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Best Car Rentals Lucerne

Lucerne is one of the great cities of Switzerland. Of course, any city in Switzerland is attractive and pleasing to the eye and Lucerne is no different. Some of the other big cities include Zurich, a clean and walkable city and Geneva, home to the United Nations. Lucerne is only an hour?s train drive away from Zurich and is a wonderful place to start or finish a visit to Switzerland with. It is an incredibly mountainous city and one of the most beautiful of the bigger cities.

Lucerne is also a very old city. It was founded in the 9th century and this is reflected in the old town centre where you will be able to enjoy true Renaissance architecture, beautiful parks, fascinating museums and some interesting excursions by cogwheel train or boat. It isn?t a city that has enough to entertain you for many days, but is definitely sufficient for a quick visit and perhaps one overnight stay.

This is why you may want to consider car hire Lucerne if you are planning to visit this city. Anycarehire.com is an easy to use website that will allow you to find the right car to suit your needs, requirements and Budget of course. By hiring a car, you will have the opportunity to visit any of the surrounding areas, or even travel to Zurich if you so choose. You could also opt to visit all of Switzerland and go on a driving holiday, for example. When opting to hire a car, you will be able to experience true freedom of movement, being able to come and go as you please and stay in certain locations for as long as you want ? or leave them behind as quickly as you want for that matter. Although not a city to spend an entire holiday in, Lucerne certainly is worth a visit.

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