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History Marseille

Marseille is a very old city and its history is long, interesting and arduous. Records about Marseille go back thousands of years. The Greek first made it a permanent human settlement in 600 BC. They first arrived in what is now known as the Vieux Port (old port), which they called Lacydon Creek. The city was name Massilia, which later became Marseille. Some 500 years later, in the 1st century BC, Roman forces took the city over. Julius Caesar, one of the greatest Roman emperors, ruled the city during his reign. However, Marseille did keep its independence to some extent, as they were allowed to continue to trade as a free port. Unfortunately, a lot of what would now be history was destroyed during the many battles, and the Romans also used many of the fantastic ships from Marseille to send them to other ports. Hence, many treasures were, unfortunately, lost .When the Roman Empire fell, Marseille also fell into decline. Its regular trade with the Roman Empire had dried up and it was no longer the strong metropolis it once was. Hence, many barbarians and other rival groups regularly attacked the city, trying to occupy it. Marseille was pillaged many times and it suffered a lot of damage during this period. Unsurprisingly, fortifications started to be built, which were completed by the 7th century AD. Marseille, by then, was a fortified post on St Laurent Hill. Unfortunately, happiness didn?t last too long. A mere 1,000 years later, in 1720, tragedy struck when the Black Death arrived on board one of the ships. The disease wasted no time in killing everyone it could. Marseille essentially became closed off to the rest of the world. At least 50% of the population died, which meant some 45,000 graves had to be built. But, Marseille has gone from strength to strength since.


The best time to visit Marseille is in the summer, during the school holidays, it might be advisable to visit at another time.


Arrival To Marseille

Marseille is one of the beautiful destinations of the world and you can enter into the city by air, road or train from many destinations of the world. The main Terminal of the city is Marseille Provence Airport. Various domestic and Internationalflights daily come to this airport. The major chunk of the tourists enters into the city through Paris because Paris is only at 3-hour distance from Marseille. The major train carrier which links Marseille with the other cities of the world is Societe Nationale de Chemins de Fer however the main station is Gare Saint Charles. Motorways A7, A50 and A55 also link the city with the other cities. As Marseille Provence Airport is the main airport of the city and domestic flights reach from Brest, Paris, Toulouse, Lille, Nantes, Bastia, Clermont-Ferrand and Bordeaux. On the other hand, the Internationalflights come to the city from Barcelona, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Stockholm, Lisbon and Constantine. It is interesting to note that train also links the city with London, Lyon and Brussels. If you arrive to the city by road, then you can use the motorway services. Regardless of the mode through which you enter into the city, you should inform the tourist information office.

City transport

Finding a safe and reliable transportation in a city is the biggest problem for tourists. The transportation system in Marseille is extremely good and efficient. Taxis, buses, private cars are easily available in the city. The transportation system in Marseille has a very good reputation among the Marseillais. The network of the buses in Marseille is very strong. You can get the bus tickets at very less rates from any bus Terminal s or tourist?s offices. The rate of a 24-hour ticket is 4.5 euro. You can also get tickets for more than one day for example, tickets for three days is available for 10 euro. You can travel as much as you want during this period on all the buses. You can easily get seats in these buses. However, sometimes these buses are crowded with local people and you may experience some problems. Therefore, if you want comfortable services, you can hire a taxi. The fare of these taxis is according to the distance you travel. The taxis in the city have meters and drivers cannot cheat you. Only those drivers are permitted to drive a taxi that are more than 25 years of age and have their driving licences. Some tourists want to use boat services to cross the Old Harbour. The streets of main centre of Marseille are narrow and one-way so, it may cause any problem to you to drive in these streets.

Best Marseille

Marseille is a huge city. In fact, only Paris is bigger than Marseille. It has an absolutely beautiful coastline right on the Mediterranean Sea and it is a hugely attractive city. Filled with history and character, surrounded by gorgeous beaches and coastal attractions, it is the perfect place for a nice holiday .The city itself has a number of historical and charming districts. Here, you will find a range of street markets and bazaars. The old port Vieux Port is certainly an area worth visiting. You can look at or even hire one of the many pleasure boats that can be found here. The Tourist Information Centre can also be found in the Vieux Port. It is called the Office du Tourisme et des Congres and it is clearly sign posted for visitors. Here, you will find all the advice you could possibly need on where to go, what to see and what to do. You can also purchase a range of maps of the areas, so you need not worry about getting lost. The Office du Tourisme et des Congres also has a second office at the Gare St Charles, the railway station. Marseille is a very historic city and there are many attractions for people who enjoy history and architecture. The Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde is a beautiful basilica that no visitor should miss. This can be found on the south side of the old port. There is also the castle, the Chateau D�If, which featured in the Count of Monte Christo story. For people who like history and art, there is the Centre de la Vieille Charite. This building is over 400 years old and host many fascinating exhibits. For beautiful religious buildings, you shouldn’t miss the cathedral La Cathedrale de la Nouvelle Major. This is one of the most expensive cathedrals ever built and has a fantastic view of the sea. There is also a grand palace which was once the home of Napoleon III.

Top attraction of Marseille

Marseille is the second biggest city of France. It is the oldest city of Southern France and is an important destination for tourists. Marseille has architectural as well as natural attractions for tourists. Tavour is considered as the most famous attraction in France. A main street of Marseille, having a number of beautiful hotels and cafes, are the most interesting place to visit. This street is named as La Canabiere. Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde is located on a hilltop. It is situated to the south of Vieux Port. A statue of Virgin is constructed on the top of high Belfry of the Basilica. It is 60 meters high and tourists can have a beautiful sunset view from here.

Chateau d?If is a 16th century fortress, which is built on an island near the coast of Marseille. It was constructed to have protection from outside attacks. Marseille is also very popular because of the historical values of the city. The Vieux port is the oldest port of Marseille. In past it was a commercial centre for boats but now a day?s it is used for cruise ships. Some more attraction of the city includes Musee des Beaux Arts, Fort St. Nicholas, Musee de la Faience and Accoules Bell Tower.


Marseille is the second largest city in France, after Paris, and is incredibly densely populated. It is on the southern coastline of the country, right in between Italy’s Genoa and Spain’s Barcelona. It is a very important commercial harbor. It is a big and important city, it isn’t too hard to get completely lost. If you do find yourself lost in Marseille, ask people for directions to the Vieux Port the old port. Not only is this one of the most important parts of the city, it is also the home of the tourist information centre, where you can purchase a map. Marseille has a beautiful backdrop of mountains behind it. There are other fascinating towns around it, including Toulon and Cassis, and you could also visit the Camargue region, where you will be able to see wild horses. If you are in Marseille itself, there is no real need to venture outside of the old port area. Here, you will find the fish market, the marina and two forts. It is possible to travel into and out of Marseille by either car or train. The train system in France, and in particular the TGV, is very well organized and so long as nobody is on strike, you should be able to reach any destination relatively quickly .Aix-En Provence should only take you about 30 minutes and is to the north. Aubagne is around 18 minutes east of Marseille. Carnoux-En-Provence will only take you about 22 minutes to get to, located to the East. Istres is a little further, around 45 minutes northwest. There are many other interesting little towns within easy driving distance, and you could choose to take a day trip there. Alternatively, if you are in one of these little towns, you could take a day trip to Marseille. Slightly further is Montpellier, another fascinating city to visit, but this will take you at least two and a half hours to get to, located to the west of Marseille.


Gastronomy is a sacred word in Marseille and visitors in the city have to be considered very lucky, as opportunities for a divine meal will certainly arise, at least once during their visit. The only true fear is that you are in danger of leaving Marseille with a few extra kilos for a souvenir. Other than that, if you want to taste French cuisine in its making, this is the place! Marseille is a modern, cosmopolitan city and pizzerias, fast food restaurants, and kebab parlors are everywhere. It wouldn?t be fair to say that quick snack would hurt, especially if you are walking along the historic centre or the Port. Try tasting some boiled shrimp (coming in a paper bag - Norwegian style), if you can find it at the fish market, visit one of the city?s sushi bars for a freshly fried tempura, or buy a delicious lamb kebab and wash it down with some Orangina or fresh lemon juice. Ordering a fish sandwich or a piece of cake and a bottle of Perrier would be equally soothing and you can relax, watching the world go by (gossiping is not legally punishable in Marseille).As the sun is setting, enjoy a Ricard or Pernod appetizer and plan your dinner exodus as you please, as an updated list of affordable restaurants will inform you about local specialties. Fish dishes are dominant and white wine prevails over red, dessert is a must and if you are not out for a long night, pastis or a glass of fine cognac should not leave you unsatisfied. Soups are a good starter, the world famous Bouillabaisse is a fish soup containing shellfish, fish and vegetables, served with rouille, carrots, toasted bread (croutes or croutons) and sometimes grated goat cheese. For seconds, consult the Maitre , and for dessert, even a small biscuit can send you to Heaven.


Marseille is a very dynamic city and its club and music scene is very lively. The Vieux Port is one of the best parts of Marseille to go for a night out, although the Escale Bor?ly and the Place Thiars aren?t bad either. Many people also give Cours Julien a god, which is one big square with nothing but restaurants and cafes. The Sortir is a column in the local daily paper, which gives you all the information you need about what?s happening and where. On Wednesday, there are listing in two other local papers. There are a good number of bars, clubs and restaurants in Marseille. The Bar de la Marine, for instance, is an absolute institution in Marseille. Anybody who is anybody goes here. Marcel Pagnol, a very well known film writer, used this bar in his 1930s movie Marius. It is very busy, it will take you hours to order a drink because there are so many drinks to choose from and the audience is very eclectic, definitely one should go to. The best club in town is Le Mystik, It is a good three miles out of the centre, but a fantastic place to be. The music is techno and it mainly attracts students who stay on the campus nearby. It opens at 11pm and shuts at 6am, meaning you could potentially go out in Marseille, make your way over to Le Mystik and literally party until the next morning. This isn?t the place to be if you want to have a relaxed drink. It is all about the dancing and the beat, so be ready to get sweaty and have a boogy. All in all, Marseille offers it all. From small local cafes where you can have a tisane to the big nightclubs with stroboscopes and techno music, you won?t have a boring day or night when you are in Marseille.


Marseille is a great place to go shopping. There is a huge variety of products available, from traditional wines and foods to arts and crafts, as well as fashion. The Vieux Port is one of the best places to go shopping, because the stores here are cute and quaint and to be enjoyed by everybody, even if you?re not planning on actually spending any money. Marseille is also home to a number of outdoor markets, where you will really get a feel for Marseille as a city. Naturally, you could also opt to go to one of the many modern shopping centers. There are a couple of things to remember. Firstly, the smaller shops close for lunch, which is usually a two hour break to allow time for the siesta. However, to compensate, they have later opening hours. There are a number of malls that actually stay open all day, including the Centre Bourse. In fact, shops here don?t close until around 7pm. Almost all shops are closed on Sunday. In the malls, you will find anything that you would expect from a modern city, from furniture to fashion and from DVDs to books. The open air markets, however, are held only on the morning. Usually, the market will open around 8am and stay open until around 1pm. You can also buy fresh fish, and by that we mean actual fresh, just caught fish, by going to the Quai des Belges. Here, the local fishermen sell their wares from around 8am. You will need to get there quickly, because the good fish will be sold out fast. Don?t be afraid to haggle on the price either. Many people think this is a fun game and no one will ever sell you anything unless they make a profit, so start with a ridiculously low bid and see how low you can keep it.

Disabled visitors Marseille

France is one of the few countries in Europe so carefully tending to the requirements of disabled persons. Visitors will see the facilities provided on their arrival at Marseille International Airport and any travelers that have special needs will find all they need for safe transport to their accommodation. Rectified toilet facilities, pathways and ramps, wheelchairs, lifts and electric carts upon request will assist impaired visitors for as long as they need to remain in the Airport-which might take some time as this is a quite busy Airport. No need to worry though, as services here are top class and should you need any particular assistance, ask your flight attendant to instruct ground staff through Airportcom the minute you touch the ground. Marseille Airport Policy, enforced by French Government Law, ensures that all passengers will have a satisfactory standard of care, but disabled visitors should also have in mind that there is a strict Internationalprotocol concerning disabled passenger safety and well-being, and penalties are not to be ignored. Assistance Desks are available to help out and provide you with a list of Marseille hotels offering the necessary amenities, as well as directions and assistance for safe transportation. For wheel chair dependent visitors, phones at low height can be found in the Airport as well as in central areas of Marseille. If your mobile is out of order, Internet access is offered for the disabled throughout the town of Marseille. Your visit to the city will not be impaired in any way as there are special seats in buses, easy access to museums, churches and civic buildings, amenities in most restaurants and public entertainment houses and squares and, there is even a disabled dating club in case you are interested.

Accommodation in Marseille

Accommodation is the main problem, which is faced by the tourists during their visit to the city. However, accommodation is easily accessible in Marseille. To find accommodation at reasonable rates in Marseille is not a big problem. In almost every area of Marseille, you can get hotels, private apartments and hostels. The accommodations present in the main city are more expensive than the accommodations outside the main city. Holiday inn is a five star hotel and considered as the best hotel of Marseille.

It is situated on Avenue du Prado road. It provides a lot of facilities to its customers for example, air condition, attach bath, direct dial phone, television with cable, free news paper in morning and many more. Best Western Bonneveine Prado and New Hotel Bompard La Corniche are four stars Hotels and provide you reliable services. If you want better services at less expense, you should go for Tonic Hotel Marseille and New Hotel Vieux Port.

The names of some more hotels are Rsidence Du Vieux-Port , New Hotel Select, Estrel, Inter-Hotel Du Parc Des Expositions and New Hotel Bompard. Luttia Hotel and Europe Hotel are present in the centre of the city.

The city of Marseille

Marseille is the second city of France and its first name was Massalia. Marseille is situated at the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean. The coordinates of Marseille are 43 degrees, 17 minutes and 51 seconds towards north and 5 degrees, 22 minutes and 38 seconds towards east. The postal code of Marseille is 13001-13016 and its dialling code is 0491 or 0496. After Paris and Lyon, it is the third largest metropolitan area. According to the population estimation of 1999, the population of the city is 1,516,340 and it is the most populous commune of France. The population of Marseille is 1,605,000 according to the census of 2007. The citizens of Marseille are known as Marseillias. The urban area of Marseille is 1,290 kilometres square which is equivalent to 500 square miles. The population of urban area according to census 2006 is 1,418,481. The metro area of the Marseille is 2830.2 kilometres square which is equal to 1092.7 square miles. The population of metro area of Marseille is 1,604,550 according to the population estimation of 2007. Marseille is the administrative capital of Provence-Alpes- Cote d?Azur region. Marseille is also the administrative capital of the Bouches- du- Rhone department. Marseille is considered as the largest commercial port of France.

Emergency contact numbers

Marseille is considered as the most peaceful city of France because the crime rate of the city is very less. Therefore, tourists from all over the world are attracted towards Marseille. They want to spend their holidays in the calm atmosphere of Marseille. For more convenient and safety, tourists should know the emergency contact numbers Marseille. Basically, these numbers help you a lot in any case of emergency. For further details, you can also visit tourist?s information offices present in Marseille. Some of the important contact numbers are given below.

Emergency contact number

Police service: 17

Fire emergency: 18

Medical helpline: 15

For all services: 112

Missing child: 08 10 012 014

Medical emergency numbers

Red Cross: 08 00 858 858

Medical help and advice: 36 24

12, bd paul Peytral Marseille 6e: 04 91 54 92 00/ 08 36 70 14 88

24, Av. Prado - Marseille 6e: 04 91 15 72 10

Hospital emergency room: 04 42 33 90 28

Emergency doctor: 04 42 26 40 40

Doctor: 04 42 26 24 00

Poison centre: 04 91 75 25 25

Bus station/ information for ticket reservation: 04 42 91 26 80/ 04 42 91 26 81

Taxi services available for 24 hours: 04 42 27 71 11

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