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Best Car Rentals Lausanne

Lausanne is a city in the Swiss canton of Vaud. It is situated in Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland and is on the shores of Lake Geneva, being 40 miles north-east of Geneva itself. The city has a population of 125,000 and nearly half of those are foreign nationals. The currency is the Swiss Franc and the main language spoken is French, although German and Italian are also used by small part of the population.

Lausanne has nearly 50 sites that are considered Swiss heritage sites. These include; the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Casino de Montbenon, St-Marie Castle, Hotel Beau-Rivage Palace, the City Hall and the Main Train Station. Just by walking around the city you will be able to see the treasured buildings and museums of Lausanne.

The city also hosts the Prix de Lausanne every January, this is a dance competition that takes place at the Theatre de Beaulieu and pulls in competitors from all over the world. The Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival also takes place annually in the city. Lausanne is also a great place to watch and play sports, with many sports represented in the city. Cycling is popular due to the mountains and different terrains and FC Lausanne-Sport are the local football team.

With the city’s location being so close to Lake Geneva and the Alps the climate is rather cold and snowy. On average Lausanne has 123 days of precipitation every year and a large amount of these occur in the months of May and June, when around 5 inches of snow falls every day.

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