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Best Car Rentals Luton

History Luton

Luton is a small town in Bedfordshire, a short distance from the city of London. The earliest settlements in the Luton area were at Round Green and Mixes Hill, and traces appear to be almost 250,000 years old. Settlers in the Leagrave area re-appeared around 8,000. Neolithic remains of burials (dated 4,500-2,500 BC) are much more common. The first urban settlement nearby was the Roman town of Durocobrivis at Dunstable, and only scattered farmsteads traces have been found in the Luton area. Luton began when the Saxons created a farm or settlement acting as an outpost by the river Leain the 6th century and by the 10th century Luton had a population of several hundreds of people, mostly living by farming. There was soon a market in the town attracting people from surrounding villages. In the time of the Domesday Book in the 11th century 'Loitone' had a population of nearly 800, which rose to around 1,500 later in the Middle Ages when Luton had 6 watermills and an annual fair. Agriculture was the bread earning activity for the people of Luton but this changed in the 16th century when a brick-making industry developed around Luton. Many people rebuilt their wooden houses in brick. In the 18th century hat-making was the town's only important industry.

There had been a ford across the Lea river and in 1797 a bridge was built. Like the rest of the country, Luton suffered an epidemic of cholera in 1849 and one year later a Board of Health was formed and sewers were built. The railway reached Luton in 1858.In the 20th century, the hat trade had declined and Vauxhall Motors opened the largest car plant in the United Kingdom. Luton and Dunstable hospital opened in 1939.Luton was bombed during the Second World War and over 1,500 houses were destroyed or damaged. Today the population of Luton is 184,000.


The weather of Luton can be unpredictable as it can get, one minute there can be sunshine and other minute it can be rain. But the summers is the most recommended time to visit the city.


Arrival to Luton

With the emergence of technology every thing is easy to catch and time effective. Therefore, transportation system such as taxis, airplanes, buses and trams are also the famous source to reach any place. It is easy to reach a any place in short tie no matter, from where you are coming. These modes will help you to get the desired way to reach Luton. Luton is situated in north of London therefore, it is an easiest way to reach through its intentional airport. Luton is under approach because it serves daily airline services to all major cities. The city offers frequent and regular bus service by National express coaches from London to Luton. Luton International Airport offer domestic and Internationalflights and is the base for easy jet therefore, many flights many easy jet flights depart from Luton International Airport. Whereas, you can easily reach Luton by its extensive network of bus system while, tickets can easily be taken from booths located at different stations which makes the trip easier.

Green line bus service runs from town’s bus station to green line coach station which is opposite to Victoria bus station. Train station of the city also links the city to its nearby areas in cheap prices and in less time. Whereas, green line buses runs after every 30 minutes from nearby areas and plays a major role to link the city.

Train, buses and Internationall airport are the major modes to connect the city and also help to boost the economy by providing opportunities of trade. Car hire Location is perfect for those lying from different regions into the city. Whereas, people can easily get the service from different locations available in the city. Many companies are operating inside the city that offers great packages with comfort and luxury.

City transport

Luton has an excellent transport system which provides a good link to London. Its International Airport has an excellent connection with key towns of London. The famous and frequent green line bus services provide an express link from airport to central London from different bays. National express services serves different destinations from bays 4, 5 and 6.whereas, it provide direct services from 707, 737, 767 and 787 almost 11 times a day. Moreover, easy bus offers frequent, comfortable and low cost service from central London to airport. Virgin is an airport coach runs from Milton Keynes to International Airport with full range of great value with hassle free connections. The main easy bus system is probably convenient and cheapest way to get around inside the city. Luton train station is located at midland main line and operated by first capital connect. It serves four trains per hour to different locations like St. Albans, Gatwick, Sutton and Corby.

The most convenient and impressive thing is that the city is full pedestrianised and every place is walk able so, any person can walk through bridges and ramps to anywhere easily around the city. Due to the reason, the city has an efficient infrastructure for pedestrians in order to move easily. Luton has extra modern transportation system with sparkling, clean, punctual bus and metro services all around the city. Easy and green line buses provides an easy way for tickets also, tickets can be purchased through machines operated by touch screen.

Transportation system of the city is safe whereas, timings of arrival and destinations are perfectly shown on each platform for convenience of passengers. The Luton railway station provides easy and convenient links to other places. Luton Car hires offers a freedom to move around the city in fewer prices with full luxury and comfort. This is an easiest way to move around the city at your own pace.

Best Luton

Luton is a wonderful town and sightseeing opportunities are plenty both inside and around Luton. Visitors should schedule their itinerary according to their preferences and the time they have available. Luton InternationalCarnival is an annual event you wouldn't like to miss. It is a colourful event, organized every summer and it is bringing people together from all around the world. The Luton Museum and Art Gallery is situated in a wonderful large Victorian mansion located in the Wardown Parkarea, on the outer area of Luton's centre. It hosts a number of interesting displays mainly putting its focus on the traditional crafts of Bedfordshire, such as, lace and hat making (with a collection that features over 600 hats).Exhibits of fine and also of decorative arts (including some impressive pieces of Saxon jewellery) and several objects covering from medieval times through to the Victorian period are finely displayed. It is common knowledge and all Luton visitors will agree that the British have a unique talent in appreciating art and setting up museums.

Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, situated in 600 acres of overwhelmingly green parkland on the Chiltern Hills, a short distance towards the north of London, and is one of among Europe's largest wildlife conservation parks, sheltering an amazing 2,500 animals, most of which are endangered when kept in the wild. The Lions of the Serenget in their special African village enclosure as well as three baby rhinos are two of the many reasons you should definitely bring your family to this wonderful Park, for a big day, full of discovery and fun.

Top Attractions in Luton

Luton has a huge variety of attractive and famous places and has something to offer for everyone. It offers a wide range for those who want to it and enjoy a play or get up and party. Luton variety includes pubs, clubs, theatres, museums, bowling, golf, theme parks and art galleries. People love the sightseeing of golf club that offers different course and facilities for kids and adults. The galaxy center in the heart of the town offers entertainment and fn for families an youngsters. You can easily find pubs, clubs, bowling and bingo to enjoy up to high extent. It provides whole universe of entertainment whole day long. Moreover, the library theater situated on third floor of city’s library with 238 seats with amateur and professional theater. It shows thriving children’s theater programs whereas, its full size cinema screen showing couple of films throughout the year. During the winter season Woodside wide fowl park pays an important role to offer fun by looking wild animals. Brewery trap based in the heart of Luton and very popular in providing tours of smiles in Colton Street. Luton has many attractive things for people who have a spirit to explore fascinating things.

Artezium is located in Luton, a pace culture and largely diverse. The purpose of the gallery is to display differences and similarities among culture of people present in the land. Whereas, war down park museum shows a wide variety of farm and exotic animals in order to feed and enjoy. In addition, everyone is encouraged in providing touchy feel with these exotic animals. John dony field center is a major centre focusing on exploring rich landscapes and animals and plants of the area. Moreover, it offers photographic displays of natural history of the town.
 To explore various places cheap car rental Luton offers you best price in order to move around freely with full comfort. People find it the most convenient way to move around and explore different places inside the city.

Exploring Luton

Starting out on a beautiful summer day, Luton visitors should start with a delicious cooked and superbly served English breakfast as they will need extra energy if they are going to cover Luton's major places of interest. Carrying an umbrella and their trusted travel guides in their backpack, having finalized their decisions on their itinerary and appropriate clothing, comfortable walking shoes are highly suggested, and having made up their minds on whether to use their hired car or public transport for their tour, Luton visitors are ready to explore this beautiful town and its wonderful sights and places of interest, all alone or with their favourite group of company.

You can start by visiting the town centre and if you are there early enough you will have no problem finding parking space for your car. Some early morning shopping is a good idea, unless you want to leave that for later and start with the Stockwood Discovery Centre, a great place for children and their accompanying parents or enjoy visiting one of the town's brilliant collections of works of Art, carefully and superbly crafted items in excellent display-back from when people had the time to work straw hats or lace. Only a little over 2 km from city centre, which is a fine walk-able distance, you will meet Wardown Park Advertised as an interesting museum for interested adults. Exhibiting the history of Luton in all its glory, there is sometimes well organized free entertainment in an enormous, lovely park. Outside of Luton, but not very far away is must visit Whipsnade Wild Animal Park. Exhibiting the high sensitivity of the British people for Nature preservation, the park hosts bird shows and shelters endangered species,such as baby elephants and rhinos.

Eating drinking Luton

There is a wide choice of eating places in Luton. Food is of excellent quality, service is top class, ambience is according to the taste of visitors. You can wine and dine in a fine restaurant on the ground level of an 18th century castle, a Victorian style pub will not change your mind about well-cooked English food or carefully brewed beer but, paraphrasing Burt Lancaster, it is this writer's humble suggestion that there are three things you should consider when choosing a dinner spot and these are music, music and music.

Everything else is fine and music is indispensable to the British, so why not choose what is right for you and your friends to accompany a good meal? Camden town punk rock, Mariah Carey Touch my Body hits, dance music from the 70's and Mozart preludes will keep you good company and local DJs are here to make a difference. The Premier Inn at Luton Airport is a fine choice and, in the town of Luton, The Castle is the most popular place to be.

London City restaurant prices might be a little high for visitors coming from Continental Europe or the US, still Luton and the wider Kent area have adopted a much more reasonable pricing policy. Restaurant and pub owners have scheduled menus for every taste and Budget and visitors will not be unpleasantly surprised. Eating and drinking in moderation, enjoying nice music and good company is what England is all about. Weather conditions are not always in this direction and a Marks and Spencer trench coat should be always at hand. But, so long as you have your trench coat and your brolly at hand, you will be able to enjoy Luton and the rest of the UK for that matter.

Nightlife Luton

Night life in the town of Luton is more pleasant than most visitors would imagine, as it combines an amicable atmosphere and a relaxed attitude. It may sound cliché, but it is true that this wonderful town has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, and it so that its visitors must have serious reasons for visiting neighbouring London for a special night out Getting to the specifics, The Castle is the most popular get-together place. Advertised as a Proper Pub it is where local helpfulness meets excellent quality beer served through traditional pumps and with lovely smiles. Black Sheep is a favourite etiquette although a chilled bottle of Heineken is equally appreciated on tables of groups of chatty youngsters.

You can shoot some billiards (or pool), knock back some shooters of whiskey or schnapps, or chat around with middle-aged housewives who are here for a quick pint of lager. If you are hungry, here is a short description of the pub's food-It is perfect!You can wine and dine at the Royal Hilton and/or the Polska Chata restaurant, and feel free consulting the Maitre de before placing your orders. If by 11 o'clock you don't feel like going to bed, you can visit local clubs such as Chicago Rock Cafe where you can dance the night out and eat and drink till you burst. Funky Nightclub in Luton is a place where nights really rock, and on a rainy night, visitors of this lovely town will join customers-usually over their mid-twenties- and enjoy British hospitality as well as brilliant music. The Premier Inn is a suggested Luton hotspot and, weather permitting, visitors can enjoy the outdoors over a pint, listening to brilliant music. Life can hardly be any better than this!

Shopping Luton

Visitors can start their shopping at the duty-free area of LTN airport. Good deals are offered are year and you can purchase six month old French cosmetics for half the original price. This is what French tourists do, this is what students do trying to get a little something for their sweethearts and Luton visitors should take advantage of these offers as top quality goods are presented here and if something catches your eye, you had better snatch it as you may not see it again. Check out the Luton Airport shopping guide for more information as shops and offers change periodically. Visitors to Luton are invited to The Mall Luton, Bedfordshire's premier shopping centre. Right in the heart of Luton town you will find a large choice of popular High street fashion garments and accessories. Debenhams, Boots, Marks and Spencers, WH Smith, as well as a selection of small, independent stores display special offers and promotions to exclusive fashion wear as well as giving information about events and cultural activities sponsored by the community.

If you should visit the sight (M, as in Mall Luton), make sure you don't miss out on anything that takes your fancy. If you are catering for yourselves, your family and friends, consumable food produce is offered in abundance. Exquisite smoked salmon from Scotland, premier Stiltonas well as fresh Camembert cheeses, sausages and the local bread will ensure that visitors of Luton will not go hungry but will in fact enjoy their sandwiches in style and divine taste. Beer needs no refrigeration and local street markets will provide you with fruit and vegetables. If you are looking for a special something that is not available in Luton, kindly be advised that you will have no luck finding a parking space in Knightsbridge or Portobello and the Tube is your only console.

Disabled visitors Luton

The UK is one of the few countries in Europe and beyond so carefully tending to the requirements of disabled persons. Visitors can see the facilities provided starting from their arrival at London Luton International Airport (LTN) and travellers with special needs will find what is required for a safe transport to their accommodation. Rectified toilet facilities, ramps and pathways, lifts, wheelchairs and electric carts upon request will assist them for as long as they need to remain in the Airport-which might take some time as LTN is a particularly busy Airport.

Nevertheless services here are top class and should you need any particular assistance, ask your flight attendant to instruct ground staff through Airportcom the minute you touch the ground. London Luton Airport Disability Policy ensures that all passengers will have a satisfactory standard of care, and disabled visitors should also have in mind that there is a strict Internationalprotocol concerning disabled passenger safety and well-being and penalties are not to be ignored.

The revolving Terminal doors can be slowed down by pressing a button and access for the people who come with assistance or guide dogs is made easy. Assistance Desks and help points are available to help out and provide you with a list of Luton hotels offering the necessary amenities that can also be found in the short term Car Park and drop off area. If your mobile is out of service, telephones are facilitated with a touch screen option for more comfortable use and operation. For wheel chair dependent visitors, phones at low height can be found in each telephone booth. Internet access is also offered for the disabled throughout the town of Luton.


The universe is comprised of human therefore; every one is linked to each other. The people of Luton serves their visitor’s up to high extent by humble and with full of joy. Luton is a friendly city due to its high industry and service sector people find it more vibrant and full of fun. are very humble and have friendly nature. Luton is the best tourism industry therefore, each year thousands of people each year. The people of the town have kind nature and considered as one of the best place to visit. The city is comprised of mixed race therefore; you can find different norms, culture and beliefs less than one roof. Due to the fact, the city has many places according to every region and culture. The people are seems down to earth and serves very friendly environment to the tourists In hotels, airports, nightclubs and pubs. Moreover, shopkeepers, hotel managers, drivers and service providers though each and every person inside the town is friendly speaking and feel great proud to serve their customers. People are very friendly and humble therefore; price negotiation can easily be access among them. Usually people of Luton are differentiated on the facts of their color, cast, nation, religion etc.

People are the precious most valuable resource of region therefore, government serve lots of money in order to give them peace of mind. However, it requires lots of attention of government to provide them different facilities. Government provides various facilities and organizes different exhibitions and events to make them happy, comfortable and cheer able. The people seem excited and happy to visit the city and its exotic places therefore, car hire location is an opportunity to make them more comfortable and relax by providing different facilities. Whereas, it is an easiest mode of movement in cheap prices without facing difficult problems. Car hire Luton airport can easily be access outside the Terminal in fewer prices and different representatives will provide you full assistance and guidance in order to book and move around. To get the car is an opportunity rather than to transport your own vehicle.

Accommodation in Luton

Luton is situated in a north of London responsible for all local government functions within its defined area. Luton is a friendly city and rich in culture therefore, thousands of people each year visits the city in order to get most of the fun. The city is also cares for its visitors and provide best accommodation to its visitors. Whereas, the town is packed with multiple pubs and clubs therefore, you can easily find best themed pubs and night clubs. The city is very vibrant wit lots of activities and types of accommodation according to you pocket margin. Those who are looking for luxury, comfort and economic value can choose an accommodation among wide array of student offerings. In addition, the town is populated by students therefore; different hotels offer student packages including different activities. You can find apartments, hotels, student houses and student flats.

Luton has an abundant variety of accommodation, from bed and breakfast, quality, luxury, villas that gives a great value of your money. Whereas, the prices of these accommodations vary from business travelers to students. It provides best accommodation with lots of amenities according to your pocket margin. The city has many things to offer therefore, people can choose any accommodation according to their Budget . Best accommodations in the town include the mansion house, an ideal accommodation for business travelers to organize different kind of meetings. Stock wood hotel is located in special agreeable setting that invites people to relax and unwind. Red lion lodge hotel is an exclusive hotel situated in the center of the city.

In order to explore different venues and accommodations car hire Luton will make your trip easier for you in order to move around.

Luton city

Luton is located in the north of London with an area of 16.7 square miles and a population of 203,800 mixed people. Previously, the town was famous due to Vauxhall motor factory and due to hat making industry. The city has multitude of leisure days filled with joy and pleasure. The city is administratively independent authority to control all local matters. Luton is the most important commercial center and has extensive trade routes with all nearby regions. The city is located at chiltron hills which are a mixture of chalk and cretaceous therefore, it experiences temperate marine climate. It is located in Bedfordshire and its economy is mainly based on industrial sector as it is a hub of car manufacturing, engineering and millinery. However, in today’s current situation, the city is moving towards high service sector focusing on airport and retail sectors. Moreover, the city is a home for students because a large campus of university is situated in its town center whereas; Luton has 98 educational institutes including primary schools, voluntary aids and nurseries. The city has an ultra modern infra structure housing, commercial buildings, villas, apartments and docks.

The city has many museums and celebrates different events such as carnivals and St. Patrick’s Day. Moreover, the city organizes different events in order to boost its economy and to capture the attention of tourist and foreign investors.

Its International Airport, bus system and train structure port helps the city to become the major trade center for economic events. The city is a home of town football club and blue square premier where a different event takes place time to time. It captures the attention of people due to its modern infrastructure and famous service and production sector. The city is very attractive and busy commercial center and famous for its port.

Useful contact numbers

Luton is an industrialist and service sector therefore; it faces thousand of students and people throughout the year. While your trip to Luton there will be million and one people that you may need to contact and need help in case of emergencies. It is a proactive approach to keep essential numbers while planning for trips. The city is full of thrill and fun wit lots of activities therefore, Emergency numbers helps you to secure from unexpected situations and provides contact number of hotel, hospital and taxi numbers are necessary in order to take perfect measures.

Tourist info and details
24/7 service tourist guide is available which provides essential information regarding yur queries and problems that you might face during your trip.
01582 401 579

Chemist works as a helping hand for patients in case of emergencies by providing first aid treatments to injure. Whereas, doctors are available 24/7 for uncertain conditions and emergencies
44-1582-72 66 61

01582 401212
01234 351081
Police station
01582 401212

Airport services
Luton International Airport serve customers about important information regarding arrival and departure timing of flights.
+44 (0)44 (0)158 240 5100

Transport system
Luton transportation system plays an important role to connect the city to all nearby areas. Whereas, the contact number will help you to acquire accurate information and service about taxis, buses, car rentals and other vehicles.
01582 495495

Cost money and banks

Luton has a stable and established economy. The nation’s economy is based on its service sector and hat making industry as well as car manufacturing products. The city has strong banking system and its financial market plays a vital in Internationaleconomy. The currency uses in Luton is pounds whereas, currency exchangers are located at different places in order to convert your money into desired currency. Whereas, No other currency is accepted so people find it easy to convert their currency through banks and Travelex. Currency exchanges, ATM’s are always available at different streets and locations which help people to exchange their currency in pounds in order to make their purchases.

Pounds are the most valuable currency in an Internationalmarket therefore; Luton’s economy is based on its dealing and investments. Exchange rates are always same throughout the whole country therefore; anyone can easily exchange their currency from banks or from money exchangers.

Traveler’s checks

This mode of keeping money is increasing rapidly and accepted at every place. It is an easiest way to safe your money while travelling.


The most convenient way to cash your checks and other instruments. These machines are available every where even in small towns.
Personal checks and credit cards are also acceptable by every one. It is another mode of cash to be kept while travelling at different locations.
There are many banks in Luton such as
Barclays Mercantile
Bradford and Bingley
Sonali bank
The royal Bank of Scotland

To explore various places inside the city car rental location is an easiest way to rent a car by negotiating at desired prices. It is the way to get full enjoyment and fun with comfort and relax in cheap prices. The city has many opportunities for tourist and investors to invest and start a new venture. Moreover, the city offers many facilities inside the city for people from duckling to adult duck.

Luton Festivals

Luton has many fascinating things to explore and the town is also famous due to its festivals. The town celebrates variety of festivals each year such as carnivals and fiestas. People seem happy about festivals and events in order to enjoy. These festivals provide a platform to hidden talents by providing different opportunities. However, this is the best way which provides different employment opportunities to people. The festival is like an opportunity for those who love fun and have spirit to do something. You can find different ways of life including Music, colors, dresses and sports. The Chiltren wedding fair turn your wedding dreams into reality which provides many things under a single roof. The most finest wedding professionals will provide you assistance regarding every aspect of this special day. This will ensure you wish for is perfectly planned. Jack and beanstalk is a family pantomime that combines all traditional elements in order to create spectacular show for adults and kids. The Wednesday night jazz jam chills out or to come up and play.

A festival musical evening of Luton male voice choir presents in association with lions club of Luton is an entertainment with full of fun that focuses on celebrating famous events of artists their talents. Moreover, the town also celebrates fiesta with full of colors and attractions for everyone. Different festivals honor great and popular people of city and town therefore, many people from all nearby areas and join these great evenings of Luton.


Norms, beloiefs and culture is associated with every country, region and place. It reflects the behaviors and style of living persons and the people of past decades. Whereas, every rational person wants to display their previous belongings to young ones. Luton is a cultural city and has many museums which shows great variety of culture and celebrate the events of the town. Wardown Park based on large Victorian mansion whereas; it focuses on traditional craft of Bedfordshire. The museum displays women’s hat industry collection and display over 600 hats in an extensive collection in exhibition. Whereas, it also exhibits straw plaiting, fine arts medieval guild books including Victorian room setting. The museum is comprised of two floors, whereas, the first floor gallery display different stories of Luton people about their past. Moreover, the ground floor display

However, the government of town takes special care of galleries and museums and prior belongings of their ancestors or leaders as they are the precious asset of history. Verulamium museum of Luton is a building that consists of a wide range of collection of artifacts and culture. Museums are usually known as a history and heritage of its traditional hat making industry. It display antique collection and also features important information of various car manufacturing tools, old hat making techniques and domestic productions. The museums have their own value and give much information to the visitors. Moreover, museum exhibitions and art gallery displays depict the city’s culture, custom and traditions. It also captures the attention of tourist and visitors during their trip to town by displaying different arts and craft materials as well as previous belongings including cars, equipments and dresses. People love to visit the city and enjoy exploring about culture and art of the city therefore; Car hire in Luton is an easiest way and best opportunity to avail for everyone to get most of the fun. Many companies are operating inside the city and provide these opportunities for those who are coming from different places rather than to auto transport their won vehicles or to travel in taxis and buses inside the city

Kids Amusement in Luton

Luton is an ideal place to visit and much friendly place with lots of fun activities for adults and kids. The town has many fascinating places to explore and to accommodate kids in order to enjoy their trip and vacations. The town gives special care and arranges different festivals and fun activities for kids in order to entertain them. Kids are the most valuable asset of any country and special funds are allocated in order to create fun activities for kids inside the town.

Luton is a fun lover’s paradise to enjoy plenty of activities for kids to enjoy different sports including swimming pool, sports, bowling and gaming zone. The cloister is dunstable sports club which offer different sports and fun activities related to athletics under a single roof. Colorful castle bouncy castle is one of the famous kid activities in Luton for children to explore their hidden talent and provide different opportunities to them by providing platforms. Veruluym Angling is a fishing farm in Luton with various fun activities regarding fishing and hiking. Meridian golf is a golf course club for kids which offer different packages for school children in order to learn different courses of athletics in a well organized place. Luton has variety of beaches and themed parks from black sand beaches to pebble beaches and soft white sands. Beaches plays a vital in providing fun  and have lots of fun activities for all ages which definitely worth a visit for family picnics with kids.

However, these fun oriented parks, sport clubs and beaches are very famous inside as well as outside the town. The city is very much friendly therefore; It offers an abundant variety of fun activities for kids to enjoy their precious moments vacations under a single roof.


Beaches are the most valuable thing while visiting to any place. Beaches play a major role in every ones life whereas, children find it the most enjoyable place to get relax and fun inside the city. Undeniably, the city has many attractive places and famous beaches in the whole continent of England. Beaches are the only place where everyone can come with their families and get most of the fun with pleasant sightseeing and water. Beaches are also very important among youngsters in order to relax on light sunny day with pleasant effects and scenes. Luton beaches have its own charm, fun and enjoyment therefore; everyone wish to visit the beaches of the city at least once.

Beaches have many things to offer for fun and entertainment for every one including kids and adults. People from distant places come in order to visit the city and to explore most of the fun. The beaches of the city offer various activities like fishing and bird watching which is a hobby of many people.

Whereas, it is advisable to visit the beach during summers with the bright suunny day in order to avoid cool and cough. Moreover, it is recommended to take life jackets, goggles and tubes with you to avoid any uncertainty or mishaps. The city is full of entertainment and fun activities therefore, Luton beach experiences many people throughout the year and provide them best scenes and fun.  Car hire Luton plays an important role to make your trip more pleasant and with full of fun. It gives people peace of mind to move around all places in cheap prices without facing difficulties or problems.


Luton is a city with multiple parks and open places and its edge of the city which shows the scenic beauty. Wardown Park is located on river lea the heart of the city in Luton. The park offers various sporting facilities and is within walking distance from its city center therefore, people find it easy to reach the park by walk. The park has a lake in center which contains Small Island and has different water fouls like geese, swans and ducks. Stock wood Water Park is relatively a new addition to the attraction scene of this vibrant city. It is located in the center of the city that offers various water activities such as water racing, swimming and water slide.

On the other hand, Luton’s park museum provides an opportunity of exhibitions to display about the history and its culture. Wrest park garden is the most magnificent park with natural landscapes and provide fascinating styles of gardening history. Luton zoo is situated on eastern side of the city with couple of wild and dangerous Animals such as hippos, lions, birds of prey, crocodile’s sea horse and sea lions are easily found to offer great fun and pleasure. This is a botanical garden with many herbal plants.

However, the city is full of Montessori’s and schools therefore, the management of the schools arranges different educational trips to these places in order to provide relevant knowledge to their students about nature. Park plays an important role in everyone’s life to relax and to forget all worries of daily lives after reaching to the park. The parks also offer different activities such as tennis court, swimming pools, swings and zoological garden for kids and for youngsters. People find these ways as the best option in order to relax and enjoy with lots of fun under a single roof.

Real Estate

Luton has a large service sector whereas; its economy is based on its service industry as well as on its hat making industry. Due to the reason, every year couple of people visits the city and impressed after watching different ways of life in one city. The town’s real estate has low cost which captures the great attention of tourist and investors towards it.  The city is situated in the north of London and famous for its location and attractive places. Luton’s real estate has its own importance and value as well as high market worth. In that way people seem interested to invest in its real estate in order to earn future profits. The city’s economy is stable and government has high reserves therefore, people can easily enjoy fruitful results by investing in the town. However, the cost of keeping the property is not relatively high and people find it the best way to earn profits. Luton’s real estate market covers a wide range of property including apartments, plots, villas and commercial complexes.

Luton is sports lovers’ paradise and people seem interested to explore various places and attractions inside the city. The people all over the world have dream to invest in property and to get the profitable results. You can find different dealers to assist you about the right place and property of the city according to your pocket margin. Moreover, Luton’s real estate plays a vital role in boosting the economic situation of the city whereas; heavy investments are allocated to this particular sector to make it grow.

However, only the perfect people and professionals have Knowledge and sense of experience to interpret people high vision’s into reality. The city offers you many opportunities to earn profits and business opportunities. People use to visit the several times therefore; Cheap Car hire Luton will provide them full comfort and relax to move around in less prices without facing difficulties.

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