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Best Car Rentals Lugano

Lugano is a city in Switzerland that is probably best known for the Ticino Lake. However, besides this, it is also known throughout the world for being a major banking centre. The town itself is absolutely beautiful, with steep cobblestone roads leading to the lake itself. There are many water sport activities available in Lugano, as well as opportunities for walking and hill climbing.

Although in Switzerland, most people in Lugano actually speak Italian. The Alps come together here to meet the Mediterranean, meaning that you won?t find any massive mountain ranges, but still there are sufficient hills for some fantastic walking. Besides the lake, you will also find many forests. If you go when the weather is nice, it is an ideal time to just chill out and relax for a few days. The lakefront has small cafes and piazzas, as well as palm trees lining the lake. There are also plenty of opportunities to do some shopping or just sit and watch the world go by. Lugano really is a classy city, and many find it the most beautiful city in the whole of Switzerland. It is, quite simply, the ideal place to just relax, whilst taking romantic strolls to the lake or sitting down for a delicious coffee, with Swiss chocolate of course.

You may want to look into car hire Lugano, so that you will have the opportunity to also visit the surrounding villages such as Locarno and Ascona, which are also very interesting areas. By opting to hire a car through tripindicator.com you will have the opportunity to visit all the special areas at your own leisure and in your own time. Regardless of the type of car you are after, tripindicator.com will be happy to find one that meets your needs and requirements, as well as your Budget of course.

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