Best Car Rental Lebanon

The Republic of Lebanon is a country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Syria and Israel. The country’s capital is Beirut and the official language is Arabic, whilst French is also spoken in many places. The Lebanese pound is the official currency and the country drives on the right of the road.

Until the early 20th century Lebanon had been part of the Ottoman Empire, however when it was part of the defeated alliance during World War I its empire was dissolved and France was given Lebanon. In 1926 France established the Lebanese Republic. During World War II French general Charles de Gaulle recognised the independence of Lebanon and free elections were held in 1943, after which the new government voted to end the French mandate to control the country.

The Lebanese climate is Mediterranean in its nature. As you would expect from a Mediterranean climate there are hot and dry summers, followed by cooler, wetter winters. If you are visiting the Lebanese coast in the summer time then expect it to be more humid, thanks to the lack of breeze.

The country’s capital Beirut has been nicknamed ‘The Paris of the Middle East’ thanks to its reputation as a financial and business hub on the Mediterranean. As well as the capital the country boasts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Byblos, which was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Byblos is a city that has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age, witnessing the arrivals of many civilisations to the world. It dates back thousands of years and has such attractions as the ancient Phoenician Temples, Byblos Castle and Byblos Mosque.

Car hire in Lebanon is advised if you’re going to travel around the country to the Heritage sites, as well as the capital, Beirut. By using for your car hire in Lebanon you’ll be making sure that you’re not being ripped off when paying for your rental vehicle.