearby lakes. This is why the moder name for the city is Lagos, the Portuguese for ‘lakes’.

Lagos was annexed by Britain in 1861 and in doing so the British stopped the slave trade that had occurred for several decades beforehand. At this point in its history Lagos was the capital of Nigeria and this continued when Nigeria gained independence from Britain in 1960, until 1991 when the purpose-built administrative city of Abuja was created as the new capital.

The city of Lagos is actually split between the Mainland and several islands. Most of the population live on the Mainland and it’s where most industries are located as well. There are four islands of Lagos; Lagos Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Iddo. Lagos Island is where the central business district is located and it’s on this island where you will find newer, higher-rise buildings. You will also find the National Museum of Nigeria, Glover Memorial Hall and the Oba Palace on Lagos Island.

Victoria Island is situated south of Lagos Island and is well-known for its nightlife and is considered to be the number one nightlife spot in the city. It’s an expensive area of the city, with many luxury flats having been built for the middle-class residents of Lagos.

The climate in Lagos is tropical, typified by heavy rainy seasons (from April-July and October-November) and hot weather throughout the year. Temperatures rarely dip lower than 20C at any point in the year and the hottest month is usually March.

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