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Renting Car In Leeds Bradford Airport? - Read The Things to consider before hiring a car in Leeds.

Are you a tourist going on holiday in Leeds? Do you know which car rental companies operate at the airport? If you need information about everything you need to make your holiday memorable, then we are here for you. We will give you all the information to help you get the best out of your holiday and how to move around in Leeds city, Yorkshire, England.

This article will tell you more about all the car hire companies at Leeds airport and around the city with customer reviews and recommendation. It will discuss the rules and regulations, road signs, age, required documents, tolls and toll gates, government policies, and how to avoid car rental company rip-offs.

Driving Directions to Leeds Airport

Driving from Leeds city centre to Leeds Airport takes about 27 minutes on a perfect day. From the North Concourse of the Leeds City Station, take the A65 to Hawksworth Rd in Horsforth and continue to Low Lane. While on Low lane, continue until you get to Troy lane and turn left on Station Road, take the 3rd exit at the roundabout onto Brownberrie lane. On Brownberrie lane, turn right onto Scotland lane. Continue on Scotland lane and then turn left onto Whitehouse lane the airport terminal will be on the left. 


Car Hire Companies at Leeds Bradford Airport




+44 (0) 113 250 3880

Leeds Bradford Airport, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7TZ, UK.


+44 (0) 113 391 1999

Car Rental Centre Leeds Bradford Intern. Airport LS19 7TU, United Kingdom.


+ 44 (0) 113 250 4811

Wellington Road Industrial Estate, 1, Wellington Bridge St, Road, Leeds LS12 2UA, United Kingdom.


+44 (0) 113 250 9066

7-13 Low Rd, Leeds LS10 1QR, UK

Alamo Rent-A-Car

+44 113 391 1999

Car Rental Centre Leeds Bradford International Airport, Leeds LS19 7TU, United Kingdom.

Arnold Clark Car & Van Rentals

+44 113 487 9450

Roseville Rd, Leeds LS8 5QP, UK

Car collection desk at Leeds Bradford airport

Leeds airport has only one terminal building, car hire stands are located on the ground floor. Tourists can locate their stands easily on the ground floor, which happens to have both domestic and international arrivals. You can also ask the information desks at the arrivals hall if you intend to book a car at the airport or collect car keys after booking online.

Best Car hire companies at Leeds Airport

Leeds airport is the largest in Yorkshire, England. To get a car hire company that will offer you good service is not easy, so driving yourself might just be the best bet. The list atop this article shows a couple of car hire companies that serve the airport and its environs. But not all the companies will meet your car expectation on cars. We have picked out the top 2 car hire companies with good reviews and recommendations by users.


  • Based on Google reviews by Nicola Robinson, who left a 4-star ratingsaid: 

Clean reliable cars with easy 5min shuttle bus to the airport even on Sundays. Easy pick-up and drop off. Great service by the manager I had an issue with a member of staff not explaining the excess very well and she sorted it out as I got charged 3x as much as the car rental was.”

  • Brenda Perini also left a 5-star rating saying:

After a very horrific experience with another company, we got in touch with enterprise online and booked a car. We were served by a lovely young woman called Louise and it was all done in 10 mins. We had a very nice new car waiting for us. Brought it back after 3 days and were met by another very nice employee. So smooth and the prices were excellent. They will be the ones I use in the future. Thank you."

  • Another 5-star rating by Michael Lintott who says they were very helpful and changed his car to the one he wanted and I quote:"Very helpful and changed the car to what I wanted speedy device"
  • William West a user from Tennessee left a 5-star rating saying he is a loyal customer for life and I quote:

I came from Nashville, TN to visit a friend from Leeds. My travel mate and I rented a car here and it was excellent. They gave us a discount on the second driver and insurance and upgraded our car at no extra cost because they only had one automatic transmission for the stupid Americans haha. Every employee was very nice, ask for Conor Barnes, he's the one who hooked us up. Thank you Enterprise, I'm a loyal customer for life now!"

  • Another 5-star review from Michael Emerson stated that:

“They were fantastic. We arrived after closing time and they really went out of their way to help.”

Check out for more reviews and recommendations on Google Reviews.

In order to find yourself a great car rental company, you can make use of to compare prices and deals from local and international car rental companies and get yourself the best deals Leeds airport, or to and around the city in Spain. 



Hiring a car from the following companies is at your own risk based on what previous users have said about their customer services.


Edwin Courts a local guide left 1 star Google review for Avis saying: 

“Incompetent and possibly poorly trained staff - a common denominator with 3 different employees at this location. Disappointing customer service from a major car-rental company with no concerted attempt to rectify problems that arose or to look for solutions (that were better handled and in part solved by other offices).” 

See reviews from unhappy customers on Facebook here

Document required for hiring car at Leeds Airport

You can book a car at Leeds airport or online successfully if you meet the following requirements. 

  1. You must have a valid driver's license
  2. Valid International Passport
  3. International Driving Permit (IDP)
  4. Proof of previous travel datesto the UK for Non-EU residents
  5. A valid Credit Card
  6. Proof of address or bank/credit card statements.

Credit Card Requirements at Leeds Airport

Tourists can hire a car at Leeds airport with a Credit Card or Debit card and you may be required to give out card details and deposit some amount of money for hold until the car is returned in good condition as collected by you. Some companies may also require you to present your return flight details from Leeds airport to them as proof you will be back to the airport.

You can check out for more details on the car hire company sites or

NOTE: You may be required to show your return ticket from Leeds airport to the car hire desk before renting.

Driver Min and Max Age requirements to rent a car at Leeds Airport

In Great Britain, the minimum age for driving a car is 17 years. Rental car companies require you to be older, at least 25 years which is the standard age for renting a car. This does not mean younger drivers can not rent a car but it will only increase the car hire cost as they get to pay a surcharge. The maximum age for renting a car is also dependent on the car hire company but it is pegged at 70-75 years with doctors report that you are fit to drive. It is better to call these cars to hire companies to confirm their minimum and maximum age requirements before you book.

Road Rules & Laws Tourists Must Know When Renting a Car in Leeds 

The UK takes its road rules and regulations seriously, so as a tourist who’s new in the UK, you must know this before hiring and driving a car on their roads.

  1. Always drive on the left-hand side of the road in the UK.
  2. Overtaking is on the right lane and back to the left lane.
  3. Seat belts must be worn by both the driver and passengers at all times while driving.
  4. Use of mobile phones while driving is illegal and a serious offense.
  5. Always stop when traffic police ask you to pull over if you don't, it is an offense and you may be arrested.

The UK does not have national speed limits posted on the signs everywhere. When driving like a tourist, and you see a black hash-mark on a round white sign, it means you are allowed to drive the normal speed limit on that road. You can check out for the highway code so you don't get arrested by the police. The national speed limit for many towns are 20 mph or 30 mph so ensure to slow down when approaching the towns. There are speed cameras all over the UK so you have to be cautious about your speed. The speed limits on a dual carriage (expressways) is 70 mph while highways are 60 mph. Always pay attention to change your speed as there aren't a lot of signs indicating speed limits.

Few Road Signs

  • NO ENTRYZONES: it means you can not drive a car through such places, streets or roads.
  • MINIMUM SPEED LIMIT:These are speed limit number on a white sign with a round red stripe. So when you see this sign, it means you have to slow down to the number on the sign either 20, 30, or 70 mph.
  • NO PARKINGZONES: These signs mean you can not leave cars parked in such places but you can pick up or drop off passengers. 
  • CARS & MOTORBIKES PROHIBITED: Cars & motorbikes are banned from entering such areas, so when you see this sign just know that you will be exploring on foot.
  • NO OVERTAKING ZONE:It is very important you look out for these signs. A no overtaking zone means you cannot speed pass any moving vehicle on that road unless you want to pay a fine and end up in a police station.

You can check out more rod rules and signs on this site:

Tips to avoid car rental companies RIF-OFFS

Car rental rip-offs are a norm for travellers, most especially tourists who are unaware and excited about their trip. Being excited about your trip makes you vulnerable to these car rental company rip-offs, so you have to be careful and learn about their policy before you patronize them. Car rental companies will legally rip you off if you are not well informed. To avoid rip-offs, you have to follow a few tips so you can at least suspect foul-play from these car rental companies.


Insurance policies are important for people most especially tourists, but car rental companies also benefit from the same insurance should anything happen to their cars in the hands of a person who hires a car from them. This is why tourists need an insurance policy to cover for excess when any damage happens to the rented car in their possession. So car rental companies sell insurance policies customers to help them recover and also help the customer to pay for damages with ease. The insurance policy that comes with renting a car is very expensive in addition to the cost of hiring the car. This is why tourists or individuals most compare their insurance policies before using any car rental company.

To Avoid Rip Off, You Must:


Make to get a standalone car insurance policy that covers any damage to any car you hire before jetting off to your destination. I will cost you a fraction of what the car rental companies will take from you.


If you book for a car in advance, it is a sure way to avoid the excess cost. If you book online ahead, it will cost you far less than when you book for a car on arrival at the airport. 


Make sure you get a company that accepts full-to-full fuel policy or risk paying more on fuel. Some companies might charge you for a full tank and ask you to return the car empty, but if you do not use up the fuel, it means you are paying the excess. 


Remember to carry extras like satellite navigation systems, maps, baby car seats, and any other items you may need from home before your trip. This will also reduce your expenses because paying for these extras to car hire companies cost more than even buying the items new, so be warned and pack for your holiday.

Toll Gates and toll fees in Leeds 

There are a couple of toll roads, tunnels, and bridges all over the UK that you get to pay for so be sure to keep some extra change in hand or your credit card should you arrive at a toll gate. Check out the following website to know which places have toll gates and fees:

Leeds Airport Contact Details

For inquiries about Leeds Airport, call +44 871 288 2288 and or leave feedback on their website about their services at

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