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Milan is the most modern city in Italy and many people feel it represents the new Italy, as opposed to Rome, which is the old Italy. However, although modern, Milan is not without its history, which it has been able to preserve very well. Milan is full of stylish, modern windows with some grand palaces and beautiful churches. But, at first glance, it looks as if Milan has little soul and is too business orientated. The only part that shows any real greenery is the historic part. Visitors are encouraged to explore Milan for its history and visit the less frequented neighborhoods. Try the Brera district, the Navigli, the University quarter or some of the smaller buildings and churches. Here, you will really see the history of Milan, with all of its hidden gems. It has a history that is well established in terms of music, sport, theatre, fashion, literature and art. In fact, if you were to look op details about the history of Milan, you would see that it has been long and arduous. The Celts had settles here for quite some time, before the Romans conquered it in 300 BC. It is believed the Celts had already been here for some 100 years, which is around five or six generations in those days at the very least. Hence, it was an established settlement and evidence of this still exists in Milan. Milan was frequently conquered and re conquered over the next two thousand years, passing into French and Swiss hands to name but a few. It was also in Milan that the dictator Benito Mussolini rallied its supporters. However, it was also in Milan that he was hanged, after having committed many atrocities during the war, both to other nations and to his own people. Nowadays, Milan is a modern, bustling city. However, a visitor needs to learn where to look in order to find its beauty.

When to go Milan

Millions of people visit the capital of Lombardy every year and all of them are reasonably concerned about the weather conditions they will encounter during their stay. If you are here on business, timing is a matter you cannot really control, as fairs and shows are scheduled well in advance and crucial meetings at the Borsa can come up at anytime. If this is the case, pack a smart umbrella and a summer trench coat and you will be fine .It may be a bit cold to enjoy your Motta espresso outdoors, but for Milano, cold and snow are a blessing-fog and smog are a bit of a curse. Tourists will find Milan perfect , all year round .Especially during the winter sales season, ladies and gentlemen visitors will not care if it is raining , snowing or if hail is falling in Milan as Trussardi or Benetton bargain shopping will warm their hearts. You can buy a post card showing the Duomo covered with a lace of snow-it looks amazing-or enjoy your banana gelato in the rain, gazing at the grey sky, praying that you can get a pair of descent night sandals in your size for less than 50 Euro-believe it or not, this is possible. The summer months are obviously the time that Milan is most frequented by tourists and the city is well adjusted to the fact. Restoration and renovation works stop by the end of May and this is the only season that you can visit the sights in relative peace. Trust the tram to take you around town, enjoy a slice of pizza while you are waiting in queues, and let your Ferrari cap protect you from the rain and your Valentino sunglasses shield your eyes from the sun.


Weather Milan

The weather in Milan may be one of the most important things that drives your decision on when to visit it. However, regardless of the weather, Milan is always a fantastic place to visit. Milan knows four distinct seasons, just like the rest of Europe. Milan spring time is very similar to autumn. The atmosphere is a bit quiet and subdued. The trees and flowers start to blossom, making the parks a particularly nice place to visit. During Easter, the town celebrates Carnival, which is a religious festival. During the summer, Milan is usually hot and humid. It is not uncommon for a powerful rainstorm to lash the city either. August is not the best time to go to Milan because it gets so hot that even locals decide to go elsewhere, leaving many businesses closed. However, if you can cope with heat and just want to visit a city without thousands of tourists around you, August could actually be the best time to go. Autumn is a pleasant time to go to Milan. Temperatures fluctuate around the cool/warm border. Rain and fog is quite frequent. Milan residents are working hard, so you will mainly see tourists wandering the streets. Everything is open, so this is a great time to really see all that the city has to offer. Winters in Milan can be extremely cold, with temperatures well below freezing. The weather is foggy and snow is not uncommon. However, just before Christmas, Milan is at its most beautiful. So long as you have a nice winter coat, warm shoes, gloves and a hat, you should consider braving the cold to see the lights and markets of Christmas Milan. It is an absolute delight to all the senses, and the decorations are among the most beautiful you will have ever seen. However, it is very busy at this time of year.

Arrival Milan

Two main airports service the city of Milan. The first is the Malpensa airport and the second is Linate airport. There are other airports as well, which are mainly home to Budget airlines. Because so many people fly with Budget airlines nowadays, it is likely that these airports will be their arrival point and they are therefore often referred to as the additional airports of Milan. These airports are Parma Airport (around 100 kilometers to the south of Milan) and Orio al Serio Airport in Bergamo (around 45 kilometers to the east of Milan. Malpensa airport is the main International Airport servicing Milan. It is very large and modern and features two runways. Two Terminal s are available on this airport, with the first one being the biggest and servicing Internationalflights and intercontinental flights. These second Terminal is used by a number of Budget airlines. Since Easy Jet started flying to this airport, the second Terminal has been growing exponentially. Terminal 1 and 2 are connected to each other through a bus shuttle service that runs every 20 minutes and is free to use. However, they are very small buses and often not large enough to accommodate all the travelers. Hence, queues are very long and local taxi firms use this to their advantage to ferry people between Terminal s (at a price of course). If you do not want to pay for a taxi, you can expect to wait at least three quarters of an hour before you can find a space on the shuttle. Linate airport services a number of European and domestic flights. It is a small airport with a single runway but it is known for its extreme efficiency. It is almost in Milan?s city centre (only 7 kilometers away, you could technically walk it). Alitalia went bankrupt a number of years ago and merged with AirOne. This new airline, previously departing from Malpensa, now chose Linate as its home airport, which allowed this airport to grow exponentially. However, at present, no Budget airlines land here.

Best locations Milan

The number of things you could see and do in Milan would be too many to mention. There is such a big variety of possibilities. You could see some of the world?s most beautiful architecture in its fantastic churches. You could watch the life of decadence in the old palaces. You could learn about art in history in any of the many museums. You could marvel at the wonder of modern architecture with the many new buildings that can be found across the city. You could enjoy the arts by visiting the opera houses or theatres. The cultural gems of Milan are simply too vast to list. Best of all, some of the best cultural gems that can be found in Milan are all within the center, meaning you don?t have to spend a lot of time travelling from one location to the next. Do be aware that many museums are closed on Monday. If you like to visit churches; you should not miss the Duomo on Duomo Square. This is the main cathedral in Milan. It is huge, in gothic design and its construction started in 1386. It is made almost entirely from white marble. It is decorated with over a hundred spires and well over a thousand statues across its fa?ade. It is one of the most beautiful buildings you will ever see. It is possible to clime right the way to the roof, where you can view the city from between the many Gothic spires, which really is a fantastic opportunity. Technically, you are not allowed to take photographs within the Duomo, but it appears as though it is tolerated as nobody seems to get stopped. You do have to pay to go to the roof, with tickets to walk the stairs being cheaper than the tickets to take the lift.

Nightlife Milan

Milan is a city of fun and you are spoilt for choice if you want a good night out. The Corso Cosmo (Cosmo Avenue) is a fantastic place to start your evening. It is right next to the Garibaldi Station so you can?t miss it. Here, you will find glamorous clubs and great bars. In the summer, it is the place to see and be seen and people will strut their stuff along the avenue. The Navigli Quarter is another great area. Here, there are a number of open air cafes, smaller pubs and restaurants. Conveniently located near the water canals, it is a beautiful area to go. Also, make sure you grab one of the free Zero2 booklets, which will tell you what?s happening where and at what time. Wednesday is the night to go to Momo on Viale Monte Nero. The Colonne di San Lorenzo is a great place to go if you don?t mind large crowds. If you prefer keeping it a bit quiet and cozy, the Brera Latin quarter is a great area. The Corse Sempione is a completely pedestrianised area, so you will feel very safe there, particularly around the Arco Della Pace. Monday and Tuesday are quiet nights. This doesn?t mean the bars and clubs aren?t open, but they will be much less lively. The biggest going out nights in Milan is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday, however, seems to be the night to go to the VIP clubs. There is also a great alternative clubbing scene. There are music parties with electronic beats outside of clubs. These parties are very cheap, since you will not have to pay an entrance fee. You will be able to find them in lofts, inside old warehouses, outside in farms and pools and across the different city parks. These venues are mainly attractive to the younger crowds. The RESET! Is the most popular of these venues, taking place once a month and attracting well over a thousand revelers.

City of destination Milan

Milan is synonymous with designer shopping and this is all its visitor?s main activity. If you are here for business purposes, you will also shop-Milan is home to the Borsa, the Italian stock market and thousands of visitors are here for a business agreement, payment arrangements or even scouting for investment opportunities. Most of these people are not in the fashion industry, but they shop. There are emporium fairs, fashion shows, and wholesale exhibitions organized in Milan every year and they have a high attendance. If you are an optician looking for sunglasses and frames to sell in your store, you will also shop-say for perfume. If you own a boutique and you are hereto stock it up with designer clothes, you will also shop-say for a Bulgari watch.It is not just clothes and accessories. Visitors may come to the city, just wishing to see the sights and not at all prepared to pay 1,000 Euro for an Armani suit. You will visit the Duomo, you will have a nice espresso or a Panini sandwich, you will read about the history of Milan, and surpass the street vendors and their cheap Gucci knock-offs, and then you will come across this lovely small shop, displaying in its window a wonderful set of water glasses that you just must have, and you will shop. Milan is a modern city, full of wonderful sights and experiences. Civic buildings, parks, small trattorias and coffee shops in the outskirts, the Scala and the charming little bookshops surrounding it, ice cream parlors with a lemon and mango specialty, everything you need to have a good time and not worry about money, but eventually you will remember that your bathrobe is too plain a color, and you will shop.

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