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Best Car Rental Malaga

History Malaga

Malaga’s history is long and interesting. The city was first founded in 770 B.C. and was called Malaka. It is believed that this stems from the Phoenician word, meaning salt. This is because the area was used to salt fish. Malaga was ruled by the Carthaginians for quite some time, after which it became part of the Roman Empire. Here, the city was renamed Malaca and it was a significantly developed town. It became a confederated city, which placed it under a special law. The building of the Roman theatre commenced and the ruins of this theatre are still standing now. After the Romans, the Visigoths took over and it was taken from them by the Byzantines. By the 8th century, the Muslims ruled over Spain and Malaga became a very important port of trade. The Umayyad dynasty fell and Malaga came under the ruling of the Zirid kingdom. The city was once again renamed, being called Malaqah. By 1025, it became the capital of the Taifa of Malaga, which was autonomous. In 1057, it was captured by the Taifa of Granada.In 1325; the town was described as one of the most beautiful and largest Andalusian towns by a famous traveler. He explained that the town was perfectly situated to have both sea and land trade and hence always had an abundance of fruit and food. The grapes, almonds and figs were highly praised, as were the pomegranates. The town also sported a beautiful mosque and the pottery produced in Malaga was second to none. Malaga was eventually captured by the Christians in 1487, and since then it has been the site for many battles, including the Battle of Velez Malaga in 1704. During the 19th century, the industrial revolution also came to Malaga, but much of this advancement was undone during the bombings of the Spanish Civil War.


This is a beach where the summers can be really fun for serious holiday-goers, and this beach and can be really busy during the summers, if you want to relax with family without crowded beaches and people, then shoulder seasons are good idea. The winters here are mild, and not too chilly.

Arrival in Malaga

If travelling by air the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Málaga is the main International Airport for  the Cosa del Sol. It is one of the busiest airports of Spain. The main airport in Malaga is the Malaga Airport. It has two Terminal s, the third one is under construction, both the operating tunnels are internally connected. The airport is located 8 km southwest of the Malaga city centre. There is a bank in Terminal 2 along with numerous ATM machines and a post office in Terminal 1. Internet is accessible in both the Terminal s.

Tourists usually need a place to rest or energise themselves with food and snacks, and so Malaga airport has bars, food outlets, cafes and restaurants at the airport to serve the masses. Many shops and duty-frees will also come into view once you explore the airport a bit, there is a pharmacy in operation as well. At the airport if you have lost luggage, which never happens, although if it does that is no left luggage facility and hence one should contact the lost property offices, located in both Terminal s immediately. There is an oratory, exhibition area, along with travel agencies, rent-a-cars, and an aviatio museum on the airport as well.

City transport in Malaga

Spain has an extensive road network. Malaga is a place full of attraction people loves to go there. Every year thousands of people come to visit the beautiful and marvelous place. The extensive network of public buses in the city is EMT. It provides the speedy ands frequent buses and with air condition.

Buses pass through the city center so it makes the trip easier for visitors. The city also has night bus services all over the city. The city has two train lines C1 and C2 which runs from the center from the west of Malaga. The C2 runs inland to Alora. Both the stations are for longer inter city and allows cross country travel across Spain. Taxi is another way of transport and considered as the most relax able mode of transport. Taxis are usually in the form of white cars and can be flagged down anywhere.

The metro network plans are under consideration with at least two lines. There will be two subway lines which will connect the city center to the campus. Airport provides National and Internationalflights to its passengers. Malaga is the central spot and tourist visits the city every year so any one can find optimal transport facilities.

Best Malaga

Malaga is a city that has roots which date back to Roman times. Malaga is also rich in culture and architecture. As well as the culture and architecture there are also many other sides to Malaga by way of attractions. Alcazaba, this fortress can see its history go back as far as the 8th century. The rulers of Malaga used the fortress as a place as a residence for the rulers of Malaga. Visitors can expect to see gardens mixed with some ancient courtyards. Castillo de Gibralfaro, Dating back to the 14th century this sight can be found near the top of Gibralfaro hill. The aim of the building was to protect Alcazaba. Visitors can expect to see a great view of Malaga as well as a path that runs alongside a long wall. Semana Santa, the Easter period in Malaga is celebrated by way of spectacular parades and the city becomes alive and vibrant with celebration and music. Expect to see large thrones being carried to symbolize how much the Easter period means to Malaga.Plaza de la Constitucion, Based near the popular shopping street Call de Marques de Larios you will always find something happening as well as being surrounding by a great number of shops and cafes. Stalactite caves, based just outside Neja are the Cueva de Neja. These caves offer some breathtaking views as well as some brilliant architecture by way of whitewashed houses. Parador, this state owned hotel was once a Moorish place. This hotel emulates the Malaga culture and offers some luxuries such as beautiful views of Malaga from your hotel room as well as the harbor and the sea. These sight are only the tip of the iceberg in Malaga, you can also visit the many beautiful beaches as well as taking a simple walk to absorb the sights available.

Top Attractions

There are numerous attractions for people visiting the city of Malaga.

Exploring Malaga

Malaga is an amazing place and you could take forever exploring the many hidden secrets of this area. Writing about the fascinating things that you could see in Malaga is not sufficient to really capture the beauty and magic of the area. However, there are a number of things that you really have to see and do if you are in Malaga.One such place is Alcazaba, although this is closed on Monday. It is a Moorish castle that is around a thousand years old. It is right in the middle of the city and one of the best preserved forts in Spain. You will have to climb past the ramparts, where you will be able to see the most amazing view. You can then go through the gorgeous gardens before arriving at the palace itself. Entry fees are very reasonable, or you could go after 2pm on a Sunday and enjoy free entry. Great for those on a Budget ! Another great thing to see is the old Roman theatre, which is right next to Alcazaba. These remains are absolutely stunning and you can see them from the plaza, or actually enter the ancient theatre itself. You can walk past the ancient stage, imagining the plays that were held here, sit on the steps like the ancient Romans did, and even challenge someone to speak on space and find out from which distance you can still hear them (you would be surprised). Best of all, entry is completely free! There is another fantastic Moorish castle, being the Castillo de Gibralfaro. It sits on a very large hill, so the views from here are beyond amazing. You can see all of Malaga, as well as the surrounding area. There are some stunning gardens and very interesting artifacts to see as well. Again, entry is not expensive and it is free after 2pm on Sunday. Do make sure you are ready for a good hike, unless you can catch a bus up the mountain.

Eating drinking Malaga

Malaga is strewn with places to eat and drink, although it is the seafood dishes that Malaga is famed for. As well as your general restaurants you can expect to find a lot of fish restaurant also like El Pimpi. El Pimp is an excellent taps bar that many people relax in after work. It offers superb taps and quality wine you can be sure that if you visit El Pimpi, you will great service in a great atmosphere. Casa Aranda, If you fancy grabbing a coffee to take the load off then why not visit Casa Aranda. A simple but wonderful little cafe where you can watch the world go by.Pizzeria Acqua and Farina Malaga, If pizza is your thing then why not visit Pizzeria Acqua and Farina Malaga. It is simple little restaurant that offers superb pizza as well as some Malaga charm .El Jardin, El Jardin presents its visitors with marble pillars and interior bronze. El Jardin is open all say and serves dishes such as Pescaito, a fired fish as well as a selection of tapas. The venue is another that reflects Malagas charm well. Citron, has established itself as a trendy restaurant with a small but effective menu. It serves mains dishes such as chicken or prawn wok, desserts such as chocolate brownies and a selection of wine including Basa sauvignon and Blanc to compliment your meal. Como Loco, based within the heart of the city, Como Loco offers diners with a healthier palette the chance to taste some healthy kebabs and tasty wraps. You can also enjoy a selection of imported beers. The venue is cheap but doesn’t lack in quality. The Como Loco is a great little place to visit if you fancy taking a break from shopping or just want to meet up with some friend for a chat.

Nightlife Malaga

Malaga is on the Costa del Sol, meaning it is a fantastic place for going out and partying all night long. It is surrounded by other highly touristic areas that are designed for younger crowds, so going out is never a problem .In fact, many people have gone to Malaga and returned wondering if the residents ever sleep during a working week. From Thursday to Sunday, it gets really busy. People then buy drinks at cheap prices from supermarkets but drink them in Botellodromo. These are areas where you are allowed to drink in public. They call this pre drinking: getting tanked up on Budget alcohol before hitting the clubs. One of the drinks that you will is the Mosto, which is a sweet wine made from muscatel grapes. Once you are ready to hit the clubs, there are a lot of options for you. If you like Latin music, the Metropol is for you. For those who are more alternative and like punk, hardcore rock and heavy metal, the Velvet Club may be a better option, although this is shut on Sunday. For Indie and Rock music, you should go to the Nyx. For Hip Hop, Rap and R&B, the White is a favorite haunt. House and dance music is found in the Chill House and there is also an excellent gay scene at Paradise/Punto G.If you don?t want to go clubbing, but just want to chill out, you could try El Pimpi. This is next door to the Picasso Museum and sells some of the best Mostos in the region. It is a sweet wine, but also very strong, so try not to let it get to your head. Soak up some of the alcohol with the excellent tapas they sell here. There are also a number of tea houses, where you can have something non alcoholic for a change.

Shopping Malaga

Shopping in Malaga is great. There is bits of old and bits of new and anybody should be able to find something to their liking. There are contemporary, vintage and chic options. Malaga knows many Internationalbrands and large shopping malls as well. However, it isn?t a large anonymous mix of shops. There are plenty of little shops, with stores that have been in the same family for many generations. These shops are really idiosyncratic and charming, selling just one or two highly specialized products. For instance, right next to a designer store, you will be able to find a tiny little haberdashery, selling bobbins, bows and buttons. Also, there seem to be more and more people who are starting up new and interesting little stores all across Malaga. Unsurprisingly, you will also find a whole host of souvenir shops. Here, you can buy the slogan t-shirts, sea shells, kitsch ornaments and cheap jewellery that you can find in any tourist resort across the world. You may want to stay away from these and find something truly unusual at the weekly market. You can find fantastic ceramics (Malaga is famous for its outstanding pottery), as well as beautiful leather wear .In terms of shopping malls, you could try the El Corte Ingles, which sells absolutely everything you could possibly want. From furniture to perfume, it is all available here. The Marques de Larios is the swankiest, traffic free shopping street of Malaga where you find the most expensive shops. This is reflected in the exterior of the street itself, with glossy marble pavements If you don?t want to spend any money, or simply don?t have any money to spend, Malaga is still a fantastic place for window shopping. This is particularly true for the Marques de Larios area, where you can also spend some time visiting the surrounding squares that hold ancient churches and buildings.

Disabled visitors Malaga

Whether you are a disabled person visiting Malaga or a person travelling with a disabled person, you can rest assured that there are many facilities in place to make your both your journey to and stay in Malaga more comfortable. Malaga airport itself has ensured that users who are disabled or have issues with mobility will find getting round the airport a less taxing affair. These include newly fitted ramps and elevators as well as a lowering and raising areas for disabled visitor?s access to different levels throughout the airport. Once in Malaga disabled visitors can rest assured that most hotels within Malaga implement facilities that make life more comfortable. These include easy access as well as facilities for the blind and visually impaired and the deaf and hard of hearing. Should you require a car to travel around Malaga there are car hire firms who can provide you with what you require. Simply call them before your journey to ensure your car is ready and is catered to your needs. Many shops and restaurant also have facilities that make life more comfortable. Facilities have been put in place in the more modern restaurants and shopping centers and old ones have been adapted in the older buildings. There are also taxis available which have been adapted for disabled visitors. These make getting round the city much easier if you have trouble walking or would simply like to sit back and relax whilst you are transported to your destination. Many of the sights in Malaga are easily accessible via car and taxi. Should you wish to take in a few sights on one journey you could opt for the tour bus. The tour bus will not only let you absorb the sights, but will also give you a rundown of the history behind them.

People of Malaga

Malaga is a cosmopolitan city where people from all over the world come.

Accomodations in Malaga

The city of Malaga is the largest city of the Spanish province of Andalusia. Malaga being a tourist’s heaven is also a place which offers a variety of accomodation. There are villas, town houses and numerous hotels to choose from. Furthermore, other kinds of accomdations include bed and breakfast lodges, self catering apartments and hostels.

The hotels one chooses may be of various kinds ranging from luxurious hotels with lAvish facilities to cheap ones for those not wanting to spend much and yet have a delightful vacation. Luxury hotels offer a wide range of facilities ranging from delicious food to clubs to swimming pools to health and beauty centres. Other relatively lower category hotels are relatively much cheaper. Though they provide comparatively fewer facilities and are less luxurious, but at the same time provide comfort to visitors.

Malaga city

The city of Malaga is a paradise for those who wish to experience nature. Malaga is the city that gave birth to the magnificent Pablo Picasso. It is a city that flaunts its rich cultural heritage and combines it with contemporary times.  full of astonishing landscapes along with the most glorious gardens. It has stunning beaches while also providing for a rich art and architectural heritage.
The city is perfectly placed between the sea and the mountains, which makes it the ideal place with ideal temperatures as the sea helps cool off the land. Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol, which means the Coast of the Sun. Its rich culture includes, Muslim, Spanish as well as Roman culture, and all of them naturally left behind their own ways. The resulting unique mixture of splendour from all the cultures is a delight for every tourist. It is like a bonus on top of a vacation.

Useful contact numbers

Malaga is full of attraction and people love to visit the city. Every year couple of people visits the city and enjoys different places. To make your trip safe and comfortable emergency contact numbers are essential to keep. These numbers help you to get the necessary information any time and also protect you from unexpected situations.

Tourist info

Tourist information guide help people to take the guidance about their trip by using the following number.

952 442 494


24/7 helpline assistance is available for people to get the information about departure and arrival of flights.

952 048 484

Bus station

Below the number help people to book their seats in advance

952 227 300

Carlos hay hospital

Emergency doctors and pharmaceutical is available 24/7. It helps to get the doctor by making a single phone call.

952 390 400

First aid

First aid is help full to get the help at once in earlier timings.

952 443 545


The number provides an opportunity to get the police in a short time.

952 448 844

Renfe rail

Railway tickets can easily be book through telephone.

952 12 80 79

Taxi services

Taxis are available at different stands or you can get the taxi by telephone also.

952 441 545

Town hall

Town hall can easily be book through telephone.

952 135 000


The currency in operation in Malaga is the same as that in the rest of the country, that is, the EURO. The latest exchange rates of the EURO to the British pound and the US Dollar are as follows:

Malaga is relatively cheaper compared to most european nations, nonetheless, as with most other places, the cost of living in Malaga is largely a function of an individual’s standard of living. The more luxurious and extravagant the lifestyle, the greater the cost of living. Although cars for hire are still cheap comparatively, hence tourists are encouraged to opt for Car Rental Malaga. This service is also available at the airport, Car Rental Malaga Airport, so be prepared before your arrive to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

One of the major ways of cost cutting is by booking in advance. Booking not only flights but also getting other tourist arrangements done before hand ensures one gets the best of deals in a timely passion. Furthermore, it guarantees that one does not miss out on popular activities and tourism. It also prevents waste of valuable time during the holiday running around for organizing tickets.
The most cost-effective way of booking of flights is by purchasing tickets online. There are many websites available that provide reliable information; malagaweb.com is one such website that enables travelers to book tickets through their own choice of flights. However, when choosing the online option, care must be taken to ensure there are no strings attached with lower fares.
As afore mentioned, booking in advance is the most economical. This is also applicable to cars, where car-rental and hiring businesses are accessible online that offer a wide array of cars to customers. Travelling by train is inexpensive and quick as it avoids the daily traffic, however, the cheapest travel is by bus.

Three star hotels can cost as little as $60 per day, whereas the more lAvish ones can go over $170 per day. Tours vary in cost from as low as £10.89 above. Average restaurant expenses are around €12, and a good lunch is affordable between €5 to 7.

The banking system in Malaga is modern with a large banking base. Be aware of the banking fees when dealing with banks and the fact thattheir employees generally do not speak English. Another interesting fact is the notation used. The standard practice denotes ten thousand as 10,000.00 whereas banks there use it as 10.000,00.


Malaga is the best city for a relaxing vacation as it provides everything that one looks for. There are various festivals which celebrate the city’s centuries old culture and religion. The city at one time or another has been affected by muslim, spanish as well as  cultures, turning it into a blend of these beautiful and colourful cultures. Try to stay prepared and Car Hire Malaga in Airport.

The holy week in Malaga or Semana Santa is one of the most magical of weeks. It occurs between palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, where all brotherhoods (hermandades) come together and carry their Christ and the Holy Virgin statues in processions that are held throughout the city. Everyone from young babies to the old participate in this annual week. Apart from carrying their Christ and the Holy Virgin, there are also two thrones, Christ’s throne and Virgin Mary’s throne, which are so heavy that around a hundred people are needed to carry it. Between both thrones you have candles and music bands that come, and following all this are more and more people.

The first opening night of the annual fair is a reason to rejoice. Before midnight locals gather at the beaches to hear the Pregon de la Feria, the initial speech marks the starting of the Annual Fair.  The sky is lit with light, fireworks, music and marvellous colours. Simultaneously the artistic model of the Paseo del Parque goes up and one wonders how many things one should notice. On the first day of the fair, a huge crowd gathers, including horseriders, gorgeous carts, pilgrims and carriages. At midday, the mayor hands the flag to the flagbearer of the year, who leads the huge gathering to the Shrine of Our Lady of Victoria, the Patron Saint of Malaga, where the pilgrimage will take place. After this is done, preparations start for festivities that will begin at night, at the inauguration of the Fairground. This fair continues everyday from afternoon where the city has a make over and it changes into a city of light, colour and extravagance. It becomes obligatry for people, locals as well as tourists to keep visiting the fair. There is non stop for all along with a number of traditional dances. For children there is a Magic Fair, while there is another InternationalFolklore Festival in the Plaza de la Marina for everyone.

Monuments and museums in Malaga

Due to an abundant variety of museums Malaga is known as the true city of museums. The city has a wide variety of museum and monuments which help tourist and residents to get the knowledge about the history of the city. Aquarium of Malaga has all kinds of maritime recreations and full with a variety of species. You can find ships, models and other fishermen tools dedicated to life at sea.

Archeological museum is located on the castle la alcazaba. It contains important findings of roman sculptures and mosaics. Cathedral museum contain religious paintings, sculptures and manuscripts. diocesal museum is situated next to cathedral and dedicated to religious arts. It includes important work of Niño de Guevara, pietro vannuci and Valdes Leal. Museum of fine arts display clothes of different periods. centro de ciencia principia is an exciting museum with numerous science displays. An extensive planetarium is also present where tourist can take exciting journey to the stars. Museo de artes situated in Malaga city center is an impressive aquatic museum which features an array of marine displays.

Museo de arêtes displays fascinating items of historic furniture, ceramics and household utensils. The city celebrates the city’s past heritage. The city has a highest density of museums among the entire cities world wide. There is plenty of fascinating things to see and explore different museums with over 20 museums.

Kids in Malaga

Kids are the most valuable and precious asset of every family. The cities focus on children as much in order to provide them best facilities. Malaga offers a wide range of activities for kids and for families. The city offers park, water parks, festivals and other activities for kids, the city is known as the terrific destination spot for children.

The city has plenty of sun, seas and sand. Anyone can enjoy fun activities for families and kids. Tivoli world Malaga is the most attractive place of Malaga. It is a theme park which includes wonderful rides and event shows that happens daily in the park. The park has many rides for toddlers and infants so it is convenient for families to carry small children. Wild West and flemanco dancing shows are popular and recommended by doctors to many people to have some fabulous entertainment. Gonbolandia is a park where children can spend their most of the time with families. The donkey sanctuary is situated around 40 minutes on A92. It is a safe place fort many donkeys and mules which help people to have fun in a safe environment.

Crocodile hunting is the most favorite spot of many kids who like to see hunting. It holds around 300 animals with cafes for kids to enjoy. It gives fascinating experience to kids and families.

Beaches in Malaga

The beaches in Malaga offer various types of surroundings to its visitors. They range from fine sandy beaches to rocky terrains, putting forward urban to stony beaches to wild deserts on its 40 km long Andalusian coastline. Some beaches here are more crowded than other, usually smaller ones and many offer a warm family ambience generally associated with artificial protection.

The most famous of the many beaches include:

-La Misericordia
-La Araña
-La Caleta
-La Malagueta
-Peñón del Cuervo
-Las Acacias
-El Candado, La Playa de Morche
-Cerro y Mar.

These beaches begin at a pier, the Morro de Levante, that denotes the opening to the Malaga port, further east of which one finds the beaches surrounded by the Pablo Ruiz Picasso promenade.
The beaches here are clean, kept in good condition, well-equipped and usually at a small walking distance from the town centre making shopping easy and less time consuming. Furthermore, they offer a variety of activities all year round, making it an attractive tourist destination.

Parks in Malaga

One of the main aspects of Malaga along with the beaches are the parks that are spread throughout the city. The city is surrounded by numerous parks, the famous poet Vicente Aleixandre called it a ‘natural marvel.’ The main artery, the Paseo del Parque finishes in the Plaza de Toros, which is a bullring. This place where the bullfighter fights for his life is a major attraction for all.
Malaga is home to a number of beautiful parks, gardens and amusement parks. Make sure you visit them all, and if there aretransport issues, be assured that once you land at the airport car hire in Malaga Airport will be there at your service. Book a car and prepare beforehand to avoid disappointments.

Among the most beautiful gardens one would come across the Pedro Luís Alonso Gardens, which are the creations of the architect Guerrero Strachan, who also designed a number of other gardens of the city. It has ponds that provide contrast and fountains that add a bit of tinkling to the otherwise peaceful garden. The garden includes an Aviary where numerous birds wing providing distraction and entertainment for all the visitors.

The La Concepción Gardens are the most astounding and most tropical gardens of Spain and one of the best from the whole of Europe. These gardens are now one and a half century old, designed by Marquis Jorge Loring Oyarzábal and Marchioness Amalia Heredia Livermore in 1850. Only recently were they acquired and then made open for public viewing. The garden amazes everyone as it is situated between the mountains, also with the tour one gets to visit a small museum. The Malaga Park is huge, and surrounded by eye catching orange and cypress trees.

Malaga also includes numerous theme parks, places which would be heaven for people who love adventure. Roller coasters, wildlife safari (Selwo Aventura Safari Park), marine park (Selwo Marina, Benalmadena Sea Life Centre) with several shows and unique fish, or a day out exploring, rock climbing, playing golf or horse riding, all these activities are available at Malaga.

Malaga Real Estate

There are numerous Real Estate agencies in Malaga. This is the consequent result of the superb boom in the real estate industry over the past years. People from the UK, the US and also from all over the world are participating in buying property to get lucrative returns over time. Most of the time purchasers buy property directly from the builders. In short the real estate industry is experiencing a boom and hence purchasing anything will get you money, double the amount even if you just buy and sell land without modifying it. If your are visiting Malaga for the sole purpose of buying property then use the inexpensive service of cheap car hire in Malaga Airport, then you can begin achieving your goals as soon as your land in Malaga.

Apartment sales are high because Malaga is a tourist destination, that makes renting and buying apartments the most feasible option. Apartment sales that are rising are usually apartments that provide additional facilities like a private swimming pool,gardens and maintenance provided for outside chores, at a very small fee. Villas, town houses or semi town houses can be bought within a Malaga community. The other option is buying a villa either with or without a swimming pool and these can be bought from the builders directly, and they can make changes to give the villa your personal touch.

The first thing one should do is to make sure your hire a car that is trust worthy, and someone who would know the area as it is easy to get lost in a new city.

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