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Madeira is an archipelago off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean, and is an autonomous region of Portugal. Madeira is known around the world as ?The Islands of Eternal Spring? or the ?Garden Islands? due to their year-round mild climate.

Madeira has become an ideal holiday destination for many people since it is located so close Europe. Flights from mainland Portugal only take an hour and a half, and Madeira can be reached in 4 hours from the UK. Madeira is also a popular destination since you can combine holidays on the beach, in the mountains and in the city all in one trip, combined with the fact that the temperatures range between 20 and 27 Celsius year-round.

Madeira is visited by over a million tourists every year, and the annual New Year?s Eve celebrations feature the largest fireworks show in the word, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Madeira is also known for Madeira wine, a fortified Portuguese wine produced there that has both sweet and dry varieties. What makes Madeira wine special is the winemaking process it goes through is very unique, because the wine is heated and deliberately exposed to some levels of oxidization.

Madeira is home to the levadas, which are a system of stone and concrete-lined watercourses that are used to distribute water from the rainy northern part of the island to the dryer south, which helps crops and flours flourish all year and helps give Madeira its nickname of ?The Garden in the Atlantic.? Trails used for maintenance on the levadas can provide you with tremendous opportunities for hiking into the mountains so you can better take in the beautiful landscape.

If you are planning a holiday to Madeira, be sure to check for the best rates and availability for your car hire. Car hire Madeira is a great way to see everything this beautiful island has to offer. The old, curving mountain roads make for a breathtaking way to explore the island, and new modern roads reach all points of interest on the islands. Let help you make this a holiday you will never forget.