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History Larnaca

The modern city of Larnaca has a lot of wonderful stories to share with the millions of tourists that visit the island every year. In fact this grand mother of all Cyprus is the most ancient living city on the island and has been inhabited for over 6,000 years. Legend has it that a settlement in the area was founded by one of Noah’s great grandsons named Kittim. What is historically proven is the fact that Kition (or Citum in Latin) was established by the Greeks, the Mycenaean, Achaeans to be more precise, in the 4th century BC and it was a rich port mainly used for the copper trade. The Phoenicians followed the Greeks in using Citum’s port but the remains of the Cyclopean Walls in the area show that the Mycenaeans had founded a strong kingdom.

Around the 7th century BC, Kition became part of the Hellenistic world. The importance of the Larnaca port through the ages is perfectly described with the city�s colloquial name Skala, which in Greek means ladder or stairway to an important place. The island became part of the Persian Empire and in 450 BC the Athenian General Kimon died at sea defending Kition .In the Middle Ages Cyprus was severely struck by earthquakes. The harbour of the town split and its inhabitants were forced to move to the location where the city is today. The citadel and old harbour have now disappeared and the remains of an old sanctuary and parts of the circuit wall are all that is left. Medieval Larnaca was Byzantine territory and in the city there are wonderful churches from that period. Often, tourists how visit Larnaca do so only for the good time. But it doesn’t take long to stop and see the signs of the long and tumultuous history that has hit Cyprus.

Weather Larnaca

It is one of the best sea resorts in Cyprus and you can enjoy a good weather all through the year. The summers here can be hot with 11 hours of daylight and scorching heat, whereas the winters can be mild and bearable, and it may get rainfall and snowfall in the higher area as well.


Arrival to larnaca

Larnaca is one of the major cities in republic of Cyprus. Every year thousands of people visits the city and enjoy their vacations. As the city is the major one among other cities of Cyprus, so it is easy to reach the city without facing any hazardous problems. The city is very well connected among major cities of Europe.

As we know, the city is a popular tourist destination so, plenty of tourist companies offer tours for travelers in large groups. Larnaca International Airport is the main source for travelers to get into the city. Larnaca has no railway system but the cities inter urban bus services helps to connect the city to urban towns. These buses run within tourist centers and larger towns of Cyprus whereas, the ruler buses connect the small villages to nearest towns. Larnaca International Airport plays a vital role in connecting the city to other regions. Airport offer thousands of flights every day to make the access easier to reach the city. Paphos International Airport is another mode to reach the city. The airport is situated just few kilometers away from conference venue. Many service providers and travel agencies provide 24/7 front desk customer service to gain any kind of knowledge about the routes and connection of the city.

City transport

Larnaca is a tourist destination spot and a commercial center so, the city has an extensive transport system. Transport system plays a vital role in the development of city’s economy. Larnaca has an extensive transport network which helps you to move around the city.

Larnaca buses offer their services from port to the seafront and city center. Some bus service companies within the city arrange transfers and trips for all over Cyprus. Moreover, it also offers services for departures and arrivals from hotels and from other destinations. These buses carry around 100 passengers at a time. Taxi is another mode of transportation that are commonly seen and flagged down from all major streets of the city. Shared taxis are also available and can be reserved over the phone call. These taxis run from 6 to 7 in the morning and are cheap as well as fast.

Shared taxis can accommodate almost four to seven passengers at a time and can easily be booked by making a phone call. The cheapest mode of transportation in Larnaca is buses which operate after every thirty minutes and cover an extensive network of places. The buses run late during the summer season in order to accommodate tourists. The city is a home land to an extensive private marina, which travels almost 500 yachts. It is a very good place to travel nearby areas through boats and ferries.

Best Larnaca

The historic city of Larnaca is Cyprus’ most ancient living city. The inhabitants of all other ancient cities of Cyprus left their homes at some point in history for one reason or other. But the people of Citum (now Larnaca), even when their city was levelled by earthquakes and the harbour dispersed in the sea, remained in the area and it is still here after 6,000 years. St Lazarus church was built in the 9th century by Byzantine Emperor Leo around the tomb of Biblical Lazarus, brother of Mary. Lazarus came to Larnaca and became the island’s first bishop. His tomb is under the main altar of the church, which is well preserved and adorned with Byzantine icons and a fabulous temple. Hala Sultan Tekke is a very famous mosque in the city of Larnaca.

It was built in a manner that gives you the feeling that it is balancing. The importance of this mosque lies in the fact that the tomb of the foster mother of Prophet Mohammed (whose name was Umm Haram) is said to be in this mosque. Larnaca Castle is along the beach, near Ankara Street, where you will immediately see it. It was built in 1625 and originally served as a prison. From its walls, you can enjoy a view of the Scala Quarter. The Kition Archaeological Site and the Acropolis of ancient Kition prove that Kition was founded by Mycenaean traders in the 13th century BC, destroyed and rebuilt by a new wave of Aegean immigrants. The Phoenicians conquered the town in the late 9th century BC. This part of the city was once the capital of the whole island. Little remains are to be seen today, unfortunately. Only a few remnants of Heracles' and Aphrodite's temples and several gold, bronze and ivory objects dating from the 13th century BC is all that can still be seen.

Top attractions in Larnaca

The city is located on the islands of Cyprus and the best place for visitors to look around. The city is famous for its sports, music, theater and art. Including that, larnaca has many things to visit and to do for tourists who come from different places to visit the city. The attractions include alpha divers dive center is a scuba diving institute.

The institute specializes in scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports. The institute offers wave runners, paddleboats, aqua cycles and parasailing for those who are not enthusiastic scuba divers. The center is located at the mid place near zenobia ferry wreck. It offers many activities for families to enjoy their precious time. Ancient kition features some historic temples. These temples were built on earlier Bronze Age and some temples are dedicated to goddess asastarte. Tourist can also find remain of tombs made from ivory, gold and bronze. The most famous spot in the city is grand mosque which is also called djami kebir. The mosque is mostly visited by Muslims each year. Salt lake is one of the most attractive places inside the city. The lake is a home of around 80 species. The best part of lake is that it dries up in July to august leaving crust of salt. The lake was used for commercial purposes in the middle ages, but now the lake is the most favorite tourist attraction.

Foundation archeological museum, St. Lazarus church, statue of zeno, marina and phinikoudes beach is some of the other attractive places inside the city.

Exploring Larnaca

Larnaca is a fascinating Mediterranean port, a city with over of 6,000 years of history and one that has many interesting sights, an interesting market and an exciting nightlife. Although Greek Cypriot tradition calls for a coffee and maybe a couple of cookies for breakfast, this is one habit you should never adopt, especially if you are doing a lot of walking during your exploration of the city. Walking is the only way you can make the best of your visit anywhere and Larnaca is a very friendly city to walk around as it is flat and by the sea offering beautiful pictures of ships, yachts and boats coming and going.

However, if you have had nothing but coffee and some biscuits, you will quickly succumb to the heat. It is by the sea that you will find the statue of one of Larnaca’s great heroes: Kimon the Athenian. Kimon was in charge of the Athenian fleet defending Larnaca from the Persians. On his deathbed he pleaded with his comrades not to reveal the secret of his loss, not even to their allies. The cunning general knew that this would hurt the moral of his soldiers and his famous words Ke en Thanato Nika (be victorious even when dead) have since been an inspiration.

The 9th century St Lazarus church is well worth a visit both for its beauty and its history. The archaeological museum and the Acropolis of Kition will give you an idea of what this ancient city used to be like. If it is a Sunday, you can join thousands of locals and visitors for the Open Market. People come here from nearby Nikosia and the market enjoys a great reputation for its bargains. If it is not Sunday, you can ruthlessly haggle with the city vendors and then cool off with an afternoon swim before starting your night in one of the restaurants of the city, enjoying good food and wine together with live entertainment of your choice. Whatever you do Larnaca is there for you.

Eating drinking Larnaca

Cyprus is truly a blessed land when it comes to food and wine. The climate together with the very fertile soil and the local farmers’ long tradition and modern expertise make an unbeatable combination as far as agricultural and dairy products are concerned. The following careful processing of food products (large quantities of which are exported) gives Cyprus cuisine the boost it needs to reach a high place in the global gourmet community. The influences of Cyprus cuisine are Greek, French, British and Arabic (mostly Lebanese to be exact) and it is amazing how different tastes and odd material combine in one cuisine. Lountza for example, which is smoked pork meat that can be eaten raw but also fried with eggs for breakfast, would be unacceptable in Lebanon while Western Europeans might find Tambule (typical Arabian vegetable salad ) not quite their style.

On the other hand haloumi, the world famous goat milk cheese of Cyprus, is universally accepted as a delicacy. Odd as it may sound for an island, the locals prefer meat to fish but then again there are plenty of fish and seafood restaurants in Larnaca offering fresh fish, salads and chips, potatoes being another exported quality product of the island. Restaurants offering mezethes are also charming as for a fixed price you are served small portions of various food bits until you are full. There are also European style steak houses serving Rosto (which is simply roast beef Cyprus style).Larnaca�s local lager (KEO) is a refreshing drink especially in the summer, but Cyprus’ ancient tradition is viniculture and wine making. Other than the sweet, sensuous Cumandaria there are numerous red and white wines that are particular to the area of Larnaca and they all are good companions through a wonderful meal.

Night-life Larnaca

The beautiful city of Larnaca is found in the south eastern coast of Cyprus, which is the largest Mediterranean island. The area is one huge resort as luxury hotels, apartments and villas cover the coastline on either part of the city. A lot of Cypriots from the nearby capital, Nikosia, own a summer home in the area as the beaches are lovely and the atmosphere is cosmopolitan. In the summer, tourists from all over the world come to Cyprus for the sea, the sun and the vivid nightlife. Larnaca’s nightlife starts, and often ends, with dinner. There is no such thing as an early dinner in Cyprus. As in many touristic places in the Mediterranean, visitors have to adjust to local habits and a lot of people are on the beach or shopping until the sun sets. Many of these people have had their afternoon nap and it is no earlier than 10 o’clock that restaurants really start filing up.

There are all kinds of choices in both food and entertainment. Visitors can find restaurants offering Greek style live entertainment (bouzouki music) together with Oriental style Lebanese restaurants where belly dancing is often displayed. Visitors coming from the UK will find excellent restaurants, perhaps more adjusted to their taste, such as Lithos Bar and Restaurant with fabulous food and brilliant daily events. You can of course choose to have a quiet dinner and then continue at a bar or dance club. Visitors will find a great variety of late night fun in Larnaca. Most places are in the Old Quarter and by the sea. There are classic rock bars , dancing clubs and a lot of European and UK style pubs where you can try a bottle of KEO, Cyprus’ National lager brewed at Larnaca.

Shopping Larnaca

Larnaca is a modern, busy city full of interesting things. There are sights and museums to visit, cafes and taverns to rest and eat and most of all, shops full of wonderful things to buy. Your shopping can start at the duty free shops in Larnaca Airport. Apart from the usual duty free goods, all tourists can take advantage of; Larnaca Airport shops have a wide selection of typical Cypriot wines and drinks in lovely gift bottles, if you care for that sort of thing. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find such objects in the city as well. The market of Larnaca is certainly smaller than that of Nikosia but there is nothing to miss from the busy market of the capital but the hustle of traffic and the anguish of finding a parking space. The market is along and around Zenonos Kitieos street, a lively street with many small shops, boutiques, fashion outlets, grocery stores and jewellery windows, much like any small city central market street in Europe. Larnaca indeed has a European market, including shopping centres and large supermarkets, such as the two level Orphanides supermarket who offer everything, from food products to designer garments and from Marks and Spencer�s to small gift shops. Cypriot jewellery shops are also interesting but you should always remember to haggle the price. Haggle like a peasant, buy like a king. It was not the Cypriots who first said that, it was actually the Chinese, but it is very true in the case of Larnaca Open Sunday Market. Again, you shouldn’t expect to find a Turkish bazaar or anything of the sort. Cyprus is a member of the EU and prices as well as quality are progressively standardized. But, for better or for worse, tradition is still strong and you should exercise caution If you want to take advantage of this market’s great bargains.

Disabled visitors Larnaca

Larnaca, a serene, beautiful city lying in the southern coast of Cyprus is a truly inviting city. The warm heart of its inhabitants and the beauty of the city and its surroundings guarantee that a visitors time will be well spent on a holiday on the island. And that certainly includes the disabled holiday makers of this restful place as well. Starting from their arrival at Larnaca Airport, travellers with special needs will find all that they require for a safe transport to their accommodation. Special toilet facilities, ramps and pathways, mini lifts, wheelchairs and special carts will assist them for as long as they chose to remain in the airport area. LCA is a relatively small airport but local hospitality is great. And if that were not enough, disabled visitors should also bear in mind that there are both strict Internationalregulations concerning the matter and Cyprus Government laws enforcing them. There is actually a two hour free parking privilege for those needing assistance as soon as they show their Disability Badge to the Airport Parking office.

There are many beautiful hotels and resorts which have made great arrangements for the city’s visitors who are physically disabled. Lists of such hotels and provided amenities can easily be obtained at the Airport Information Desk or through relevant Internet sites. In the city of Larnaca, there are special provisions for the disabled and many facilities are offered. Not just in hotels or resorts but also in sites of interest, beaches and museums. Special preparations have been made so that people who are physically impaired or are disabled can visit the beautiful city and enjoy all its pleasures like every other visitor. The bus network is somewhat limited in Cyprus but taxis, practically used as public transport, are quite reasonable with their fares.

Accommodation in Larnaca

Larnaca is an important tourist spot and a commercial center. The city is the major economic center of Cyprus and a home of many industries of an island. The city has many attractive to see and explore, so a large number of people visits the city each year. Larnaca offers a wide selection of luxurious hotels whether; one is looking for luxury or for economical packages. The city has different varieties and selection which can cater all kind of travelers whether it is for pleasure or for business.

The city of Larnaca

Larnaca is located at the southern coast of Cyprus. It is a city of republic of Cyprus with a population of around 72,000. The city is the island’s second commercial port and an ideal tourist destination spot.

At the south of the city an International Airport is found, while at the north the city has an oil refinery which is the only storage facility of the city. However, the city is famous and well known due to its picturesque seafront which includes oil finikoudes and palm trees. The most important of the city is festival of flood which is kataklysmos celebrated with a culture of series usually held in early summers.

The festival is welcomed by a commercialism of mainly peripheral stalls, loukmades temporary restaurants and rides. The city’s elegant residential areas are mostly villas and resorts, as the city is coastal area. These resorts are the perfect place for those who are looking for a heaven of relaxation by the beach. There are lots of places to see in this small city, as the city is the destination spot.

The city caters to your every whim as it has many things to see and explore, such as malls, restaurants and bars. Larnaca is very much rich in arts, music, culture and sports. Larnaca heavily contributes in the economy of Cyprus, as the city is the major tourist destination spot. Economy of the city is highly depends on its service sector, trade and tourism. However, the city has many luxurious spots to explore and enjoy.

Useful contact numbers

Larnaca is a tourist destination spot so each year thousands of people visit the city and enjoy their moments of life. Useful numbers are essential to keep for everyone while planning to visit the any place. It helps people to take proactive measure before facing any problem.

Tourist info and contact details

Tourist guide is always available n the city to help visitors in order to get nay information related to their trip. The info center provides online service and provides all information.

24 65 43 22


The city hospital is located near the city center. Physicians and doctors are always available for emergency services. The hospital provides 24/7 pharmacy that helps people to get the medicine for emergencies.

24 80 05 00


Taxis are easily available on taxi stands near the International Airport that helps people to get the taxis outside the Terminal without facing hazardous problems.



Larnaca International Airport provides 24/7 customer service to visitors abut the arrival and departure timing of flights.



The city has an extensive rail network. Customer online service is available for passengers to get the knowledge about regarding he availability of seats

+357 (0) 23 721796

Car parking

Car parking is easily available out side the shopping mall or airport. It provides comfortable car parking in an economical way.

Festivals in Larnaca

Larnaca is a beautiful place which offers many festivals and endless fun to every one. The city hosts many festivals that offer unforgettable memories. The famous festival in the city is larnaca summer festival of art and music. The festival provides outdoor and indoor concerts and a feast of entertainment. The great festival serves the performance of dance, poetry, film screening and theater. Another Anthestiia festival is a celebration of spring season. The festival starts with the parade of floats and with fresh flowers to the seafront.

Procession of st.Lazarus takes place before the Greek orthodox celebration begins. This festival is celebrated with a lively procession by the people of larnaca. The flood festival is one of the famous festival takes place after 50 days of Easter also known as the day of Holy Spirit. The festival gathers concerts, boat races, water throwing activities and swimming competitions. These activities take place to symbolize the purification of people’s body and soul.

Carnival is a festival full of fun and activities. The two week celebration of festival includes impressive parades, fancy dress parties and food mall. Villagers in larnaca celebrate their own festival during the month of august. The festival contains live music, plenty of food and wine plus traditional dancing of kids and adults. The city celebrates different festivals in different seasons. The city is full entertainment and fun activities.

Monuments and museums in Larnaca

Larnaca is a tourist destination and very rich in history. Many museums and landmarks in the city are touristy. The monuments are historical and wonderful to see and to memorize. Larnaca has many famous museums such as larnaca medieval museum. The museum was erected in the shape of square tower later it was rebuilt during ottoman role. Previously, museum was used as a prison during the British era. Sometimes, museum out yard used for cultural events.

District archeological museum exhibits art craft includes sculptures, vase collection and pottery. Moreover, another museum of natural history is a small interesting museum which is dedicated to flora and fauna of larnaca. Different kinds of insects, birds, fossils and rock formation are displayed here. Fasta wax museum displays collection of wax figures of Cyprus history including the life of people as history passed by. The city has many attractive and religious landmarks here people enjoys stunning statues and monuments. One of the most important monuments is church of agues Lazarus is a beautiful building with an empty marble tomb of Lazarus.

Larnaca fort is a home of medieval museums which dominates much of the waterfronts which enjoys a stunning harbor front setting, whereas the site of ancient kit ion is quite older. Moreover, there are many religious landmarks in the city including grand mosque, chapel of ayia phaneromeni these landmarks are evolved over the years.

Kids amusement in LarnacaLarnaca is a friendly with lots of fun for adults and kids. The city has many things to offer for kids and enjoy their vacations and holidays. The city arranges different festivals and fun activities in a way to entertain the children.Thalassaki beach village has plenty of activities for kids to enjoy which include swimming pool, sports and gaming zone. The beach hotel provide rooms, pools, sun terrace with loungers and parasols, volley ball and other daytime activities and night time entertainment. McKenzie beach has glass bottomed boat trips for kids to see the marine life and provides the sensation of sea breeze.Just 15 minutes away from larnaca the village mazotos is located. The village have a camel park which contains restaurant, swimming pool, kids play area and an awesome camel ride. The camel ride is a thrilling trip for kids and adults where they can ride throughout the village. After the warm feeling of Camel Park the kids can enjoy the cool feelings in Water Park located in Ayia Napa. It offers 50 attractions that offer hours of fun to kids and for families.It also provides tram rides, rowing boat, pitch and puff for kids to enjoy. However, these fun oriented parks and beaches are very famous inside as well as outside the city. It provides abundant facilities for kids to enjoy their vacations under one roof.