Best Car Rental Mauritius

East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is a small, multicultural island known as Mauritius. While the island was first discovered sometime in the 9th century by Arab sailors, and again by the Portuguese in the 1505, it was not permanently settled until the Dutch took control of the island in 1598. When the Dutch left the island in 1710, they left behind a number macaques, and java deer, as well as fugitive slaves and sugar cane. They also left an incredible amount of damage to the island?s ecosystem, with the Dodo bird becoming long extinct by then, and the once widespread throughout Mauritius black ebony tree population was almost completely wiped out due to over-exploitation for timber. Mauritius was also the site of the famous Battle of Grand Port, which marks the only victory the French have ever had over the British when the British tried to take control of the island in August 1810.

Mauritius is well known for its culinary traditions that arrived on the island from France, China, India and Africa so foodies will definitely feel like they have arrived in paradise as their senses are overwhelmed by the flavors and aromas of the island?s many visitors throughout the years.

There is more to do than just eat on Mauritius, however. Mauritius is a spectacular island filled with beautiful sights and fun things to so such as:

  • Tour the Moka Mountains
  • Take a 2 hour hike to up LePouce, or ?the thumb ? as it is known
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Safari Jeep trips
  • Dolphin watching

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