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As Limassol is situated in the southern coast of Cyprus, it is always a good experience to visit it during the summer times; these are the times when the beaches and other attractions are brimming with tourists and locals enjoying themselves. At the same time you can enjoy cool breeze during the summer evenings after you had a tiring day visiting other places.

It is also advised to visit the place during the winters if you do not like summers, the winters in Limassol are mild and pleasant for some people, though it might not be very pleasant if you are planning to visit the beaches; you may expect some light rain or snow, but other than that you might not need a heavy winter coat.


Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus which is situated along the Akrotiri Bay which is along Cyprus' southern coast. Limassol being one of the ancient cities on the island, it has many historical places which are worth visiting. As it is situated between the ancient towns on Amathus Curium, therefore, the Amathus Archaeological Site is a place worth visiting; it is located only 11km from Limassol, whereas on the other side is Curium (on the west), where there is a small town of Episkopi. This small town of Episkopi hosts various theatrical and musical events.

Besides the above mentioned historical sites there are other sites worth visiting such as Kolossal Castle, Castle of Limassol and the Limassol District Archaeological Museum. The Museum is an interesting place and a major attraction for the tourists, this museum was founded in 1948, and it houses the artefacts dating from the 4th and 5th century AD, it also consists of artefacts from the early phases of the Ottoman Empire.

Limassol is not only famous for its ancient and historical sites, but the fact that it being in Cyprus therefore the beaches in the city are also one of the best places to visit. To visit there are many beaches like Lady's Mile, Governor's Beach, Chris Blue, Pissouri Beach and Flo Cafe Beach Cove, but the one most visited is the Lady's Mile beach; which consists of the shallow and clean waters with white sand. This beach is considered as one of the safest for children and has been assured for surfers as well.


Limassol can be great place to explored with its historical heritage and ancient museums along with the small towns in the surroundings like Episkopi where you can go into the wild searching and exploring the place on your own, and also enjoy the festival that are hosted by this small town.

Besides town and historical sites there are the beaches which are always there to be explored


Limassol is a place where you can enjoy not only their nation's special food; you can find any type of food in this beautiful city. You can get any dish from Indian to Chinese to Italian; all you need to do is to look for it.

You can start with La Mer; a French restaurant which specialises in classic French recipes, this restaurant is situated near the municipal park. They offer all kinds of French traditional and classic dishes. Besides this French restaurant there are other places French places to eat as well. Some of the good French restaurants to visit are La Château Restaurant and La Maison Fleurie.

Besides French Limassol caters to all kinds of food, there are some Italian restaurants which truly will make you feel like you are in Italy; such as Al Pesto Italian Restaurant and Il Sapore.

Other available restaurants are Calcutta Restaurant which serves good Indian food and Kings Garden, which as a good reputation for Chinese food. If you are looking for nothing in particular and something different, then Din Art Cafe is also a good place to eat out, all recipes here are made by the owner of the café himself.

Overall if you want to dine out in Limassol then there is not cuisine that you will not find here.


Apart from its reputation of place of historical sites and ruins, Limassol is also a place to spend a good night-life. Most of the locals do not hit the clubs up till 2am, therefore if you are looking forward to meet the locals, make sure you start late. Most of the clubs allow casual dressing due to the weather, but some clubs might have a particular dress code. Due to the closure of Galatex, which was a strip of bars and clubs on a street, the night-life in Limassol must have become slightly less vibrant, but still there are other bars and pubs which have kept up the standard.

The Basement Club is one of the oldest on in the city, and has been recently refurbished, this is a place filled with young people and there is an entrance fee as well. Another good bar for the tourists is Step Inn; an Irish bar. This bar is popular among the English tourists and some locals as well. With this bar there is the Triangle Club with it, which has good music played all night. The vibe in this place is very good, and on the weekends they have an entrance fee.

There are various other bars and clubs that you can visit like Rumours Bar, Brewery and many more clubs like Breeze are also available where there is a dress code and no flip-flops are allowed.

In Limassol the night-life not only consists of clubs and bars, but also the ice-cream shops and coffee shops. Some people like to visit the ice-cream parlours and the coffee shops which are situated in the open where they can enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful view of the city.


Shopping in Limassol is not a difficult task if you look at it carefully; the city caters to all kinds of shoppers. On one hand there are high end shops which sell designers clothes to quality clothing as well. Shops such as Splash by the Beach; this is the shop which can be categorised in one of the most designed oriented boutique in the city. It consists of clothing by renowned designers such as Givenchy, Gianfranco Ferré, Giambattista Valli, Marc Jacobs and many more. Besides Splash on the Beach, there is also Splash which is sister shop, Editori which attracts many young and vibrant crowd. For some serious fashion sense, Cara is another boutique which does the job. For shoes Creme Noir is the best option, so if you are a fanatic shoe lover then this is the perfect place for you to visit.

Besides the big names, there are also small and big shopping malls that you can visit, the shopping mall named Agora, and Carrefour; a shopping mall which is situated outside the city centre, it serves food and drink as well along with clothes and home-ware. Near the St Andrews in the old town there are many tourist based shops as well from where you can buy souvenirs as well.


Couple of years back Cyprus had a reputation of not catering to the needs of disabled tourists, but since the last year there have been a lot of hotels which cater to visitors with special needs. There are some hotels like Amathus Beach Hotel, Louis Apollonia, Londa Hotel and Columbia Beach Hotel which is located in the city centre. You can also hire a car if you want to travel around the city and do a bit of sightseeing.

At some places you will not find any special arrangements for disabled tourists, but the staff and other people are always more than happy to help the disabled.

Emergency Contact numbers

In case of an urgent situation in Cyprus, instant reaction can be taken by receiving the calls from people. Important telephone numbers are written as under.

You can access ambulance by calling 199 or 112

You can call fire extinguishers by calling 199 or 112

For service police call 199 or 112

If there is a medical emergency, call 192 for night pharmacies. For directly contacting night pharmacies in Limassol, call 90901415.

In case of any information regarding dugs and poisoning, dial 90901401

Similarly for Cyprus hospitals you can have specific numbers for specific cities. For Limassol you can dial +357 25 80 11 00, 25 30 57 70 to contact general hospital. Doctors can be contacted anytime in twenty four hours on 90 90 1432

For general medical assistance, you can call on 1400. you can call AIDS Advisory Centre by dialing on this number: 22 305 155

Moreover, for Rescue Coordination Centre concerning air/sea rescue, you can call on 1441

There are few more important contact numbers which can help you during your stay in Limassol. Number of Duty is 1499. This is for off the record information. Another number that belongs to Citizen?s Line is 1460. This number serves you twenty four hours. Number of particularly Limassol headquarters is 25 805 050

Another important number is 1407 where you can dial if you suddenly come across news that a forest is on fire. If you want to access directory enquiries you can dial 192. This line is open for twenty four hours a day.

Tourists who are unaware of the city of Limassol should keep this number with them all the time. This number will assist them if their credit card is lost or stolen. The number is 22 868 100.