Best Car Rental Malta

South of Sicily, Italy in the Mediterranean Sea there is an island called Malta, which while small, has a very rich and vast history. There is evidence to support human habitation on Malta dating back to the Neolithic Era, and Malta contains some of the most ancient buildings still standing in the world.

Having a total land area of roughly 122 square miles, Malta is one of the smallest states in the world. It is also one of the most densely populated countries in the world, yet there remains some very beautiful and unspoiled countryside for you to talk in and explore. It is not unusual to hear people refer to Malta as being like one big open-air museum, and you are unlikely to run out of things to see and do there.

If you travel to the heart of the island you can see the ancient capital of Mdina, also called the Silent City which is one of Malta?s top tourist destinations. The Silent City is one of the jewels of Malta, featuring spectacular views, as well as the finest jewels and architecture in Malta.

The megalithic temples of Malta are the oldest man-made free-standing structures on the face of the Earth and well worth visiting. Walks through the countryside are considered to be a great way to take in the natural beauty and relax.

Malta also has an incredible number of highly regarded festivals:

  • Ghanafest, The Malta Mediterranean Folk Music Festival in June
  • The Malta Jazz Festival in July
  • Malta Arts Festival which runs from July 1st to the 24th

If you are planning a holiday to Malta, be sure to check for the best rates and availability for your car hire Malta. Car hire Malta is a great way to get out and explore everything this beautiful and historic country has to offer.