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Weather of Mallorca

The city of Mallorca experiences the climate of hot dry, summers and mild winters. The coastal areas of this city get sunshine for about 300 days per year. The location of island is rather mountainous which causes the weather conditions to be variant and also gives the island a cooler temperature in the immense summer.

Mallorca is a paradise for tourists and people that wish to vacation at a cool and bright spot. The island is blessed with the weather due to its geographical location. Even in the peak of the summer season only the southern coasts experience temperatures up to 40 degrees. The rest of the island sees normal temperature due to the altitude and the surrounding cool water.

The season of summer in Mallorca continues from June till September. This season can provide up to eleven hours of sunshine each day and the weather at its peek reaches the temperature of 30 degrees. This season is also ideal for sunbathers. The sunshine continues all day long but cool breezes also blow from the sea towards the land keeping the temperature of the land moderate and humidity low. If tourists wish to visit Mallorca in the summer season, they should bring along umbrellas and lots of sunscreen to avoid exposure to too much heat.

Autumn continues from October to November and the temperature starts falling down. The city still gets seven hours of sunshine but the temperature becomes too cold for sunbathing or other beach activities and water sports.

The season of winter in Mallorca continues from December to February. The temperature in the daytime does not get more than 12 degrees. However, the land still gets two to seven hours of sunshine. Rain is not frequent but showers might pour sometime of the day. It also snows in this season at the places located on considerably higher altitudes.  

Spring continues from March till May and the tourist crowd is very low compared to the other season. Spring and winter are the perfect season for walking and sight seeing in the city of Mallorca.

To travel around in city without having to worry about the charges and expensive fares, you can hire a car from your accommodation or right from the airport.

Arrival in Mallorca


The city of Mallorca is a very welcoming city for people coming from the whole world. The city has beautiful beaches, picturesque sights and stunning sunsets. The people of the city come from a variety of cultural backgrounds which makes them all the more friendly towards the tourist community that visits their city each year.

Tourists coming from the European Union would not require a Visa to enter the City of Mallorca. However, tourists of other countries that wish to visit Spain should contact the Spanish consulate located in their country.

Palma de Mallorca Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain during the summer season due to the immense tourist attraction of the city. It is also the third largest airport of Spain after the airport of Madrid and Barcelona.  Terminal A of the airport is used for the International and charter flights whereas the Terminal B of the airport is used for inter island flights. It has very good services for people coming from all over the world and has a staff speaking a number of languages for the facility of the arriving passengers.

The bus belonging from the Airport Transfers travels from airport to the city. This bus leaves in every 15 minutes for the city centre from the airport. However, people only with good knowledge of Spanish should use this service.

The public transport services available at the airport are the taxis, busses and car hires. One can also hire a taxi to travel towards the city. It cost about €15 and it usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get the passengers to the main city. A bus service is also available to get to the city. The bus leaves every 15 minutes from the airport. It will cost you €2 and the journey takes about half an hour.

You can hire a car right at the airport or from anywhere in the city. The fares of car Hire services in Mallorca are very affordable and the cars are also very comfortable.

Mallorca City Transport

Mallorca is a convenient city in terms of transportation. There is a very good network of public transportation services in Mallorca. The city is not very crowded which makes it all the more easier for people to travel around in their car or scooter. If you do not wish to get a transport service, you can also walk to your destination with in the city as it is a very beautiful compact city.

There are a number of transportation services in Mallorca. You can travel by a car, bus, taxi, train, ferry and scooter.

There is an excellent network of bus all over the city. It also has links to the smaller towns and village areas around the city. The bus service is preferred by most of the population of the city. Therefore the bus service is inexpensive and affordable. However, the bus service is less frequently available on the weekends so you should have your transportation planned ahead of time. The busses of the Mallorca are orange in color and are single decker.

Taxi is another popular method of transportation in the City of Mallorca. The taxis are also available at very affordable rates and are a convenient service for tourists to travel in the town and go sight-seeing. Normal and regular fare is charged throughout the day. However, additional fare is charged for luggage, nighttime transportation and on public holidays.

A train service runs from Palma to Port de Soller. This train is an attraction for the tourists coming to the City of Mallorca from all over the Europe. It is an electric vintage train which started its services back in 1912. No changes have been made to the train therefore it gives its passengers a glimpse of olden times.

Top Attractions in Mallorca

The city of Mallorca has been ruled by people coming from a variety of cultural and social background. Therefore the city contains many historic monuments belonging from each era the city has seen and built by a range of people.

The city has a population of 300,000 people. It is a considerably small city and has a number of historic buildings and beautiful sights located inside the city. Therefore the tourists can walk towards their destination.

Cathedral of Palma is a magnificent church built in the honor of Virgin Mary. According to Legend, Jamie I's fleet was caught in the middle of a storm and he prayed to Virgin Mary that he would build a church in her honor if they survive the storm. The work on it began back in 1306 and still continues to date. These final touches include work done by Gaudi in 20th century.

Another must see sight in the city is the Bellver Castle. it was built in 14th century and holds a significance in the Spanish castles due to its unique circular design. It was originally built as a royal fortress. It is popular amongst tourists due to the beautiful views it provides of the Bay of Palma. Besides taking a taxi, tourists can also get to the castle by walking up through the woods behind the El Terreno.

The city of Mallorca is most famous and admired due to its beaches. It has many beaches located along its coastline. Some of the most admired beaches located in Mallorca are Magaluf, Palma Nova, Puetro Pollenca and Alcudia.

The train that goes from Palma to Soller also makes it in the list of must do things when you visit the City of Mallorca. This train covers the route of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. This train has been running since 1912 and it is a one hour trip. The train leaves near the Placa de Espanya. The vintage electronic train takes you into the olden time and travels through some of the most beautiful and stunning locations of the countryside.

To stroll across the city the tourists hire a car

People of Mallorca

The city of Mallorca has seen many times and has been under different rules. This gives Mallorca a diverse cultural background which is unmatchable with any other cities around the world. The people are very welcoming and quite friendly with the visiting tourists.

Mallorca gets enormous amounts of tourism each year therefore the people are generally helping in nature. They are nice to tourists and visitors and also guide them at many occasions. The city is also quite safe and you won't have any bad experiences while you are there. People are very welcoming and also very friendly when it comes to children. Therefore, Mallorca is also a suitable place to take your children along.

Mallorca has produced some of the most famous people in the world in arts, sports, entertainment and business. The famous writers and scholar Junípero Serra and Ramon Llull are from Mallorca. They are famous all over the Spain due to their contribution to the literature of the country and taking it a step further. Antonio Maura Montaner is also from this island. Antonia Maura was a two time Prime Minister of Spain in the 19th century. The military commander Joaquin Jovellar y Soler is also from the beautiful city of Mallorca.

The sports persons of the country have made it into the Internationalsports league. The famous tennis players Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moyà belong from the beautiful city of Mallorca. Basketball player Rudy Fernández also belongs from this city of Spain. Miguel Ángel Nadal was an Internationalfootballer and is also uncle of famous tennis player Rafael Nadal. Majorca's Jorge Lorenzo earned the 250cc motorcycling title in the year of 2006. Internationally recognized painters like Astrid Colomar, Miquel Barceló and José María Sicilia are also from Mallorca.

Mallorca is also amongst the favorite holiday spots for the Royal family of Spain. The Royal Family of Spain has a place in Mallorca where they often come to spend their holiday, rest and enjoy.     

If you wish to explore the city of Spain at peace and without having to worry about the fares of transportation, you should hire a car. Car hiring is one of the most affordable transportation available in Mallorca.

Accommodation in Mallorca

Almost all of the vacation plans that include the Mediterranean include a stay in the City of Mallorca. Such organizations have already booked accommodations for people traveling with them. Most of such companies book hotels or resorts. However, there are many other magnificent accommodations available in the City of Mallorca that not only provides comfort but also luxury.  

There is a wide range of accommodations available in Mallorca to select from. The tourists can choose from a list of comfortable and affordable available places to stay. There are accommodations available to get on rent or to be bought. You can also let the owner know for the span of time you will be renting the place and you can decide the rate and fare accordingly. You can choose the option the suits your requirements the best. There are hotels, apartments, villas, cottages, chalets, farmhouses, houses etc.  

If you don’t wish to get in busy in self-catering, you can check out the hotel accommodations available in the City of Mallorca. There are all kinds of hotels available fore the tourists. You can check 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 1 to 3 star hotels, country hotels and small hotels. Some of the 5 star Hotels in the City of Mallorca are Gran Hotel Sollér, Mallorca Palace, Palace de Muro, Palacio Ca Sa Galesa and Son Net Gran Hotel. The 4 star Hotels include Botel Alcudiamar, Cala Sant Vicenç, Can Roses, La Pergola, La Pergola, Marina Portals, Mon Port, Read's, Saratoga, Sant Salvador, Villa Italia and Villamil.

Renting apartments or other accommodation is an attractive option for the avid tourists. Accommodations available for rent have everything that a family could need for to spend their holidays and vacations in comfort. They can also experience quality self-catering. You can get an apartment, villa, farmhouse etc at your required rate and required locations. It is always a good idea to have your options in mind before time as accommodation business becomes quite hectic in summer time when the tourist season is at its peek.

You will need a transport to explore your options of accommodation in the city and to simply wander in the streets to select a place to hang out during your vacation.

City of Mallorca

The beautiful City of Mallorca is the capital city of all the towns of the Spanish Balearic Islands of Mediterranean. City of Mallorca is also known as Palma de Mallorca and Majorca. The group of islands that form the Spanish Balearic have been famous since long for their tourist attraction and are amongst the favorite vacation destination for the northern Europeans and people cruising the western Mediterranean.

The island of Mallorca is the largest amongst the chain of Balearic Island and is blessed with some of the most magnificent and soothing mountains, valleys and beaches.

The City of Mallorca has an amazing history. It has been ruled by people belonging to wide variety of cultural backgrounds. It has been under the rule of Romans, Christians, Muslims and Byzantines. Each ruling power has left some beautiful architecture and monuments in the areas which makes it a pleasant choice for tourists. The City of Mallorca has impressive building, quiet courtyards, clean street and many historic buildings. If you wish to simply wander at the streets of the fascinating Palma de Mallorca, there is a lot for you to see and do.  

There are many choices for the tourists coming to the City of Mallorca. There is much to explore and experience in this historic city. If you have a short span of time, you should see the beautiful village of Valldemossa. Another good option is to ride the old and historic train between Soller and Palma. This vintage train ride will allow you to see a glimpse of the past times. There are various tunnels along the way. You will also be able to catch the sight of lush valley of orange groves between the sea and the mountain area.

Many tourists prefer Mallorca's beaches and resorts. If you are in the city to have fun in the sun, you might prefer traveling and exploring the island on car or a bicycle.

Useful Contact of Mallorca

When traveling to a foreign country one should always have some important contact numbers in case of emergency. They should store it at a place that is easy to obtain in state of panic. Some of these important numbers include the consulate number of your country and emergency phone numbers of the city or country you are in. always keep you ID card and other documents necessary for your identification.

You can dial 112 to get to any emergency service. For contacting the National police you can dial 091 and 092 can be dialed for contacting the municipal police. Ambulance can be obtained by dialing 061. Civil guards can be contacted at 971 721 100, traffic police can be contacted at 971 467 250 and for sea emergencies you can dial 900 202 202.

You can call a hospital in case of any medical emergencies. The contact number of the Son Dureta Hospital is 971 175 000 and the Hospital de la Cruz Roja can ve contacted at 971 751 445. Hospital General can be reached at 971 212 100, Manacor Hospital can be reached at 971 847 000 and Hospital San Juan de Dios can be reached at 971 265 854.

You can also call the airport for obtaining information about the time of departure and arrival. The number for Airport Information is 971 789 099 and the number for Ferry Information is 971 405 014. you can get information about the Inca Train by dialing 971 752 245 and information about Soller Train can be obtained at 971 752 051.

Age Concern can be contacted at 609 621 280. To contact Alcoholics Anonymous you can contact their 24 hour service by dialing 971 435 437. Ciudadanos Europeos can be contacted at 971 758 097 and Consumer Protection can be contacted at 971 712 748. 971 225 900 is the number for the Lost Property Office Palma and Red Cross can be contacted at 971 222 22. For Salvation Army you can dial 971 701 110.

Having a source of transportation also proves to be great help in the hour of need.

Mallorca Costs, Money And Banks

Affordability is one of the most important factors when one is planning a holiday or vacation. All kinds of visitors like families, couples, group of friend's etcetera check the amount of money they would be investing while visiting another country.

Mallorca is a very suitable place to stay in terms of costs and money. Mallorca comes in the group of 12 countries that form the European Monitory Union. Therefore, the currency used here is Euro. Euro is a pretty strong country in itself and the rates go down rarely.

In Mallorca, you can find a variety of all things. From places to stay to places to eat, you can find the most luxurious as well the most affordable places. One of the smart methods to save money is to calculate how much money you should be spending per day. Once you have decided how much money you have for one day, you can plan your activities accordingly. Most of the places in Mallorca don’t require a tickets or any other financial restraint to enter. However, if you wish to go some places like private gardens, you would have to contact a local tourist company in advance so that they can get you in.

If you are visiting along with a cruise, you would not have to worry about such details. However, you will be glad to know that one can also afford a very good holiday even if they do not go with a cruise.

There are many banks and ATM machines in the city. The opening times to these banks and ATM's are 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday. If you want to get your money exchanged, do check the rates of the currency prior to that. This is one small method to save you a lot of cash in the long run. Always remember to get your passport when you are going to get your money exchanged. Many hotels also provide the facility of money exchange at comparatively lower rates.

Mallorca Festivals

Mallorca has seen many cultures and has developed a rich cultural background. There are events and festivals celebrated each month of the year in this city of Spain.

Some of the public holidays in the city of Mallorca are of New Year's Day on 1st January, Epiphany on 5th January, St. Joseph's Day on 19th March, Maundy Thursday in Late March or early April, Good Friday in Late March or early April, Labour Day on 1st May, Feast of the Assumption on 15th August, National Day on 12th October, All Saints' Day on 1st November, Constitution Day on 6th December, Feast of the Immaculate Conception on 8th December and Christmas Day on 25th December.

Revelta i Beneides de Sant Antoni Abat is a fiesta in January. It includes dancing, feasting, bonfires and costume parties. Other festivals celebrated in January is Processo dels Tres Tocs, Festa de Sant Sebastia. Many Carnival Parades are held in March and February. Cavalcade is the most spectacular fiesta held by the city in these months. In the months of March Semana Santa is held on Maundy Thursday. A procession begins its parade from the church carrying a crucifix. Many other processions are held in the month of March including Palma and Sinue and Mao.

In the month of April Festa Sant Francesc is held. It is celebrated not only in Mallorca but throughout the islands of the Mediterranean. A feast is held on the festival of Festa Sant Jordi in many towns and villages including Mallorca. Pricess Sofia Trophy is also held in the month of April. Events held in May include Festa de Maig, Festa de Nostra Sanyora de la Victoria and Eivissa Medieval. This is the season of spring and this beautiful season is greatly celebrated in the city and its surroundings.

The events and festivities held in the month of June include Corpus Christi, Sant Antoni de Juny, Sant Joan and Romeria de Sant Marcal. In July the city has festivals like Dia de Virgen de Carmen and Passejada dies Bou i Carro Triunfal. In August the city celebrates Copa del Rey, Sant Ciriac, Festa de Sant Lorenc, Assumption of the Virgin and Sant Agustin.

Festivities held in September include Processio de la Beata and Diada de Catalunya. Dia de la Hispanidad is celebrated in the month of October and Birthday of Junipero Serra is celebrated in the month of November. The festivals held in December include Festa de l'Estandard and Noche Buena.

Mallorca Museums

The city of Mallorca has many artistic and magnificent museums that contain interesting collection of artifacts from different eras that the city has seen and experienced. The works of art displayed in the museums of Mallorca come from a wide variety of background. You can find both local and International work in the museums of Mallorca as well as art works of all shapes, sizes and categories.

Museu de Mallorca is the biggest and probably the best museum in whole of Baearic Islands. This museum was made by a local resident some 400 years back in the Palau Ayamans. The museum opened for local public in the year of 1968 and has since become an attraction for both locals and tourists. It contains thousands of exhibits and artifacts from prehistoric era that was discovered during digs of the city. It also contains pieces of the building that don’t exist anymore and some of the pieces displayed at the like paintings are priceless.

Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani is located in a Renaissance building. The museum was completely rebuilt and therefore many artworks housed in the building belong from unknown artists. The museum has a wide collection of sculptures and painting. It contains the work of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Museu Krekovic is mainly focused on the artworks by Kristian Krekovic. Kristian Krekovic is a famous Croatian artist. The museum also contains work and artifacts of various other painters and artists. The museum holds artworks from of artists from Spain and Latin America.

Museu Municipal is made in the former Convent de Santo Domingo. The museum is very different from other museums located in the city due to its collections of artworks and artifacts. The collection present in the museum is largely of sacred gothic art. Museu Municipal is probably the only museum in Mallorca to be displaying work of gothic art at such a large scale. It also contains historic archeological pieces and has a small collection of modern day art.

You can walk in the city or hire a car depending upon your convenience.

Kid's Attractions in Mallorca

The city of Mallorca, like all the other islands of the Mediterranean, is a paradise for both children and adult tourists. Other than the spots of nightlife children can go pretty much everywhere in Mallorca. Tourists can take their children to beaches and all other public places.

Many places have special facilities for their children visitors during the peak season of tourist travel. Most of the beaches are sandy and have shallow water that is safe for children. Lifeguards at beaches also keep an eye on the children so that they might not be in any danger. Some of the resorts also have a separate play area for children like a mini golf club or pony rides. Many hotels offer separate pool for the children and also have babysitting programs. Day care is available at many places in Mallorca and entertainment programs have also been formulated for keeping the children busy.

Aqualandia/EI Foro de Mallorca is one of the theme parks in Mallorca. It has almost everything a child can want for having a fun day out. It has waxwork museum, adventure playground, swimming pool, crazy gold area and a water park. Aquapark is a water park that has plenty of activities that will help the whole family to have a fun filled day. It has water slides, pools and other exciting slides. Hidropark is another water park located in the city for young children. Aquacity is one of the world's largest water parks. Besides water slides and pools, it also contains a mini zoo and a children's park.

Auto-Safari is a very suitable zoo to take your children. Like all other zoo's it has many animals like zebra, monkeys and giraffes. However, what makes it different from the other zoos is its 'baby zoo' portion that contains baby elephants and reptiles that are born at the zoo.

Mallorca Beaches

Like other islands of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is also known for its beautiful, sunny and sandy beaches. There are soothing beaches all along the coastline of the city. Also, if you wish to start your vacation fun as soon as your arrive in the city then you are not very far away from the beaches. The 6 km beach of Playa de Palma is located at just minutes drive from the International Airport of Mallorca.

In the west region of the city Cala Mayor and San Agustin have small and pleasant beaches. Portal Nous also has a small and beautiful beach and also has other activities for the tourists to enjoy during their vacations. Two beaches are also located at Illetes. More beaches with magnificent sunshine and golden sand are located at the Palma Nova and Magaluf. Santa Ponca is another beautiful and breathtaking beach having clean sand and turquoise waters. Peguera, Andratx and Camp de Mar are other beaches located in this area of city. You can find the beach that is more suitable for you. Some of the beaches are more crowded than the others. However, it is not hard to find the perfect beach for you with this much variety and development of beaches.

Many beaches are located on the North West Coast of the city. Estellencs, Banyalbufar, Valdemossa, Deia, Port of Soller, Cala Tuent is the locations where magnificent beaches could be found in this area. Some of the beaches are small and quiet where you can relax and enjoy the peaceful sound of sea while the other beaches are preferred for their tourist attraction.

Beaches on the North East Coast can be found between Cala de Sant Vicenc and Puetro de Pollenca. Peninsula de Formentor, Platja de Formentor, Puetro de Alcudia and Can Picafort offer some of best beaches of this area filled with golden sands, perfect weather and picturesque views.

The East Coast of city has beaches located at Son Moll, Cala Guia, Cala Bona, Cala Millor, Cala d'Or, Colonia de Sant and Es Trenc. Some of the beaches are attraction to mass tourism and water sports.

Mallorca Parks

The city of Mallorca has all kinds of parks. It has small, large, private and public parks and gardens. The beautiful gardens and parks of Mallorca were once only available to the nobility to relax and spend a soothing time. Today, the parks are open for local people and tourists alike.

Parc de la Mar was established in 1960's and is located to the south of La Seu Cathedral. The part also offers some great view of the waterfront of Palma. There is also a small lake at the park. The park has abstract art which includes a tiled mural by Joan Miro. Sas Volves is located near to the Parks and is a popular location for holding art exhibitions and concerts.

Parc Natural Mondrago is a very natural area which is preferred for simply spending a soothing time by walking across the quite pavements. The park has additional highlights like a pine forest, small ponds and coves which include S'Armarador, Mondrago and Calo des Burgit. The place is very popular amongst both tourists and locals for walking and the routes are clear and unambiguous.

Botanicactus is a garden focusing on the plant of cactus. This garden contains more than 400 specimen of this plant. This large number of species includes some modern day species and some species of the plant that have become extinct in other parts of the world.

La Granja Gardens are located in the La Granja country house. It was built in the 13th century. La Granja is filled with interesting stories history and the beautiful garden also includes a small fountain. Jardines de Alfabia is also famous gardens in the city of Mallorca. The garden has large trees, beautiful beds of flowers, footpaths and relaxing areas. The garden was a part of an old manor which was a part of Moorish gardens.

Two other gardens located inside the city are Jardi Botanic and Jardines Casa March. Jardines Casa March is a private garden therefore the tourists will have to book in advance with a tourist company to be able to visit it.  

Mallorca Real Estate

The city of Mallorca attracts huge amounts of tourists each due to its beautiful beaches and cultural history. Therefore, no investment here made can go wrong. Real estate business has also been very successful in Mallorca.

There are many real estate companies working in the city of Mallorca. Many people still prefer staying in a hotel or getting a resort to stay along with their friends if they are planning to stay for a longer time period. However, families usually prefer proper and beautiful houses having good environments and locations if they are staying for more than one season.

Mallorca has some very beautiful locations and many real estate agencies offer their clients locations you might have never thought you would be able to live in. however, you can get these locations at quite affordable prices. You should make sure that you have done proper research about the property and you know what you want.

You can get all kinds of places to stay at. You can get a apartment, penthouse, country house, villa and even some of the country's historical old townhouses.

You can also get some plots at beautiful locations at very affordable rates. If you wish to make an investment, there could not be any place better than a popular tourist spot. There are many beautiful locations in the city that have still not been used or commercialized.

You can buy industrial or commercial plots if you plan to star permanently and wish to start a small business. There are unlimited options of what you should do and start at. You can list down your options and see the market for what has not been offered to people yet. This will make your building exclusive and different.

Real estate agencies will guide you in while buying their property. You can see maps and financial strength of the plot of residential area you wish to buy.

In order to check out these places, you can hire a car at very affordable rates.

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