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History Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote, the easternmost of the Canary Islands is a tourist attraction with the best of credentials. The island seems to have it all: natural beauty and pleasant weather; it is close to the African coast and in the Atlantic Ocean. It is no wonder that this small island has been a favourite destination for centuries. The history of Lanzarote is as exciting as its present. And one can only wonder and marvel at what the future will bring to this wondrous island. Lanzarote emerged from the sea some 15 million years ago.

As the African and the American continent plates were breaking apart, a series of volcanic eruptions created Lanzarote together with a few other islands. Small craters can clearly be seen on the island�s surface but no activity has been recorded since the 1730’s. Lanzarote has a population of 130,000 people, mostly Spanish with a few British, Irish and German minorities. There are inhabitants who come from Morocco, Western Africa, China, India and Latin American countries .Lanzarote was settled by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC. Greek historians like Herodotus and Plutarch describe the mythical garden of Hesperides from where Hercules was asked to fetch the golden apples, obviously meaning oranges.

Romans and Egyptians mention the Canary Islands but it was the Arabs that arrived with the turn of the millennium. From then on a parade of conquerors brought constant change to the status quo of Lanzarote and the Canaries. The Portuguese, in the early 14th century, then the French, and later on the Ottomans and the Pirates who also brought slavery.

Violent volcanic eruptions started in 1730 and lasted 2052 days. There was severe drought and a lot of the people of Lanzarote moved to Cuba. Finally in 1927 Lanzarote became part of the Las Palmas province of Spain. Lanzarote is now one of Spain’s most fascinating destinations.

Weather Lanzarote

This is a place where there is endless sunshine throughout the year and low rainfall as well; also, it is one of the hottest islands in Canaries. Consult the weather chart for more information.



Public transport is adequate on the island, with many buses and taxi’s available. Buses are the cheapest mode of tranport when going around and sight seeing. Although taxi’s are a more economical option for those who do not want to go for a car hire.

The local buses are called guagua’s, and they go to all the maor ttourist attractions along with most of the villages, many times a day. For those who know they will be travelling most of the time on the bus they should buy themselves a bus pass, which can be bought from the Arrecife Bus Statioin, which will give them a 50% discount on their bus tickets.

Taxi’s are another option to roam around the city when you do not want to be crowded or look for seats. They are numerous and readily available. They can be hailed from the roadsides or be reserved by making one simple call. Fares are not very expensive although the drivers expect to be tipped, usually you round up to the nearest euro. Take change whe you plan on going on a taxi because when you take our large bills the drivers complain about not having change and end up taking quite a large tip.

Many passengers are provided with shuttle pick-ups from their hotels, free of charge. This way the tension of thinking about a transport option can be ignored. Usually tourists get transferred to their hotel or accommodation by coach which is arranged for by their travel guides or else they go by taxis. There are no airport shuttle buses that take you to any one of the main resorts.

Best Lanzarote

The Island of Lanzarote is a wondrous example of nature’s power to create and-sometimes- destroy. The Canary Islands came as a result of extensive volcanic activity, millions of years ago, and the landscape is amazing. Visitors will be able to admire the small craters on the surface of the island from their airplane window when they arrive at Lanzarote. Lanzarote’s landscape is gorgeous and visitors can visit Timanfaya National Park for a unique experience. The entire park area is of volcanic origin and there are still some hot spots such as La Montana de Fuego (fire) and Montana Rejada (Cracked Mountain). The soil is very hot at places so you better bring your duty free Timberland hiking boots. You can also visit the Cactus Garden where all the cacti are planted in volcanic pebbles, a material that will retain moisture and is very useful for cultivation. Las Salinas de Zanubio are also worth visiting as they also represent nature’s power to change the earth.

In the last millennium different conquerors have sought after Lanzarote’s wealth. Castillo de Santa Barbara was built on the volcanic peak of Guanapay mountain to protect the island from intrusion. In the 15th century Augustin de Herera y Rojas erected the fortress not only as a watch point for incoming pirate ships but also as refuge for the island’s inhabitants when the pirates came looting and destroying. The Castle is the best preserved fortress in the Canaries and has now been restored and is used as a museum. There are also a few museums for contemporary art lovers in Lanzarote and Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique has even constructed a Mirador (a viewing point), an enchanting example of practical Art.

Attractions Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a Spanish island that is a tourist attraction known for it’s pleasant climate and low crime rate.

Exploring Lanzarote

A beautiful experience awaits visitors of the beautiful island of Lanzarote, once they decide to spend their holiday on this volcanic rock of beauty. It is a place of imposing landscapes, picturesque villages and landmarks of the past. It is a place of good food and wine, full of spirit and artistic ambiance. Before you start your exploration of Lanzarote you might take a moment and consider an option that is particular in the Canary Islands and there are fewer and fewer places on the planet where it is affordable, if at all available. Since the island is small, you can hire a car together with its driver who will be your guide and advisor.

Many people opt to do this just for the experience, rather than for their full holiday. When exploring, you should start by visiting Teguise, the Castillo de Guanapay is really impressive and the town has a notable historic Quarter around Plaza del Constitucion. There are a few places to see and shops to visit if you want to avoid the hustle of Arrcife. The capital is also a place of interest with churches, museums, a contemporary art scene and Castillo de San Gabriel brings memories of pirate attacks and ferocious lootings. The marketplace is more traditional than the island�s shopping malls but you can still buy alcohol at more reasonable prices than in Europe, you can buy Canary cigars as a gift to a friend and precious perfumes for ladies were never cheaper.

The highlight of your visit to Lanzarote would have to be your visit at Timanfaya National Park. There is one simple reason for Lanzarote being among the rare places on Earth where you can encounter such terrain, which is the volcanic activity. There are a few active volcanoes around the Globe and some volcanic islands in Europe (like the Aegean island of Santorini). What makes all these places special is that facing the raw power of the Earth; people can contemplate and think about this planet�s future from a different perspective.

Eating drinking Lanzarote

The marvellous little island of Lanzarote is a paradise in all aspects. The climate is ideal (never too cold, usually sunny and warm), the resorts are magnificent and there are events and live shows every night. And most of all, the food is great. Lanzarote carries the better of two worlds. First it is a Spanish province and that automatically places it high in the esteem of visitors who are looking for simple, quality food with no bitter surprises. On the other hand, Lanzarote is open to influences from nearby Africa and still has a pirate spirit that makes local cuisine a lot more interesting. Strange as it may seem, locals show a particular preference for meat, but fish is abundant and fish and seafood dishes are so tasty that even the simplest ones could pass as gourmet meals. White fish like dorada, sama, vieja and cherneare grilled and served with boiled wrinkled potatoes (papasarrugadas ) make up the most typical Canarian dish. The papas are always served with a mojo, a sauce, and there are as many recipes as chefs on the island. Goat and rabbit meat are used in stews such as the typical Canarianpuchero , a stew containing cuts of meat, vegetables, lentils and lots of olive oil. Needless to say, paella is served in every restaurant.

Tapas bars is another Spanish tradition that holds strong in Lanzarote. Together with the delightful tapas (little bites of food you get with your drink) visitors may sample some Lanzarote wine. Viniculture is an old tradition in the area and the wine is one of the best you can taste. The island�s geophysical features make the wine unique and it is really very difficult to find wine from any other country in Lanzarote.

Night-life Lanzarote

Almost 6 million people a year visit the wonderful island of Lanzarote, one of Spain’s Canary Islands. Ages and tastes vary but all tourists are looking for a good time. However vague the term may be, people of Lanzarote know a lot about showing tourists a good time and nightlife on the island is rich with excitement.

Certainly nightlife in Lanzarote cannot be compared to that of Ibiza or Majorca. It is not as wild or cosmopolitan, but it is vivid and interesting and you will never be bored. The capital of the island, Arrecife is where it is more noisy and funky. The lively resort of Puerto del Carmen, is the area where it all happens and on Avenida de las Playas you will find many late night clubs, bars and discos The San Antonio part tends to be more relaxed and usually there is a DJ instead of live music. The lovely resorts of Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise are also beautifully arranged resorts where night life is easier going and quiet but you will find bars and clubs with live music here too. The Pueblo Marinero in Costa Teguise is home to some of the island’s oldest bars which offer friendly atmosphere together with reasonably priced drinks.

There is really no difference in the weather of Lanzarote through the seasons. The weather may sometimes be a bit moody but that’s all. It is never too cold to sit at a large terrace overlooking the Ocean and enjoy a long drink or two watching the night sky. As long as it’s not windy, you never have to be inside. But then you lose the beautiful decor, a mixture of Spanish, Moroccan and African elements that make Lanzarote bars unique.

Shopping Lanzarote

The amazing island of Lanzarote stands close to the African coast like a giant vessel of all kinds of pleasures. Millions of tourists swarm the island every year to enjoy its pleasant climate, its unique atmosphere, and its lovely beaches. For some, if not all, of these visitors there is one extra incentive.... and that is shopping. The Canaries are part of Spain and Spain is part of the EU. Although not an independent state (i.e. like Principat D’Andorra) the Canary Islands and of course Lanzarote have a status peculiar to them for Duty Free shopping. Similar to the status of the Dodekanese islands in Greece, Lanzarote shops can sell some products cheaper than one can buy them in continental Spain and the rest of the EU. In fact local stores advertise that you can buy alcohol, tobacco products, perfumes and cosmetics cheaper than the Duty Free shop at the Airport. Also petrol is cheaper than in the rest of Europe. It is true that some years ago the Lanzarote market was in a somewhat primitive state and all you could find were small shops selling souvenirs and local food produce. This has dramatically changed and in the 21st century visitors can find two large shopping malls, the Delland Center near the Airport at Playa Honda and the Biosfera Plaza, which started in 2002 at the Old Town in Porto Carmen. You will find a wide variety of goods starting with the popular duty free items (visitors who smoke should try the Canarian cigars), clothes, shoes and accessories. International, Zara, Mango, Timberl and even electrical appliances can be purchased here.

Disabled visitors Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a wonderful volcanic pearl and is a sought after tourist destination. It’s ideal climate which is the same all year round, its impressive landscape and beautiful towns and most of all the people�s hospitality account for that. In the case of Lanzarote, this is more than obvious from the minute you land at the airport and disembark on one of Europe�s most touristic airports. The airport offers modern facilities for the disabled making all necessary adaptations to toilette facilities providing special elevators, ramps, wheelchairs and parking spaces for the disabled and abiding by Internationalregulations concerning disabled passengers.

Taxis, public transport vehicles as well as public buildings show equal sensitivity to the needs of handicapped visitors. A full list of such amenities is available at the tourist information desk of Lanzarote International Airport. Also available is a list of hotels that have modified their premises and provide excellent hospitality to tourists needing special care. The number of such hotels is advertised to be constantly increasing providing special paths for people using a wheelchair.

Many rooms are supplied with special toilette facilities and some hotels employ specially qualified staff to care for elderly guests as well as disabled visitors. To be better prepared to enjoy your Lanzarote holidays you will conveniently find a directory of Lanzarote hotels for the disabled together with a list of accessible beaches in a few internet sites. You will most definitely have the opportunity to visit all of Lanzarote attractions with nothing standing in your way as travellers with mobility problems will have the chance to enjoy Lanzarote great food and marvellous wine and the island�s Spanish-African heart in any of the restaurants providing special facilities together with remarkable live shows and entertainment. Facilities at accessible beaches are really incredible.

Accommodations in Lanzarote

Lanzarote offers many types of places to stay, usually tourists opt for apartments, hotels, villas, bungalows or rural houses. It is even a good choice for those who are travelling on a Budget , and want to get a luxury accommodation.

Apartmentcomplexes have everything that you can expect. Almost all the apartment complexes have their own pool on site. Cooking facilities are available, although if you plan on eating in most of the time make sure they suit you. Eating out is a practical option, better than slaving over a sizzling stove, as prices are very low compared to almost anywhere else. Televisions are provided, although irons, hair dryers, toasters or kettles have to be hired. Higher rated complexes have additional things to offer, they have a supermarket, laundry, games or activities room, their own restaurant, and children’s facilities like pools and playrooms,

The main difference between hotels and apartments is the accommodation itself. Hotels provide a bedroom rather than an apartment, along with more and better services. Hotels are better staffed than apartments, hence if you are on a vacation and in the mood to pamper yourself the best choice would be to go for a hotel. All the usual services are available, pool, restaurant, bar, room service, most of the time air conditioning is present, a satellite television, telephone in the room and possibly a health club or gym. Apartments are spacious, though aparthotels provide same or improved facilities when compared to a hotel

Villa are also on the list, with a variety to suit all possible travelers, from one bedroom, more like a bungalow to a luxurious four to five bedroom manors. These are located everywhere, throughout the island, on the beach and on the country side. Most villas have kitchens, living rooms, garden areas with pools.

Rustic style villas are also called rural accommodations. Rustic does not mean dingy and shabby villas quite the opposite, they are traditional and conventional. These are less expensive than villas, while if you need any help, the owners are always ready to provide assistance as they are just a call away.

City of Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the spanish Canary islands, very close to the African coast and a neighbour to the Sahara desert. It is the fourth largest of the Canary islands and has a pleasant climate throughout the year making it the perfect holiday destination.

As with the other Canary islands, Lanzarote also has its origins in volcanic activity. Due to recent eruptions, parts of Lanzarote look like they are from another planet, and are called lunar or martian.

Lanzarote has the longest volcanic tunnel in the world, the Atlantida Tunnel which is above 7km long and include the islands major attractions the La Cueva de los Verdes and the Jameos del Agua. Despite eruptions in the 18th and 19th centuries Lanzarote has spectacular white and golden sandy beaches. Local authority regulations have made it impossible for people to construct skyscrapers or any high rise buildings and no billboards are allowed, except the Grand Hotel in Arrecife.

There is a huge variety of food available on the island, ranging from Internationalto Chinese, and from English to Italian and Japanese as well. Traditional Canarian food is also available. Fish being a predominant and traditional food, is available in many varieties. Local dishes include Pescado a la sal which is fish baked in salt, and Sancocho Canario which is a stew made of dried fish and potatoes can be found in restaurants, along with Calamari, Octopus, Fresh Tuna Steak and other Spanish seafoods. Local wines should also be tried as there is a museum that exhibits historic wine making devies and modern equipement, and it is situated right next to a working vineyard.

Lanzarote has many authentic museums and galleries. These museums showcase its rich past and some commemorate the country’s history and culture. Apart from history, museums take you on a tour underwater where they provide insight into the Atlantic Ocean or else provide general information about emigrants.

Useful Contacts

Lanzarote is a small island where crime is almost non existent. Even then as tourism is an important aspect of the island, the police are vigilant at all times. Petty crime is still pretty low although precautions should be taken as petty crime exists everywhere, and for this one needs to be attentive themselves. It is practical in any case to prepare a list of emergency contact numbers.

Emergency Contact Numbers
Emergency General - 112
Emergency Policia - 091
Emergency Guardia Civil - 062
Emergency Ambulance – 061
Hospital General in Arrecife 928 801636
Policía Local de Arrecife 928 811317
Policía Local de Haría 928 835252
Policía Local de San Bartolomé 928 520712
Policía Local de Teguise 928 845252
Policía Local de Tinajo 928 840729
Policía Local de Yaiza 928 830107
Fire Brigade in Arrecife 928 816312
Radiotaxis Arrecife 928 803104
Radiotaxis San Bartolomé 928 520176
Radiotaxis Tías 928 524220
Radiotaxis Villa de Teguise 928 524223
Radiotaxis Yaiza 928 524222 
British 928 267774
Belgian 928 230701
German 928 262731
Danish 922 275757
Dutch 928 233049
Finish 928 227903
French 928 233994
Irish 922 245671
Italian 928 244786
Norwegian 928 495036
Swedish 928 275056

Suisse 928 290070

Bus Services 928 811522
Airport 928 846000
Transmediterranea 928 811019
Iberia 928 815375
Binter 928 803039
Fred Olsen Ferry 928 517301
Transmediterránea Ferry 928 517912

Important for tourists

Castillo de San Gabriel 928 802884
Montañas del Fuego 928 840056
Los Jameos del Agua 928 848020
Castillo de San José 928 802884
Cueva de Los Verdes 928 173220
Jardín de Cactus 928 529397
Mirador del Río 928 173536
Museo del Emigrante 608 029280
Monumento al Campesino 928 520136
Fundación César Manrique 928 843463
Tourist Information 928 811860

After giving all this information I should also point out that Lanzarote is the safest of the Spanish islands, but visitors should still take care of their belongings and not tempt the needy. The biggest danger on the island is the sun, and the solution is to put sunscreen every half an hour.

Lanzarote Festivals

Lanzarote is the perfect tourist destination with awesome climate and favourable weather conditions throughtout the year. This island also has many fextivals and events lines up to make your stay comfortable and exciting.


Lanzarote offers a surprising range of museums that have a vaiety of things on display. One can find an exhibition on marine life to emigration and then on to commemorate the history of the island or else the country.

The most illustrious museums of Lanzarote is the Canary Cetacean Museum. It is a research centre that specializes in dolphins and whales and gives you value for money. It includes four galleries, many skeletons, models, diagrams and interactive exhibitions. The museum gives visitors tours and has a gift shop as well. The Museum of Canarian Emigrants is housed at an aweinspiring fortress from the 16th century. The Ethnographic Museum Tanit is full of antique fortunes mixed with local discoveries. Many items are on display including furniture, household items, fossils, ceramics, paintings and sculptures. It has a library, a wine cellar, a garden and a gift shop. The Casa/ Museo Del Capmesino is housed in an olf farmhouse building. It stores many important antiques, including tools and utensils which were used previously by peasant farmers who worked the land. This museum commemorartes the rich past of the island and displays the struggle that the farmers have gone through. Here also stands the arresting modern sculpture, the Monumento al Campesino, Monument to the Farmer.

The El Grifo Wine Museum is full of antiques as well, although this time the antiques are wine making equipment and more modern equipment. The museum is situated in a historic building that is right next to a working vineyard, hence tasting courses are available as well. The Museum of Canarian Emigrants is situated at the amazing Santa Barbara castle that stands high with an astounding view of the Teguise area of Lanzarote.This museum specializes in the history of Canarian emigration to the USA, while it also contains many important photographs, documents and antiques. Be sure to visit all these beautiful museums and enjoy them to the fullest.

Kids Attractions

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands, close to the African Coast, which has many attractions for adults as well at kids. The first thing kids would want to do is to visit the nearest beach. There are around 93 beaches on Lanzarote, many white and golden sand beaches for the kids to explore. The sunkissed island owes it’s origin to volcanic activity and hence one can find black sand here as well. The beaches provide awesome oppurtunities for kids and adults. It has astonishing array of water sports ranging from sailing, fishing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and even wind surfing. For younger kids we have sailboarding and surfing.

The children would love a Catamaran Sailing Trip on a Catamaran boat. They can become part of the crew and raise the sails. When the boat stops they get their chance to learn how to snorkel and be carried away for a thrilling journey on a Jet-ski.

The Timanfaya National Park is both educational and fun for kids. It owes it’s formation to the volcanic activity that was recorded in 1824. It has a moonlike structure that amazes kids and adults. The Lanzarote Submarine Safari is a yellow submarine ride that is designed to give children insight into marine life. The submarine is specifically designed for underwater viewing. It dives to the atlantic’s seafloor and stays there for an hour, in which time kids can enjoy the wonderous udnerwater world. Children can also go for safe Go-Carting, which is 2km from the Arrecife Airport.
The Aquapark at Lanzarote is the only water park on the island.

Beaches of Lanzarote

Most of the tourists visiting Lanzarote wish to go towards the beach when they first arrive, as the beaches are the trademark attraction at Lanzarote as the red double decker buses are for London. Lanzarote’s coastline is around 250km where some of the best beaches of the world are concentrated. Most of them are white or golden sand beaches, some beaches have black or dark volcanic sand as well. Lanzarote contains almost a hundred beaches, many of these feature amazing water sports that would excite any water sports lover. These activities include snorkeling, sailing, parasailing, surfing and wind surfing, scuba diving, and fishing.

Arrecife is one of the busy areas in Lanzarote. It’s most practical as well as it has a decent number of good quality hotels situated nearby. This is a commercial area and hence the beach provides oppurtunity for people to unwind and relax. The El Cable Beach and the El Reducto Beach are known for being golden and white sand beaches, one will also find souvenirs and postcards to take back home.

La Graciosa is on the northern side of Lanzarote, it has many beaches that provide secluded and peaceful spots for those who want to avoid a crowd. The El Salado Beach provides camping facilities while the Las Conchas Beach os known for the marvellous view that it provides. For those who want a bit of adventure on their trip, the La Laja Beach is only accessible by boat.
The Puerto del Carmen area at Lanzarote aims to please tourists and so is the most popular among travelers. Beaches in this area feature lifeguards, sunshades, hammocks, beach hire, hotels and shops nearby and water sports to agree with everyone. Important beaches here are the Barrilla Beach, the Fariones Beach and the Lima Beach and the Playa Grande Beach.

There are beaches in Yaiza that range from natural to manmade, from natural black sand beaches to manmade white sandy ones. It has a magnificent coastline and the beaches offer good services which maximizes every visitors satisfaction.


Numerous parks are spread through out Lanzarote which provide calm and peaceful surroundings away from the main coastline.

Real Estate

Some people visit the Canary islands as often as possible, and for such people the smart option to go for is to buy property on the island, make a house on the Island in the Sun, and rent it out when they do not live there. When they come back they will have a mountain of cash to spend and a place to comfortably spend their time at.

Lanzarote being one of the Canary islands that is the recipient of the most wondrous weather conditions is a major tourist attractions which helps the island as their main source of economic welfare depends on tourism and agriculture. The island is a very lucrative investment for those looking to rent out or sell property. The best part about the island is that prices are not very high, they are quite affordable compared to other places around the globe.

A few things to remember when you are buying property in Lanzarote is that the island is not completely empty of frauds although crime rate is minimal. When buying a house or property you need to make sure that the person selling it to you has the authority to do so. This can be confirmed by the land registrar. The selling contract will have to be authenticated by a notary, Escritura Pública de Compraventa, and then will go on to be confirmed by the land registrar. It is also commendable if you check the power of attorney to see if the land is in the seller’s name.

Furthermore, one of the most importantpoints to note is that under the Spanish law a verbal agreement can also bind you into buying the property. If you do not speak Spanish then you will need a translator whose fee would be ranging between 40 and 90euros. As an outsider will not be familiar with the do’s and don’t’s of investing in real estate in Lanzarote, it is advisable to contact an agent, or a lawyer, who wil guide you through the deal. They will be able to provide you with a breakdown of the fees and any additional charges that were paid.